Slaughter System – Chapter 9

After cooking and eating his food, Ping took off his spider silk clothes and jumped into the water, cleaning off the dry blood that was stuck to his skin. While he was washing himself off, Ping realized that none of his monsters had probably taken a bath ever.

“Melanthios, Floriana, Albus – all of you jump into the water. All of you are filthy and need a bath,” said Ping as he gestured for them to join him.

Albus seemed quite excited to take a bath and quickly got up from the ground and jumped into the water. Melanthios and Floriana didn’t really care and took their time to get up off the ground and walk into the water.

Albus made a large splash when he jumped in the water and looked like a dog paddling around and enjoying himself. Floriana and Melanthios didn’t make any splash as they slowly walked into the water, probably thinking that it was a bother to take a bath.

“Oh come on guys, be a little more excited about getting clean. Although you probably don’t care about being clean at all, since you probably have never been clean, but still…” said Ping as he was trying his best to clean Albus with just water.

While he was scrubbing the dirt out of Albus’s fur, Melanthios and Floriana were submerged under the water up to their mouths and were just sitting, watching as Ping struggled, because Albus was more interested just to play in the water.

After cleaning off as much dirt as he could, Ping moved to wash off Floriana. Since Floriana did not have that much fur, it wasn’t long before he removed all the dirt from her and started to clean the most difficult one – Melanthios.

Melanthios had an extremely thick coat of fur, with a lot of dirt covering it. Just by putting your hand on him and petting him a little your hand would be covered in dirt. Another thing was the dried blood that was stuck to his nails. It would be really annoying to scrub it off with just water.

Ping ended up cleaning Melanthios for an entire hour, before he gave up only getting a quarter of the dirt out of Melanthios’s fur. Even though Ping cleaned only a part of the dirt off Melanthios, he already looked a lot better. Somehow his fur got even darker after the dirt was washed off, and his claws had a purple hue showing under the dried red blood.

Melanthios was not the only one looking better. Unlike before, Floriana’s skin was showing a dark shiny purple, and Albus was definitely looking accordingly to its name. His fur was now pure white and very shiny. After Ping gave up on cleaning Melanthios, he decided to end the day by going to bed.

After waking up Ping put his clothes on and as usual he once more checked the dev log to see if there was anything new added.

  Previous Updates: 0.0.1, 0.0.2, 0.0.3

Click to view them,

V 0.0.4: Added a private merchant system allowing people, who did not choose the merchant profession, to have a small shop that sells a limited number of items. Revised taming system due to it being too easy to tame something. As well as adding some new classes,

  •          Added Private shop system that is available for purchase at quest boards
  •          Increased Spider taming to 30 instead 5
  •          Increased Spider Queen taming to 500 instead of 100
  •          Increased Wolf taming to 50 instead of 3
  •          Increased Wolf King taming to 150 instead of 15
  •          New Class Assassin
  •          New Class Tamer
  •          New Class Monk
  •          New Class Demon Hunter
  •          New Class Angel Hunter
  •          New Class Fighter


“Wow, lots of new classes, and now I have a way to get rich and do something good,” said Ping before waking up Melanthios, Floriana and Albus.

Ping led all three of them towards the front of the school where the quest board was. Ping didn’t leave his friends waiting outside the gate and instead brought them inside to wait, while he checks out the quest board.

This time when Ping went to the gate where the guards were waiting, as soon as they saw the beasts they froze on the spot. But didn’t scream or run away, as the word had already spread around that somebody had tamed giant and scary beasts, and that nothing would happen to them if they weren’t hostile towards the one leading them.

When Ping went to the quest board and clicked on the button to purchase a shop he saw that it was incredibly expensive to buy one. It costed fifteen thousand, and as he forgot how much money he had, Ping checked his status.

Name: [Ping Hai]
Sex: Male Level: 6
Class: Warrior  $$$: 19245
QC:48 HP:180
Mp:10 Str:21
Dex: 15 Vit: 16
Luc: -3 Int:25

Luckily Ping had enough to buy one, even though he would be poor after he did it. But since this would make him money in the future, he decided to buy it. An American woman with black hair and red glasses appeared next to him wearing a purple shirt and skirt, while holding a wooden clipboard.

“Hello, my name is Vanessa. I was created by the system to be an automated merchant that sells things while my owner is away. Do you have any questions?”

“If I create a book or pamphlet to sell do I have to make individual copies or does the system do that automatically?” asked Ping, looking at the beautiful Vanessa.

“It all depends, for things like books, guides, pamphlets and memory crystals can all be duplicated by the system for a price, but things such as crafting materials, weapons and such as animals and meat, cannot be duplicated by the system and have to be manually brought to the shop to sell, as they will eventually run out if not restocked,” said Vanessa in a happy voice.

“Since you’re alone, do I need to build my own shop and you will just run it?” asked Ping

“Yes, that’s correct, it’s just me, and I do require you to build me a shop for me to sell things for you,” said Vanessa in a slightly sad tone,

“Well that’s slightly annoying, but whatever. Just follow me,” said Ping as he led Vanessa towards the closest classroom.

The classroom that Ping went to was completely emptied out due to it being so close to the school gate, a place where students marked it as being dangerous. Since nobody was in there, Ping decided to make his shop there.

“This is a small open space that has a door connected to it and is suitable to create a shop, would you like me to do it?” asked Vanessa in a slightly robotic tone,

“Yea, do you need me to get rid of all the desks in here?”

“No need, the desks will be recycled into wood and metal. The wood will be used to make the counter and some shelves, while the metal will be used as nails,” said Vanessa before issuing a command. Then suddenly a red light enveloped the entire room and all the desks disappeared with the shop counter appearing where the teacher’s desk was, along with five shelves that were scattered around the room.

When the light disappeared, the room did not look like a classroom anymore and looked like a shop that you would often see in various video games. When the light faded, Vanessa walked from the middle of the classroom to the shop counter and sat down in a wooden chair waiting for somebody to come talk to her.

Ping walked up to Vanessa, who was sitting behind the counter, but before he could speak to her she spoke to him.

“Welcome back owner, currently the shop is incomplete and if you would like to add more shelves or other items you will need to make them yourself since what I did before was a one-time feature that is used during creation. Also what would you like me to sell in your shop?” asked Vanessa in a normal tone again,

“Damn, I hoped that I would be able to automatically upgrade it through the shopkeeper, looks like I have to do it manually. Well, whatever. Vanessa I don’t currently have anything to sell, I will be back later with some items, if anybody comes in, tell them the shop will be ready soon.”

Ping left the shop and instead of going back through the gate, he went to the back of the school and started walking towards the art club room. Ping was planning to create a guide for the monsters in this area and a good guide is not complete without a drawing of the monster it is describing. So, he needed to get somebody who was actually good at drawing, unlike him who couldn’t even draw a stick figure correctly.

While walking, Ping was looking at himself and only now noticed how torn up his clothes were. So when they get done with the work, he had to get Florina to either repair these clothes or make him a new set.

Ping stopped thinking about torn clothes, and pushed open the door to the art club room. Inside there were a lot of students sitting around talking to each other while drawing, and it was clear that they were sleeping in here, because of the way the entire room was, looking differently from a normal classroom.

When Ping entered the room, everyone looked at him. Instantly Ping felt like some famous actor carrying out a play in front of a large amount of people. Considering that he had an extreme amount of stage fright, it was hard for him not to get nervous. Ping tried to shake that feeling off and spoke to the students.

“I need someone who will go outside of the school with me to draw lifelike pictures of the creatures living out there. Don’t worry I will protect you and also pay you,” said Ping while giving off an aura of strength as best he could.

As soon as Ping finished speaking he immediately got an earful of insults. They were calling him stupid and saying that no one would risk their life just for a bit of money. Ping ignored the insults and started to look around the classroom for someone who wasn’t swearing at him and instead was either interested in it or was just ignoring him.

There was only one person. A girl was sitting by herself in a corner of the room, silently drawing a picture, ignoring everything that was going on around her. She had red hair and black square glasses, that were matching perfectly together.

She was drawing almost a perfect replica of the room they were in, except for the fact that she was the only person in the drawing, sitting alone at the desk with her head hung down, gazing out the window. The drawing made the person, who was looking at it feel completely alone, as if they were with no family or friends.

After looking at the drawing, Ping instantly decided that he was going to get this girl to draw the pictures for his guide. Ping ignored the insults that were still being thrown at him and forced his way through the students to the corner where the girl was sitting.

When Ping was directly in front of her, he saw that she was extremely pretty. She was like an ice-cold beauty sitting there alone. With Ping’s shadow hovering over her and blocking out the sunlight, the girl took away her attention from the drawing and looked up at him.

“Can you move?” asked the girl curiously with a voice not as soft and as quiet as Ping imagined she would have.

“Will you draw me some pictures of monsters, if I pay?” asked Ping answering her question with another question.

“Sure, just let me get my stuff first,” said the girl before she stood up, walked over to the desk that was located in the middle of the classroom, and grabbed some markers and coloring pencils. “I’m ready,” said the girl holding a large drawing book in one arm and a basket full of drawing utensils in the other.

“Let’s go then. Follow me,” said Ping as he turned around and pushed the students out of his way, clearing a path for him and the girl.

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