Slaughter System – Chapter 19

After sitting up at the ground, Albus was the first to notice that Ping had woken up and happily jumped on top of him and started licking his face that had dry blood on it. When Albus ran and jumped on top of Ping that naturally attracted the attention of the others who turned around and were surprised to see Ping awake already.

The happiest out of all of them was Jie who jumped down from the back of Floriana and hugged Ping from behind. Jie was silently sobbing on Ping’s shoulder from behind, “Why would you risk your life to save somebody like me?” Jie asked towards Ping while sobbing.

“Because I like you,” replied Ping simply as he was petting Albus and Melanthios. Jie simply didn’t know how to respond to that and just remained still as she hugged Ping from behind, while he was petting his two beasts.

Floriana got jealous though and pushed her way forward until she was in front of Ping, then Ping with a smile patted her head and said that she did a good job, “Good job everyone, you can all get some rest now, I will watch after you,” said Ping as he happily patted Floriana’s head.

After petting his beasts for a few minutes, they all reached the limit for how long they could stay up and they gradually laid down and went to sleep even though the bright sun was shining on them. “Thanks for watching over me Jie,” said Ping as he pulled her around in front of him.

With the amount of force that Ping pulled her with, Jie was sitting on his lap and had her legs wrapped along the side of him, making it seem like she was a princess sitting on a prince’s lap. Jie’s face flushed red and was just about to get up when Ping quickly lunged forward and gave her a quick kiss on the lips before quickly standing up and walking over towards the pile of wolf corpses.

Jie’s entire face flushed red and various thoughts kept going through her head as she was wondering what just happened, and how her first kiss got taken just like that. But Ping didn’t stay behind to explain to her, as he collected all the corpses into his inventory counting each one he collected.

It took Ping a while to put them all in his inventory, and the entire time Jie was sitting in the same position, with tons of thoughts all flowing through her head and it seemed as if her brain overloaded and could not process them all at once.

After putting the last wolf corpse in his inventory, Ping was shocked to see that he had collected seven hundred and thirty two wolf corpses. With so many corpses there would come a lot of meat which he could use in his shop, and with so many bones he could probably use them to upgrade his blacksmith profession.

After collecting all the corpses, Ping started going around to all the houses that were in the town square and taking every single piece of metal he found and putting it in his inventory in hopes of being able to turn it into scrap and make a suitable handle or some throwing knives.

When Ping came out of the third house, Ping looked over at his group and saw that everybody including Jie were passed out on the ground sleeping, completely ignoring what was going on around them, leaving it up to Ping to guard them from any threats.

Each time Ping came out of a house, he would do a quick jog around the town square to make sure that they were not going to be ambushed again.  After a while, Ping was finally able to gather every single piece of metal out of all the houses, including silverware and candle holders.

When Ping was finally done with that, he had realized that he forgot to check the items that he picked up from the boss. So after walking over to where the group was sleeping, Ping opened up his inventory and took out the two items that he had picked up after the battle.

Pouch Of Infinity:
Description: Use this pouch to increase the number of slots that you have in your inventory,

Effect: Increase your inventory by five slots

“Not too bad, but kind of useless,” said Ping before using the item, permanently increasing his inventory by five slots before moving onto the next and final item.

Light Wolf Leg Armor:
Description: This item is designed for the basic wolf to equip, and can be consistently upgraded

Amor: 6

Weight: 3 ½ Pounds

Effect: Increases the users dexterity by 3 when equipped

“Well this item is actually useful, might as well give it to Albus as soon as he wakes up,” putting it back into his inventory.

After looking at all the items that the boss dropped, Ping went over to an empty and wide area in the town square, then took out the dead boss monster out of his inventory. The boss monster looked as if it was just killed and it started spilling fresh blood out onto the already bloody town square.

When Ping took the giant monster out of his inventory, he realized that he had to have leveled up since such a giant monster would undoubtedly give a lot of experience, so before doing anything with the boos, Ping opened up his status and took a look.

Name: [Ping Hai]
Sex: Male Level: 9
Class: Warrior  $$$: 50471
QC:60 HP:210
Mp:10 Str:27
Dex: 22 Vit: 26
Luc: -3 Int:25


Acquired Special Skill: Death God
Description: This skill may only have one owner at a time, and you must put your life on your line in a completely desperate situation or in a fight with over five hundred enemies that can easily kill you.


·         Creates a fear factor when activated scaring nearby monsters

·         Does not allow your health to drop below one

·         Temporarily knocks you out in the middle of the fight so that your body can fight to its utmost limits.


Acquired Special Skill: Dual Wielding

Skill Level: 3

102/50,000 Swings to level up


Choose A Skill | Available Points: 4
Slash Level 4: -8
Frenzy: -1
Bird Eye: -6

(Author’s note: Bird Eye means wider vision; it’s just that I couldn’t fit it in there without completely fucking it up)

“Well damn, I got twenty grand from that fight!” said Ping, slowly re-reading all of the information once more.

Ping didn’t care much about him leveling up the dual wielding once more or the fact that he got an overpowered special skill and was instead concerned about how much money he got from the boss fight, “But it looks live I leveled up twice from that mega fight. Maybe I will end up at level twenty by the end of this raid,” he said closing everything out and resuming to look at the giant wolf corpse in front of him.

After looking at the corpse for a moment, Ping climbed on top of its face, and then started yanking on the chainmail armor, in an attempt to pull it off. And as soon as he did that, the entire piece of armor disappeared into thin air, and reappeared in his inventory as a separate item.

Chainmail Wolf Armor:
Description: Only found on boss monsters; this armor is completely useless to normal people and can only be turned into scrap metal.

Amor: 15

Weight: 60 Pounds

Effect: None

After looking at the armor, Ping felt disappointed. He was hoping that after being taken off, the armor would resize itself allowing for King Wolves to be able to equip it, but after looking at it Ping found out that it’s pretty much useless to him.

Although Ping was disappointed, that did not stop him from doing any work, and so he went to work skinning the giant wolf. Ping started on the leg that he stabbed into with his sword and found out that unlike normal wolves that have a small amount of meat on their legs, this wolf had a lot of meat.

After cutting off several layers of meat, Ping noticed that even though his swords had sliced right through it, they were unable to pierce the bone and didn’t even leave any damage behind, making the bones perfectly pristine and would either make a good weapon or armor in the future.

Just cutting off that small area of meat took Ping half an hour, so by the time it was night, Ping was only able to skin one leg. When night came, Ping stopped skinning it and put the corpse into his inventory, since he knew that his beasts and Jie would be waking up soon, and he didn’t want them to see something that had scared the living crap out of them the night before.

Instead of going into the woods to gather firewood for the night, Ping went over to one of the wooden houses and cut off the door, and then he proceeded to cut it into multiple pieces before carrying it off to where the group was sleeping and started a fire.

Ping cut off a long and thin piece of wood and put slabs of wolf meat onto it. Then held it above the fire and let it slowly cook, while he waited the group to wake up, where he would treat them to a morning breakfast or rather a scrumptious dinner.

After half an hour of slow cooking the wolf meat, Albus was the first to wake up from the smell and sluggishly walked over to Ping where he sat down and laid his body up against Ping’s. Waiting for the others to wake up.

The next person to wake up was Floriana, who happily got up and went to greet Ping, who happily patted her head for a moment before returning to stare at the fire. After her was Melanthios who woke up due to how heavy the scent of the wolf meat got.

Melanthios glanced at Ping and saw that he was alright, afterwards he just laid his head back down on the bloody ground and silently waited along with everybody else for Jie to wake up. After another five minutes of waiting Jie woke up, which surprised Ping due to how emotionally exhausted she was.

She sat upright, and slowly rubbed her eyes with her hands before getting up, walking over to Ping and sitting down next to him, just silently looking at the fire. Ping handed the stick with the meat on it to Jie then took out the beasts’ food before taking the stick away from Jie and taking a piece of meat off of it and handing it to her to eat.

The only sounds heard in the town square were the sounds of fire crackling and the sounds of bones crunching. Melanthios and Albus were completely decimating their meals, while Floriana, Ping and Jie were all slowly eating their meals, enjoying the taste.

There were no words spoken, but everybody knew that everyone was still tired after the long battle yesterday, and knew that nobody had anything to say, and were just waiting for time to pass.

“We don’t have to worry about being attacked tonight,” said Ping to the crowd.

“I looked around and it seemed that the boss from last night had gathered all of the wolves in town to this location and so now there won’t be any more until we reach the mountain. I think,” said Ping slowly whilst eating a piece of wolf meat.

Gradually, everybody let out a sigh of relief after Ping said that. Because of what happened last night, it made everyone a little bit scared and worried that the same thing would keep happening over and over again until they would eventually leave the kingdom.

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