Slaughter System – Chapter 23

(Sorry for being a bit late with the chapter, doctors took a little longer than usual)

Ping and Jie ended up sitting and waiting on the marble bench for an hour and a half before Floriana finished making all the clothes. Jie ended up with three white dresses while Ping got three shirts and three pairs of pants.

All of it was as usual made of amazing quality and fit both of them perfectly. As soon as the first dress was done, Jie immediately walked into a side room and got changed into it, so that she will no longer feel embarrassed for only wearing a towel.

Ping did the same as soon as his clothes came, not because he was embarrassed but because he wanted to wear a shirt since he hadn’t worn one in days.

After the clothes were done, the group did not have to spend any more time in the bathhouse so Ping led them all outside and when he did he spoke, “Jie, with you Albus and Floriana can go explore around the city and do whatever you want, as for me, I am going to spend some time thinking on what to do tomorrow.”

With a simple nod, Jie took Albus and Floriana then left to explore the large city. After they left, it was only Melanthios and Ping all alone together, “Hmmm what should I do? What kind of things do girls like?”

Ping thought for a moment before deciding, “Alright then, let’s just do something simple,” said Ping to nobody before turning and facing Melanthios, “Run around the city with me on your back so that I can get a layout of it.”

After saying that, Ping immediately jumped up on Melanthios’s back, and as soon as he did, Melanthios immediately took off running down a street. At the end of the street, Melanthios immediately made a sharp right turn, turning into and ran all the way down that street.

That process was repeated tens of times, until the entire city was mapped out for Ping. Along the run, Melanthios and Ping would occasionally run into a wolf but it was quickly dealt with by Melanthios who would simply charge into it and send it flying into a building.

It only took Melanthios thirty minutes to run through the entire city, when the entire city was mapped out, Ping was easily able to make up a route on which he would take Jie around.

The place he chose was a very high-class market area that had lots of shops for clothing and jewelry. Surprisingly, the clothing and jewelry were all clearly made for humans to wear, making Ping think that it’s possible this city used to belong to some type of humans, but that though was immediately rejected seeing as the houses and shops were clearly made for wolves.

Though Ping did not care much and was only focused on making sure that he and Jie could actually fit inside the shops without having to crouch down. Unfortunately, the only place that Ping had found so far that didn’t make you crouch down was the bathhouse.

Because of that, Ping decided to tear down all the weirdly built shops to make the entire street a giant shop out of the torn down wood.

The first step needed to accomplish this half-assed idea was to take out all of the items from the shop and put them into his inventory so that they would not get destroyed in the process of the so-called ‘deconstruction’.

Though with all the different items, it was impossible for Ping to fit them all into his inventory, so he was forced to slightly alter his plans. Instead of destroying the buildings entirely, he decided to destroy only the front half of the buildings.

The design that he had in mind was kind of like a suspension bridge. At both the front and back of the street, he would leave two buildings standing perfectly fine, but down the middle of the street he would cut the buildings in half and remove their roof.

Making it so that the two buildings at the front and back would be pieces of wood that were stuck in the ground, while the houses that were cut in half would be the rope on the side that you would use to hold onto while you cross.

Before starting the deconstruction process, Ping quickly moved all the jewelry and clothing that he could not fit into his inventory into one of the four buildings that would remain standing. There were a lot of items so it took Ping about fifteen trips to move all the items into one of the four buildings, but that was quickly filled up so he was forced to start filling another.

By the time Ping was done, three of the four buildings had already been filled up to the brim and the fourth building was three-quarters full. Now that was done, it was finally time for Ping to start deconstruction.

“Melanthios, help me destroy stuff, but only destroy what I tell you too,” said Ping as he swung his sword while activating Slash, creating a large cut in the side of one of the many buildings that were on that street.

“Oh, but make sure to try not to destroy the stands and glass cases and such,” said Ping before activating slash once more, creating another long slash on the building.

After activating it a second time, Ping forced his hands in between the split wood and pulled as hard as he could, tearing a small piece of the building off, “Damn, this is gonna take a while,”  as soon as Ping tore off that piece of building it immediately signified the long deconstruction process.

After receiving the orders allowing Mealnthios to destroy, he immediately went to work and let his beastly nature take over as he continuously slammed into buildings or used his giant paw to slap at them, sending large chunks of wood flying everywhere.

Where as Ping’s wood would be able to be used again, Melanthios’s wood was completely destroyed leaving behind only splinters, making it so that Ping would not have much wood to work with after they were done destroying.

By the time Ping had finished deconstructing one building, Melanthios had already finished destroying three, showing off how powerful he could be when he let his beastly nature run loose.

At a rather decent speed, buildings were getting destroyed, making it for Ping and Melanthios to be able to finish destroying them all by midnight. Hour by hour passed by. Every hour, eight buildings would be destroyed.

Halfway through destroying the buildings, Melanthios was dead tired and breathing heavily, clearly tired for letting himself run rampant, expending his energy at a crazy fast pace. Ping was no different though, as he was not nearly as big as Melanthios, making it so he had to do ten times the work.

Though neither of them took a break and continued to destroy all the buildings until none were left to destroy. By the time they were done, neither of them could move whatsoever and were practically glued to the ground from exhaustion.

“Fuuuuuuuuuu, I really should have given myself more time,” said Ping, breathing heavily and tiredly.

After resting for ten more minutes, Ping slowly dragged his body off the ground, “Gotta hurry up, only got about six hours to finish this.”

Standing up, blood immediately rushed to his head, knocking him unconscious for about thirty seconds before he woke back up, luckily he was still standing and had not fallen over.

“Guess that’s my bodies way of telling me that I need rest… well time to work.”

Completely ignoring his body’s plead for sleep, Ping walked over to the nearest shop and started to clean out all of the small pieces of wood and reorganize the jewelry cases and clothing racks.

This process was incredibly grueling and slow, completely boring and tiring, nothing like actually destroying the buildings. Because when you were doing that you were having fun and you also got an adrenaline rush since you were using tons of strength.

After half an hour, Ping got that one building in a decent looking shape and had all the jewelry cases where he wanted them. When the first building was done Ping moved onto the next one, as he kept moving onto building after building his speed kept increasing since he knew exactly what he was doing.

Ping kept cleaning and rearranging building after building until he finally reached the end of the street, signifying that he was halfway done, “Huu Huuu Huuuu, time to move onto the left side of the street.”

Ping ever so slowly moved his body to the other side of the street, unknown to him was Jie,  secretly watching him along with Floriana and Albus behind one of the buildings at the end of the street.

As Ping was walking over to the other side of the street, he tripped and fell down onto the ground, seeing that, Jie could no longer just stay watching and ran up to him.

When Jie was running towards him, Ping was already trying to push himself up but was unable to do so and once more fell to the ground. As soon as Jie got there, she immediately rolled him over onto his back and just by looking at his face she could tell how tired he was.

Looking at his tired face and seeing how hard he was working just for her and only to take her on a simple date, immediately made her start crying and tears were falling onto Ping’s dirty white clothes.

“Why did you do all this for me? Why did you have to go and tire yourself out like this just for a simple date?” asked Jie towards the dead tired Ping while bawling her eyes out.

“Huuuu Huuuu, well my mom said that when you love a girl you need to do everything in your power to make her happy so that’s what I’m doing,” said Ping while taking heavy gasps for air.

Love? He clearly just said love? When you love a girl? Does that mean he loves me? No that can’t be! There’s nothing special about me to love!

Jie was unable to respond as she was caught up on the word love and kept asking herself over and over again in her head, but she still remained crying.

“Don’t cry over something as little as me being tired,” said Ping, effectively bringing Jie back to reality.

“Go take Floriana and Albus and find a nice house to sleep in, I’ll come find you when I’m done here ok? Don’t spoil the surprise,” said Ping, pushing Jie away from his body as he stood up and started to walk towards the left side of the street.

Though Jie was still crying and a little bit upset, she listened to Ping and left the street along with Floriana and Albus, searching for a nice place to sleep.

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10 thoughts on “Slaughter System – Chapter 23

  1. Anonymous


    Some quick questions: What happened with albus the white wolfs armor?
    Why isn´t he adding the girl to his party? In that case can they share experience?
    What happened with his sword that got stuck in a tree in his first fight against the wolfking?
    Will we see his familiars lvls soon? The spider queen had a skill which spawned spiderlings every week, what happened with that?

    Great work by the way,


    1. deuxztg

      Answer 1: If you remember the chapter where of which you see the wolf armor please tell me.
      Answer 2: That is just a fuck up on my end, though with her character she doesn’t care to level up.
      Answer 3: Sword wasn’t ‘Stuck’ more it was temporarily placed and Ping ended up pulling it out of the tree, sorry if i didn’t write that.
      Answer 4: Not sure…
      Answer 5: Don’t really want Ping to mess with that and only added it as a way for merchants to mass produce stuff, pretty much for the future.
      Thanks for all the feedback!


  2. Anonymous

    Ond more question that I forgot, will you make a some sort of story around his girlfriends past? I think it would make it a lot easier to relate to her as a character if her past was explained.

    Keep up the good work


    1. deuxztg

      I’m pretty sure that i mentioned Ping equipping it to Albus, but i might have said it quickly so it was hard to see.

      Also yes i will be writing about her but only after something big happens, I’m sure you will see it.


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