Slaughter System – Chapter 13

(Well sometimes life just decides to kick you in the balls… Currently i am extremely sick and unwell making it extremely hard just to sit up and write, sorry bout that, and the next chapter will probably take a while, but i am trying my best, i have also decided to put my other work on hold, seeing people enjoy this. But once again sorry and goodbye!)

“WHY DIDN’T YOU ATTACK HIM? WE ALREADY TOLD YOU TO ATTACK ON SITE!” yelled the student council president.

The student council president looked just like she did on the first day that they were here, undoubtedly, she was using her influence to get things that she wanted and classified as needed.

“GO ALL OF YOU, GO ATTACK HIM!” she yelled while throwing a fit.

“Oh, that’s really not a good idea… You see I was only planning on killing one person today, but if more people run at me I will simply kill you all,” said Ping with a smile on his face.

Not even one person moved to attack Ping. All the guards simply stood still not moving whatsoever, they were already fearful of Ping since he had killed two guards and attempted to kill the boxing club president. Now that he brutally slapped one of them half-dead, and he said he was already planning on killing only one person, nobody wanted to be that person.

“WHAT ARE YOU IDIOTS DOING? GO AND KILL HIM ALREADY!!” said the student council president fuming with rage, suddenly somebody pushed their way through the crowd of people up to the front, it was the kendo club president. She did not look as good as a few days ago and was clearly suffering just the same as the rest of the student.

“Ms. Lan, don’t you think you should calm down a little, and hear his side of the story before arresting him, yet alone killing him,” asked the kendo club president in a soft and sweet voice.

“NO I DON’T! HE NEEDS TO DIE! HE ALREADY KILLED TWO OF MY USELESS FOLLOWERS AND DOES NOT LISTEN TO WHAT I SAY! HE NEEDS TO DIE!” yelled Lan in a loud voice, not caring about respecting the kendo club president and completely undermining her.

“Well since I consider myself as a kind person I will explain my case just for the kendo club president… The only reason why those two guards are dead is because I walked to them from behind and accidentaly scared them, so they both attacked me without caring who I was, and because of that my pets killed them. Now, since everybody just thinks of me as a pushover, I’m using this arrogant asshole of a guard to set an example,” said Ping, all while maintaining a smile on his face.

After saying that, Lan started throwing a fit, constantly yelling curses as loud as she could, trying to slander Ping’s name the best she could, even though she didn’t know his name since he was a student that was always alone at school and nobody ever talked to him.

While Lan was yelling curses, Ping went over to the guard, grabbed him by his neck and lifted him up in the air, then he walked over to the school while being followed by the gazes of students and guards, if they even were guards. They were just people given a sword and told to watch over an area without any training on how to do anything.

When Ping was directly in front of the wall, he held the guard’s face with a strong grip then repeatedly slammed his face into the wall. The few remaining teeth that the guard had left, quickly flew out of his mouth within two slams, and on the fifth slam you could hear crunches. It was the sound of multiple bones breaking in his face, yet Ping did not stop.

Soon there were no more whimpers and the guard’s body stopped resisting, dead. The guard was dead and anybody who looked at him could tell that he was dead. Yet Ping continued to slam his face repeatedly into the wall over and over again without stopping or showing any sign of stopping.

After repeatedly slamming the dead guard’s face against the wall over one hundred times, Ping stopped and let go of the guard’s body letting it fall onto the ground, and when he looked over, nobody was saying anything. Instead, they were just looking at Ping with a stunned expression, not even Lan was saying anything and was just looking at Ping with a stunned and scared face.

“Well I hope that discourages any of you from annoying me, cause that is what happens, and if you anger me… then you will be begging me to kill you,” said Ping with a happy and ruthless smile on his face before walking through the crowd of people into the school, leaving the deformed body of the guard behind.

Ping didn’t have to push anybody to get through the crowd because everybody made a passage for him to walk through, and nobody dared to stand in his way in fear of annoying him. Ping strolled through the crowd like nothing ever happened and if anybody new came to the scene, they would just see a boy with a smile on his face happily skipping through the crowd of people.

After skipping a few feet away from the crowd, Ping turned around and looked towards the crowd, greatly scaring all of them, “Just to let you all know, in classroom 1-A there is a shop that you can buy food from and tomorrow or the day after, there will be a guide to the dark forest, so how about you all go and spend some money?”

After Ping said that, he happily skipped his way to classroom 1-A and entered his shop, where he was greeted by Vanessa who was still sitting behind the counter waiting for somebody to come in, “Welcome back owner, is there anything I can do for you?”

“Yes, I have four hundred and fifty pieces of wolf meat, well technically I have five hundred and thirty, but I only want to sell four hundred and fifty,” said Ping as he walked up to the counter where Vanessa was sitting.

“Alright sir, please add them to your stock and please tell me the amount you want to sell them for and how you want to sell them,” said Vanessa with a smile on her face.

“Hmmm… If a person wants to buy a single piece of meat then its fifteen golds, three pieces for thirty-five golds, five pieces for sixty golds, and ten pieces for one hundred and thirty golds… that’s how you will sell them alright,” said Ping as he opened his shop’s stock and put the wolf meat into it.

“Alright sir, is that all you need?” asked Vanessa while still maintaining her beautiful smile.

“Yeah, that’s all, thanks.” said Ping with a slight smile before walking out of his shop and going to the back of the school.

Ping walked through the school without any obstructions. Clearly the word had passed around that Ping was no longer a person they could mess with. Ping arrived back at his campsite rather quickly and Jie was sitting on the ground surrounded by Melanthios, Floriana and Albus.

“You took a long time,” said Jie in an uncaring voice.

“What can I say…” said Ping as he was sitting down, “I needed to set an example so that I’m not annoyed anymore,” said Ping as he sat up against a tree, “By the way, I grabbed this on my way back, do you think you can use it as a guide?” and he took a spiral notebook out of his inventory and handed it to the girl.

“I can draw anything, anywhere, just tell me where,” said Jie in a nonchalant voice as she looked at the notebook for a moment before handing it back to Ping.

“Well that’s good! Just give me a few minutes then,” said Ping as he opened the first page of the notebook and started drawing. Ping started writing halfway down the page, making sure to leave enough room for the girl to draw.

Name: Imp


The Imp, is the weakest creature in the Forest of Darkness, but they move mainly in groups. The only time when you can find an imp alone is when, as I presume, if it’s a rogue imp or it was banished from its tribe. But I’m not sure and don’t care about that.


The imp mainly flies in the air but does not fly too high, making it suitable for melee fighters and ranged fighters to hit. The imps don’t have any skills and only recklessly charge at you with their long and sharp pitchforks, if it loses that pitchfork then imps will use its sharp nails to attack you, and if it thinks it’s hopeless for it to win, the imps will slam on its chest and scream. When he does that, it means he is calling for a lot of reinforcements. The reinforcements can come in various group sizes and the biggest reinforcement that I have ever seen was around twenty imps, but it is possible for more or less to come.


The imps can be found wandering alone in The Dark Forest which I presume to be rouge imps, or they can be found in the Imp cave or dungeon, whatever you wish to call it. To find this dungeon you simply have to follow a group of either two or three imps around until they lead you back to their cave, but an average dungeon has three levels. The first level consists of a lot of imps all sleeping and resting together, the second level consist of imps that are eating and drinking and there is a slightly smaller group of imps averaging around thirty. The third level is the final level where the King Imp and his royal guards stay. There are a lot of gold scattered around the floor and it’s available to pick up.

Taming: Currently unknown; speculation is ‘human meat.’


“Well I think that’s good!” said Ping before handing over the notebook to Jie, “Just draw a picture of the first imp above the words then hand it back to me, but make sure to make it look as good as the first time or even better than the first time,” said Ping as he looked up at the sky and silently waited for the girl to finish drawing.

After about an hour Jie finished drawing and handed it back to Ping to get his approval. The drawing looked the same or even better than before, as it was smaller but it still gave the menacing and scary feeling.

After looking at it for a moment Ping turned the page then started to give info about the royal guard imp which was pretty much the same as the first time, before giving it back to the girl to draw another again. The time it took was the same as the first time plus another ten minutes, but Ping was still really happy with the finished product and didn’t mind the waiting.

So Ping again turned the page and filled it with information about the king of imps on his attacks and where to find him… As usual, after doing that he once more gave the notebook back to the girl, but instead of sitting and waiting for her to complete it, this time he took out his giant sword and practiced swinging it.

Ping was visualizing the wolf running at him and constantly adjusting his attacks over and over again trying to make it perfect. Quickly, an hour and half went by and the girl finished drawing the Imp King. It looked just as good as the other drawings, so Ping sat down and started to fill in information about spiders.

Name: Spider


The is just like a spider from Earth, except it’s gigantic and much stronger and faster. Spiders are not much above the imps in terms of strength, but in terms of numbers they completely overwhelm them and in fact they have the highest number count in the Forest of Darkness, and just like the imp you can find rogue spiders wandering throughout the forest.


The spiders do not have any skills and mainly move on the ground. Although, even if they don’t have any skills, when you find a group of them you’re in trouble, because they coordinate extremely well with each other. But that’s not all, if you happen to find a spider cave, you must be as quiet as possible after you get into it, because the entire cave has thousands upon thousands of spiders sleeping inside and if you wake them then it is a guaranteed death.


The spiders can be found wandering around the Forest of Darkness as well as in caves that are guarded by ten to fifteen spiders. The spider caves don’t have multiple levels but they have many tunnels that branch out into different areas throughout the cave. It is very easy to get lost in it if you don’t mark your way, also the entire cave is covered in spider webs making it hard for you to move around, but for spiders it’s very easy to move around.

Taming: Needs thirty full imp corpses to be consistently fed to it so it does not wake up.


After writing, Ping went back to practice swinging his sword, so that he would not be so overwhelmed when fighting a wolf pack next time. Jie quickly finished drawing the spider and it was as he expected. It showed off how scary the spider was and made it incredibly realistic. Ping then quickly wrote down information about the spider queen before practicing again.

When it was done Jie handed it back to Ping who only looked at it for a few seconds before turning the page and writing down information about the wolves.

Name: Wolf


The wolf is the strongest creature in the Forest of Darkness. It can be found alone, just as often as it’s found in large packs. A large pack is much more dangerous than just a single wolf because it has a king with it and the Wolf King  gives off an effect of courage, making the wolves fight till the very end. So it’s best to avoid them until you either want a death wish or are really strong, but it is possible to take on the large pack if you have a group of people.


The wolf usually jumps at you in an attempt to bite your face but when you dodge the attack it is able to move its body in air just enough to still hit you. Also, a wolf is very fast and can easily dodge your attacks, just like you can dodge theirs. If you’re alone and facing a pack of wolves, the only option you have is to run away because the wolves are able to coordinate just as good as the spiders and always try to get revenge for their fallen friends if you manage to kill one.


The wolves can be found far into the Forest of Darkness, they are either in a large pack or wandering around alone, but if you let them whimper, then its possible for others wolves to hear it and come running. To get to where the wolves are, you have to be at the beginning of the Forest of Darkness then walk straight for two hours, then you will have officially entered the depths of the Forest of Darkness.

Taming: You need to consistently feed the unconscious wolf with fifty wolf corpses otherwise it will wake up.


After filling it in, Ping once more began to practice, really wanting to get stronger than the wolves, so that he does not receive so much damage and not forced to use a health potion.

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