Slaughter System – Side Story #1 Part 5

(Seeing as I now have a suitable amount of chapters done, I will slow down the side story and work on the main.)

While the student council was running around trying to let everyone know of the inventory system, Biyu was gathering up all of her science club members so that she could speak to them privately.

“It’s good that your all ok. Why I gathered you all here for is to tell you that we cannot rely on the class presidents,” I said to the group of ten people who were looking at me standing on a table.

“Why can we not rely on them?” asked Meilin, one of the only girls in the club.

“They’re stupid and they think that their parents are going to come save them,” I said.

Instantly, everyone burst out laughing whilst holding their stomachs like what I said was the funniest thing in the world.

“They seriously think that their parents will come rescue them? Even after getting attacked by monsters and seeing the giant trees outside?” asked Fan, one of the many male members of the club.

“Unfortunately, that is so. But what we need to do know is find out our plan of action,” I said towards the group, making them stop laughing and becoming serious again.

“What we need to do first is explore the area and find out if there is any unknown entities near us and look for a source of water and food, while were doing that, we need to come up with a plan of defense incase those monsters attack again,” Fan said and everyone silently agreed with him and shook their heads.

“The class presidents have already sent out a group of students to go explore, so we need to spend the day coming up with a defense plan,” I said to the group, who silently nodded their heads before  gathering up various supplies and began working.

“What we currently know about the monsters is that they can fly, are vicious and cruel, not caring one whit about human life, and all of them have small little pitchforks that can easily pierce the skin,” said Meilin as she wrote all this down on a piece of paper.

“Now what should we do to fight against that if they come at us again?” I asked towards the group.

“Earlier, students were using chairs to hit them out of the sky, and even though they are heavy it is a lot easier to hit the monsters with it than a sword,” said Niu, one of the males who outnumber the girls, eight to four.

“Speaking of swords, earlier we discovered that there is an inventory system and inside is a weapon that you can use. There is also a status but I have not opened it yet because we wanted everyone to know about the inventory system so that they could have a weapon,” I said to the group as I opened my inventory and took out my wand.

“Huh, that is like a dimensional pocket that is accessible to everyone at any time, but everyone has one… how much power does it take for something like that to happen?” Xue said as she started pondering how something like this could work.

“Anyway, I just wanted to let you all know, in case we get attacked again,” I said as I started to come up with various different plans with the group.

We spent hours doing that. Coming up with various different plans which we either accepted as a possibility and put off to the side or denied as the plan would not work and thrown away into the trash.

After coming up with ten possible plans and hundreds of thrown away plans, a student barged into the room, “A student just broke the back wall of the school, leaving us open to attack,” said the student before running out of the room to warn other people.

“Who has the strength to break through a solid concrete wall? And who is stupid enough to do that?” asked Meilin as she silently pondered.

“I think I know…. you can all stay here and continue planning,” I said towards the group, before walking out of the clubroom proceeding to the back of the school.

On the way there, I met up with the kendo club president and the wrestling club president, who were going to investigate the situation. As we were walking, the boxing club president ran up to us from the front of the school.

“Some kid broke through the school gate and attacked my guards for no reason whatsoever,” said the boxing club president in a tired voice from running so far so quickly.

“Some kid also broke through the cement wall at the back of the school,” said the wrestling club president.

Seeing as we were all heading to the same place, we decided to walk together. On the way, we ran into the math president and the student council president walking together heading towards where the student broke the cement wall.

While walking, everyone but me was conversing on what kind of student would undermine their authority and then they suddenly realized that the same thing happened this morning and it was most likely the same student.

Arriving at the cement wall, everyone was shocked at how broken it was. It seemed as if it was cut in twos because there was two straight cuts going down the  left and right side of the broken wall and there were actually numerous cracks spreading down on it.

In the middle was cement rubble due to how much force was put into chopping it down, making a wide entrance and exit where there is not supposed to be one.

“It seems he has the strength to supposedly undermine your authority,” I said as I stepped over the cement rubble and into the forest, walking towards a lake in the clearing.

Arriving there I saw him once more, but instead of a deadly situation it was like a relaxing time at the spa, considering that now he was just leisurely sitting in the water not doing anything.

With everyone who was following behind me, the one that I least wanted to speak first was the student council president, but unfortunately she did, and I instantly knew that she is just going to make the situation worse.

“What do you think you’re doing? Did we say that you’re allowed to leave the school? Did we say that you are allowed to bathe in that water? And worst of all you broke the school gate and the school wall, which is strictly against school rules!” said the student council president.

He didn’t even bother to look at her before answering her, “I don’t give a damn about your rules, and everybody hates you because you’re the bitch that always acts above everyone else. So even if I cared about your rules, I still would not listen to them. Also I broke the gate because I was not allowed to enter, and I broke the wall, so that I could get to the fresh water to get clean. And you can use this fresh water to make sure the students don’t go thirsty.”

He responded rudely to her and even called her a bitch which everyone knew she was, but as usual when someone rarely disrespects her, she started spewing curses and threats, somehow hoping to get a better response out of him.

In the middle of the cursing the math president spoke, “Even though it’s true, it’s not necessary to say. But it is true that we’re not allowing any students to leave the school, and if anybody does they are not allowed back since we don’t know what’s out there, and we don’t want anyone to bring in an unknown danger,” mumbling half of the words, slightly scared of the student council president.

“Screw all of you! I’m going to have my daddy get you expelled from the school when he gets here,” said the student council president before storming off back towards the school in a fit of rage.

Everyone but Ping watched the student council president storm off back into the school, and some of us were secretly worried if by some chance her parents made it here we all really would be expelled.

“I simply answered her question and gave her a reason as to why I would not listen to her or her rules,” said Ping as he continue to stare at the sky.

After the student council president stormed off back into the school, the kendo club president spoke.

“What did you find out there? Is it bad?” he asked with a tinge of worry in her voice.

“To describe out there in one word would be Death! So it’s pretty bad, and also there is a ninety-nine percent chance that we are on a different planet, after all that’s what the system said, right?” said Ping, this time turning his head and looking and the kendo club leader.

Ping didn’t even bother to sugarcoat it and flat out said it, without even bothering to take a breath to sum up a good answer before speaking.

“If it’s death out there than why are you still alive?” asked the kendo club leader, while looking at the bloody and torn clothes that were lying on the shore unmoving.

“It’s simple, really…. I did not care about dying and I was also curious, that’s all. But I don’t recommend going out alone, considering that I was fighting a hell of a lot and only managed to get back because I killed a lot of imps,” said Ping as he got out of the lake and climbed up onto shore.

When Ping was on the shore, he swung his head back and forth letting the water out. He looked like one of those models that you see on tv with the perfect body and wet hair, advertising some shampoo or something.

“Not everyone is like you, believe it or not, most people actually want to live to see their families again, or maybe they want to live just to live, you know?” said the wrestling club president trying to give off an imposing aura with his tall and muscular body.

Though it didn’t work as Ping simply glanced at him before speaking once more, “Well then it’s on you guys to figure out how you can survive, as for me, I’m going to go find something to dry myself off in, put on a new change of clothes, sleep, then wake up in the morning and start exploring the forest again.”

This time it was the boxing club president that decided to chime in, “You should at least give us information on what is out there, right?”

“Information comes at a price, you know? Nothing in this world or our world is free,” Ping said as he stared at the boxing club president.

After he said that I instantly knew that the situation was going to turn ugly very fast, so I braced myself and prepared for the worst.

“What do you mean by price? We’re letting you stay here free of charge and I saw you at the nurse’s office, so we even healed your wounds for you for free, so how about you give us the information we want,” said the boxing club president in a really domineering voice.

After the boxing president said that, things just got worse and worse until the president ended up getting stabbed in the stomach and almost died.

Nobody expected such a response from Ping, seeing as the boxing club president was a human and not a monster, but he definitely was a human monster so I did not mind seeing that happen to him. After he got stabbed in the stomach, he took out a health potion that is in everyone’s inventory and barely saved himself.

That whole situation only ended up with Ping thinking less of us and would most likely be unwilling to cooperate in the future. So after we walked back into the school I immediately separated myself from the group and went back to the clubroom.

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