Slaughter System – Chapter 8

“Hmmmm, one out of fifteen, does that mean the amount of wolves I need to tame it?” asked Ping to nobody but himself.

Soon, after the dead wolf body was all chewed up and swallowed, Ping put another dead wolf body in its mouth, and it once again started chewing. Ping checked the progress and sure enough it was two out of fifteen. Ping was either extremely lucky, or this was on purpose as he only had fifteen wolves to feed it.

The process went rather quick, with the wolf chewing up all the wolves. After the progress bar was filled up, the wolf king slowly opened its eyes and stood up from the ground. It stared at Ping without doing anything. A new status screen, with information about the wolf appeared in front of Ping.

Name: Wolf King
Nickname: None Level: 8
HP: 250 MP: 20
Str: 30 Dex: 30
Vit: 25 Luc: -5
Int: 6 Acc: 23


Body Slam:

  • Charges towards the target; and
  • Slams its heavy body against it and does a large amount of damage

Roar: Does a loud roar, stunning all nearby targets for 6 seconds

Crunch: An attack to finish off wounded enemies by crushing the bones in its large mouth


Pack Leader:  When other wolfs are nearby they gain increased courage

“Not bad, not bad. Lets go tame some regular wolves.  After that, we’ll see if we can tame the spider queen,” said Ping after closing out the status.

“Will you let me ride on top of you?” asked Ping looking at the wolf king, who then lowered his body enough for Ping to easily jump on top.

“Thank you, I shall name you Melanthios, derived from  ancient Greek, meaning black, dark,” he said after thinking for a moment.

“Now onwards Melanthios,” said Ping as he pointed the direction that the quest arrow was pointing.

“Roooooaaarrrrr,” Melanthios  yelled before running in the direction Ping pointed.

Melanthios was not slow  in the forest and was able to easily dodge any tree that got in its way. Very quickly, they came across a group of five wolves that were wandering around the forest.

“Melanthios, you get the three that are on the right, I shall get the two that are on the left,” Ping said before jumping off Melanthios and running towards two of the wolves that were slightly separated from the other three.

Ping quickly activated Slash and decapitated one of the wolves before it even knew what happened, and then he quickly turned and stabbed the other wolf in the eye with his sword, ending the battle as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately though, Melanthios had already killed his three wolves and was staring at Ping, while waiting for him.

“Damn Melanthios, you’re fast… I was hoping to beat you in killing them faster, that’s why I gave you the three and had these two.” said Ping in a slightly upset tone.

“Well that doesn’t really matter, hurry up and gather the wolves corpses. We will need them later to tame other wolves,” said Ping before going and picking up a wolf corpse and attempting to put it in his inventory. And he succeeded, although the next corpse he put in did not stack and instead took up an entire storage slot.

After putting the five corpses in his inventory, Ping got back on Melanthios and continued to explore the woods, looking for more wolves to either kill or tame. Quickly they came across a wolf that was wandering around all on his own.

Ping jumped off Melanthios and ran towards the wolf, the wolf noticed Ping running towards it and charged at him as well, hoping to kill him. Ping didn’t want to kill this wolf, but tame it so he let the wolf bite his thigh, letting fresh blood flow out, but that gave Ping the opportunity to punch down as hard as he could towards the wolf’s head, knocking it out.

As the blood was flowing out, Ping remembered that earlier, when he was fighting the three wolves on the ground, he got injured by a wolf and his arm was bleeding, but now it wasn’t. He ripped his bloody clothes only to see a perfectly fine arm.

“Hmmm, I guess that your health will automatically regenerate. Most likely no matter what type of monster hits you,” said Ping before taking out a wolf’s corpse and using his crappy iron sword to cut off a large chunk of meat, so he can feed it to the wolf.

The wolf quickly chewed it up and swallowed it, while Ping was putting in more and more until the entire wolf was eaten, and he had to take out a new corpse to feed it. Before long Ping had used three full corpses and only then did it open its eyes, getting up off the ground.

Name: Wolf 
Nickname: None Level:6
HP: 170 MP: 13
Str: 18 Dex: 22
Vit: 15 Luc: -1
Int: 5 Acc:19


Swipe: Swipes its claws quickly at its target in mid-air

Effect: Courage

“Huh, it takes three corpses to tame a wolf it seems. Well, time to go back and see if I can tame the spider queen. Melanthios go a little slower on the way back, so that the other wolf can keep up, ok?” asked Ping.

Melanthios nodded his head slightly, then lowered his back once again allowing Ping to get on. Ping pointed the direction to go and Melanthios started running back to the school, but going slightly slower than his usual speed allowing the other wolf to keep up, but it was still much faster than Ping walking through the forest.

It took them only half an hour, before they started seeing spiders and imps running around. As a test, Ping knocked out a spider and tried to feed it wolf meat, but that didn’t seem to work. He also tried to feed an imp wolf meat which didn’t work either.

Then Ping killed the imp and successfully fed it to the spider. But when he tried feeding an imp with a spider, he once again failed. So Ping gave up on it for now and instead started killing a bunch of imps and collected their corpses.

Ping spent two hours killing imps and spiders, but collected only imp’s corpses. He stopped when he had a hundred of them. Fortunately they could stack, though only in stacks of five, so he had to carry ten of them with his bare hands.

It took Ping another hour to find his way back to the spider den, then he made a torch and went inside, leaving Melanthios to guard the entrance. Not allowing anyone to go in or out of the cave. He brought the regular wolf with him to earn exp and to help kill spiders, as there were many.

Ping and the wolf quickly made their way through the tunnels to the spider’s cave, where the queen and many other spiders were sleeping without paying attention to their surroundings. Ping quietly told the wolf not to do anything except to guard the entrance of the cave, and he went to set the spider web on fire again, killing them all.

Like before the queen woke up and charged towards Ping who had already put his sword away and was currently looking at the spider queen equipped with only his fists. The spider queen was fast to arrive in front of Ping. But he punched the spider in its head before it could attack him and knocked it unconscious.

“Damn, I’m like one punch woman,” said Ping as he lifted his fist up to his face and looked at it. Then he looked back to see the wolf standing by the entrance, with many spider corpses near it, appearing uninjured.

Ping, knowing that the wolf was safe and sound. He put the corpses that he was carrying under his arm into the spider queen’s mouth. She quickly chewed them up and looked like she wanted more, so Ping continued to feed it more and more corpses, until he was on the last corpse that he had. Hoping that it would be the last one, since he didn’t want to look at the status screen and possible scare himself, he fed it to the queen.

Ping was either incredibly lucky, or he possibly planned really well. After the spider queen swallowed the last corpse it opened its eyes and stood up from the ground, while looking at Ping.

After taming the spider queen, her status popped up in front of Ping,

Name: Spider Queen
Nickname: None Level:5
HP: 165 MP: 35
Str: 15 Dex: 15
Vit: 12 Luc: 0
Int: 4 Acc:17


Craftsmanship: Able to make good level clothing,

Hatch: Able to create a baby spider every week


Den Mother: Increases loyalty of other spiders, making them protect her with their lives.

“Hmmm, you shall be called Floriana, it’s an ancient roman name. And wolf over there come here too. You shall be called Albus, it means white, bright in Latin. Since you all are my friends, you need to have names,” said Ping before turning around and walking back through the tunnels of the cave.

It took Ping only ten minutes to find the exit of the cave with Floriana’s help. When he arrived outside the cave, there was the extremely big Melanthios surrounded by a lot of spider corpses. Of course Melanthios was perfectly fine, not even a scratch was on him.

“Melanthios, Floriana, Albus follow me back home. It should not take long, so I will walk there, but make sure to kill everything we come across except for humans like me,” said Ping before he switched his quest tracker to the completed quest that led him back to school.

It didn’t take them long to get back to school, merely thirty minutes. But when Ping got back, there were guards standing out again, though both of them had red slap marks on their faces. When they saw the giant monsters that were coming towards the school they got too scared to scream for help, let alone move their bodies.

But when they saw Ping leading them, they calmed down a bit. But they still couldn’t move or speak because of the fear that monsters gave them. Ping ignored their faces filled with fear and told Melanthios, Floriana and Albus to wait for him there, as he would be back in a moment.

Ping opened the gate and ignored the guards, walking up to the quest board. He checked how many quests he could turn in. Unfortunately, there were only five of them done and he still had fifteen more quests to do before all the quests that he accepted before would be completed.

Ping got only two thousand and five hundred gold after turning in the quests. He walked back out the gate and lead Melanthios, Floriana and Albus around the school, back to where he slept last night. Unfortunately though, due to the huge bodies of Melanthios and Floriana the students who saw them from the inside over a wall freaked out and started screaming, causing a huge commotion to break out on campus.

While walking back to where he slept, Ping could hear the screams of the students and he knew that he had a headache coming, since there would most likely be a large group of people running over here to deal with or at least see what type of threat there was.

Before long Ping arrived back at where he slept last night. He knew exactly what place it was, since there was a large piece of bark missing from the side of the tree. Ping told Melanthios, Floriana and Albus that this is where they would be staying for the time being. They all found a nice spot on the ground and started to relax, since today they had been busy.

Ping didn’t immediately relax though, instead he started to gather materials to make a fire, so that he could cook some wolf meat for dinner, as well as not be cold during the night. After all, he wasn’t an animal, that had lived in the forest for all its life. He was used to sleeping with  air conditioning and in a nice and soft bed.

Before Ping could even start the fire, a large group of people made their way out the back of the school through the hole made by Ping with intent to investigate or possibly deal with the large threat that was very close to them.

Leading the group was the kendo club president, as well as the wrestling club president, and the science club president was following behind as well, but standing at the back of the group unlike the other club presidents.

When the group saw the beasts everyone got scared of them. Only the science club president didn’t looked scared and instead looked at them with interest. The kendo club president noticed Ping just standing in the middle between the beasts, seemingly ignoring them like they weren’t even there.

As he was standing there, it managed to remove some of fear out of the group and the first one to regain his composure was the kendo club president. She took a slight step forward, moving closer to the beasts and asked Ping a question.

“A- Are these yours?” she asked in a scared and slightly panicked voice,

“They are, The giant wolf is Melanthios, the small wolf is Albus, and the giant spider is Floriana. Don’t worry, they won’t attack you as long as you’re not hostile towards me. But these are the types of things that are wandering around the forest so beware,” said Ping before starting to gather more wood for his fire.

When the group heard what Ping said, they all calmed down a lot, but they still could not remove the fear that was in their eyes. Some students didn’t bother waiting for the presidents to tell them that they could leave and they ran back towards the school not wishing to stay any longer near the beasts.

When the last student had ran away, there was left only a small group that was staying with the club presidents, not going back to the school.

“Its ok, you all can go back now,” said the wrestling club president.

The remaining students immediately left the area, but not running away like the previous group. They were just walking fast towards the school. Quickly all the regular students were gone, leaving the three presidents all by themselves.

“Wow, if they are that scared, then they going to die quickly in this world,” said Ping before lighting up the fire with the fire necklace.

“You can’t really blame them, right? I mean this is an entirely different world filled with things that could easily kill them,” said the science club president, before walking closer to Melanthios.

“I suppose, but they should have stayed at least to get used to these guys, since they will be fighting them if they want to live. And yes. You may pet him if you want to,” said Ping before sitting down next to the fire and taking out one of the wolf corpses that he killed earlier.

The science club president extended her arm and slowly petted Melanthios’s fur, soon she got used to slowly petting his fur and walked closer, so that she could pet him faster looking at his body and observing it.

“Do you have more meat, because after tonight we won’t have any more stored food and will be unable to feed any students,” asked the kendo club president.

“What’s your name?”
“Qiang Xiu!”
“Well, Qiang, even if I had more food, what makes you think I would give it to you? And even if I had a lot more meat, how would the amount I have would be enough to feed fifteen hundred students?” asked Ping while putting cut up pieces of wolf meat on a stick and holding it over the fire.

“Well, can you at least show us where to hunt them then?” asked the wrestling club president.

“Sure, Just walk out the front gate of the school for two hours and you should come across them, but beware. They almost always hunt in the packs and even when they are alone, with your level it would be impossible to kill them. You will only become its lunch,” said Ping before taking out his last two wolf corpses and throwing them towards Melanthios and Albus. Then he took out a bunch of imp corpses and tossed them towards Floriana.

“What level would it be possible to hunt them then?” asked the science club president,

“Wait until your level five or six if you don’t want to have a brush with death if you’re alone. But if you’re with people I think you’ll be fine. But if you’re still going to be alone I recommend level eight. It’s going to take you a long-ass time though, because I’m only level six and I have already killed thousands of spiders with fire as well as hundreds of imps and around thirty wolves,” said Ping.

“How did you manage to kill thousands of spiders in two days, as well as hundreds of imps and the small amount of wolves?” asked the science club president while petting Melanthios’s fur.

“I went inside a cave filled with spiders. Killed them. Found a large den with thousands of spiders sleeping and lit the web, that they were sleeping on, ablaze. For the imps I used their pitchforks against them, sniping them out of the air as they charged towards me. And finally with the wolves I just straight up brawled against.”

“Thanks for the information,” said the science club president before walking back towards the school, leaving behind the wrestling and kendo club president.

“That’s all I have to say for today, you two can go ahead and return back to school,” said Ping before he turned towards the fire and started to ignore them.

Both the kendo and wrestling club president didn’t bother to ask any more questions and left Ping alone.

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