Slaughter System – Side Story #1 Part 2

After taking Gurien’s hand, he hoisted me back up onto my feet, then yelled in a loud voice to everybody that was running around in the hallway, “Everybody they’re not that strong! Just grab a chair and beat them down!” His loud and majestic sounding voice added courage to the hearts of the males, allowing them to grab a chair then start fighting back against the imps.

Very quickly, with the males stopped running around and were actually fighting back, the red monsters on this level were quickly killed off. Afterwards, Guiren led them downstairs to get rid of the rest of them, leaving me alone with the girls standing in the middle of dead bodies of both the monsters and students.

Not wanting to rush downstairs, I gathered my courage and crouched down near one of the little monsters. I started inspecting it. The monster had wings that seemed a little too small to hold up its body, and had pointy ears and nails.

The monster looked as if it just flew out of hell and its mission was to terrorize and scare as many students as possible before either dying or returning victoriously. After shortly inspecting it, I was wondering what had happened in the courtyard and walked into the closest classroom. Then I very slowly poked my head out the window, hoping not to get the attention of those little monsters.

When I looked down, I saw Ping Hai, the weirdest student in school, courageously fighting against a large group of monsters and winning! Though, he was surrounded by at least twenty monsters. If you looked down at his feet, you could see the numerous bodies of monsters that were clearly killed by him.

Even though he had killed many of them, I was scared for him when I saw that over twenty of them had surrounded him. They had their pitchforks out in front of them, making it extremely hard for Ping to be able to hit them.

But he very quickly found a way to counteract them. He swung his hand and practically bitch slapped the first monster, sending it flying to the ground. He did not stop there. He rotated his arm along with his body in a full circle, hitting all the imps that surrounded him.

Though he succeeded in knocking all the monsters to the ground, there were now many pitchforks lodged in his arm and his back. It looked incredibly painful to just move his arm, yet he did not run away to safety after doing that. Instead,  he stomped on all of the imps very quickly and actually brutally pulled the pitchforks out of his arm and threw them towards the fallen monsters, killing them with their own weapons.

After watching him do that, I quickly pulled my head back into the classroom, in fear of attracting the little monsters towards me. When I pulled my head back in the classroom and looked around, I noticed that I was the only person in it, just standing silently within the bodies of monsters and students.

Not wanting to stay up here any longer than needed, I quickly made my way to the hallway and downstairs to the third floor. I saw more bodies of students and monsters, but I didn’t stop there. I went down another set of stairs, heading down to the second floor, where  I saw Guiren and the rest of the male students along with some females, fighting valiantly against the little monsters, preventing them from harming anybody else.

Quickly, Guiren along with some courageous students finished killing all the monsters on the second floor before Guiren sluggishly led the students down towards the first floor, intending to continue fighting.

Before he could make his way down though, I rushed up to him and supported him by grabbing his arm and slinging it over my shoulder, “Guiren, you need to take a break, you have been fighting for a long time now,” I anxiously said to Guiren, who looked at me for a moment before talking.

“I can’t stop now, there are still students down there that need my help. I need to get rid of these freaks before any more students get hurt,” Guiren yelled at me before  forcefully taking his arm away from me and walking towards the stairs.

Before he could reach them though, I quickly ran in front of him, “Don’t worry, Ping Hai is fighting them! I’m sure that most of the clubs are fighting as well. You can stop and rest now,” I panically yelled at Guiren while spreading my arms and legs out in front of him, making a barricade.

“Ping Hai, that weirdo can’t fight these things. He probably just ran away into the forest out of his retarded curiosity, hoping to find a gorilla riding a unicorn or something,” said Guiren tiredly before pushing me out of the way and making his way downstairs.

“Now please, Prez, let me go down and get rid of them so you’re safe,” Guiren told me in a tired voice before jogging down the stairs towards the first floor.

I quickly ran down the stairs after Guiren, while the other students stayed on the second floor, too tired to continue fighting. When we both arrived on the first floor, we saw that it was just filled with corpses. No living beings, just corpses of monsters and humans, mixed together.

Just as Guiren was about to say something to me, Ping Hai pushed open the door that led into the hallway and walked in, completely ignoring us who were staring at the bodies. He didn’t even glance at the bodies, and instead just kicked them out of his way, be it human or monster.

When I looked at his back along with his arm were bleeding badly. His shoulder still had pitchforks lodged into it while his arm didn’t, making his arm the one that was bleeding more. We watched him walk down the hallway, then into the nurse’s office.

Me and Guiren could faintly hear an argument between him and the nurse, before he left and walked towards the janitor’s closet, where he took out two tubs of bleach then walked into the men’s bathroom. He obviously was intending to patch himself up without any help.

“Told you Ping Hai was fighting,” I sarcastically said to Guiren before walking over to the men’s bathroom and finding the door locked.

Guiren walked up behind me then spoke, “I- I’m sorry. I just wanted you to be safe,” he said to me in a depressed voice before walking over to the nurse’s office.

As he was walking, I noticed that he was bleeding. It looked as if he had been stabbed by the pitchforks several times in the arm, making blood run down his arm and onto the floor where it mixed with the blood of the dead students and monsters.

Anxiously, I ran up to Guiren and asked him if he was alright. Where he said he was before entering into the nurses office and leaning up against the wall waiting to get treated. Worriedly, I followed after him and stood next to him intending to wait with him to make sure that he was alright.

Looking around the room, at all the damage that had been done and at all the students that were crying, in pain, or slowly bleeding out, I felt horrified. I wondered how exactly something so terrible could happen so quickly, and where the military was so that we could get rescued.

After waiting for a long time, it was finally Guiren’s turn. The nurse said that he would be ok and wrapped up his arm with bandages, saying that he might have to get stitches, but they don’t have the ability to do it here.

After finding out that Guiren was fine, a weight was lifted off my chest. Then together with Guiren we left the nurse’s office and intended to check the bathroom to check if Ping was still in there and if he was alright, but we found it empty.

After finding he was gone, I said to Guiren that we should head to the auditorium where most of the students would have likely gathered. So together with him we slowly walked through the hallways, being cautious just in case we ran into another monster.

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