Slaughter System – Chapter 10

“Hold on! Where do you think you’re going with our club member?” said the boy in the middle of the crowd of students.

The boy started walking towards Ping, as he was trying to leave. All of the students stepped aside so that boy could pass through easily. “If you’re going to borrow our club member, you should pay me first, so that I allow you to leave with her,” he said in an extremely arrogant manner.

This boy had slick black hair, even now after the three days without power and hair gel. Just how rich and arrogant was he, to still have such glossy hair? And he was still thinking, that because his family was rich, he still had the power and control over the students here.

“I will give you three seconds to get out of my sight, and I will act like this had never happened and will be on my way out. But if you do not and still want me to pay you, then I will not care and simply chop your head off. Make your choice,” said Ping in a normal voice, though giving off a violent and scary aura.

Ping’s threat scared the arrogant boy enough to make him back off into the crowd, and allowed Ping to go on his merry way without paying the fee that he demanded. After walking out of the club room, Ping started talking to the girl about what they were going to do.

“So I want you to draw pictures of monsters and make it look as realistic as possible. Of course I’m going to catch them alive, so don’t worry about that. Also don’t worry about getting hurt as I have some friends that will protect you. Though they may be a little intimidating for the first time you see them,” said Ping as he walked through the school towards the courtyard.

The girl didn’t reply to Ping and just nodded with her head. Ping didn’t mind it though and kept walking. When they arrived back in the courtyard, there was a small group of guards surrounding Melanthios, Floriana and Albus, making sure that they didn’t attack anybody.

Due to the way the guards were standing, they didn’t notice Ping who was walking towards them, so when Ping arrived behind them and pushed two of them out of the way it surprised and scared them at the same time, so they didn’t react very politely.

As soon as Ping pushed two of the guards out of the way, they quickly turned around and swung their swords at Ping without caring to look at who pushed them. Ping could have easily dodged the two incoming swords, but the girl behind him would not have been able to, so Ping was forced to catch both swords with his hands.


Both swords cut into Ping’s palms easily. Blood flowed out of Ping’s hand and there was a deep gash, but the swords did not cut into the bone so he was able to say that he blocked the swords successfully, although it was painful.

“You both are ext-,” Before Ping could even finish his sentence, the guard to the left of him was sent flying across the courtyard right into the stone wall, while the guard to the right of him was eaten by Albus and Floriana.

The actions of the three of them naturally did not go well with the guards, instantly terrified screams sounded out across the courtyard, startling nearby students who were walking nearby or hanging out in classrooms.

Ping didn’t care and instead of dealing with the guards that were about to chop him up, he simply grabbed the girl under her legs and put her up on top of Floriana’s back. Then he jumped onto Melanthios’s back and ordered him to jump over the school wall.

When Melanthios jumped over the wall, Floriana followed suit, but instead of jumping she trampled down the Iron Gate and walked into the forest, and with the gate being trampled, Albus could walk out easily, instead of trying to jump over the tall wall.

Ping was guiding Melanthios towards the imp cave, which was the first that he explored. While they were getting there, Ping looked at his wounded hands. As he saw the wounds slowly close up, Ping felt somewhat strange and amazed at the same time, because something like this was actually real.

With Melanthios’s speed, they quickly arrived in the forest directly at the entrance of the imp cave. Ping jumped down off of Melanthios and took out his pitchforks. Quickly throwing them towards the ten guards and killing them all.

“Melanthios and Floriana stay out here, Albus come in with me but make sure to be quiet,” said Ping before silently and slowly walking into the first level of the cave, where all the imps were sleeping. Ping had Albus quickly and quietly go around, killing imps while he silently grabbed a sleeping imp and brought it outside.

The imp was struggling fiercely trying to break out of his grasp and call for help, but Ping was holding its mouth shut with one hand, and its hands trapped behind its back with the other. “Girl, go ahead and slide down off Floriana, you have to start drawing this little guy,” said Ping as he was looking down at the struggling imp in his hands.

The girl threw her drawing pad onto the ground then slid down Floriana’s back, while holding her basket of coloring accessories in one hand, and using the other to make sure she won’t fall trying to slide down.

“What I want you to do, is to draw a picture of this guy as realistic as possible. When we get back to school I want you to use your drawing as a reference to draw it in a book that I’m going to write,” said Ping as he took his hand of the imps mouth and moved its arms out in front of it, letting the girl see what the imp looked like, not allowing the imp to call for help at the same time.

The girl very quickly started drawing the imp. While she was doing that, Ping told Albus to not let any imps out of the cave and he told Florina and Melanthios not to let any imps disturb them.

Fortunately no imps came flying out the cave. Instead, the only imps that were a slight bother were the ones flying towards the cave from the forest, but other than that, an hour passed by with the girl quickly and quietly drawing.

Another two hours have passed before the girl was finally done drawing so Ping could kill the imp. When the girl turned her drawing pad around, Ping was amazed by what he saw. She was able to make the picture  look incredibly realistic. It looked  as if it was taken with an old style black and white camera and not made by drawing.

Even though Ping was holding its arms out in an unnatural way, the girl was able to perfectly imagine how the imp looked when it was flying and holding its pitchfork.  “Wow, it looks absolutely amazing,” said Ping before snapping the imp’s head in his hands.  “We still have two more different imps for you to draw in this area, before we move to a different place.” The girl just nodded to Ping and didn’t say anything.

“Melanthios Floriana, make sure nothing gets in the cave ok? And Floriana you can go inside the first part of the cave and eat as many imps as you want” said Ping, before leading the girl into the first floor of the cave as they were going to the second one.

When they entered the second floor, Ping had Albus  charge in first, while he stayed behind him and attacked imps that were going to attack Albus. Very quickly the second level was cleared out and some guards from the third level ran up.

“Albus kill them all, just leave one alive.” Ping said as he started throwing pitchforks at the arriving imps. Even though they were the royal guards of the imp king, they still proved to be no threat to them, because they had much higher levels. So the imps were very quickly wiped out.

Ping quickly ran up to the last remaining imp and slapped him out of the sky, restrained it in his hands, then went over to the girl, who was standing at the wall of the cave, and sat down in front of her while holding the imp.

“This thing is a Royal Guard Imp, extremely loyal to the king and tougher than the regular imps. This is the second one to draw before the last.” Ping said to the girl, but she didn’t respond to him. She just sat in front of him and focused on drawing the imp, he was holding.

Two hours slowly passed by with Ping sitting in the same spot not moving whatsoever, as he was continuously restraining the imp and ignoring its loud and annoying cries for help. This time the girl was faster in drawing the imp and it looked even better than the first time.

“Good job, now there is only one more imp for you to draw, before we move to the spiders” said Ping, snapping the imp’s neck and moving down to the third and final floor of the cave.

Just like at the first time, there were a lot of guards, waiting for them to come down. As soon as they saw Ping, coming with the wolf and girl, they all charged at him, without caring for their lives.

Ping started throwing pitchforks toward the imps that were charging at him, each of them hitting its mark, without a single miss. As he was doing that, Albus charged right in the middle of the group and was swiping and biting all the imps, that came close to him.

Under Ping’s rain of pitchforks and Albus’s rampage, the group of imp Royal Guards was quickly dealt with, and the only one left was the King, who could be a slight problem considering he can cast fire spells.

Before going to capture it, Ping asked a question, “Is it fine if I kill it? Because if I don’t, it’s going to chant fireballs at you over and over again while your draw, but don’t worry I will only snap its neck”

The girl simply nodded with her head, letting Ping know that it was okay to kill it. So that was exactly what he did and he did it swiftly. Ping quickly ran up to the king, while dodging the fireballs that were sent towards him. Soon he was directly in front of the King Imp, and immediately sent a slap towards him, while King Imp used his staff trying to block it.

But Ping had already assumed that he would do this, and half a second later, he used his other hand to grab onto the neck of the King Imp and snapped it.


The gruesome sound of bones breaking, entered one’s ears leaving behind a weird feeling. Ping quickly shook this feeling off, whilst the girl seemed to be unaffected by it. After that, Ping saw a small dagger with an orange hue around it. A small dagger was lying where the imp King used to sit before he died.

Ping picked up that orange dagger with his other hand, walked over to the girl and put the corpse of the imp king in front of her. Then he put the dagger in his inventory to inspect it.

Imp King’s Dagger:
Description: This dagger was made personally by the fiftieth imp king and enchanted by the highly valued imp enchanter, who was very well-known at his time.

Attack: 6

Weight: 1 1/2 Pounds

Durability: 125/125

Enchantment: Burn(Lvl1)

Ping was pleasantly surprised with the dagger he found and decided to test it on himself. He made a small cut on his arm. Which, although he didn’t go deep, it still hurt incredibly bad. When the dagger was cutting into his skin, it burned it at the same time, leaving behind a black scorch mark along with the cut.

“Wow! This is incredibly painful!” exclaimed Ping, before he put the dagger away in the inventory and silently waited for the girl to finish the drawing.

It took the girl another two hours to draw the imp king with his crown, jewelry and staff. The drawing looked just as amazing as before, and though it took a long time for her to make all three drawings, Ping was happy with the result.

“Because of how long it took, before going back I have to go grab some food, and by grabbing food I mean going deeper into the forest and hunting wolves, is that ok?” asked Ping and the girl simply nodded her head, showing that she was fine with it.

Ping took Albus and the girl out of the cave, back to where Melanthios and Floriana were waiting. Ping lifted the girl up onto Floriana’s back again, then climbed up on top of Melanthios and told him to go deeper into the forest, since they were going to do some hunting.

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One thought on “Slaughter System – Chapter 10

  1. yzrahc

    AH! I can’t believe it…. Ping might not be an overpowered MC but he is one of the first group or first person exploring that area… after he had acquired and tame those animals then the update comes to make it more difficult…. ah! I feel cheated! Even the shop and books…..
    aaa!!!! those stupid people in the school, soooooooooo slow to act….

    Way to go girl!


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