Slaughter System – Side Story #1 Part 1

(Hey everybody, I decided to start this side story. A: Because Celly said it would be good with how chapter 15 ended, saying that it was a long prologue, and B: To stock up on Slaughter System chapters so that if i ever get sick again… But Enjoy!)

The day was going by normally. In the morning, I was in the club room, like usual, setting everything up. It was simple, I was setting up the desks, getting out the materials that we would need for later, and setting them up on the tables.

After doing that, I left the clubroom and started walking through the school towards my classroom. On the way there I met up with one of the club members and started talking to him, “Good morning, Guiren, how has your morning been?” I asked in a polite manner, like usual.

“Pretty good, how about you? I see that you have already set up the clubroom, fast as usual, prez,” said Guiren with his usual sweet smile that would charm any girl.

“You know, the usual. Waking up extra early, eating breakfast, then the long walk to school before setting up the clubroom so that we can save time at the end of the day.” He always escorts me to class every morning.

Our conversation continued as we walked towards my history classroom together that was located on the second floor. After arriving there, I said my goodbyes then entered the classroom, leaving him to go up another floor to his language arts class.

When I entered the class, everybody like usual, was out of their assigned seats and were huddling around in groups talking to each other quietly. It was as if they were planning to rob Fort Knox. After sitting down at my desk, my best friend Lin came and sat on my desk before starting to speak with me.

Our conversation seemed to go by fast as the morning bell rang. The history teacher Mr. Han entered the classroom and took attendance. History class ended quickly, and like usual my best friend Lin hardly listened to what Mr. Han was saying and was simply staring at him the whole time in complete admiration.

When the bell rang, all the students scattered. They ran out of the room like rats and I was the only one left, waiting for the rush of people to get out of the room. Before I calmly and quietly walked out of the classroom and walked up the stairs towards my next class.

After walking up the stairs and entering my classroom, the weirdest student and also the brightest student in school, Ping Hai, was sitting up in his desk with perfect posture waiting for the teacher to come in.

After glancing at him briefly, I walked over to my desk which was located in the very back of the classroom and sat down. Waiting, just like Ping for Mr. Bolin to enter the classroom and begin teaching biology.

Very soon the bell rang. Mr. Bolin came in and teached before leaving the classroom and immediately the math teacher Mrs.Lin came in and started teaching math class. Our school was weird like that. Just to save the five-minute time of walking ,they had you stay in the same classroom twice, and it was only because they wanted to increase how long we ate lunch. But, that was mainly because the school got yelled at for lunch being too short before.

As soon as Mrs.Lin began teaching, Ping got bored and just stared out the window. Ignoring what Mrs.Lin was talking about, though, she did not mind since this was a regular occurrence. But after a few minutes he suddenly got up from his seat and opened up the window.

As soon as he did that, he put his foot on the windowsill. Before he could do anything else though, Mrs.Lin yelled at him asking what he was doing. He responded with an outrageous answer and was just about to jump out the window before everything went dark.

No, it wasn’t a blackout, rather it seemed as if the sun had just gone off and disappeared into thin air! Leaving behind a dark earth, making it impossible to see anything. Fortunately, very quickly the lights came back on and when I saw the surprised, amazed, and curious look on Ping’s face, I knew something had happened.

But before anybody could ask him, he took his foot off the windowsill and bolted out of the classroom heading downstairs. For a moment I was wondering what on earth could make him run like that, but then I looked out the window…… what I saw shocked me to the core.

There was a forest. Not just any forest, the trees were bigger than any tree on earth and stretched far up into the sky. But the thing was, our school wasn’t near any forest, and instead was in the middle of a commercial district. Making it so that if you wanted to get to a forest you would have to drive a long way.

I started to have a panic attack, but managed to keep my cool. Unlike everybody else who started screaming and the teacher who was trying to calm them down while trying to calm herself down. But that did not work well, as all the students in the room rushed out the door pushing each other out of the way.

It was like there was a fire in the room and the only safe place was the hallway that was steadily being crammed with more and more students that were rushing out of their classrooms, completely ignoring their teachers that were trying to calm them down.

As everybody was fighting with each other to get downstairs, a high-pitched ear-piercing scream silenced and stunned everybody. It came from the first floor and it sounded like somebody just got murdered, but before anybody could go down and check, more and more screams could be heard, along with the panicked cries of students.

Very quickly, some students rushed downstairs while some rushed into the other classrooms and looked out the windows hoping to see what was going on in the courtyard. But what they saw shocked them and scared them.

There were little red monsters flying around stabbing people in the eyes and necks with their pitchforks repeatedly, and when those little monsters saw that they were being stared at by people from above, a great number of them flew up and broke the windows, flying into the classrooms, hoping to stab more people.

As soon as that happened, it caused complete chaos on the upper levels. Sending students running around like they were chickens with their heads cut off. Students were trampling each other down and were pushing other students towards the red monsters as a distraction.

I wasn’t too scared at first, but when one got up close to me I was horrified! The evil and mischievous look on its face scared me greatly, making me want to just run far away from it and hide in a corner while my father dealt with the problem for me.

The red monster flew towards me with great speed and had its pitch fork out in front of it hoping to stab me as soon as it got into range. I froze up and couldn’t move, and only watched the little red monsters quickly get close to me and attempt to stab me in the eye.

But right before it could stab me, Guiren pushed me out of the way and slammed it with a desk chair, making it fall straight towards the ground where he repeatedly slammed the chair against it over and over again until it stopped moving.

After it stopped moving, Guiren dropped the chair to the ground and started taking in big gulps of air, before extending his hand out towards me, “Come on Prez, it’s alright now, don’t worry I will protect you,” Guiren said to me with a smile on his face.

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