Slaughter System – Chapter 21

(Sorry for being gone so long, I have rewritten this chapter over and over again until it just got painfully annoying, and truthfully I have lost interest in this story, so please don’t expect daily releases from now on, even though I didn’t do that much in the first place, but I will try to do two or three chapters a week.)

In the market, all the makeshift defenses that Ping made the day before were still there. Last night after leaving the city, he was worried that the city could have reset all the items back to normal and he would have to start all over again rebuilding everything and spend a night in the city.

Seeing that everything was all good, he told Floriana to climb on top of one of the houses whilst Jie retreated a bit down the street, and Melanthios went to go and get the large group of wolves, leaving only Ping and Albus in the front, ready to take the full force of the attack.

After a minute of just standing still waiting impatiently, Melanthios finally came running back with a very large group of wolves following closely behind him. Melanthios was not running as fast as he possibly could, and instead slowed down his speed so he did not go out of the aggro range on the wolves.

Some of the wolves decided to completely ignore the spikes that were placed all over the ground and ran directly on top of them, letting the wooden spikes easily pierce through their paws, making it incredibly hard for them to fight.

Gradually as more and more wolves fell prey to the traps, the other wolves new that it wasn’t a good idea to run that way and decided to continue running directly behind Melanthios, since he was not hitting any traps while he was running.

The wolves ended up forming a long line that was following directly behind Melanthios and not branching out, making it so that Ping’s plan was effective.

Very quickly, the wolves were directly in front of Ping and started attacking him with Albus and Melanthios, who very quickly turned around after running and started attacking back. Looking from a distance away, the entire scene seemed like a wall of death with wolves constantly running at Ping and the bunch.

As per their usual method of fighting, Ping was slicing and dicing. Melanthios was crunching down as if he was at a buffet and Albus ran into the middle of the crowd and was biting the necks of all the wolves he could.

Fifty wolves… a hundred wolves… two hundred wolves… The number of wolves that had been killed under the group had just kept piling up and up, seemingly endless due to the absurd amount of wolves that were running at them.

It did not take long for only a hundred wolves to be left standing, but the wolves kept pushing forward and not taking one step backwards in retreat, completely and utterly focused on the idea that they would be able to kill Ping and the group.

That idea though was just a wishful dream that would never happen, as Ping and the group easily and quickly slaughtered the remaining wolves.

When the last wolf died, Ping was tired and out of breath. Now fully knowing how hard it truly was to face an enemy that had a ginormous advantage in numbers. Though he wanted to sit down on the ground directly where he stood, he knew that he should clean up so the streets so they do not start to smell.

So Ping, quickly dashed around the market putting all the corpses into his inventory. After the last one was placed into his inventory, Ping just collapsed onto the bloody ground, making his body even more bloody than it already was.

“I need a vacation.”

When Ping collapsed to the ground, Jie quickly ran up to him along with the three beasts. They were all worried that he had somehow gotten hurt in the battle and the damage was just hitting him now.

When they arrived, even though it was incredibly hard to see Ping’s body from all the dried and wet blood, they were able to tell that he was perfectly fine and without a single scratch on his body, making it seem as if he jumped in a pool of blood and did not actually fight five hundred wolves.

Even though it did not look like Ping had just fought a long battle, he certainly felt it, seeing as he was breathing heavily and his eyes were closed to try to get what little extra rest that he could before advancing onward onto the mountain path leading up to the castle.

This was not the first time he had fought a pack of wolves to this magnitude. Last time in the beginning of the fight, he had entered a weird state of mind, making it so that he did not lose any stamina while he was fighting.

This time though, he did not allow himself to enter that weird state of mind. So it made him to constantly use his stamina, making his body tired.

Lying on the cold wet ground, Ping quickly fell asleep out of exhaustion, making it the job of Jie and his three beasts to protect him whilst he slept. Slowly, the day passed by and night arrived. Ping was sleeping soundly and peacefully as the three beasts protected him.

Like last time the night passed by slowly. All three beasts including Jie were tense and paranoid, constantly looking around to make sure they weren’t being stalked or surrounded by any wolves.

Luckily, the night soon ended and Ping awoke from his long night of sleep allowing them who were watching over him to get some rest.

The day passed by quickly with Ping just sitting in the middle of the four and just looking around, lacking any kind of nervousness.

While sitting, Ping decided to have a look at his status to see if anything had changed after fighting for so long.

Name: [Ping Hai]
Sex: Male Level: 10
Class: Warrior  $$$: 52987
QC:60 HP:300
Mp:10 Str:35
Dex: 30 Vit: 35
Luc: -3 Int:25

“Wow, looks like when you get to level 10 you get a significant status boost,” said Ping looking at how much all of his stats improved, though he wasn’t over excited about it since he still had a long way to go.

After looking at his status, Ping redirected his attention to the notification that was next to it.

Congratulations On Reaching Level 10 As A Warrior!
For reaching this level, you are now able to choose what type of element you will be going with as a warrior until you hit level 20 where you can choose yet another element.

  •   Air
    • Able to Slash out with currents of air from afar, suitable for long-range attacks
  • Fire
    • Coat your sword in fire to burn the enemy upon contact
  • Water
    •  Coat your sword in water to give an extra sharpness to the edge
  •  Poison
    •  Poison your enemy upon contact
  • Lightning
    • Electrify your enemy upon contact

*Special:  This is something that can only be activated through special skills or titles.

  •  Blood 
    •  Upon cutting the enemy, your sword will absorb their blood


Looking at all the abilities, Ping of course chose the blood related one since it was a special title and would most likely become super strong in the future. Plus the fact that it would suck the enemies blood out, making it so that he did not get so dirt when fighting.

After choosing his ability, nothing else popped up, letting Ping know that although he had leveled up to level ten it was not such a momentous occasion to give him a lot of things for such a low level.

Soon it was sundown and everyone started to wake up, making it so that Ping no longer had to watch over them. By the time everyone was awake, the sun had flee out of the sky and night was upon the group, but that did not stop Ping from moving onward, walking further up the mountain.

As Ping was walking through the city, he and the group occasionally ran into some wolves wandering around all on their own with no small pack or large group like before.So Ping and the group were quickly able to reach the edge of the city and were at the mountain path that led further up.

Though as soon as Ping took a step forward, he ran into some kind of invisible wall. Immediately, the first thing that popped into his head was that he looked like one of those idiots walking into glass doors. But that was not the case this time as a notification popped in front of him.

Must be level fifteen to continue up the mountain  path

Do you wish to leave?

[Yes]                [No]

Looking at the notification, Ping was slightly annoyed that he could not immediately finish this raid and that in fact he had to get to a higher level in the outside world before going up. But Ping was not so mad and actually did not click the button to leave and instead turned around and spoke to the group.

“Looks like we cannot go any further up the mountain until I get to level fifteen… and we also had a very busy week so what we are going to do is relax in this city for a while before going back to the outside world.”

“What are we supposed to do in this empty city? Besides, it’s filled with danger so isn’t it better to just leave and go back to the school? At least there, I can go into the lake and take a bath,” asked Jie.

“Nothing here respawns. And the wolves are weak so whenever we run into one we can kill it then we don’t have to worry about it anymore. As for a bath, I’m pretty sure that I spotted a building that had a bathhouse logo on it so we can just go there.”

“I suppose that’s alright then,” said Jie before turning around and walking back into the city.

Ping watched Jie as she walks back into the city for a moment before quickly running up to her and leading the way to the bathhouse that he saw earlier.

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2 thoughts on “Slaughter System – Chapter 21

  1. oh thx for chapter…
    advice for not making more stress on your brain, just focus on ping and company so you dont need to make side story.. but well it was up to you..

    oh btw, jie status… what lvl is she at current chapter?and ping beast companion too.. cz i think his slow lvl up progress bcz his gain was divided on party…

    3 beast + his GF? + himself..
    so his lvling will slow naturally..

    and when the start of this novel was he using exp scroll and it shoul make him lvl up but reading up to here.. there’s something missing.. ahh maybe i was the one who wrong for it.. but can you check it??or that exp scroll just insignificant ornament for chapter…


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