Slaughter System – Side Story #1 Part 4

The presidents gathered the group of people to go out and quickly led them into the auditorium, where they were told what they had to do, where many of them showed objection but because of how much influence the presidents have over the student body they were able to quickly convince them to go, even if they didn’t use the best method.

Then around thirty people gathered both boys and girls alike, they were all holding wooden chairs just in case they ran into an enemy in the middle of the forest. After telling them what to do and when to be back, they were sent out of the auditorium into the forest to explore.

After they left, two students entered the auditorium and walked up on stage, “Hello there, my name is Gen. I believe that I am the person you’re looking for,” the student who came with Guiren said as he did a slight bow.

“Yes, we need someone to explain what exactly an RPG is,” I said politely towards Gen who seemed as if he was a very sincere and kind person.

“What will you give me in return?” asked Gen in a polite manner.

“Excuse Me?” I said.

“What I’ll say will be a valuable information, so what will you give me in return? After all, I’m not willing to share precious information for free,” said Gen while maintaining his smile.

“How do you even know the information you’ll provide is valuable?” I asked in in an annoyed voice, and he replied with, “The information that a person seeks is valuable to them most of the time,” still keeping the same smile on his face.

“Just tell us what you know, or when my parents rescue us I will have you expelled from this school, and I’m sure your parents paid a lot of money to get you admitted and would be very angry if they knew that something as simple as not answering a question got you expelled,” said the boxing club president as he walked in front of Gen.

“Well then, I suppose you win,” Gen said, still somehow holding that smile on his face in front of the enormous pressure the boxing club president is giving off.

“An RPG is an anagram for a type of game which means Role Playing Game. In games like these, the player will act as if he was the hero of a story and continuously fight monsters for the sake of getting stronger, and by getting stronger the player will obtain better armor and weapons for which people try to do their best in the game,” Gen said.

“Now if I may ask, why do you want to know this?” asked Gen.

“Because I believe where we are currently in is that type of world,” I answered.

“Well why would you go believing that?” asked Gen, taking a step closer to me.

“Because, Guiren over here along with other students, after killing a monster got promoted to level one and was given something called a status and were able to choose a skill,” I said, taking one step back.

“I see, then it might be useful for you to know that like most games there is an inventory system, and in RPG’s there is usually a class choosing system,  a party system and the main quest of an RPG game,” Gen replied, taking another step closer to me.

“Knowing your next question, ‘Inventory’ is where you are given your starting items and is where you are able to store items that you can’t hold on your body. Class choosing is the main point of the game, where you can either be a warrior who fights up front or a mage who stays in the back and casts spells. Of course there are various others but there is a lot and I really don’t feel like explaining.”

“The party system is also a relatively big part of RPGs seeing as game developers like to put in absurdly strong monsters that are practically impossible to defeat alone and would take the teamwork of several mages and warriors to beat,” said Gen pausing for a moment before continuing.

“Next is the biggest part of the game, ‘Quests’, quests are issued to the player through a variety of means such as a notice board or by NPCs otherwise known as Non Player Companions, with these quests the player usually is either has to gather something or kill something and when they finish, they will return to the quest giver, turn in the quest item and get money and experience points….

“And obviously, money is used to buy items from other players, whilst experience is used to level up which can be obtained by killing monsters which is the same for money,” said Gen, once more taking a step in front of Biyu.

“Thank you for the information. You may leave now,” I said, due to the fact that he was annoying me by continuously getting closer and closer to me.

“Alright then, come find me if you ever need any kind of information,” Gen said with a laugh before slightly bowing and leaving the auditorium.

Everyone watched as Gen walked down the auditorium stairs to the isle between the chairs and out from the backdoor, before returning to their conversations.

“Why did you even want him to come in here? It’s not like we will ever need that information when our parents come and get us,” said the art club president as he sat down on the stage.

“My guess is that, we are able to speak commands and access to certain things as if we are the characters inside the video game, such as Inventory and Status,” I said to the art club president, slightly annoyed with him saying that they would all be saved by their parents.

“Well then try it. Since you’re the one who asked him to come you should be the first to try it,” said the art club president.

“Fine then…… [Inventory]” After saying that, a screen appeared in midair and listed the items in my inventory, which was basic exp scrolls as well as a magic wand. Tapping on the wand, the icon disappeared from the inventory slot and appeared in my hand, just like magic.

“Amazing!” I whispered.

After a wand suddenly appearing in my hand after tapping on the air, the club presidents were greatly surprised and came closer to me.

“How did you do that?” asked the kendo club president, as she was inspecting the wand that was in my hands.

“I just said inventory and a screen appeared in front of me of which I clicked on the image of the wand and it appeared in my hand,” I said, answering his question.

After saying that, all the presidents tried it and various weapons appeared in everyone’s hand. Like me a wand appeared in the math club president’s hand as well as the art and the history club presidents, respectively.

And iron swords appeared in the hands of the boxing, wrestling and the kendo club presidents, respectively. There weren’t anymore types of weapons and it was only these two which seemed relatively useless since the sword was two big for the monsters and the wand didn’t have a sharp edge.

“We need to spread this around so that everyone has a weapon just in case the monsters attack again, even though they seem useless,” I said towards the group of presidents who surprisingly agreed with me.

“We should probably put some people at the school gate and tell them not to allow anything or anyone in or out, and have them notify us if someone does not listen,” said the boxing club president.

After he said that everyone went to work spreading the message around whilst the boxing club president set up some guards to guard the front gate of the school and look out for various threats.

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