Slaughter System – Chapter 11

They were able to quickly get deep in the forest, but due to how long it took the girl to draw, the day was already descending into night, making it much harder to hunt. Regardless, Ping, Melanthios, Albus, and the girl all needed something to eat, so Ping led them all through the forest to hunt for food.

After searching in the darkness for an hour, Ping finally came across a pack of wolves. Fortunately and unfortunately, it was the same size pack as the one Melanthios once led and had its own boss wolf.

Ping was happy and annoyed at the same time when he came across the pack. He was happy because he didn’t have to use that strategy to defeat them this time. He had his own friends as a back-up. But he was annoyed that it was so dark and hard to see, that the wolves had the natural advantage.

But to Ping, that advantage didn’t matter, and he only thought of it as an extra way to increase his stats. So, Ping jumped off of Melanthios’ back and told all three of them to stay there and only come help him if he was seriously injured.

Ping slowly walked up to the large pack of wolves, trying to psyche himself up for the upcoming fight. Unlike the last time, the pack was not lying on the ground and sleeping, but was walking through the forest. So they had their guard up and quickly noticed Ping, who was slowly walking towards them while talking to himself.

The leader of the pack only glanced at Ping, before he ordered a wolf that was walking in the back of the pack, to go deal with him, so they could continue on their way without any interruptions. The wolf immideately charged at Ping, who had already had his sword out.

Although Ping was talking to himself, he was ready for the wolf to charge. As soon as it happened, Ping stopped talking to himself and instead put his full attention onto the wolf that was charging at him. Just like the first time Ping fought a wolf, it jumped into the air trying to bite his face. But he knew, that if he moved to dodge, the wolf would quickly turn his body and swipe at him.

Since the sword was too big and the wolf was faster than Ping imagined he would be, he let one hand off his sword and punched the wolf directly in the nose, sending it rolling on towards the ground. Instantly the wolf whimpered from pain, startling the other wolves that were waiting for it to finish off the human who disturbed their hunt.

After he punched the wolf, Ping grabbed his sword again and swung it down towards the whimpering wolf, quickly killing it. So that it won’t attack him again. When the wolves saw their friend’s head separate from its body, they got enraged in an instant, and five of them charged towards Ping without waiting for their leader to give the order.

Ping was not the one to wait for an enemy to charge at him, so he quickly charged towards the wolves, who were charging towards him. In a second both parties were in front of each other, and Ping was the first to make a move by swinging his sword horizontally towards a wolf charging at him.

Ping’s sword skills were incredibly sloppy and unprofessional, so the wolf easily dodged the sword and jumped towards Ping’s face. Ping quickly dropped to the ground, then kicked up at the wolf’s stomach, sending it flying three feet high in the air which gave him enough time to quickly get up and stab the wolf in the stomach.

After stabbing it, he swung his sword towards another wolf that was running at him, and sent the dying wolf towards one of its friends.  After that, Ping quickly jumped backwards in an attempt to dodge a deadly hit.

Ping was unsuccessful though, and a large gash appeared across his chest. Thankfully, the cut was not very deep so Ping could continue fighting while ignoring it and save his precious health potions for future uses.

The wolf seemed happy that it managed to hit Ping, thinking that it was one step closer to take revenge for its friends. Immediately after Ping jumped back, it ran to him once again, but another wolf overtook it and ran straight towards Ping, hoping to get his leg or thigh.

Ping was ready though and when the wolf was in front of him, Ping activated Slash and swung his sword upwards. The sword cut right into the wolf’s face, making a large deep gash profusely bleeding. Though that bleeding was meaningless because Ping slashed directly through the bones in its face, cutting the head in half.

As soon as Ping swung his sword and killed that wolf, another wolf bit him on the side of his chest and would not let go. Ping tried to shake it off, but unfortunately that only made its teeth sink deeper into his skin, and while Ping was distracted, another wolf ran forward and head butted his chest sending him falling to the ground.

When Ping was falling, the wolf that was biting his side let go of him, and the wolf that head-butted him quickly jumped on top of Pings chest, aiming at his face. As soon as Ping started falling, he dropped his sword and opened his inventory in an attempt to take out his dagger.

Ping was barely able to take out his dagger with a wolf nearing to his face, and with the dagger in hand Ping stabbed up right through the bottom of the wolf’s mouth momentarily stunning it. Then he turned his body over and got on top of the wolf, took the dagger out of its mouth and repeatedly stabbed it in the head, with its blood splattering all over his face, until he felt that it wouldn’t get up again.

After doing that, Ping quickly jumped up off its body and looked at the pack of wolves that was in front of him. Ping looked scary, there was blood flowing out from the side of his chest and a smile on his blood stained face. Ping looked at the pack of wolves and gestured them to come at him.

The pack leader looked at Ping and seemed moderately surprised at what happened and how this human was still able to keep standing after such abuse. It ordered the other wolves to stand down and to not attack Ping, as it slowly walked towards him, showing that it will fight him.

While the wolf leader was still walking, Ping took out a health potion and drank it. His wounds started closing up quickly. The wolf leader took his time walking towards Ping, giving him enough time to heal his wounds. Soon Ping and the wolf leader were directly in front of each other, both were just looking and were not moving. Everything was silent and the only sounds you could hear, were the blowing wind and the low growls of wolves.

Time seemed to be frozen as they both stared at each other, waiting for the other to make a move. Ping just silently stood, staring at the wolf, letting blood drip off of his face towards the ground. And as one blood drop hits the ground, the wolf leader charged at Ping using the same skill that Melanthios had used to knock down the tree.

Due to the distance between the two being so close, Ping was unable to react before he got slammed in the body and was sent flying through the air into a tree. Luckily, since they were so close the wolf did not have enough time to build up momentum, so Ping only suffered a low amount of damage, not the full one, before he hit the tree. Ping’s body heavily slammed against the tree and he coughed up a large mouthful of blood before falling to the ground.

“Jesus Christ, that was a lot faster than I remember. If I take another hit like that, I’m gonna die.” said Ping as he slowly stood up from the ground.

As soon as Ping stood up, the wolf once again charged at him, activating its skill once again. Fortunately though, Ping was expecting a repetition like that and jumped out of the way just in time, letting the wolf slam directly into the tree instead of him.

After slamming against the tree at the full force, the wolf was momentarily stunned, giving Ping enough time to run and jump on top of its back then stab it in the top of the head. The dagger was unable to go through the bone into the skull and only made a deep gash and a very bad burn.

After getting stabbed in the head, the wolf leader freaked out and started thrashing around, like a cat that just got dropped in a bath full of cold water. For Ping it was like riding an animatronics bull who’s controls were broken and who was defying the laws of physics.

Ping was forced to take the knife out of his skull and quickly stab it in the back, just to stay on its back without being flung off. Ping was just like a rag doll from a video game, constantly being flung around, completely ignoring how gravity works. After a minute of thrashing around, the wolf leader finally stopped to catch its breath for a moment.

It took Ping a moment to reorganize himself due to all the thrashing. As soon as the dizziness left his head, Ping immediately stabbed his dagger into the neck of the wolf leader again. But instead of trying to go deep, he made a long bloody and fiery cut across its neck, making tons of blood to spill out.

Once again the wolf leader started to thrash around, but this time Ping did not have a firm grip on his dagger. He was immediately thrown off from its back and slammed onto the ground. Ping quickly got up off the ground and was ready for the wolf to charge at him, but that did not happen, as the wolf was still thrashing around like a bull.

Seeing that the wolf leader was completely ignoring him and instead was distracted by his dagger that was lodged in the neck of it, Ping quickly ran over to his fallen sword and picked it up off the ground, then charged at the rampaging wolf and stabbed it on the side.

After he was stabbed, the wolf leader seemed to snap back into reality, but it was too late as blood was spilling out of its skull, neck and stomach, and due to its continuous thrashing, even more blood than normally would, spilled out of the wounds.

This thrashing around did not help the wolf at all, and instead just signed its certificate of death and allowed Ping to stab it on its the side, stamping that certificate with the sign of approval. Due to how much blood was lost, the wolf started to lose his balance and then fell to the ground, never to get up again.

After their leader fell to the ground, due to their loyalty, all the other wolves instantly charged at Ping, wanting to take him out to get revenge for their leader. “You guys can come out and help me now, I did what I wanted to,” yelled Ping as he climbed on top of the dead wolf and took his dagger out of its neck.

Immediately after his yell, Melanthios, Albus and Floriana charged out from the woods and ran towards the wolves that were attacking him. Very quickly the remaining wolves were wiped out by the three and Ping was able to take a breath of relaxation.

“I’m too tired to move, we will camp here. Melanthios and Albus go ahead and eat, and Floriana, I assume that you’re already full. Since when we came out of Imp’s cave, there were no imp corpses on the ground and the entire first floor of the cave was emptied out.” said Ping before he stood up and cut open the stomach of the wolf leader.

Ping used his memories from the time when he skinned a wild bear, and started to skin the giant wolf. It took Ping an hour just to do the ten percent of work, on which he had stopped. The entire thing looked incredibly gory and disgusting. Ping was surprised that the girl did not complain and just sat on Floriana’s back and watched.

“Hey girl, while I’m cutting up the meat to roast over the fire, would you mind collecting fire wood? And look for two large sticks too, while you’re at it. They don’t have to be pointy.” said Ping before using his crappy iron sword to cut up the skinned meat into pieces.

By the time Ping finished cutting up all the meat, the girl had gathered the wood that was needed to make a fire. So Ping just used his necklace to lit the fire and started roasting the meat over it, but before that, he put all the wolf corpses in his inventory so they won’t rot.

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