Slaughter System – Chapter 22

(Note: Sorry for being gone so long, depression is ever so slightly annoying, hopefully I won’t be gone for as long as this time again, and I will try to keep up with consistent chapters. Also this chapter switches between Ping and Jie’s view pretty often, hopefully it is not confusing. One more thing, though this chapter seems short it is 1,865 words just a lot of dialog.)

Walking throughout the streets of the empty and bloody city, Ping was fairly relaxed since this was the first time in a week that he has gotten a break from constant fighting.

Currently, he was practically unrecognizable with how much dried black blood was stuck to his skin, so much so you could tell that it could take hours and hours on end before it was all scrubbed off. Though the person next to him, Jie, seemed to not mind it as she silently walked with him, ever so slowly getting closer with each passing step.

Before they even got to the bath house, Jie was practically arm locked with Ping as they both were incredibly close to each other, enjoying the silence of the big city. Behind them, followed Melanthios, Albus, and Floriana, who were making sure to keep their eyes peeled to make sure their master do not get attacked and have this moment ruined.

The walk to the bath house was fairly silent as nobody said anything, and the only thing that onlookers could hear was the sound of feet hitting the rocky stone ground, making it seem as if they were the only ones in the world.

Soon they reached the building where Ping saw the sign that looked like a bathhouse. Walking inside the building, it was decorated lavishly with clean marble floors and pillars. Right in the middle of the room was a small fountain with about ten Koi fish swimming around, while in the back of the room there was a marble counter with two statues of wolves on either side.

There was nobody inside of the building nor was there any kind of bloody scene that would indict that a fight had happened there.

After looking around a bit, Ping concluded that this must have been a shared bathhouse, seeing as there was only one room that had a very large bath, while the other rooms were places where wolves would go to have massages and such.

“This place is so human like. I wonder if in their regular lives they walked around on two feet?” said Jie.

“Could have, who knows? But let’s not think about things like that and instead we should relax in the water,” said Ping before putting his swords away into his inventory.

“Who is going to go in first?” asked Jie, as she stared at the half-naked and bloody Ping, “I’m sure you will want to, since you’re so dirty.”

“Why can we not go in together? I mean we could just wrap a towel around ourselves and besides if only one of us goes in first, then the water will get dirty… I think. I really don’t know how stuff like this works,” said Ping before taking two towels out of his inventory that he found in one of the rooms and handing one over to Jie before walking out of the room.

Ping only walked out of the room for a maximum of ten seconds before he came back in without any clothes on and only had a towel that was wrapped around his waist.

“Just step outside and change, I will wait for you to get back before I go in the water,” said Ping before opening the door and holding it open for Jie.

Jie was stunned, before she didn’t even have enough time to say no to the idea of not bathing together since Ping immediately walked out of the room and changed himself. Now he wants her to go outside and change herself then come back in and bathe with him? Just what female in their right mind would go along with that willingly?

Even though she was thinking all those things, her body had moved on its own and she was outside of the room stripping off her dirty clothes before wrapping herself up in a clean towel and coming back inside.

Just what has she done? She completely ignored her own wishes and went with what Ping said, no questions asked.  Now an incredibly embarrassing situation happened, herself and another person of the opposite sex were practically naked together.

Realizing the situation she was in, her cheeks immediately blushed red and she immediately wanted to turn around and leave, but something was stopping her from doing that, what it was she did not know, but she quickly accepted it before swiftly moving towards the bath and walking in.

Ping immediately followed suit but instead of walking in like a normal person, Ping went back a few steps then ran and jumped into the bath, making a big splash sending the water flying everywhere.

Upon first contact with the water, immediately a layer of blood got washed off his body and into the water, making the area around him slightly dyed red.

“Ow, thought it would be deeper than it looks.” Said Ping, rubbing his rear end after slamming it on the bottom of the bath.

Standing up in the water, Ping slowly moved from the middle of the bath towards Jie, leaving a trail of blood behind him as he moved. The current Ping looked like he was a red popsicle that was melting in the summer time.

Sitting down next to Jie, Ping didn’t feel awkward or embarrassed at all and instead was totally fine with the situation, as if it was normal to him. After getting sorted and comfortable, Ping looked right at Jie and spoke, “Wanna be my girlfriend?”

What? What did he just say? Girlfriend? We barely know each other! We haven’t even known each other for more than a few weeks! Why does he want to be my boyfriend? What’s so special about me? How can he say something so straightforward like that? Why is he looking at me like he just asked me a normal question?

Jie’s brain immediately exploded, she did not know what to think. A million questions were going through her head all at the same time, but she never asked any of them. She couldn’t; she was just asked an important question so blatantly. She didn’t know what to think so her mind subconsciously answered, “Yes.”

Ping simply nodded his head once before speaking, “Good.”

Silence, just full silence for a whole minute before Ping spoke again, “Want a rag to clean yourself? I found a couple in some of the houses.”

“Yes…” answered Jie quietly, clearly very embarrassed due to the question that was just asked.

Ping opened his inventory and took out two rags, one for her and one for himself.

“Well… I’m going to go down there and try to scrub the blood off so I don’t get the water over here super dirty though it already is,” said Ping, and he was right, the water was already filled and was dyed red, and the color was only getting darker by the second.

Ping pushed off against the edge of the bath, sending his body slowly gliding through the water to the other side, leaving behind a very clear red blood trail.

Jie watched Ping slowly glide across the water and sit at the other end, then she just kept staring at him as he rubbed himself down with a rag, not moving her gaze whatsoever. In her head, she was constantly asking herself numerous different questions over and over again.

After realizing that she was just watching Ping clean himself, she stopped staring at him and started to clean herself with the rag that he gave her.

While in the middle of both of them cleaning, Ping started to speak to her while continuing to rub himself down, “What would you like to do tomorrow?”

What would I like to do tomorrow? Why did he ask me that? “What do you mean?”

“Well, tomorrow will be our first date so I was wondering if you wanted to do something specific, or would you rather me chose what we shall do?”

Date? I’m going on a date? I don’t even have any good clothes? Isn’t it the guy that choose what we do on a date? “You can choose, I’ve never been on a date before.”

“Ok… just so you know, I’ve also never been on a date.” After saying that, Ping spoke no more and focused on cleaning himself.

Jie didn’t speak either as more and more question continuously popped up into her head, making it incredibly difficult for her to speak. Regardless of that though, she finished cleaning herself quickly then escorted herself out of the room.

Ping though, was stuck in the bath for another hour and he went through three perfectly clean rags before he was able to scrub all the blood off.

When all of it was off though, there was a red hue to his skin due to how long the blood had been on there and because of how hard Ping was scrubbing against his skin with the rough rag.

Getting up out of the bath, Ping looked down at the water, to see it all deep red, as if it was a pool of blood instead of a bathhouse, “Damn, looks like I really needed a bath.”

After looking down at the dirty water, Ping opened up his inventory and took out his clothes, only to realize then that they were drenched in blood and needed a cleaning. They were in fact so dirty that if he put them back on now it would make him have to take another bath.

Putting his filthy clothes back into his inventory, Ping took out a clean towel and wrapped it around his lower half before walking out of the room. Outside of the room, Ping saw Jie in the same situation as him. Luckily, she had found a clean towel somewhere, so she wasn’t standing out in the main hall cold.

Jie was sitting on a marble bench and the three beasts were spread around the floor, all relaxing, waiting for Ping to come out. Upon seeing Ping come down the hallway, immediately, the three beasts got up and were looking at Ping happily.

“Floriana, make Jie a new dress, afterwards make me a new set of clothes,” Ping immediately said to Floriana then he walked over to Jie and sat next to her on the marble bench, “Sorry for that wait, you know you could have just asked Floriana to make you something, she knows you so I think she would have done it, though I’m not sure.”

“It’s alright… but can you have her make me a few sets of clothing so that I can have extras for the future?” asked Jie.

“Sure,” said Ping.

Both he and Jie continued to talk about small things whilst Floriana was making them clothes, and the other two beasts were simply lying down on the floor lazily.

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