Slaughter System – Chapter 4

After killing every Imp on this level, Ping looked around the cave and noticed small barrels stacked in various places. So he collected them all and put them in the inventory since it might be possible to sell them in the future.

Before going down to the third level, Ping decided that he would take the leather armor from the Imps, as it might prove useful for something in the future. But when he tried to take off the armor it just disappeared into thin air.

An idea came to his head and Ping opened his inventory. Sure enough the armor was there.

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Exp Scrolls -5 Basic Iron Sword Imp Ale (C:Bad) -20
Health Potions – 3  Basic Bandages – 2 Imp Leather Armor (C:Bad)

Wondering if they could stack, Ping touched another piece of leather armor that an Imp was wearing and it also disappeared into thin air. Yet again Ping opened his inventory to check.

Exp Scrolls – 5 Basic Iron Sword Imp Ale (C: Bad) – 20
Health Potions – 3  Basic Bandages – 2 Imp Leather Armor (C:Bad) – 20

Luckily, they did stack, so Ping closed his inventory and continued to collect all pieces of leather armor.

In total, Ping collected twenty-two pieces of leather armor. After doing that he moved quickly and quietly down the pathway to the third level. There was only fifteen or so minutes before more imps came back to the cave.

The third floor was huge, at least ten times the size of the previous one. Gold coins and various lavish looking items were scattered across the floor and were lying in big piles everywhere. At the very end of the room was a large throne with a three-foot high Imp sitting on it, wearing a crown and holding a golden staff, engraved with a shiny purple gem.

Surrounding the King were Imps that were the same as the ones that charged at him on the floor above.   Except, there were a lot more of them here than the ones who attacked him upstairs. Due to the fact that there was nothing blocking the view from the entrance to the third floor, the Imps that were guarding their king instantly started charging towards him.

Ping did the same thing as before. He unleashed a barrage of pitchforks that would constantly send the imps flying towards the ground. But it seemed these imps were slightly smarter. Before they got knocked off from the sky, they threw their pitchforks straight towards him.

But even though extremely sharp pitchforks were flying at him, Ping stayed calm and started throwing pitchforks faster. Trying to completely block out the sky not allowing any pitchfork to come close to him.

Under the heavy rain of pitchforks, the sixty or so guards died with no room to resist, leaving only the King Imp alive. The King Imp was not injured in the slightest because his guards all sacrificed their lives to make sure that their king did not receive even the lightest scratch. When the king realized that his guards weren’t going to get up from the ground and protect him, he angrily yelled at them in an unknown language.

“Wow, I can only assume you’re cursing your loyal guards for not protecting you… What a king you are!” Ping said in a disappointed voice before walking past the bodies of the dead Imps towards the king. The king had a little bit of fear in his eyes, but that didn’t stop him from waving his staff in front of him and chanting something in an unknown language.

The chanting stopped within a matter of seconds and a two meters large fireball formed in the air flying straight to him. The fireball quickly arrived directly in front of him and was about to hit him when Ping cut the fireball directly in half, making it fly off to the sides behind him.

But the King Imp did not stop chanting and continuously sent a rain of fireballs towards Ping who had to constantly cut them in half so that he did not receive any damage. But under the continuous rain of fire, not getting injured was just a wish. As the fireballs kept coming fast, forcing Ping to cut them faster, he ultimately had to make it so the fireballs would graze the sides of his arm, leaving burn marks behind.

Even though there was a rain of fire coming towards Ping he did not move forward or backward, since he knew that the Imp would run out of magic soon, and that he would be able to kill it when that happens.

After about twenty fire balls, the King stopped casting them. Exhausted, he looked at Ping who only had his arms burnt slightly.

“Damn, it seems like I got second degree burns on my arms.” said Ping in an annoyed manner before running up to the King Imp and slashing at his neck. After he cut its head off a sound resounded throughout the cave,

‘Ding! You have successfully completed a low-level Imp dungeon! You have received five thousand gold as a prize as well as a random item that will appear in your inventory!’

After the lady’s voice stopped talking, Ping waited to see if there was anything else but there wasn’t. He began to go around the third floor and collect all of the gems, gold, and jewelry.  The King Imp had a ring and a necklace lying on the ground next to its dead body. Ping simply put it in his inventory, then continued collecting what was left. Only then did he open his inventory to see what he had gotten as a reward.

Exp Scrolls – 5 Basic Iron Sword Imp Ale (C: Bad) – 20 Imp King’s Magic Staff (C: Good)  Imp King’s Fire Necklace Basic Magic Fire Gems – 28
Health Potions – 3  Basic Bandages – 2 Imp Leather Armor (C:Bad) – 20  Imp King’s Ring of Fire (C: Good)  Gems – 28  Jewelry- 15

But before Ping looked into the special abilities of the items he got, he checked his status. During the whole time of his adventure, he had leveled up once.

Name: [Ping Hai]
Sex: Male Level: 4
$$$: 5618 QC: 1
HP: 135 MP: 10
Str: 17 Dex:10
Vit: 12 Luc: -3
Int: 25 Acc: 26



Choose A Skill | Available Points: 2
Slash Level 2: -2
Frenzy: -1
Wolf Eye: -2

At the same time he opened his status, the new skill’s page opened up as well. While looking at his status, Ping became aware. With this type of system, nothing will come to you if you do not work. He couldn’t power up quickly and only those that truly work for it will get a higher level.  After checking everything and upgrading his Slash to the next level, Ping opened up his inventory again and examined every new item, except of course for the gems and the jewelry.

Imp Heritage Steel Sword:
Description: This sword has been passed down through generations of Imps as a treasured item. Only those, who are proven worthy by it, may wield it.

Attack: 10

Weight: 5 Pounds,

Durability: 100

Rather than being a steel sword, when it appeared in Ping’s hands it was like a war sword that required two hands to wield, instead of just one.

Imp King’s Magic Staff

Description: When the King of Imps raided another Imp territory, this was what he obtained from the treasury, so the King chose to use this as his battle weapon.

Attack: 3

Magic Attack: 8

Weight: 3.5 Pounds

Enchantment: Shortens the cast time for fire spells

Gem: Basic magic gem that reduces the cost needed to create a spell.

Durability: 100


This was quite a nice item for mages, especially those specializing in fire magic. This staff should sell well to the beginners.

Imp King’s Ring Of Fire

Description: The King of Imps received this as a successor’s gift from the previous king before he passed away.

Magic Attack: Can cast a fireball every fifteen seconds

Weight: 0.2 Pounds

Durability: 100


Something that would be useful to anyone especially mages since they could cast a fireball and instantly summon another one behind the first one to use as a surprise attack.

Imp King’s Fire Necklace

Description: The Imp King received this as a tribute from his people for becoming the new king.

Enchantment: Improves the damage of fire magic by 3 and increases the range of fire magic by 3 meters.

Weight: 0.3 Pounds

Durability: 100


Yet another thing useful for fire mages, looks like the Imps are the fire attributed race.

Basic Fire Magic Gem

Description: A fire magic gem is able to add a fire based attribute enchantment to either weapons or armors.

Armor: Can add a fire resistance enchantment, as well as make fire magic chanting time shorter.

Weapon: Can make your sword, arrow or various other weapons ignite the target upon a hit, as well as decrease fire magic chanting time.

Combine: Combining three of these gems together will make a Good Fire Magic gem.


Ping equipped the Imp King’s Ring Of Fire as well as the Imp Heritage Steel Sword and put his basic sword away in his inventory.

“Wow, this gem sure is something useful for everyone. I’m going to add this onto my sword when I get back to school. I wonder how far the combining levels can go.”As soon as he said this, a voice answered him.

“Weapons, Armors, Gems, Crafting Materials, are all ranked the same. Starting from Terrible, Bad, Basic, Good, Great, Perfect, Ancient, Legendary, Mythical, Tyrant, Overlord and then finally ending up at God ranked items, which are practically impossible to find. You can even spend your entire lifetime hardly coming across legendary level items, let alone God items.” The lady’s voice said, leaving Ping all alone in his thoughts.

After a full minute of thinking and fully analyzing everything, Ping decided on what he was going to do, guessing on how he would get the things he needed.

“Ok, my first goal is to get to level one hundred. My second goal is to get all god ranked items including gems and it can’t just be basic god ranked items. It has to be the best of the bests god ranked items that I can get. Now, I think that I have to kill actual gods to get god ranked items and to do so I need to be strong. So I have to train, but to train I need a lot of crap that is going to be extremely annoying to get.” Ping said to himself while waving his hand up in the air at certain times, trying to emphasize his point to nobody but himself.

After saying that loudly to himself, Ping quickly made his way out of the cave and dashed into the forest, because by his estimation he only had less than a minute to get out and hide. As more Imps will be coming back to the cave and they will notice that everyone is dead and might call for help from their surroundings.

After going into the forest and making sure that nothing had noticed him, Ping finally realized that the reason he was out here was because of the quest to clear out a spider’s den. But instead, he ended up clearing out the Imp’s den, or hideout, or dungeon, or whatever it is to call it.

Right now the sun was at its highest in the sky. Though you could hardly see it through the giant trees. The time was around one o’clock in the afternoon and he had plenty of daytime left, but he was thinking of going back since he had already done a lot today.

First, he along with his entire school, was transported to a new world at eleven o’clock in the morning, then he had an unexpected battle with Imps. Then he cleaned himself up and as he went exploring in the dangerous forest, he stumbled upon the Imp’s den which he accidentally cleared out. So it was safe to say, that it was a pretty productive day so far.

But Ping decided to continue, because he knew that if he went back, he could not to get out again, as there would be a lot of students, blocking him from going out.

As Ping was walking through the forest following the quest arrow, he came across several rogue spiders and Imps, which he promptly killed. He used pitchforks to kill the imps so he could improve his accuracy while he used his basic sword to kill the spiders. The reason he used his basic sword instead of the heritage sword is because he did not want it to break before he either find a way to repair it or find a new and better sword.

Soon, Ping came across a cave entrance that was covered in cobwebs making it a one way entrance which follow a certain path. This time to improve his vitality, dexterity and strength, he simply walked up to the cave without marking the routines and such.

There were fifteen spiders guarding the cave which immediately noticed Ping walking towards them with a sword in hand. Three of the guards gave a loud hiss~ trying to alert other spiders that were deep inside the cave, while the twelve other guards all charged at Ping trying to jump on top of him and eat him alive.

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