Slaughter System – Chapter 2

As Ping walked through the school, he could hear pieces of glasses being crushed under his feet, as well as the echoes of screams. But soon, they quieted down since almost all of the imps were dead and nobody else was getting injured or is dying.

Ping walked past the corpses of dead imps and as he was going through the hallways, all he could hear was the weeping of boys and girls, which made the place seem haunted.

Soon, Ping arrived at the nurse’s office and saw that numerous people were already there. They were getting treated by the only two nurses in the school, and there were even more waiting to get treatment. Though before he could get into the room, a ‘Ding‘ resounded out and a blue transparent screen appeared in front of him as well as everyone else.

Name: Ping Hai
Sex: Male Level: 1
$$$: 100 QC: 1
HP: 125 MP: 10
Str: 15 Dex: 8
Vit: 10 Luc: -3
Int: 25 Acc: 20

[Welcome to the world of Slaughter! You can use the Slaughter system to level up and use it as the currency. You are the first group that has been transported over to the world of Slaughter. Well, to be precise it’s not exactly a circular world as you would expect, rather it is a straight line and the farther you go the more difficult everything gets. Very soon more things will be implemented to help you along the journey but all I can do for you right now is to wish you good luck! And goodbye!]

After reading through all of this, various angry yells and panicked screams rang out throughout the school, but as usual, Ping ignored them and instead clicked on every single stat to make sure that everything was how he thought it was.

Level: The bigger this is, the more that the stats will be increased, but at a slower rate than training.

Class: Your class is your main profession that determines what skills you can use. In the future you will be able to multi-class. For each class that you have, there will be different professions and skills.

$$$: This represents the amount of money you have so that you know how much you are able to spend in the Slaughter System.

QC: This is the number of quests that you have completed.

Hp: This is the amount of health that you have, and if it runs out, you are dead. To raise this stat, level up, or increase your vitality.

Mp: This is the amount of mana you have. For Mages it is very important because if you run out of mana you can’t cast spells any more. To raise this stat, level up.

Str: This represents the amount of strength that you have to lift heavy things. To raise this stat lift heavy things and train your body.

Dex: This represents how fast your reflexes are to dodge the attacks as well as how much stamina you have so you can keep fighting for a longer time.

Vit: This represents your maximum amount of health as well as physical and magic defenses. To raise this stat… get hit a lot.

Luc: This represents the amount of luck you have when fighting enemies, if you have a low amount of luck, then its more likely you are to run into an absurdly strong enemy. This also does not account for finding treasure or rare objects, that is just random for everyone. Cannot change this stat.

Int: This represents the amount of intelligence you have as well as how good you are at assessing a deadly situation. Raise this stat by reading a lot as well as trying new things.

Acc: Represents the chance to inflict critical hits, can be raised by learning weaknesses of creatures, and you will have a higher chance if you hit them in their weak spot. To raise this stat simply aim for the weak points of monsters and practice throwing and shooting things.

After looking through the stats descriptions Ping felt satisfied with learning something new, but then the pain in his back came back to him and he pushed his way into the nurse’s office ignoring the other injured kids.

When Ping entered, he noticed that there were even more kids in here than he thought. Most of them were bleeding either from their eyes or necks and from other various parts of the body. Ignoring the injured, Ping directly went up to a nurse that was doing her best patching up the wound on the neck of a kid.

“Can you pull these pitchforks out of my back?” Ping asked while trying to reach behind his back and pull one out.

“Go back and wait, there are more students who need my attention more than you.” the nurse said just like that and completely ignored Ping.

“I have more wounds than the other idiotic students because I actually killed all of the imps that were in the courtyard, plus all you have to do is pull them out and put bandages on my back, I can put bandages on my arm by myself.” Ping said in an annoyed manner.

The nurse did not even bother to turn around before saying: “Just ask a student to do it; the bandages are in the top left cabinet.”

That did not make Ping happy since she completely ignored him, so he simply left the nurse’s office without even getting help. Walking back down the hallway while talking to himself: “Humph! I don’t need you, I’ll just help myself without your crappy bandages!”

Ping walked into a school bathroom and looked into the mirror that was hanging up on the wall. Seeing his arm dripping with blood and dyeing his shirt red made him angry. Without caring for any damage that could happen to his shoulder, he used his injured arm to pull out the pitchforks that were stuck in his shoulder and back.

After pulling out all of the pitchforks,  he put them in the sink then took off his bloody shirt and set it on the sink. After doing that Ping left the bathroom and went into the room that was next to it. It technically was not a room, but a closet, particularly the janitor’s closet, in which he got a tub of bleach and a rag then brought it back to the bathroom.

Ping used the rag to clog the sink then he poured the entire tub of bleach into the sink. Afterwards he took his dirty shirt off and started washing it clean in the sink full of bleach. After getting all of the blood and dirt out of the shirt, he  went to another sink and rinsed the bleach out before tearing his shirt into multiple pieces and wrapping it around his arm, shoulder and back.

After he had successfully bandaged himself up he was left with a few makeshift rags that he could use in the future, if he kept them clean.

Since Ping had played multiple RPG games before, as it was his hobby, he knew that if there was a status screen then nine out of ten there would be an inventory, so you won’t have to carry your things in a bag, that have to be crafted, or on your body.

And Ping was right, a thirty slot inventory appeared after saying it out loud. Before looking at the inventory, Ping tested if he had to say it loudly or if he could summon it with a thought. Both times he was succesful and after doing that he looked at his inventory to see what was in there.

Exp Scrolls – 5 Basic Iron Sword
Health Potions – 3


All three or rather nine items were the things that are incredibly useful to him and if he had looked earlier he wouldn’t even had to make bandages. Ping tried to store the bandages in his inventory by clicking on an empty slot with the bandages in hand, but nothing happened. So the next thing he tried was to command the item to be stored and the bandages successfully moved into his inventory.

Exp Scrolls-5 Basic Iron Sword
Health Potions- 3  Basic Bandage – 3


After storing the bandages, Ping clicked on the iron sword and it appeared in his hands. After doing that he decided to see what was the commands he could use to access different management screens.

He tried activating a console, that didn’t work. He tried chat, that also didn’t work. He tried to make a party and that worked, with a button to create a party appearing in the air. Ping created a party and named it Misfits, after which, an even larger than the inventory, management screen appeared .

Party Index
Party Leader: Ping Hai Party Name: Misfits
Ping Hai: Level 1 Warrior


The entire thing was just like a regular party system, the party leader name, the party name, as well as option to add party members, and finally the party members’ names with a green background that would turn red when someone from the party was losing health.

After checking out the party system, Ping continued to call out different words that could possibly bring out different management screens. Soon he had only one thing left to try that was connected with video games as a major feature, and it was the dev log, which popped up after he called it.


V 0.0.1: This update announces the Slaughter System which will eventually have everyone in the universe participate in order to become stronger,


  •  Adds Monsters up to Level 100
  • No Longer Allows Living Beings to use the Console
  • Adds 300+ Quest
  • Adds Warrior and Mage Class
  • Transports First Group over to the Dark Forest                              

It was really a basic and normal dev log, but after Ping finished reading it a new update came out,

V 0.0.1: This update announces the Slaughter System which will eventually have everyone in the universe participate in order to become stronger,


  •  Adds Monsters up to Level 100
  • No Longer Allows Living Beings to use the Console
  • Adds 300+ Quest
  • Adds Warrior and Mage Class
  • Transports First Group over to the Dark Forest                              
V 0.02: This update fixes some issues with imps being too weak, as well as adding more classes, weapons and armor, along with a schedule for next group to be transported.


  •  Buffs Imps Health and Attack
  • New Class Necromancer
  • New Class Hunter
  • Adds New Tyrant Armor
  • Adds New Tyrant Weapons
  • New Transportation 8/1/2018                 


Ping was not expecting a new update this quickly, so it gave him a pleasant surprise, but what surprised him the most was that the next group would be transported exactly one month later. Frankly, he did not know if this group was  the only one in this world or not, so Ping currently didn’t know whether to think about the new group as good or as bad.

But Ping was quick to pay no attention to this and instead focused on how quickly he could get to the level one hundred. What would happen when he got there, as well as how powerful tyrant level things were.

After thinking about that for a few seconds, he decided to stop thinking about it and just went out and see how long it would take him to get to the level 100 in this world. But before going out, he opened his inventory and took out the exp scrolls and used them, successfully boosting himself up to level three.

“From the usage of five exp scrolls and only getting me to level three… it seems like an average RPG, or at least the one without booster packs to help you leveling up, which is good.” Even though the scrolls did not bring Ping to a higher level he was still satisfied that he leveled up again.

After he summed up his observations, Ping looked at the new screen that popped up in front of him after he leveled up. It seemed like something that a royal envoy from medieval times would use to deliver an imperial decree. At the top and bottom were pure gold cylinders with silver wrapped around them in a swerve pattern.

Choose A Skill | Available Points: 2
Slash: -1
Frenzy: -1
Hawkeye: -1


There were three different skills but Ping could only choose two. He tried to click on each different skills to see if it would give him a description or not, and it didn’t. So Ping had to rely on his gaming knowledge to guess the meanings of the three skills, thankfully the skills were pretty much self-explanatory.

Slash was just a regular sword slash that would most likely increase the damage when you hit the monster; Frenzy seemed to give a temporary boost to all stats to increase damage, while Hawkeye would help Ping see farther into the distance which will greatly help in almost all situations since he would be able to discern if he could fight the enemy or not before he even get close to it.

Ping chose to get Slash and Hawkeye and not Frenzy, since if he had Hawkeye he would be able to tell if an enemy was too strong for him and would not fight it, while Slash would help him do damage to slightly stronger enemies than himself.

As soon as Ping clicked on the two skills the golden screen disappeared, a flood of knowledge forced itself into his brain, forcefully making him learn the skills. After more than thirty seconds, Ping snapped back to reality with a severe headache.

“Owww, that is not a nice feeling to have, but in the long-term it will be worth it.” Ping said while wiping away the sweat on his forehead.

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