Slaughter System – Chapter 25

Arriving at the bathhouse, Ping first jumped off from Melanthios then helped Jie slide of the back of Floriana to land on the ground safely. After which, they both went inside, walking side by side with each other.

Inside the bathhouse, Ping did not do a cannonball into the bath like he did last time and instead slowly stripped all of his clothes off before wrapping a towel around his waist and slowly walked into the water.

Naturally, Jie waited outside whilst taking her clothes off in the hallway and wrapping a large towel around her entire body, whilst Ping undressed and got into the water. Afterwards, she heard a yell from Ping telling that it was okay to come in and so she did.

After walking inside, she noticed that Ping was just relaxing, sitting up against the wall of the bath, looking in her direction. Seeing her, he waved and smiled then gestured with his hand to come and sit next to him.

Following his gesture, Jie walked on the smooth stone floor towards the bath, where she walked in and sat down next to Ping in the water. “Don’t you think we should have space from each other? I mean, we’re both dirty and I wouldn’t want the water around you to get dirty,” spoke Jie.

“I don’t care. Unless, would you like me to move?” Asked Ping.

“No.” Spoke Jie in a rush, “It’s fine.”

“You sure?” Asked Ping. “I don’t mind moving.”

“…I’m sure,” spoke Jie with a blush on her face.

“Alright,” spoke Ping before using the water to scrub his body down. Removing all the sweat, dirt and grime that covered his entire body due to the nonstop work. Jie also began to wash her body off, though not in as much of a barbaric way as Ping, whilst also trying to be careful, not wanting to reveal anything private.

Neither of them spoke to one another as they washed. Both just wanting to get clean as soon as possible so that they could carry on with their day. Not really caring about spending time relaxing in the soothing hot water.

Very quickly Ping had finished cleaning himself off, leaving a small circle of pure darkness, consisting of dirt and grime that had gotten stuck to his body whilst he was working.

Getting out of the water, Ping took out the beautiful crystal white dress that he had gotten for Jie and placed it on the floor behind her. Taking extra care to not get it wet, then also taking out a spare towel and setting it next to the dress.

“Got you something to wear since you’ve been stuck in the same clothes and I’m guessing you’re getting pretty tired of that… anyway, I hope you like it.” Said Ping with a slight blush to his face before speed walking out of the room, nearly slipping and falling on his way out.

Staring at the beautiful white dress in front of her, Jie was in a trance, unable to take her eyes away from the beautiful dress that was now hers forever, unable to be worn by anyone but herself, and it was given to her as a gift from someone she liked greatly.

Tears fell from her eyes and splashed against the hot water, creating tiny ripples that seemed to go on for an eternity. Unable to hold back herself, Jie let it all out as she stared at the wonderful dress in front of her.

Eventually calming down and making the tears stop falling from her eyes, Jie got out of the bath and dried herself off with the clean towel left behind by Ping. Then slowly putting on the dress that was also left for her by Ping, trying her hardest not to create any folds that would ever so slightly ruin the way it looks.

After a stressful five minutes, she had finally gotten the dress onto her body, making her look like an ice-cold angel walking amongst mortals. Clearly showing her beauty matching the dress, making her entire existence shine brighter than the biggest star in the sky.

Slowly, she walked into the hallway where Ping was waiting. He was wearing a grey tuxedo that fits tightly to his body, showing off his robust figure, matching that with his glossy silver hair that was combed back, it made him look like a god amongst men.

Looking over at Jie and Jie looking over at Ping. They were both locked in a trance-like state as they stared and admired each other’s beauty. Neither of them were moving and an awkward atmosphere tried to force itself into the situation, but the combined beauty of the two together completely overpowered it. Making it seem as if this one moment was trapped within time. Just waiting for a genius to paint it and to hang it on the wall of a museum for all to see and admire.

The length of them standing and staring continued on, growing longer and longer. Eventually, Albus who was impatient had walked into the hallway and stared at the two. Clearly unaware of why they were just standing there, staring at one another. Albus barked aloud, waking the two from their long stupor of staring.

Ping, the first person to come back into reality, walked up to Jie and reached out his hand towards her. Unconsciously grabbing it, she stepped through the door, letting it slam shut behind her.  Standing directly in front of one another, they both stared for a moment before Ping spoke.

“Shall we go?” He asked with a calm expression. Making Jie feel like she was the only one who was nervous, “Yes” She answered as calmly as possible.

Hearing her answer, Ping slowly led Jie through the hallway. Back into the entrance room which he immediately walked out of. Outside, he saw Melanthios as well as Floriana waiting patiently for him and Jie to come out.

Quickly lifting Jie up into his arms, Ping carried her in a way in which one would carry a princess to set her atop Floriana. Making it so that she didn’t have to do any work herself.

Jie herself was immediately shocked to be lifted up. Her body was pressed up against Ping’s chest and she was able to hear his heart beating on his chest. Beating abnormally quickly, it sounded as if Ping was having a heart attack as he slowly walked her over to Floriana.

Then he lifted her up and gently set her body atop Floriana. So that she didn’t have to try to get atop the giant spider herself. Burying her head within her hands, she attempted to hide her fiery red face away from Ping, who was standing below her staring at her, who was sitting with her legs in front of her.

Her legs were stacked atop each other. As well as being slightly curved. Even with her face being buried in her hands, just her body alone made it seem as if she was an ice queen. An ice queen ready to take down everything in her way.

Wanting to take a picture, and seal it within a box for eternity. Ping could only helplessly walk over to Melanthios, regretting that he did not have any sort of camera. Whilst forcing himself to commit that scene to memory for all eternity.

Hopping onto Melanthios. Ping told him where to go, but also told him to walk slightly slowly, so he and Jie could enjoy the trip through the city.

With Ping leading the way, Floriana was only a few feet behind. Following closely through the desolate and dark city. Which would never come to see its wolf inhabitants ever again. Instead, its only fate is to fade away with time.

Taking in the current wonderful view, both Ping and Jie enjoyed their surroundings. The two started to talk with one another halfway through the journey. With Ping being the one who started the first conversation which just ended up creating a long chain of seemingly endless words.

The five soon arrived at their destination. With that being the outside market that Ping had created over the past few days. It was illuminated by moonlight. The entire street seeming as if it had come from a fairy tale.

Jumping off Melanthios, Ping walked over to Floriana and extended his hand upwards to Jie. Looking down towards Ping, she spoke, “Thanks,” as she slid down the body of Floriana towards the stone ground below.

“No problem,” said Ping as he led Jie towards the street filled with clothings and jewelries.

Standing at the entrance of the stree, Jie was at his side, grasping his hand. Somewhat afraid of letting it go. Turning his head towards Jie, Ping spoke, “Take whatever you like. Everything here is free.”

“Though even if everything was more than I could ever afford, I would still buy it for you.” Spoke Ping whilst thinking in his head, ‘Stupid, Stupid. That’s so cheesy!’

Feeling her face burning up. Along with her mind being in shambles. Jie quickly turned her head away from Ping and looked towards the ground. “Th- Thanks..” Jie quickly muttered as she was still embarrassed from what Ping had said to her.

“Anything for you,” as he lifted up Jie’s hand and kissed the top of it. ‘Shit, Shit, Shit. Why did I do that? That was way to excessive!’

Ping was repeatedly cursing himself out in his mind. Whilst Jie’s mind had exploded. Both from embarrassment and from shyness. As well as not knowing how to respond to this type of situation, having never been in it before.

The two just stand at the entrance of the street quietly. Both thinking completely different things. Until Ping noticed what had happened and quickly walked down the street. Heading towards the nearest showcase, pulling the discombobulated Jie along with him.

Arriving at the first showcase, it was a clean glass box. It had several different colored necklaces inside. Each having special jewels attached to it, such as diamonds or emeralds. Clearly, it would be very expensive if it was ever brought back to earth.

“If you see anything you like, I shall get it out for you.” Spoke Ping, waking Jie up from her discombobulated state.

Looking at the many necklaces that were laid out before her. Jie was completely shocked and could only continue to stare at them, admiring their beauty. Completely forgetting about what had previously just occurred. Entranced by the beauty of the jewelry.

Seeing Jie’s deep green eyes glittering from looking at the jewelry. Ping was happy, knowing that with just this he had succeeded on his first date. Yet there was still plenty more to come, with everything being different.

Her eyes flying over every piece of jewelry. Taking in the full view of each piece. Jie finally ended up choosing three different necklaces that she wanted, after a long fifteen-minute wait. Though Ping did not mind and instead, lifted the top of the glass and got out the three necklaces that Jie chose.

Walking behind her, Ping began to put the three necklaces that she chose on Jie’s neck. It was rather easy, with Jie standing completely still. As well as her short red hair only reaching down to the back of her neck. Making it so that Ping only had to use his arm to gently push it aside for the chain not to tangle with her hair.

Feeling her soft hair in his hand. Ping was absolutely mesmerized and just wanted to hold it in his hands for all eternity. But his body continued to move on his own, and put the necklaces on Jie’s neck before walking back in front of her.

‘Damn. If it weren’t for my body, I would have been stuck admiring her hair for like forever, and that would have been fucking embarrassing.’

“Let’s continue.” Spoke Ping, taking Jie by the hand and leading her around the street.

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