Slaughter System – Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Ping Hai, the brightest student in class was sitting up straight at his desk with perfect posture. Listening intelligently to the teacher going on and on about biology. Today the teacher, Mr. Bolin to be precise, was talking about how prehistoric animals evolved into what they are today.

Most of the students in class were ignoring what Mr. Bolin was saying since it was boring, but Ping was listening intently. He was listening not because he wanted to get a job as a biologist rather he was listening because he was curious.

Have you ever heard of the saying, “curiosity killed the cat?”, well Ping was like that cat. He would often do extremely dangerous things just to satisfy his curiosity. For example, he jumped into a lion cage at a zoo to see what a lion’s mane felt like. He had also jumped off of a five-story building just to see what his stomach dropping would feel like.

Ping did not care if he got hurt, rather he did not think that he would get hurt. He would do it on impulse just so that he could satisfy his curiosity. Right now, Ping was curious about biology so he was listening intently, but if it was anything he was not curious about, it would usually gets ignored. And the things he was curious about, he would “research” until his curiosity was satiated.

Ping has been satisfying his curiosity from when he could crawl, all the way up to now, in the third year of high school. Ping was not a very popular person because of his personality,  if he was not curious about you he would just ignore you. So in that sense, Ping was a loner who did whatever he wanted and when he wanted to do it.

Soon, the lesson ended and another teacher came and switched out with the biology teacher. Her name was Mrs.Lin and she was the math teacher. Ping, however, lost interest in what she was teaching. Because for him, it was incredibly easy and he was known as a super genius in the math community since he managed to actually find the end of Pi, otherwise known as 3.14. He managed to figure out all of the digits in Pi using an algorithm that he created and the Pi ended up having four 800 million digits and took Ping almost a whole year to figure out by only getting two hours of sleep a day.

But enough about that, Ping was bored and unfortunately when Ping is bored his mind wonders and today his mind wandered into a dangerous place. He was curious to see how many bones he would break if he jumped out of a fourth story building, and currently Ping was on the fourth story of a five-story building so he got up out of his seat in the middle of class and opened the window.

“Ping what are you doing?” asked Mrs.Lin even though she already knew the answer to her own question since he has done something like this before, except it was on the fifth story of the school.

Ping turned his head around and looked at Mrs.Lin, “I’m curious to see how many bones will break if I belly flop out of a four-story building.”

Without waiting for a response, Ping put one foot on the window and was about to jump out when everything went dark. This wasn’t like a dark bedroom in the middle of the night, it was a new kind of darkness because the only thing you could see was pitch black. You couldn’t even see your own hand if you put it directly in front of your eyes.

The darkness seemed like it would go on forever if left alone but it was over in a matter of seconds before the panicked screams of high school boys and girls rang throughout the classroom.

Ping left his foot on the edge of the window but did not jump out and just stared in amazement at the sight before him. Before, there was just the school wall and a bunch of stores and people walking around, but now there was a tall pine tree forest and a light fog hovering just above the ground of the forest not going higher than a foot into the air.

“Was this a strange power outage or something?” asked a girl in his class that Ping paid no attention to.

“If it was just that, then why would everything be dark?” said a boy who Ping also paid no attention to.

“Ping, get away from the window and come sit back down so we can resume the class.” Mrs.Lin said but Ping ignored her and was just looking out the window stunned.

But Ping did not stay stunned for long, as he took his foot out of the window and ran out of the classroom. He headed towards the stairs that led down to the bottom floor. Ping could not even contain his curiosity at the forest that appeared out of nowhere or rather how the entire school was transported to a different area.

By the time that Ping got to the stairs, panicked screams started to resound throughout the school, as more and more students noticed that they were in a completely different place that seemed nowhere close to home.

Ping ignored the screams and continued to run down the stairs towards the second floor. When Ping got to the second floor people were starting to come out of their classrooms to see what was going on, but Ping still ignored them. He just continued running down the stairs that led to the first floor, or the ground floor, whatever you may call it.

When Ping got to the first floor there were already a lot of students and teachers out of their classrooms. They were quickly moving outside and into the courtyard. Ping quickly ran past the students that were speed walking their way into the courtyard.

When Ping got into the courtyard,  extremely tall and fat pine trees stretched up into the sky even bigger than the school building can be seen. Many of the students were crying and panicking at the same time whilst taking out their phones and trying to call somebody for help only to find out that they had no service.

Ping pushed his way up through the crowd towards the school gate since he wanted to go outside and check out the forest. But as soon as Ping got up to the front, little red creatures with wings flew over the wall.

The small little creatures did not exceed two feet in total height and were coloured red with small little tails that were swinging back and forth in the air, and in their hands were small little black pitchforks that had extremely sharp points.

As soon as the small little creatures saw the students, one of them screamed then charged towards them. That scream scared the students whilst it attracted even more small little creatures that flew over the wall. They looked like imps that were rumored to be around gods.

These imps were not of a small amount, as more and more flew over the wall and flew towards the students causing havoc. The imps were using their small pitchforks to stab students in the eyes and neck as well as various other weak spots of the human body.

It was not just one imp per student, there were many imps all grouping up against one person repeatedly stabbing that person over and over again until they collapsed to the ground dead.

Ping was extremely surprised and happy to see creatures that he had never seen before, he was not even scared that the creatures were causing harm to the other students. Instead, he got curious to see if their blood was different from a regular person.

Ping swung his arm out towards an imp that was flying towards him and swatted it out of the air towards the ground, then stomped his foot down onto the creature smashing its body killing it.

When Ping lifted up his shoe he noticed that unlike humans and various other creatures from earth its blood was not red but instead, it was a dark green like in creepy alien movies.

After looking at the blood, Ping ignored the chaos around him and instead bent down and picked up the pitch fork it was carrying. The pitch fork was a blend of black and purple, making a smooth dark color that seemed very gothic like. It was also about the size of a knife and was evenly balanced making it  almost perfect for throwing, if the situation called for it.

After carefully inspecting the pitch fork, Ping stood up and threw it towards an imp that was attacking a girl. The pitch fork went right through the imp’s body and sent the imp barreling towards the ground.

That throw attracted the attention of the other imps that were attacking the girl. Instead of continuing to attack her they left her alone and flew straight towards Ping, who just killed their comrade with their own weapon.

When they got close to Ping, he simply swatted them out of the air, then he picked up their pitch forks and threw them towards three different groups of imps attracting their attention. This caused twelve imps to start flying towards Ping.

For each student, there were generally about three to five imps attacking, and even though there were a decent amount of imps attacking people, they were extremely easy to kill. The only reason people were dying was because they could not calm down and ended up getting stabbed in the eyes or neck.

As the group of imps flew towards Ping he simply swatted them out of the air, then stomped on them with his foot, not allowing them to get back up. Soon, eight out of the twelve imps that flew towards him were dead and the four others were cautiously flying around him making sure not to get close so that he would not swat them out of the sky.

The four imps quickly decided that they could not win against Ping with their current numbers so they used their hands and pounded on their chest whilst screaming to call for help from the other imps. Their call for help worked, as more than twenty imps came flying towards Ping and surrounded him.

One of the imps that was flying around him took the initiative to point his pitch fork towards Ping and screamed, gesturing for the other imps to attack him all together right at that moment. All the imps charged towards Ping with their pitch forks out in front of them hopping to stab him at the same time.

A bunch of ideas quickly flew through Ping’s mind and he got curious. So instead of waiting for the imps to get close to him, he directly swung his arm towards the closest imp and let his arm get stabbed by the pitch fork. That pitch fork instantly pierced his skin without problems and only stopped when it could not stab further into him. Ping did not regret letting the pitchfork stab him since he wanted to see if it could actually pierce his skin.

Ping grabbed the head of that imp then swung his arm in a full circle knocking off all the imps that were flying towards him straight to the ground. Ping once again got curious after doing that and squeezed the hand that was holding the imp’s head as hard as he could and he was actually able to crush the imp’s head with his hand.

Naturally, a normal person could not do this but Ping had a strong body since he was impulsive and  a few years ago he wanted to see how far he could throw a knife with the limits of the human body so he continuously trained his body until it reached perfection. He practiced throwing knives so he is ungodly good at that as well. But since he trained his body, he got into the habit of doing it and so he still has a perfect body today.

Green blood and brain pieces filled Ping’s left hand and made it extremely filthy and disgusting, but before wiping it off Ping pulled the pitch fork out of his arm and threw it towards a fallen imp that was trying to get up off the ground. Ping continued to do that with the many pitchforks that were stuck in his arm and whilst he was doing that a ‘ding‘ sounded off but he did not hear it. Unfortunately, he was unable to get the pitchforks that were stuck in his shoulder and back so he was only able to kill about a third of the imps that were knocked to the ground.

Ping did not want to have to deal with the imps flying back up into the air and calling for help again so he quickly ran over to the imps that were getting off the ground and stomped three of them to death. However, two more were already flying into the air. Ping threw the body of the imp whose head he crushed, and was still holding, towards one of the imp that was flying. Then he used his left hand to swat the last imp out of the air.

Ping quickly stomped on the imp that was closest to him then quickly ran and jumped on top of the last imp that attacked him. But even though it was the last one that attacked him, there were still a lot of imps attacking many different students as well as imps smashing the school’s glass windows and flying in through them to find more students.

Not everyone was just standing and taking a beating, some students were attacking the imps that flew to them before running into the school and seeking shelter, while others simply ran around like chickens with their heads cut off trying their best to avoid the imps that were chasing after them.

A lot of the imps noticed Ping but chose not to attack him since they saw what happened to the group of imps that attacked before them, and they knew that they would just quickly die under the hands of that human if they flew over there.

After looking around and making sure that no more imps were charging at him, Ping walked over to a dead girl and wiped his filthy hand on her skirt. Ping didn’t care since he thought that since she’s dead she won’t be using it anymore so it didn’t matter.

After wiping off his hand, Ping took a second to calmly look around the school and he noticed that by the gate was a message board that was not there this morning when he came to school.

Ping walked over through the imps towards the message board that was up against the wall, and on the way there none of the imps attacked him and instead just flew around him leaving him to do what he pleased as long as he didn’t attack them.

When Ping arrived in front of the message board he noticed that even though it was just a regular chalkboard-like message board there were words on it that seemed weird. On the left side of the board at the top, there were the words ‘non-active quests’ and then a line going directly down the middle of the board. And at the top right side of the board, there were the words ‘active quests‘ and under it was the word ‘beginner quest‘, and judging by how it was setup, Ping poked the words ‘beginner quest‘ and it expanded giving a quest description.

Beginner Quest
– Kill the imps that invaded the school to unlock more quest

Remaining Imps: 47

Even though it was a large box that popped up, the description did not even come close to filling it. But Ping did not care about it that much and instead looked around the courtyard to see that it was empty of any imps.  He knew that the remaining imps were in the school, and when Ping looked at the board, he could see that the number went down from forty-seven to forty so he knew that the various clubs of the school such as Kendo club and Boxing club were working to get rid of the imps that were inside the school.

After looking at the board, Ping tapped on it and the description box closed just leaving the words ‘beginner quest‘. Then Ping headed into the school and started walking towards the nurse’s office since he needed somebody to pull the pitchforks out of his back and to put bandages on his arm since it was bleeding, making it a dye red arm.

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2 thoughts on “Slaughter System – Chapter 1

  1. yzrahc

    at first Ping sounds like a blank person in my imagination but as he hit an imp accurately with a pitch fork, i guess his image is being created besides being overly curious… an oddball…

    ….but I was like that too in my childhood…i was holding a knife peeling a fruit at the 2nd floor then suddenly being curious how it feels to fly over to the big rock at the ground…then ooof! jumped!…learned my lesson though…. (:P not really still so curious)… so this is quite interesting to me….

    moving to the next chapter 😛


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