Slaughter System – Chapter 24

(Sorry for being gone so long, money is a problem in my family, so I had to stop writing and earn it, but now my schedule has somewhat freed up… But due to money, I will only be able to release chapters every Monday and Friday but not now… this is only an update chapter since i haven’t released one in while, though I started a patreon if you would like to help me out and get more chapters to my new story quicker… link is on the main Slaughter System page)

“Ok, time to finish this part up!” Said Ping before starting to clean up the first building on this side of the street.

Slowly but surely Ping cleaned up all the broken pieces of wood and glass, along with a decent amount of dust. By the end, Ping had no energy whatsoever left to use to do anything else, before he could even get over to Melanthios to lean up against and sleep, his body shutdown and he collapsed to the ground.

When Ping’s body hit the ground, the very tired Melanthios noticed it and slowly made his way over to him and sat down right next to him and laid his head down to sleep.

The little time of what remained of the night went by rather quickly, as the sun rose into the sky and the moon fell down onto the horizon, Ping showed no signs of waking up, though he has only gotten about three hours of sleep.

Hour by hour passed by and very quickly seven hours had passed and it was already midday, just about one hour short from the evening. By that time Melanthios was already awake and rearing to go, only after waiting for another fifteen minutes did Ping wake up from his long ten hours of slumber.

As Ping put his hands down on the ground pushing his body up, his arms were instantly in immense pain from the overuse of his strength yesterday. In the morning, he had fought hundreds of wolves and after that from midday to three in the morning he had been destroying houses as well as cleaning them and moving heavy objects around.

Clearly an overuse of his muscles, so of course this morning they would be hurting incredibly bad. Though like last night, Ping ignored the pain and forcibly pushed his body up off the ground and was standing on his two legs.

Just from standing upright his legs were shaking and looked as if they would give out at any moment, “Shit, I really overdid it last night”

Standing in one spot Ping began stretching his arms and legs in order to try to get them working again, though each of his movements were incredibly tiring and time consuming. By the time he was done with it forty five minutes had gone by and it was already evening.

“Seeing how late it is and how long it took me just to get this first part done, it looks as if I will have to have multiple dates instead of just one long date.”

Moving towards the left side of the street, Ping quickly adjusted some minor details to the placing of the shelves and cases, before starting to load them all up. On the left side of the street was the jewelry, except every five cases there was an extravagant dress hung up on a shelf to break the streak of just jewelry.

Each five cases had a different type of jewelry and each case had its own color scheme. For example the first case had various different rings in it and each ring had a different shade of red, while the second case had various rings in it with a different shade of green, making it so that each case had something varying.

While at the end of the five cases, there would be a dress that Ping thought would go well with the color of the ring so he put it at the end of the five cases.

While Ping was putting the rings into different cases and sorting everything out, once in a while he did find an odd ring that gave some sort of status boost and kept it in his inventory, though by the time he was done with the left side of the street he had only found three rings that gave status boosts.

All other types of rings didn’t give any status boost and were normal rings, just like the ones that you would find on earth except for the fact that they were higher quality than most.

Moving to the other side of the street, just like with the rings some pieces of clothing were for men and some were for female, though unlike with most rings Ping was easily able to distinguish what was male and what was female.

With each female dress or piece of clothing, Ping added the male version along with it, only so that he did not have half of the right side of the street to be for female clothing only, so the other half of it will only be for male clothing. (W: That’s probably confusing, sorry if you don’t get it, if you have some way to word it better please tell me)

For this side of the street instead of having five shelves of clothing, Ping only made it so that it was three shelves before adding a small but extravagant case of jewelry, making it so that there was not too much clothing before making the line take a break and having something new. (W: This is also probably confusing… I’m bad at explaining things)

When Ping was done organizing the clothes, the moon was just appearing in the sky. Unfortunately, with the entire time of organizing things, he did not find anything else that gave a special status booster so he was a little bit disappointed but didn’t mind it.

Leaving the street, Ping decided to go to the bathhouse and check if the water was clean before heading out into the city to find Jie. Riding on to of Melanthios, Ping noticed that he was not tired or sore at all and was instead rearing to go and ready to fight or destroy once more.

When Ping arrived at the bathhouse he quickly darted inside and looked at the water, noticing it was clean again Ping quickly ran back out and jumped back onto Melanthios, “Melanthios bring me to Albus, I’m pretty sure wolves have a strong sense of smell, right?”

Immediately Melanthios started running down the street, taking Ping to where Albus is, and Albus is with Jie so essentially Melanthios was taking him to Jie.

Sitting on the back of Melanthios, Ping started thinking to himself, “Maybe it would be better to go and get better clothes for me and Jie? Since aren’t I going to take her on a date today?”

Patting Melanthios’ head to stop him from running, Ping spoke to him, “Wait, go back to where we had been for the last two days.” When Ping said that, Melanthios reluctantly turned his body around and went back to the street.

Back at the street, Ping quickly hopped off from Melanthios’ back and quickly went looking through all of the clothes that were lined up on the street. Each article of clothing seemed to have its own personality, so Ping had some trouble choosing what would be the best for both him and Jie to wear.

The first type of clothing that was eliminated from the many choices, was the clothing that had any type of frills on it, since Ping just had an unnatural hate for it for an unknown reason. Next, he eliminated any type of clothing that came across as too bold and the type of clothing that showed off more of the handsomeness or beauty of the wearer.

Ping did not want to wear anything bold since he felt that it would ruin the atmosphere of the relaxing stroll at the market he was going for. He also did not think of himself as a handsome person, not even a good looking person.

At most he believed that he was an average looking person, possibly a little under that. Though that was completely false, in most of the girls’ minds they thought of him as an extremely fit guy, with an unnaturally beautiful silver hair,  which complimented his atmosphere of loneliness yet with curiosity, and that him seeming like a cold and distanced guy, which when all put together made him a favorite out of all the pretty boys in school.

In the end, Ping decided to go with grayish white tuxedo type outfit for himself, and a crystal white dress for Jie.

He chose this because he wanted Jie to be the star of the night, that if there were other people she would be the one they were all attracted to, whilst he was the man who wore a simple suit and was showing her around the shops.

Riding on Melanthios’s back, Ping arrived at the place where Jie was staying. The building was tall, at least three stories high along with an attic. The outside of the building was lavishly decorated with many expensive things.

Looking up at the very top of the house, Ping noticed that Floriana was lying on the roof, relaxing with what little sun was left in the day. Whilst Ping guessed that Albus was inside with Jie, and they both were either sleeping or watching the sun go down over the horizon through one of the many glass windows that were placed randomly about the house.

Ping jumped off of Melanthios and pushed open the door to the house walking inside, whilst Melanthios jumped up on top of the roof next to Floriana and sat next to her enjoying what was left of the sun, whilst resting his body after the long days of hard work.

Walking up the stairs towards the second floor, Ping found Jie sitting on her knees next to a traditional Japanese table, drinking a green tea of some sort, whilst Albus was lying down next to her, wagging his tail, happy that Ping had finally come back.

Immediately, he got up and ran towards Ping, knocking his tired body to the ground and drowning him with kisses to the face.

Having Albus run, Jie initially thought that something had snuck in and her adrenaline started running, but turning around and seeing that it was only Ping, she calmed down and a happy smile floated upon her face.

Standing up, she walked over to Ping and gently shoved Albus off his body, allowing him to breathe again. Afterwards, she extended out her hand to Ping, which he grabbed and was somehow lifted up off the ground with her feeble body.

Ping and Jie both looked at each other for a moment before speaking to one another, “You were gone for  a long time,” spoke Jie, whilst looking down at the floor, “Yea, just had to do… stuff.” Spoke Ping, also looking down at the floor, though he was slightly blushing.

“You look tired from all the work you have been doing,” spoke Jie, looking up from the floor, “You should probably get some rest,” she said once more.

“It’s alright, I’m not too tired,” spoke Ping, also looking up from the floor, telling a complete lie though. As over the last week, he has pushed his body to its very limit time and time again, without getting any proper rest whatsoever.

“Let’s go for a walk, you must be annoyed and cramped after being stuck in this house all day long,” spoke Ping, whilst extending his hand out towards Jie.

“Ok.” She answered shyly as she took his hand. Ping then led Jie down the stairs and out of the house and into the street, with Albus following behind.

Outside, Ping yelled up towards his two beasts that were sleeping on the roof, “Come on you two, we’re going for a walk and you’re going to be our steads.” Yelled Ping, waking up the sleeping Melanthios and Floriana.

After which, Floriana slowly climbed down the side of the house, whilst Melanthios reluctantly got up from laying down and jumped off the house, landing heavily on the ground, creating a spider web of cracks.

“I thought you said we we’re going for a walk?” Spoke Jie.

“I never said we were going to be the ones walking… unless you would like to?” Replied Ping with a smug smile, before realizing that Jie might have wanted to walk with him alone.

“No it’s alright… just as long as I’m out of the house,” spoke Jie.

“Well, ok then.” Spoke Ping, whilst thinking in his head, ‘I should have asked if she wanted to walk or ride… I have to do better than that if I want her to be my girlfriend.’

After which he helped Jie up onto Floriana whilst he jumped onto Melanthios.

‘Here we go.’ Said Ping in his head, as he directed Melanthios and Floriana where to go.

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