Slaughter System – Chapter 7

The moon fell down to the horizon and the sun rose into the sky, welcoming a bright sunny day. Surprisingly, Ping had not been bothered at all that night and slept soundly against the tree. When Ping woke up, he immediately checked the dev log to see if there was anything new that would grab his attention.

   Previous Updates: 0.0.1, 0.0.2

Click to view them,

V 0.0.3: This update completely overhauls the loot system, making it harder to get good and basic ranked items such as weapons, armor and gems. As well as a complete changes in prices in the money system and adds a trade system, so you can trade items or animals or slaves to other people,

As well as adding all the current professions so that people can use them,

  •          Overhauled Loot System
  •          Changed Item Pricing And The Way Money Works
  •          Added A Trading System
  •          Added Profession Blacksmith
  •          Added Profession Enchanter
  •          Added Profession DNA Manipulator
  •          Added Profession Tailor
  •          Added Profession Alchemist
  •          Added Profession Merchant
  •          Added Profession Architect


After reading this, Ping was happy that the system added professions, because without them it would become a little bit boring. Ping chose the blacksmith profession, since that was what would probably be the easiest profession for the warrior class.

After choosing his profession, Ping did not look at it any longer, nor did he look at how he could improve as a blacksmith. He instead took out his spider silk clothes and put them on, since his body was now dry. After getting dressed, Ping walked back into the school through the wall he broke, and went towards the quest board, so that he could turn in the quests that he finished yesterday.

As it was still relatively early in the morning, around five o’ clock or maybe six, only a few students were out wandering around, making sure that nothing bad happened during the night. While walking, the few students that were actually out at this time, stopped and stared at him, because he was wearing beautiful spider silk clothes that they had never seen before.

But as usual, Ping ignored them and continued walking through the school and into the courtyard to where the message board was, so that he could turn in his quests.

When Ping arrived at the board, he noticed that the quests he completed were golden and the ones that he did not were white. Ping completed sixty different quests for killing imps but mostly for spiders. Now there were about thirty quests left, but they were only related to wolves, a new monster that Ping had not run across yet.

After turning in the quests, Ping got boosted up to level six and got a reward of fifteen thousand gold in total. That was not a lot. He was hoping, that with that many quests, he would level up to at least level ten and get more money than that. So when he only got that little, he knew – It would be very hard to do anything in this world.

Ping didn’t care though, so he didn’t think much about it, except that he thought it was hard. But after turning in his quests, Ping walked out of the school gate, where there were no guards. It seemed like they went to bed and nobody had guarded the gate at night.

They did manage to kind of fix the hole in the gate though, by tying the cut out piece onto the gate with some rope, though it seemed like the rope would break any time because of the weight of the gate.

But Ping didn’t really care, if they were careless and ended up dying, it wasn’t his fault. So Ping opened up the gate, walked out, and closed it behind him. Then he started walking into the forest, following the red and black arrow leading him to where the wolves were.

Ping was walking for three hours through the forest before coming across a lone wolf that was out by himself. As soon as Ping noticed the wolf, the wolf also noticed Ping and charged straight at him whilst bearing its fangs.

The wolf had a silver fur coat and was definitely a lot bigger than the wolves on  Earth. It was at least three meters long and one meter high, with long sharp and bloody teeth as well as long bloody claws. Ping did not stop to admire it though, and quickly jumped to the side, dodging out of the way.

But the wolf was more agile than Ping thought, so when Ping jumped to the side, the wolf slightly turned its body in the air and swiped at Ping with its claws. It hit him on the side of his left arm, creating a deep gash in the side of his arm and letting fresh blood flow out onto his white spider silk clothes.

When the wolf landed on the ground it did not immediately charge at Ping again and instead stared at him while growling. As soon as Ping got cut, he knew that this would not be an easy opponent to deal with. It’s possible that you’re supposed to kill imps and spiders a lot longer to get stronger before making your way further into the forest.

But instead of being scared or worried, Ping was happy and had a smile going from ear to ear on his face. He thought that this was definitely an opponent that could increase his stats and help him get stronger quickly, though it would be a real challenge if he fought them in groups.

After that short pause, the wolf once again charged, but this time Ping did not move and instead trusted his video game skills to survive. When the wolf jumped into the air it had its body positioned in a way it could turn its body quickly and be able to strike at Ping  when he jumped to the side.

But with Ping standing still and not moving at all, the side of the wolf’s body ended up hitting him, and doing no damage to him whatsoever. Instead, it gave Ping enough room for a counter attack. Ping did not swing his sword, but stabbed forward into the wolf’s body that was about to hit him.

A painful shriek echoed throughout the dark and quiet forest, as the sword stabbed right through the wolf and into its stomach, slicing up several vital organs that were needed to live.

The wolf fell from the air and hit the ground with a muffled bang. The wolf was whimpering in pain and Ping was not the type to let it die slowly, so he pulled his sword out of its stomach and stabbed it in the brain killing it instantly.

Unfortunately though, as soon as Ping pulled the sword out of the wolf’s head, more wolves were running towards him after hearing the painful howl. This time instead of just one wolf there were three, making it extremely difficult for Ping to win.

But he wasn’t worried, this is exactly what he wanted, to fight a difficult enemy to increase his stats as well as give him a sense of a victory over something that was much stronger and used to fighting more than himself.

Ping adjusted his body, so that he was in a suitable position to either attack or defend from the wolves that were running at him from three directions. One was running directly at him, and the other two were running from the left and right.

Suddenly the wolf that was running directly at Ping sped up, or rather the wolves that were running at Ping from the left and right slowed down, so that the wolf in front could get to Ping first. It was a good plan for the wolves, at least, but Ping instantly thought of a way to counter it.

Ping quickly took five pitchforks out of his inventory, and just as the wolf arrived in front of him, Ping threw five pitchforks towards the wolf making it stop to try to dodge out of the way, unfortunately it was a step slower and five pitch forks ended up piercing through its face.

By now, the other two wolves were very close to Ping and leapt up in the air trying to surprise him, but Ping was already expecting that. He very quickly stepped backwards and made the wolves collide with each other in the air.

Ping quickly took more pitchforks out of his inventory and threw five at both of the wolves, that collided at each other. Then he quickly ran forward and activated Slash to cut down the wolf that was first to charge straight at him previously.

The wolf was still trying to shake the pitchforks out of its head and didn’t notice Ping swinging a sword at it, trying to kill it. The sword instantly sliced through the wolf’s neck decapitating it, and unlike in the movies where the sword slash makes sounds, there was nothing. It was just silence, until the wolf’s head hit the ground making a soft and quiet thud.

After decapitating the wolf, Ping took even more pitchforks out of his inventory and threw five more towards the wolf on the left, hitting it into the face. Then Ping quickly ran towards the wolf on the right and swung his sword again while activating slash.

This wolf was not trying to shake out the pitchforks, since they only penetrated its side and not its face. It wasn’t bothering it as much, letting it pay more attention to Ping and it was able to jump out of the way.

Unfortunately for the wolf, when it tried to jump to the side, one of its legs buckled under the pressure and it made the leg bend, delaying the dodge just enough for Ping to hit it on the side leaving a deep gash. Basically guaranteeing the wolf’s death.

After hitting the wolf in the side Ping did a full one-eighty and threw his sword towards the last wolf that only had pitchforks in its body. The sword quickly flew through the air and pierced through the wolf’s neck making it fall to the ground.

Just like that all three wolves were dealt with; the first wolf had its head decapitated, the second wolf had a large gash in the side of its stomach making a large stream of blood constantly seep out of its body, and the third wolf was already dead after getting stabbed in the neck, making it’s blood stain the silver sword red.

Ping ignored the last wolf, letting it bleed out, and instead he went over to the first wolf and started taking out all the pitchforks, so he could use them again. When he was finished, the last remaining wolf had already died from blood loss, letting Ping go over and safely take the rest of pitchforks.

After he took the last pitchfork out of the wolf, Ping did not have any courtesy to bury the bodies; he just walked further into the forest continuing to follow the arrow, leaving the bodies behind for stray wolves to come eat.

Soon Ping came across a large pack of wolves and one wolf was clearly larger than the others as well as giving off the aura that it was the leader of the pack. It had dark black fur and red claws most likely stained from the blood of its enemies. If regular wolves were three meters long and one meter high, then this wolf was five meters long and three meters high, clearly much bigger than the other wolves, as well as being much larger than Ping.

Ping quickly hid behind a tree, so that he wouldn’t be noticed, even though Ping wanted a challenge he did not want a death wish. He, unfortunately, had to play like a rat, or in other words to use strategy.

Ping took out his regular iron sword and stabbed it into the tree, giving him a stepping stone to get onto a branch of the tree. After getting on one branch Ping didn’t stop and continued climbing to the higher branches.

Soon Ping was about fifteen meters high and had a good vantage point above the ground. Then Ping skimmed his way around the tree so that he was above the wolves that were laying on the ground in the large opening.

The leader wolf seemed to sense Ping, as he lifted his head up off the ground and looked towards him, who was standing on a branch looking down at him. The leader instantly made a small battle cry to let the other wolves know that there was an enemy here.

Ping opened his inventory and took out as many pitchforks as he could hold, then he found a closer target and started throwing pitchforks towards its vital points. Quickly the eyes and knees of that wolf were pierced making it incapable of fighting.

Ping then switched his target to another wolf, which was looking at its whimpering comrade. Since this wolf was slightly distracted, Ping was able to easily  pierce its eyes and quickly pierce its knees afterwards. Ping did not use more than fifteen pitchforks per wolf. Some of the pitchforks missed their intended target, but still hit the wolves so none were wasted.

The other wolves quickly realized what was going on and instead of running away they ran towards the tree, on which Ping was hopping, while looking for a way to attack him, even though he was fifty feet in the air standing on a branch, making it impossible for them to get him.

Now that they were closer, Ping didn’t waste any throws and all the pitchforks easily hit their targets, of course, with a second of delay to aim, as the wolves were jumping around trying to get Ping. Quickly, two more wolves out of the fifteen were out. Well, out of the sixteen counting the wolf leader.

After two more of their friends got injured, the wolves realized that they could not get to Ping through the way they were acting and switched their strategy to claw at the thick tree, trying to knock it down. Large and small chunks of wood were flying off the tree, the wolves were making more damage to the tree than to him though, but still it was a very large and thick tree and it would take some time to make it fall.

Quickly Ping took down three more wolves, leaving eight left or rather nine counting the giant wolf leader, but that really shouldn’t be called a wolf and should be called something else entirely. The wolf leader was extremely angry at not being able to get to the Ping so it could claw his stomach and rip his guts out.

By now a quarter of the tree had been torn, leaving only three-quarters left until the tree fell down, but with the declining numbers and Ping being able to eliminate three wolves before a quarter was done, he would soon win if things continued on as they were.

Suddenly, the giant wolf stopped attacking and instead backed up into the large opening, then the wolf charged towards the tree and it was so fast that it was hard for Ping to follow it.

Ping instantly realized what the wolf was trying to do, the wolf charged into the tree, shaking it extremely hard and almost tipping it over, but almost didn’t count, so there was still a quarter of the tree left, allowing the tree to just barely stay standing.

Once again the wolf backed up and charged towards the tree, but Ping was not stupid and he jumped off the tree just before the wolf made contact with it. As Ping was falling, he threw a rain of pitchforks towards the remaining wolves.

Unfortunately, Ping was actually stupid, he forgot his sword that was stabbed into the branch of the tree and now had only his crappy iron sword, that was in his inventory, but he did not have enough time to take it out. Ping had to fully rely on gravity and extended his arm out like superman and punched the wolf on top of the head as hard as he could.

Ping landed heavily on the giant wolf punching it hard in the head. The wolf fell on its side with a loud thud. He was knocked out with its mouth open, but not dead just sleeping temporarily. Even though the leader was not moving, the wolves did not flee out of panic and instead ran towards Ping.

Luckily, after Ping’s rain of pitchforks only three were remaining and even then those three were filled with pitchforks, making them run slow enough for Ping to take out his crappy iron sword to defend.

Those three were all close to each other so they ended up running in a straight line, making it easy for Ping, since he could deal with them one at a time. When the first wolf was close, it used its remaining strength to jump into the air to trying to get Ping by surprise.

Unfortunately for the wolf, Ping had already been in a similar situation, but instead of throwing pitchforks, as he was out of them, Ping then stabbed the wolf through the eye and into the brain, killing it instantly. Then Ping used its body as a shield to block the incoming wolves.

The last wolves were very slow, with their bodies covered in pitchforks, so Ping didn’t have to worry about it and when he blocked them with the dead wolf’s body, he swung his sword to the side, as if he was shaking off blood and the dead wolf’s body flew into the mouth of the giant unconscious wolf.

Ping then kicked forward hitting the wolf that he blocked in the head and knocked it back. Then he threw his crappy iron sword to the last wolf, that was approaching him. The sword hit the wolf in the neck finishing it off. At the same time Ping jumped on top of the wolf that was kicked and got it in a choke hold.

Even though the wolf was strong, with its injuries and being kicked very hard in the head just a moment ago, it was unable to put up much of a fight and Ping was able to snap its neck, killing the last regular wolf.

When Ping got up off the dead wolf and looked towards the unconscious giant wolf he noticed, that even though it was sleeping it was chewing up the dead wolf’s body. Ping quickly went over to the giant wolf and a black and red screen just like the skills screen popped up.

Name: King Wolf
Level: 8

State: Angry, Unconscious, Hungry

Description: King Wolf is currently being tamed by Ping Hai using wolf meat, and the state angry will be removed if tamed successfully.

[Progress  1/15 ]

“Well damn, haven’t expected that, at least now I will have somebody to fight with me and a pet to ride and will be able to move quickly around the jungle,” said Ping with a slightly surprised tone.

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  1. yzrahc

    I’ve been thinking of a character similar to Ping…. and here I am……………………
    [Kuchiki Byakuya]
    ~ cold
    ~ cuts anybody
    ~ destroys any obstacle => gate/wall
    ~ no mercy
    ~ does what he wants
    ~ does anything to achieve his mission even bleeding one’s self…
    not sure for the overly curious part though


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