Slaughter System – Chapter 20

That night after eating, Ping, Melanthios, and Floriana searched the town. Ping, Jie, and Albus would search the houses for anything useful that included the scrap metals that Ping spent all day gathering.

The entire night went by rather quickly and peacefully as they were clearing the houses. Melanthios and Floriana were wondering around different parts of the town searching for any wolves that could be remaining, but there weren’t any.

The group was able to search one hundred and twenty houses after splitting up. In the morning, everyone wanted to lay down and sleep but Ping did not allow it. Instead he told them to continue searching houses until night, so that they would not mess up their sleeping schedule.

The morning went by fast, after everyone ate breakfasts they searched houses till noon. Then they all gathered in the town square to take a short break before Melanthios and Floriana resumed patrolling while the rest of them continued to scavenge houses till night.

At night, they gathered again in the bloody town square, sat down and ate. Then, with Ping allowing it, they all finally went to sleep. After sleeping through the long night, Ping woke everyone up and fed them before leading them out of the village towards the mountain.

Walking out of the village, he followed the dirt path of the mountain, not wanting to stray away from it so that he does not waste time. Everyone were slowly walking along the path not speaking, just staying on guard, constantly moving their heads around.

Jie was oddly sticking  close to Ping who was walking in the front of the group instead of staying in the middle where she could be better protected . But Ping did reprimand her and allow her to walk right next to him on the way to the mountain.

The mountain is much further than Ping thought it was, so they were actually unable to reach it in one day and were forced to camp out on the dirt path for the night, before continuing to walk the next day.

In the morning Jie continued to walk next to Ping but this time instead of being silent she spoke, “Why wasn’t there any regular town things there and only houses?” she asked Ping who responded with, “Probably they have it, so this village is protected by the boss and the boss was given an armor from the blacksmiths in the kingdom, and the kingdom doesn’t allow regular wolves to have access to an armor which is probably hard to make,” said Ping as he continued to walk forward along the path.

“That seems logical, after all that armor is probably hard to make considering wolves don’t have opposable thumbs” Said Jie

Ping didn’t respond and simply kept walking down the dirt road. At midday they reached the edge of the kingdom and were able to see that it was a lot bigger and would take a lot longer than Ping had originally thought.

At the bottom of the mountain there was a type of high class residence and there were many wolves wondering in and out of high class homes. On the streets there were actually what seemed like town guards wondering around to keep the peace.

The guard wolves were wearing chain mail armor and had metal helmets on their head making them truly seem like soldiers. There was a lot more wolves in this area than in the village down the road.

There were thousands of wolves in this high class area, but the worst part was that they were all spread out and there was an area where a large group of them were wondering around making it incredibly difficult to lure some away without attracting the attention of all the wolves in the city.

“This was not a good idea. I really should have gathered more people or some things,” said Ping as he stared at the innumerable wolves that were constantly wondering about.

“Melanthios go ahead and lure some, just try your best to get as many as possible without attracting the entire city, alright? But if you are only able to attract a small group of them then don’t worry about it and lead them back to us, if we have to we can deal with fifty of them at a time until they’re all dead,” said Ping as he continue to stare at the wolves in the city.

After Ping spoke to him, Melanthios immediately ran into the city attracting a large group of wolves’ attention. Melanthios slowly but quickly ran through groups of wolves to gather their attention, careful not to gather too many at once.

Unlike the usual, it took Melanthios five minutes to carefully gather a large group of wolves, about one hundred and fifty of them, before leading them all back to Ping and the group where they would quickly get rid of them, then Melanthios would be sent back in to get more.

Getting rid of that small amount of wolves was fairly easy for Ping and rest of the group, since they had already fought a lot more than this all at once and were continuously getting better at killing. They were learning how to kill quickly and brutally.

After the first group of wolves was dealt with, the group had plenty of stamina left and if Melanthios kept gathering this amount of wolves each run, then they would probably be able to get rid of a lot of them today, fairly quick.

Group after group of wolves were brought back by Melanthios, each group was varying in size but never went over one hundred and seventy five wolves, which was very good as too many will result in taking damage which would take a while to recover, wasting precious daylight.

Gradually the amount of wolves in the front part of the city was steadily going down and down. By the end of the day, Ping and the group would be able to enter the city gates and walk a few houses down before being noticed by wolves which could run at them.

When it became night, the group did not camp right next to the city and instead walked ten minutes down the dirt path and camped there, just for safekeeping so that another event like in the village doesn’t happen once more.

Sitting around the campfire, everyone was enjoying their meal in silence, and then Jie broke the silence, “How long do you think it will take us to get rid of all the wolves in the city?” Jie asked towards Ping who was lying on his back looking up at the stars, occasionally chewing on a piece of meat.

“Hmmm, maybe two to three days, at most a week,” said Ping as he sat up off the ground and looked at Jie.

Looking at Ping who was covered in dried blood and dirt, Jie didn’t have any thoughts of disgust and instead blushed a little since Ping was looking directly at her, “How long before we leave the kingdom and are forced back to the other world?” asked Jie towards Ping.

“No more than a month for sure, any longer than that and I would fail as a person,” said Ping as he stopped looking at Jie and laid back on the ground.

Jie looked at Ping for a moment before laying down next to him and staring up at the stars same as him, “I suppose that is true,” she said to him before closing her eyes and going to sleep right next to him.

Ping opened up his inventory and looked at how many wolf corpses were in there,

Item: Wolf Corpse

#  : 2,344

There was an absurd amount of wolf corpses in his inventory, and one thousand of them alone was from today’s battle, signifying that there was definitely a lot more wolves in there than Ping thought and telling him that it is going to be very hard to get to level ten, considering that his status bar was only twenty percent full.

Doing the math in his head, Ping would have to kill ten thousand wolves just to get to level ten, and just thinking about getting to level twenty gave him a headache so he decided to sleep.

In the morning, Ping fed everyone then they all got up and walked towards the city together. Standing outside of the city, Ping had his swords out, Albus was barring his teeth, Floriana was preparing to shoot some webs into the crowd, while Jie was standing in the back prepared to run away if anything bad happens.

Nothing did though and Melanthios came back with about one hundred and seventy wolves following behind him, making it an acceptable number for Ping and the group. After dealing with it, Melanthios ran back into the city and gathered another group which they slaughtered, and Ping continued to do that over and over again.

Soon it became noon and the group was still killing, after that it became evening and still the group continues to massacre, and finally it became night and the group stopped their slaughter, and slowly walked back down the dirt path, not wanting to stay in the city.

The next day, the group was not slaughtering outside the city and was instead slaughtering inside the streets of the housing district. The day after, they were slaughtering in the marketplace. After that they could not move any further as Melanthios discovered a large group of wolves, around the same size of the group that ambushed them in the village, so they spent that day fortifying the market place.

“Will this really work?” Jie asked towards Ping as she looked at the makeshift barricade that Ping created.

In front of them, they blocked off the two of the entrances entirely with tables, chairs and other various items that they found inside the houses. Leaving only a single way in and a single way out. Inside there were spikes everywhere on the ground making it so that the wolves would have to file a single line or they would end up getting impaled.

Ping had planned fairly well, making it so that the wolves could only go one way when Melanthios gathered them, but if enough wolves were to die and fall onto the spikes, then the wolves behind them could climb onto their bodies and would be able to surround Ping, so he had to kill quickly if he didn’t want to get surrounded.

“I think…” said Ping as he stared at his work for a minute before speaking again, “if it doesn’t work then I will just kill as much as I did last time,” said he as he smiled at Jie, who blushed and ran back down the path leading out of the city.

Ping and the group followed suit, since by the time they had finished setting up it was already very late and would soon become night, which would prove as an inconvenience when fighting.

Arriving back at where they had been sleeping that past few days, Ping as usual fed everyone before taking out his two swords and began to practice for the upcoming big battle. Although the last few days could be counted as practice, to Ping all that mattered was the day before the fight and if you weren’t ready the day before then you would die.

Ping only practiced for two hours before lying down on the ground and going to sleep. However as soon as he laid on the ground, Jie moved from her spot and laid next to him, not wanting to sleep alone.

Ping didn’t mind it though, and closed his eyes, trying to calm down his excitement for the upcoming battle. That’s right, Ping was excited to fight such a challenging enemy once more, because during the last battle he got knocked unconscious and he didn’t want that to happen again.

When morning came, Ping made everyone eat two portions worth of food so that they could keep their energy up. Then he led them all back down the dirt path and towards the city where they would fight.

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