Slaughter System – Chapter 6

When Ping walked out of the forest towards the school, he noticed that four students were standing as guards while holding iron swords. When they saw Ping, they made a shocked expression since they didn’t know that someone was out there. As Ping was walking up to the gate to go in, one of the guards yelled at him.

“HALT! Our orders are to let nobody in or out, so you Will Not Be Allowed to come inside!” said a guard or rather a tall student who was most likely in the wrestling club.

Ping stopped directly in front of the gate and said in a relaxed manner, “You can either open the gate or I can break it open, your choice.”

“Humph! I would like to see you try” the guard said in an arrogant manner.

Ping didn’t wait and without changing his position, he just swung his sword four times in front of him, making a square shape, continuously activating Slash. The school gate’s iron bars broke apart in an instant and fell to the ground, making a hole just big enough for Ping to fit through.

When Ping stepped through it, the four makeshift guards surrounded him and pointed their swords at him indicating that if he made another step, they would attack. But Ping did not care and continued to walk forward. The student guard who yelled at Ping before, was the first to run towards him and swing at him with a sword.

“Go away, I’m tired… I have done a lot of stuff today,” Ping said as he parried the sword and kicked the student in the stomach, sending him falling towards the ground. Ping stopped walking, turned around and looked in his eyes and spoke, “You’re lucky I’m tired and I want to get cleaned off or you would have been dead already.”

After saying that, Ping continued to walk into the courtyard without any obstruction from the other three guards. They were just standing at the sides, staring at Ping as he walked. Ping went all the way through the courtyard towards the main building where late students would check in.

After entering the building, he passed across the main office walking to the back part of the school, where the fields and club rooms were. When Ping exited the office building he saw many students lounging around. Some were talking to each other, the others were still crying and some students even messed around with magic.

Some students noticed the bloody and filthy Ping, who walked out of the main office building, and started to speak with the others who didn’t notice him yet, about how bloody and filthy he was.

Ping ignored their stares and comments, and walked straight across the football field to the concrete wall. As Ping reached the wall, he realized that it was too high to jump over and instead used Slash with as much strength as he had, cutting at the thick cement wall.

The sword passed through the thick wall roughly, making cracks to spread out along the wall. After cutting at it once, Ping moved down a few feet and used Slash, making his sword once again roughly cut through the cement wall.

After all the cutting, there were two large cuts left in the wall with the cracks covering it. Ping kicked the wall, making pieces of cement fall over onto the grassy ground. Behind the fallen wall there were only a few trees, and Ping could easily see the water that was glistening in the evening light.

While Ping was walking towards the water, the students were making a commotion, since now there was a large hole on the only thing that was protecting them from the monsters. Immediately, some students ran into the kendo club building to report to the club leaders that somebody broke the wall.

Ping didn’t care about that though and stripped down to his underwear before jumping into the clear blue water.

“Huh, it’s not sea water. So is this humongous patch of water actually not a sea, but instead a giant lake?”

Ping was curious, because when he walked out of the forest even with his upgraded vision he could not see an end in sight. Naturally, he had assumed that it was an ocean. But he still did not think about it much, since this was a different world after all, and instead he chose to just lay on his back floating in the water, while looking up at the evening sun that was slowly being replaced by the moon.

While Ping was relaxing in the water, a group of students came up to him. Three of them were boys: one was the wrestling club president, then the boxing club president, as well as the math club president. The other three were girls: the kendo club president, the science club president and the third was the student council president.

They walked up to the edge of the water and looked at Ping who was just lying on his back, looking up at the sky, and acting like none of this was happening and he was just relaxing in a pool back at home. The first one to speak was the student council president who always carried an arrogant air wherever she went, and looked down on everybody she came across.

She had blonde hair and was always wearing extravagant jewelry, showing off how rich she was, and how much more privileged she was than other students.

“What do you think you’re doing? Did we say that you’re allowed to leave the school? Did we say that you are allowed to bathe in that water? And worst of all you broke the school gate and the school wall which is strictly against school rules!” said the student council president.

Ping did not even bother to look at them and instead continued to stare at the sun that was fading away in the horizon, “I don’t give a damn about your rules, and everybody hates you because you’re the bitch that always acts above everyone else. So even if I cared about your rules, I still would not listen to them. Also I broke the gate because I was not allowed to enter, and I broke the wall, so that I could get to the fresh water to get clean. And you can use this fresh water to make sure the students don’t go thirsty.”

As soon as Ping said that, she started spewing curses at him, not even caring about having a ladylike attitude in front of the other club presidents. Eventually, the math president stopped her from spewing curses and calmed her down.

“Even though its true, it’s not necessary to say. But it is true that we’re not allowing any students to leave the school, and if anybody does they are not allowed back, since we don’t know what’s out there, and we don’t want anyone to bring in an unknown danger,” said the math club president mumbling half of the words, as he was standing in front of the student council president.

He was one of the smartest kids in school, and he could only be compared to the science club president, who was just above him in grades. But unlike the student council president he did not have an arrogant air, rather a calm and cool air which suited him perfectly with his black hair and black square framed glasses.

“Screw all of you, I’m going to have my daddy get you expelled from the school when he gets here,” said the student council president, before storming off back towards the school in a fit of rage.

“I simply answered her question and gave her a reason as to why I would not listen to her or her rules,”Ping said as he continued to stare up at the sky.

This time the kendo club leader spoke, she had long black hair and gave off a serious but friendly air to her making people respect and admire her.

“What did you find out there? Is it as bad?” Asked the kendo club leader with a tinge of worry in her voice.

“To describe out there in one word would be Death! So it’s pretty bad, and also there is a ninety-nine percent chance that we are on a different planet, after all that’s what the system said, right?” said Ping, this time turning his head and looking and the kendo club leader.

“If it’s death out there then why are you still alive?” asked the kendo club leader, even though she already knew the answer by looking at the bloody and torn up clothes that were lying on the shore.

“It’s simple, really…. I did not care about dying and I was also curious. That’s all. But I don’t recommend going out alone, considering that I was fighting a hell of a lot and only managed to get back because I killed a lot of imps,” said Ping as he got out of the lake and climbed up onto shore.

“Not everyone is like you, believe it or not, most people actually want to live to see their families again, or maybe they want to live just to live, you know?” said the wrestling club president, he was tall, at least six-foot and had a well-built body, while a strong aura hung in the air around his body.

“Well then it’s on you guys to figure out how you can survive, as for me, I’m going to go find something to dry myself off, put on a new change of clothes, sleep, then wake up in the morning and start exploring the forest again.”

“You should at least give us information on what is out there, right?” This time it was the boxing club president that spoke up. He was at least five foot nine and had a slender body, obviously a boxer that focused on speed rather than strength.

“Information comes at a price, you know? Nothing in this world or our world is free,” said Ping as he stared at the boxing club president, with water dripping down his body onto the grassy floor.

“What do you mean by price? We’re letting you stay here free of charge and I saw you at the nurse’s office, so we even healed your wounds for you for free, so how about you give us the information we want.” said the boxing club president in a really domineering voice.

“I can just leave, you know, I don’t have to stay here.  And also, the nurse refused to fix me up so I had to do it myself. So how about you scamper back into the school and leave me be, because this area here is where I shall make my home, and I won’t let anyone disturb me. And if you somehow come up with a deal that will benefit me, then come to me when you want to trade information,” said Ping before stabbing his iron sword into the side of a tree.

“You! You can’t do this! This is our territory, and I demand that you  give me information, or I will have you surrounded and I will personally beat you up till you say what I want. Afterwards I will make you beg me to take you as a slave,” said the boxing club president in an arrogant voice,

“Ok, so your choice is to die then,” Said Ping with a smile, before pulling his sword out of the tree and throwing it towards the boxing club president, hitting him directly in the middle of the stomach and knocking him to the ground where he coughed up blood.

The other club presidents were stunned by what just happened, and didn’t even know how to react. Even the science club president who is well-known for being extremely composed at all times and even under extreme stress that could make a fully grown adult crumble.

Ping walked up to the fallen boxing club president and pulled his sword out of his stomach. Then he wiped the blood off with his pants and walked back towards the tree where he stabbed his sword.

Suddenly, a glass bottle filled with a red liquid appeared in the boxing club president’s hand. It was a health potion that Ping used earlier to heal his wounds. The boxing club president opened the bottle and poured the potion on his stomach where he got stabbed, letting the red liquid seep into the open wound.

Slowly the wound started to close up and the other club presidents came to their senses and stared at Ping, who just tried to kill another student.

“Why did you do that?” asked the wrestling club president, but the science club president answered his question in Ping’s stead.

“He was giving out clear warnings not to mess with him as well as being nice enough to come back to us when he could have easily stayed outside, meaning that he would be here if needed and even said that he won’t listen to anyone no matter what. So it’s to be expected that when Junjie acted the way he did, he would be harmed as a response.”

“Well it looks like one of you actually has common sense and can read warnings, that’s a good trait to have in this world if you don’t want to die,” said Ping before stabbing his sword into the tree: “Now, if you will, leave me alone. Since I am going to be staying out here from now on, there is undoubtably going to be a lot of hostility directed at me from him and his friends, but I still will go in the school if I need to.”

“He-” the kendo club president was about to say something before she was interrupted by the science club president, “It’s best if we leave it here for today, by this sentence it was his polite way of telling us to screw off. And if we mess with him any further some of us may actually die today, which would be more deaths than needed in one day.

The science club president and others walked back towards the school, with the wrestling president and the math president helping the boxing president  get up before walking away together. After they went forward, the kendo club leader looked like she wanted to say something before giving up the thought and walking away as well.

After that confrontation, Ping spent thirty minutes searching the forest for dead pieces of wood and leaves, before coming back to the tree that he was staying at and using his fireball necklace to light a fire. Leaning up against the tree, he closed his eyes to get some sleep.

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      Yea, that’s what i’m aiming for, he does what he wants be it doesn’t affect the people around him, but they make it affect them. Which greatly annoys Ping who beats the crap out of the as a sign to saying Fuck off and leave me alone.

      Thanks for the feedback BTW.

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