Slaughter System – Chapter 12

As Ping was sitting, relaxing, and roasting meat over the fire, he asked the girl a question.

“Hope you don’t mind that I skinned an animal in front of you and now have a deranged look, as I am covered in blood,” asked Ping in a nonchalant voice.

“None of this matters. It’s just another part of life that I have to live through, whether its happiness or sadness, war or peace, I don’t care. I’m just going to live with it until I meet my end.” said the girl.

“Huh, somehow it feels like an answer to a completely different question from what I asked, but at the same time it’s not… girl I officially like you,” said Ping in a slightly confused voice.

“Whether you like me or you don’t, doesn’t matter to me, I only care about living,” said the girl with a careless attitude.

“Well, whatever then, I’d rather not call you girl anymore, what’s your name?” asked Ping as he took a small piece of meat off the tip of the stick since it was done.

“Jie Meili, age sixteen, birthday is the first of June, born on the year two thousand,” said the girl in an uncaring voice.

“Ping Hai, age sixteen , born January twenty-fifth, two thousand. I let my curiosity get the best of me and I like to play video games,” said Ping as he started to eat.

“I like to draw and play video games, no family no friends,” said  Jie as she took a cooked piece of meat off of her stick.

“Have a mom and dad, both work for the government as scientist and they specialize in physics, no friends, favorite food is French fries and chicken strips,” said Ping as he continued to eat his food.

“Favorite food is steak, I like to be alone and I want to have kids one day, but it has to be with the right person, and if I don’t find that person then I won’t have kids,” said  Jie and Ping answered with, “I also like to be alone, and I don’t mind having kids, but it has to be with the right person and without that person I won’t bother, I wanna get the best of everything in this world, just to see how strong I am,” said Ping as he took another piece of meat off of his stick.

“I’m just going to go with the flow and I don’t care where I end up or what happens to me, as long as I’m still alive,” said the girl as she continued to eat.

“This conversation spiraled into many different things very quickly,” said Ping “Yes, it did,” said Jie.

“Let’s slow down a bit shall we? What type of person would be suitable for marriage?” asked Ping with a smug smile on his face.

“Umm let’s see… That person can’t be clingy and would have to let me do what I want; they won’t worry about small issues too much and they must definitely protect their family and if they can’t then they must get revenge when they stronger,” said the girl after a thinking for a moment, “Oh and they have to be stronger than me so that they can protect me,” she added with a smile.

“Huh, well for me, I don’t want my wife to go and endanger herself just to save me. I, of course, have to be allowed to conquer my curiosity and if she is my only family member then I want her to infiltrate whatever organization that killed me, and why I say organization is because not one man, animal, or thing can kill me, but when she infiltrates I want her to utterly destroy those people and make their lives a living hell by dropping them into a pit of despair and death,” said Ping with a smile.

“Hey Floriana, before you sleep make her some new clothes, she’s filthy,” said Ping as he finished eating the last piece of meat. Floriana got up off the ground and walked to the two trees. She made a line of webbing across both trees and started to use her mouth shaping out the clothes.

Quickly, the clothes started to take shape, it wasn’t a shirt or pants, but rather it was an extravagant white silk dress along with a pair of silk gloves. Soon the dress was finished and it looked extremely beautiful. If such dress appeared back on the earth it would definitely cost a few thousand dollars.

Ping went over and picked up the dress with gloves from the line, then after thanking Floriana he brought them over to Jie. “Here, put this on, I assume you don’t want to wear dirty clothes any longer.” said Ping as he left the dress and gloves on the Jie’s hands, “Thanks!” said Jie before hiding behind a big tree.

Jie quickly changed her dirty clothes that she had been wearing for multiple days into her new silk dress that was as clean as it could be. When she came out from behind the tree Ping was stunned by how beautiful she was, her red hair coexisted smoothly with her white dress and her black glasses gave her the air of a noble.

Her dress was not wrapped around the legs making it hard to walk, instead it had a slit in the front, allowing her legs to move freely.

“Wow… you look beautiful!” said Ping while staring at her.

“Thanks, how much more stuff do I have to draw tomorrow?” asked Jie as she sat down next to the fire, “There is still a few, you have to draw a spider, then you will draw Floriana, after that is Albus and finally ending up at Melanthios, but then you have to redraw all of them so that they fit into the pages of a guide. Of course you’ll be paid accordingly,” said Ping as he laid down on the ground and looked up at the sky.

“Ok,” said the girl before lying her back against a tree and closing her eyes, trying to  sleep. Ping did the same, though he was lying on the ground. Before closing his eyes he caught one final glimpse of the night sky, and left his safety in the hands of his friends.

“I’m done,” said the girl as she turned around her drawing pad and showed the picture of the beautifully drawn spider to Ping, who was holding it still with his raw strength.

“Looks good, we can go back to the school now,” said Ping before using his crappy iron sword to stab the spider in the head. After stabbing it Ping lifted the girl up on top of Floriana once more, then led Melanthios back to the school.

Upon arriving back at the school, Ping noticed that there were ten guards watching over the gate, unlike the last time when there was only two or so. “You all can go back to where we were sleeping last night. I’m going to go do something really quick,” said Ping to Melanthios and the others before walking out of the woods and up to the gate.

While Ping was walking up to the gate Melanthios and the others went around through the woods to the back of the school. As soon as the guards saw Ping, they immediately started to scream at him, telling him to stop moving and not to come any close, causing a large commotion that attracted the attention of people nearby.

“Hey can you all just shut up, I’m only going to my store to drop stuff off, and whether you decide to let me in or not is not up to you,” said Ping in annoyed voice.


“I can easily kill everyone in this school jackass, now go run and lick the feet of the student council president like everyone in the school does,” said Ping in an annoyed manner, “Now if you don’t move you will die. Earlier those two guards attacked me because they got scared of me walking behind them, and as I said before, anyone who shows aggression towards me or attacks me will die,” said Ping in a serious voice.

“IS THIS NOT SHOWING AGGRESSION!?” asked a guard, “Cause if you want, I can come out there and show you some aggression!” said the guard in a taunting arrogant voice. “You come out here and I promise you death,” said Ping seriously.

“I would like to see what death you can grant me without your three idiotic beasts,” said the boy arrogantly before opening the gate and walking up to Ping. The guard stood only few inches away from Ping’s face and was acting like a gang member, or otherwise a complete douche.

“Come on show me what you’re gonna do, you baby back bitch!” After saying that, Ping immediately punched him in the chin as hard as he could, instantly knocking him out. The dumb douche guard fell straight on his back and slammed against the ground.

Ping crouched down near his body, looking at his face, that staring only lasted a moment though, cause Ping slapped his face as hard as he could, “Come on man, wake up, we’re going to have some fun,” said Ping in a happy and friendly voice.

Ping slapped the guard awake and he immediately screamed due to the stinging remnant pain from the slap. “Oh it’s good that your awake sunshine… were going to have ourselves a good time… this will also serve as a good example, so that people know what I’m like when I’m annoyed.” said Ping in a happy voice.

The guard instantly started struggling, trying to get out from the Ping, “Oh no, that’s no good Mr. Guard, we still have a lot to do, in fact that wasn’t even the warm up,” said Ping before slapping the guard across the face once more.

A loud slap sound resounded out, instantly killing the screams of the arrogant guards. Then another resounded out, and another, and another, and another… Many slaps resounded out, not quickly though, Ping was letting each slap take effect by letting the stinging pain stay for a few seconds before slapping again so that the guard could feel the effect of every slap.

Very quickly, all that anyone could hear at the front of the school were the loud sounds of continuous slapping that seemed to be never-ending. All the guards just stood there like statues, perfectly still. Stunned by the continuous and painful slapping that was constantly heard in the air.

The guard was already missing multiple teeth and was bleeding badly from the mouth, nose, and ears. He was only able to whimper due to the amount of pain he was in, yet Ping did not stop and just continued to slap him over and over again.

After another minute of continuous slapping, Ping could hear the sound of running footsteps. A large group of people were running through the courtyard towards the front gate, most likely a lot more guards and a lot of people from the student council and club members.

Ping stopped slapping the guard and instead sat on top of his body like he was sitting in a chair, he had his legs crossed and was looking towards the gate with a large smile on his face. Quickly, the large group that was running ended up at the gates and were looking at Ping who was using a guard’s body as a seat.

“Well hello there, finally you people greet me with your glorious presence that all should worship,” said Ping with a happy and sweet-ass kissing voice, as he stood up off the guard and looked at the large group of people, who were looking at him like he was a crazy person.

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