Slaughter System – Chapter 5

Instead of killing the spiders after dodging their attacks, Ping simply left them alone and allowed them to jump at him repeatedly. He wanted to increase his dexterity as well as test something. After dodging attacks for three minutes straight, Ping started to slow down from the lack of stamina and ended up getting bitten several times. This made his blood flow from his arms and legs onto his shirt and pants.

Soon, he no longer could dodge and just continuously took spider bites without doing anything in return. So all the spiders decided to jump at him and attack at the same time. Surprisingly, there were still only fifteen spiders out, as no more spiders came out of the cave though the three spiders from before did a yell.

But those fifteen spiders were already a lot and they surrounded Ping in a circle, making him unable to get away, not that he could with a little to no stamina. Ping took some pitchforks out of his inventory, filling up his pockets with five each and three on his left hand.

Ping threw them at the spiders that were directly in front of him, but because he was out of stamina and had to use all his arms’ strength, he ended up throwing them slowly. But they were still fast enough to glide through the air barely in time to hit the spiders.

The pitchforks were not strong enough to kill the spiders in one hit, but their health did go down by five from each pitchfork. Normally, Ping would be able to kill the spiders using pitchforks if he completely shower the spiders with them, but because he was so tired and exhausted he was unable to.

Still, those pitchforks were enough to distract the spiders, so he quickly darted out of the circle before making a loop around and attacking one of the spiders that were hit directly cutting it in half with his level two Slash.

Seeing their comrade die right in front of their eyes made the spiders fall into a rage and they immediately charged towards the exhausted Ping. Without caring about formation, they allowed Ping to easily dodge them and he cut down another spider that was in the back of the group.

The spiders were even angrier this time and charged again in the same manner. Eventually, he was able to easily  pick them off one by one.

When Ping killed the last spider, his face was pale from the lack of blood and his body was exhausted from the continuous dodging. Ping opened his inventory and took out a health potion. One of the reasons why he was constantly dodging was not only to increase his dexterity but to see if health potions recovered stamina.

When Ping clicked on the icon on his inventory, a glass bottle filled with a light red liquid appeared in his left hand with a corkscrew on top, making it so that none of the health potion would spill out onto the ground. Ping stabbed his sword into the ground, pulled out the corkscrew and drank the entire health potion in one go.

As soon as Ping stopped drinking, one could visibly notice his wounds starting to close and his face returning to a normal color, showing that somehow he got all of his blood back. Ping’s ragged breathing stopped and sweat stopped forming on his forehead. This showed that health potions do indeed regenerate stamina.

Ping was satisfied with his little test, and like he planned before, he went directly into the cave without even the slightest break, since the health potion recovered all of stamina and health, making it seem like he was in top shape.

Ping walked into the cave and instantly noticed that, unlike the Imp cave, there were no torches. It made it extremely dark and hard to see, so Ping was forced to make a torch, making him stand out like a beacon for the enemy to attack. But regardless, Ping didn’t care and decided to walk into the cave, without caring that his position would be given away.

As Ping began walking through the cave, he had to constantly cut down spider webs that were in his way. Luckily, spider webs didn’t affect the durability of the sword. Ping tested it as soon as he entered the cave.

Instead of their cave immediately being an open room like the Imp den, there was a bunch of narrow tunnels that leads to completely different directions, all of them leading downwards though.

While walking through the cave, Ping would come across small groups of spiders and kill them before continuing on his way. As he was getting deeper and deeper into the cave, small groups of spiders were appearing more often, hopefully signifying that he was reaching the end.

Soon Ping came across a large open area, and unlike the Imp dungeon, this area was a massive cave, with cobwebs hanging everywhere and stretching all the way up to the ceiling. Thousands of spiders were sleeping on one side of the cave, while on the other side there were numerous cocoons scattered around, hanging on the wall, clearly signifying food.

And at the very end of the cave there was a huge spider sleeping on its own separate web. This spider was massively bigger than all the others; its size was at least that of a jeep from the Earth, while the other spiders were only the size of dogs, clearly indicating that the huge spider was the queen.

Ping desperately wanted to yell and wake them up, so that he could spend time dodging and receiving attacks making his stats go up. But he knew that if he did that, there was a ninety nine percent chance that he would die, so he chose to go the safe route and light the cobwebs on which the spiders were sleeping, ablaze.

Ping quietly made his way over to the left side of the cave where thousands upon thousands of spiders were sleeping soundly. As soon as Ping was close enough, he threw his torch onto the web, creating a rising up flames.

The flames spread through the web instantly. It was as if the entire web was dipped in oil that would amplify any fire that touched it.

Immediately, painful hisses rang throughout the cave making an echo that traveled through the tunnels startling all the spiders that Ping did not kill on the way here. Ping instantly realized that it was probably a very stupid idea to even try to take on this spider cave alone.

The sleeping spiders quickly died off because of the flames, leaving only the queen spider behind as well as stray spiders that were exploring the tunnel, making them run back to their den.

The queen spider raised her head up and even though she had a lot of eyes and total lack of facial features, Ping could tell that she was extremely pissed off and would do everything in her power to kill him.

The spider queen quickly got off her web and charged towards Ping who was standing in the middle of the cave, simply looking at her. Then he also charged towards the queen. This scene was perfect, for either was a last boss battle or a beginning of the boss battle, which exactly was happening.

Ping and the spider queen were in a large open area illuminated by the flames that continuously burned the web making it so that only a portion of the room was lit up and the other half was darkness.

Quickly, the two closed the distance from each other and as soon as the queen reached out her leg and was about to pierce Ping, he jumped to the side avoiding it and continued running down the cave towards her web.

“Nope. I’m stupid… But not that stupid.” Ping said as he continued to run as fast as he could to get away from the spider queen. Ping quickly got to the web that the queen was sleeping on, and stood next to it making a courtesy bow as if inviting her to come over and kill him next to her web.

The queen once again charged towards Ping in an attempt to trap him with her web and skewer him. This time the spider queen crossed the cave even faster than before and in a moment was in front of Ping, who was just standing there with his arm pointing towards the web.

The queen once again raised her legs and tried to pierce through Ping, but he quickly jumped to the side and kicked the spider queen into her web, momentarily stunning her and giving him just enough time to use his necklace to cast a fireball. It flew straight at the spider queen hitting her as well as her web setting it ablaze along with the spider queen.

More painful hisses rang out this time from the spider queen that was walking around clumsily trying to put out the fire by running into more webs only to set them on fire and sealing her fate. She was now covered in webs that were constantly burning, roasting her skin.

The painful hissing continued to go on for a full two minutes, while it was happening Ping was ignoring her. He focused on killing the spiders that ran into the cave, and by the time the two minutes were up, no more spiders came into the cave and the hisses full of pain stopped echoing.


[Congratulations for killing the Spider Queen, Fleur. You have received a set of spider silk clothing, along with 10,000 gold.]

Ping let out a long breath of relief and opened up his inventory to see the things that he got.

Spider Silk Gloves (C:Good) Basic Iron Sword Imp Ale (C: Bad) – 20 Imp King’s Magic Staff (C: Good)  Imp King’s Fire Necklace Basic Magic Fire Gems – 6    
Health Potions – 3  Basic Bandages – 2 Imp Leather Armor (C:Bad)   Imp King’s Ring of Fire (C: Good)  Gems – 28  Jewelry- 15    
 Spider Silk Shirt (C:Good)  Imp Pitchforks – 174  Imp Heritage Steel Sword (C:Good)          
Spider Silk Shirt:
Description: This is a shirt made from the silk of Spider Queen Fleur, the only way to obtain this is to kill her.

Armor: 0

Weight: 0.4

Effect: Dexterity +2

Spider Silk Pants:
Description: This is a pair of pants made from the silk of Spider Queen Fleur, the only way to obtain this is to kill her.

Amor: 0

Weight: 0.3

Effect: Dexterity +3

Spider Silk Gloves:
Description: This is a pair of gloves made from the silk of Spider Queen Fleur, the only way to obtain this is to kill her.

Amor: 0

Weight: 0.2

Effect: Dexterity +2

There was practically no difference between the gloves, pants, and shirt except for the fact that they weighed differently and the dexterity increase was better by one on the pants. Ping did not equip the clothes immediately since he was sweaty, stinky and covered in dry and wet blood.

As soon as he gets back to school, he would go behind it to where he caught a glimpse of  something that seemed to be a lake or could be an ocean. Only to have a quick look. After all, to go and explore the forest was what he really wanted

Ping then checked his status,

Name: [Ping Hai]
Sex: Male Level: 4
Class: Warrior  $$$: 15920
QC:1 HP:160
Mp:10 Str:19
Dex: 12 Vit: 14
Luc: -3 Int:25


Choose A Skill | Available Points: 4
Slash Level 3: -4
Frenzy: -1
Wolf Eye: -2

“I can go with the Slash level three and probably insta-kill something, but I should probably take Wolf Eye, so that I won’t be ambushed by someone and I will save the rest of the points.” said Ping before clicking on the skill Wolf Eye and closing his status screen.

Just like before, a flood of data forced itself into Ping’s brain and forcefully made his eye see as far and be as good as the wolves.  Which didn’t make any sense to Ping since eagles had far better vision than wolves, so most likely animals in this world got a major upgrade and environmental change.

Ping left the large cave and started moving along the tunnels hoping to find his way back out of them. Ping had been walking through the tunnels filled with cobwebs for three hours before finally finding his way back to the surface under the small rays of sunshine that managed to sneak their way through the trees.

Ping had no idea where the school was from where he was at, but he knew how he would find his way back and that was the quest tracking system. So Ping selected completed quest and again a black and red arrow appeared in front of him, showing him the way back to the board. It took Ping a full hour to walk through the forest back to the school, of course killing stray monsters on his way.

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(Funny conversation in discord about an error in this chapter for you all)


Description: This is a shirt made from the silk of Spider Queen Fleur , the only way to obtain this is to kill her. Amor: 0
that is some unlovable T shirt there
Deuxz: It adds dex though…


Spider Silk Pants: Description: This is a shirt made from the silk of Spider Queen Fleur , the only way to obtain this is to kill her.
have nothin to say here
Deuxz: Whats wrong with it?


imagined him wearing a pair of shirt
you made a wrong description there
Spider Silk Gloves: Description: This is a shirt made from the silk of Spider Queen Fleur , the only way to obtain this is to kill her.                                                                                                    I Dont Even Know Anymore                                                                                                                            ROFL                                                                                                                                                                      Shirt On His Body                                                                                                                                              Shirt As His Pants                                                                                                                                              Shirt As His Gloves                                                                                                                                          Thats Some Style He Got…
Deuxz: I feel retarded
Aarklight: i’m just laughin my head off right now

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