Slaughter System – Chapter 3

Before walking out of the bathroom, Ping grabbed the small pitchforks from the sink since it could be a good throwing weapon, and headed out towards the courtyard. Upon arriving at the door, leading into the courtyard, he saw various club members. Some of them were staying vigilant and staring at the wall. Others were inspecting the ground to make sure that all of the imps were dead. And the last group was talking with each other, trying to figure out what they should do next.

The ones who were talking, noticed Ping opening the door and gave him a stare. Ping ignored them and walked past towards the message board, on which he saw the words – ‘Easy’, ‘Medium’, ‘Hard’ and Master’.

Under each difficulty was attached the recommended level so that people don’t accidentally take an impossible quest. Naturally, as Ping was still at a low-level, he chose the ‘Easy’ level of difficulty at the left side, with a bunch of different quests filling the entire board.

Ping quickly looked through  all of the easy level quests and with his curiosity taking over, he ended up selecting every single easy quest to do, with the words [Party: Misfits] popping up in brackets on the right side of the board.

Seeing this, he touched the brackets and all the quests that he accepted popped up. He realized that each time when the party or a person takes a quest, it appears here and anyone can see who was the one who took it. Ping didn’t mind that, but he knew that if in the future a limited quest appeared, whoever was first to take it, would be the first to be targeted. Because they could  obtain a special reward from that quest.

But Ping knew that all of this was in the future, so he chose not to worry and instead walked towards the gate. As he was about to open it he got yelled at by almost every club member trying to  stop what he was doing.

“What are you doing? If you open that gate, all you will bring is the death of more students!” The boy yelled at Ping in anger.

“That’s right, besides, we haven’t even decided if we will let people out to explore, so don’t you go trying anything.” This girl was full of arrogance, saying that he didn’t even have the right to do anything.

But Ping completely ignored their yells and swung the gate open,


A loud and long ear-piercing sound rang out from the gate after he opened it. There were no movements in the forest what so ever, it was completely silent and eerie.

“ARE YOU STUPID? YOU WILL GET US ALL KILLED!” The boy, that was the first to yell at Ping, was enraged and ran towards the gate.

Ping yet again ignored his yelling and happily skipped into the forest like a young schoolgirl, who just got a new toy. That boy stopped right at the entrance, not daring to go any further than that. He just angrily looked at Ping before spouting curses and quickly closing the gate.

“It seems, that boy did not notice the sword in my hand. If he somehow managed to catch me before I went through the gate, I would have cut him down rather than let him drag me back in.” Ping said in a nonchalant voice before saying the word ‘Quest’.

A long blood spattered background appeared in front of Ping with many different quests on it. Almost all of the quests were hunting related which was good since nobody likes doing a lot of fetching quests. Most of the hunting quests had him killing large amount of Spiders, Imps, or what seemed like the most difficult one – Wolves.

Ping quickly decided to make a ranking system of the three monsters, so that he could decide what quest to do first. He ranked Spiders as third, Imps as second because he did not know how strong they were after getting buffed, and Wolves as first since they seemed just annoying and strong.

Ping activated the tracker for [Clear Out A Spiders Nest] and a black and red arrow appeared in front of him, showing the way to the quest. Ping started to walk through the forest and quickly came across a lone spider walking around.

The spider was about three feet tall and four feet long. It had black legs and a dark purple body, which made it  look very Gothic like, but what added to the creepy atmosphere was the many eyes, that were on its face, making it seem like it had ex-ray vision and that it could see through your weaknesses.

Ping quickly ran towards it and activated Slash, making a deep red scar appear on its body, almost cutting it in half, but leaving it alive. Ping was slightly surprised at how tough the monster was, but not as surprised to see that above the monster a red health bar appeared with its total amount of health and how much health it had left after his strike.

The spider had a total of three out of thirty health points left, so he quickly did the math in his head, assuming that slash multiplied his damage by three, it would mean that his attack with the iron sword was nine damage, resulting in twenty-seven damage and leaving the spider with only three health. Ping thought that his damage was indeed tripled when he used slash, but unfortunately he could not continuously use it since slash uses up his mana. Still, Ping was relatively happy with what he found out, so he quickly killed the spider.

After killing the spider, Ping put his sword back in the inventory and wanted to check how much damage it actually does, but then he noticed that something new appeared under the sword. It was the durability value, so he had to be careful or his sword would break during combat. Ping was happy to notice this before it was too late. His sword had +5 damage so either his strength must have added the extra +4 damage to the attack or that Slash was doing more damage than he thought, calculating through a weird algorithm.

Although Ping was slightly confused, he didn’t mind it and continued to walk through the forest, following the black and red arrow. After the spider encounter, the next thing he ran into was an Imp, something he wanted to find to see if it was a lot more difficult to kill.

As soon as the Imp saw Ping, it threw its pitchfork directly at Ping’s face without any hesitation, but he was already expecting something like this. Because they received the buff and he didn’t know how much they had changed, he could only stay on guard as best as he could so he wouldn’t get injured.

Since the Imp threw his pitchfork at Ping, he also took a pitchfork out of his pocket and threw it towards the Imp, who was angrily staring at him. The Imp simply adjusted its body, dodging the pitchfork, before charging towards Ping. Whilst holding its hands out in front of itself, it showed off its long and sharp nails, that looked as though they could pierce through wood and possibly put a dent on an iron.

Ping did not want those nails to even come close to him, so he took three more pitchforks and threw one to the right, to the left and directly towards the Imp making it unable to dodge moving sideways. The Imp got hit directly in the head and collapsed to the ground, his head was leaking green blood.

Damn! Those things are a lot stronger now huh, if they did attack the school, more people would certainly die.” Ping said while wiping the sweat off his forehead.

After killing the Imp, he picked up his pitchforks as well as the pitchfork that was thrown at him. This pitchfork was a few centimeters longer than the other ones that Ping had. It also was heavier and the points at the end were longer and sharper, seemingly just as sharp as the Imps’ nails.

Ping carefully inspected the new pitchfork for a few seconds, before putting it away and continuing to walk towards the spider nest, killing any spider or imp he saw along the way. He was using only the pitchforks and not the iron sword, as it had only fifty durability, Since with every two hits, durability would decrease by one, he could use the sword only a hundred times before the sword breaks. Well, technically ninety-eight times since he already used it on a spider.

While walking through the forest, he did not find anything spectacular. Just some smooth looking stones and twigs, and he did not see anything amazing either like a wolf or maybe a new type of monster that was not in the quests.

As Ping was walking to the spider cave, he noticed that a group of three Imps were bunching up together and flying to a specific place. Out of curiosity Ping decided to follow them and he ended up going all the way back to their hideout. There were a lot of different Imps constantly flying in and out of a cave that seemed to go deep into the ground.

Ping did not approach the cave recklessly and instead carefully wandered around, making sure he wasn’t seen while counting the guards and marking the time when Imps would move in and out of the cave.

After spending an hour counting the intervals at which the they flew out of the cave, Ping acted by throwing all seven small pitchforks and his only giant pitchfork towards eight of the ten guards that were flying around the cave.

Then not wasting a second he jumped out from behind a tree and charged at the two remaining guards, throwing his sword towards the one who was about to call for help and sending his fist to punch the Imp that was flying towards him.

Ping punched towards the Imp, but he got stabbed in the hand. He could feel how the pitchfork pierced directly into the bones of his hand and could not help but let out a quiet groan of pain. But still, after getting pierced through the fingers, Ping did not stop and let his hand move forward to hit the Imp, attacking it directly in the stomach and sending it rolling towards the ground.

After his punch, Ping immediately pulled the pitchfork out of his hand, jumping up and down trying not to scream from the intense pain of having his bone pierced through. While he was jumping, he made sure not to jump in circles, but to jump towards the fallen Imp to stomp on it.

After stomping the Imp to death, Ping quickly collected the pitchforks that were lying on the ground, as well as his sword. Then he went and hid behind a tree, because in fifteen seconds a new group of Imps would come out of the cave with another group coming out of the forest and entering the cave.

Ping used those fifteen seconds to quickly wrap a bandage around his fingers. As soon as he finished, both groups arriving from the forest and the cave made a total of twelve Imps. They instantly noticed the dead guards and were about to scream as the twelve pitchforks came flying from the forest, making their way towards the Imps.

All twelve pitchforks hit their marks, killing the Imps before they could make any sound, giving Ping thirty minutes to explore the cave and kill the Imps inside before more Imps returned from the forest, going back into the cave.

Ping quickly collected every pitchforks, leaving him with seven small pitchforks and twenty-three big pitchforks. After doing that, Ping silently approached the cave and looked inside to see that unlike what he thought would be an area full of activity, was instead a place, where a bunch of imps were sleeping, leaning up against the wall.

At the least, there was over  fifty types of Imps, sleeping all over the cave, and at the end of the cave was a tunnel leading further down. Most likely to even more Imps. Ping was like an assassin as he stealthily used the pitchforks to kill all the imps without making a sound before fully checking out the first level, finding nothing, and then moving down.

Hardly Ping even made all the way down, as he heard Imps’ voices, laughing happily, while talking to each other in an unknown language. Ping noticed that although there were not as many Imps down here compared to the first level, there were still a lot. At least thirty Imps were happily drinking and sitting in stools.

“Well, this is going to get messy.” Ping said, as he started throwing out pitchforks as fast as he could.

But Ping was not fast enough and could only kill half of them while five Imps called for help and another ten picked up their weapons, swaying drunkenly charged at Ping. The Imps were swerving all over the sky while charging at Ping, some even bumping into each other.

But because they were drunk, they were not able to think clearly, so Ping easily killed them with his pitchforks. He killed the screaming ones as well, but not before they finished calling for help. As soon as Ping killed them, Imps wearing leather armor and holding even longer pitchforks came flying towards him and they were not drunk.

These Imps were perfectly fine, sober at least, but who knows what type of diseases they could have from sleeping together in a dark and cold cave.

Ping had a large number of pitchforks to the point where he needed to store some of them in the inventory since his pockets were already full. He continued to constantly throw pitchforks towards the Imps, while more and more of them came up from another level.

Eventually though, they stopped coming and Ping was able to fill the sky with pitchforks, making it nearly impossible to dodge them. One by one, the Imps were being pierced but they did not die as they still stood up and charged towards Ping.

Since Ping was throwing out the pitchforks so fast, he quickly ran out of them and was forced to take his sword to deal with those flying towards him. One Imp after another was cut down, and because they charged at Ping in a single fine line, made it easy for an amateur like him to cut their heads off.

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