Slaughter System – Chapter 18

While running towards the boss monster, blood was constantly flying off from Ping’s body and dripping onto the ground, making it seem like he just got out of a pool and was running around after a swim.

As soon as the beast saw that Ping was running at it, it thought that it was undermining it and charged towards Ping in an unbelievable speed. The boss monster practically teleported over to Ping, who had somehow managed to jump out of the way in time, preventing himself from being body slammed by the giant wolf.

Ping quickly ran up to one of the monster’s legs and stabbed his sword in between one of the holes in the chain-mail armor, then very quickly stabbed his other sword above the first sword, and it seemed as if Ping was trying to use his swords to climb his way up the beast’s leg. It was as if he was using an ice pick to climb up a frozen glacier.

As soon as the wolf got stabbed, it let out a loud howl that could be heard throughout the entire village, and multiple wolves came running towards the town square in response. Ping was momentarily stunned because of how loud the howl was and was forced to take a few seconds to reorient himself.

During those few seconds, the wolf was constantly shaking its leg in an attempt to send off Ping flying so that it could stamp him to death. Ping managed to hold on though, and when he got his bearings back, he continued to use his swords to climb a little higher up the beasts leg.

With each stab, the wolf kept getting madder and madder, constantly stamping around on the ground and swinging its leg back and forth hoping to knock Ping off. If Melanthios or Albus were fighting with the wolf with Ping, then they would have already been stamped to death, but luckily they weren’t and were instead fighting off the wolves that were running into the town square to help out the giant wolf.

While Melanthios and Albus were fighting at the edge of the town square, Ping was slowly but steadily climbing up the giant wolf in the middle of town square. Using his swords as ice picks, Ping climbed the giant wolf and was shakily standing on its back.

Ping very quickly stabbed into its back with his two swords, so that he does not fall off due to the wolf rampaging around like a wild bull. Knowing that Ping was on its back now, the wolf started jumping around even harder while flinging its body around at weird angles.

There were constant booms resounding out the town square, and the odd shaped building were rocking back and forth making the people on the ground feel like an earthquake was going on. Jie held onto Floriana’s back for her dear life, while watching Ping try to stay on the back of the giant wolf.

Even though Jie was on her back, Floriana was not just standing doing nothing, she was constantly shooting out webs at the giant wolf’s feet in an attempt to slow it down and make it harder for it to fling about, letting Ping able to do some damage to it.

On top of the wolf’s back Ping was getting flung about and was having trouble staying on top of the giant beast, “Oh, how I would love to see how much health this bitch has,” said Ping in a very shaky voice whilst being flung about.

And as an answer to his question, a notification screen popped up, giving Ping all the information about it.

Boss Monster: Wolf Village Elder
Health: 9,820/10,000


  • Body Slam
  • Howl (Call for Reinforcement)
  • Rampage

“Oh, fuck me!” said Ping whilst being flung about. But suddenly, the wolf slowed down and seemed to be catching breath, whilst having trouble moving due to how many webs were on its legs due to Floriana constantly shooting at it.

Ping used this opportunity to take out his dagger and dragged it down from the wolf’s back creating a painful burning effect that will rapidly deplete its health. The giant wolf howled a painful howl that resounded throughout the night sky, and Ping who was on top was momentarily shaken before pulling his two swords off its back and running up to its neck.

After that painful and tired howl, Ping knew that this was the best opportunity to damage it, so he quickly ran up to its neck and started slashing repeatedly  with his two swords over and over again, while activating slash so that he could do as much damage as possible.

Ping was able to slash six times at its neck before it used its remaining energy to start rampaging again, which greatly surprised Ping since he had thought that he would have more time than that. So Ping was sent flying into the air and ended up landing on the giant wolf’s nose.

Thoughts of whether Ping was extremely lucky or extremely unlucky to have landed on the wolf’s nose quickly flashed through his mind before stabbing the wolf on the nose with his swords and prepared to hang on for dear life.

Victory had already been decided for Ping if he could just hold on long enough and let time take over, but time is not something that he had, due to his remaining strength quickly depleting and the fact that the longer this wolf stayed alive, the more wolves Melanthios and Albus would have to deal with.

Unfortunately, even though Ping wanted to take out his dagger again and burn this guy’s nose, he was unable to because of it constantly flapping about, making Ping’s body constantly bounce up and down over and over again, repeatedly hitting his body on the wolf’s nose.

At this moment, Ping was like a bouncy ball, that when it hit a surface would immediately bounce back up then fall once more just to bounce again, and that process just happened over and over again, repeatedly doing damage to Ping and the wolf.

When Ping was on its back, he was at least able to lodge his feet into its back and make it so that he would not fly into the air very much, but when Ping’s upper half body was on the nose and his lower half was hanging off, Ping was unable to do that, making him fly all over the place.

Although the wolf was only rampaging for a minute, it seemed like an eternity for Ping who was constantly being bounced up and down. But as soon as it stopped, Ping used his last bit of energy to quickly shake out of being stunned and climb up the wolf’s nose then throw his two swords into the wolfs eyes.

Swish! Swish!

Both swords flew quickly and accurately hit the wolf in the eyes blinding it and made it bleed even more. Instantly, the wolf tried to start rampaging again but was too tired so it was only able to slightly move its body in response to the incredible pain.

Seeing that the wolf was unable to respond to the incredible pain, Ping quickly pulled out his dagger then stabbed the wolf in the eye and slowly drug the knife down through its skin all the way to its nose, creating a large burn mark and making a large amount of blood flow out.

If anybody was under the wolf, they would be instantly enveloped in a blood rain. It seemed as if buckets of blood were pouring out of the wolfs face and neck, creating somewhat of a light rain that slammed down against the ground below creating a large puddle of blood, that increasingly grew with each passing minute.

Visibly, you were able to tell how tired and how much pain the wolf was in, but it was simply unable to do anything due to how much it rampaged and wasted its energy. Within that minute of Ping creating that long fiery gash across its face, its legs started shaking for a moment then collapsed to the ground, with its life just barely hanging on.

Quickly due to blood loss, and extreme pain the giant wolf closed its eyes never to open them again. But due to the swords, its eyelids were stuck half closed, making it impossible for the dead wolf to fully close its eyes.

Out of respect, Ping quickly pulled out his two swords letting its eyelids close, ending this long but short battle that would be remembered. After its eyelids closed, Ping put the body into his inventory for safekeeping and so that he could check if there were any rewards under it.

Which there was, there was a large empty pouch that was lying flat on the ground, along with a set of armor that looks as if it was made for wolves. Ping slowly walked over and picked the two items up, ignoring the battle that was going on behind him.

While he was walking over there, Ping used his last remaining sliver of energy to yell to Floriana, “Floriana its safe now. Climb down and help out Melanthios and Albus,” he said before putting the two items into his inventory and collapsing onto his back staring up at the night sky.

After the long night battle, Ping was barley awake, even though in the middle he had somehow been knocked unconscious. He was breathing heavily and slowly while staring at the night sky, he was covered in blood and sweat and if anybody else appeared at this moment, it looked as if Ping was dying.

Even though he wasn’t, he was just very tired and covered in wolf blood along with some of his own. Soon Ping lost the energy to stay and awake and fell into slumber. Leaving him completely unable to defend himself from the wolves that were everywhere in the kingdom.

With the help of Floriana, Melanthios and Albus, they were quickly able to deal with the remaining wolves before quickly running over to where Ping was sitting. The three beasts were just staring at him while Jie quickly climbed down from Floriana and put her hand on Ping’s face.

When she put her hand on his face, her hand was immediately covered in fresh warm blood. Suddenly, she started crying. It was a happy and sad cry, “Why would you protect someone like me? What did I do to deserve you to protect me?” asked the girl towards the unconscious Ping who was unable to respond to her many questions that kept coming out of her mouth.

Even though she knew that Ping was alive and would be alright, she was unable to stop herself from crying over what he did for her. After knowing that Ping was alright, the three beasts relaxed a little bit then sat down around Ping and looked around everywhere not letting more wolves sneak up on them again.

Very slowly the night passed by, with everybody staying up and looking around, keeping guard so that no wolves could ambush them and end up hurting Ping. Hours passed by and soon the sun rose into the sky, lighting up many wolf corpses that were scattered around the town square.

The heavy smell of blood was lingering around in the air, and Jie along with the beasts had tired looks on their faces and they were ready to fall asleep at anytime, but they remained diligent so that Ping would be alright.

After another hour of silently waiting for Ping to wake up, Ping did wake up and moved his head around, seeing that he was surrounded by his beasts and Jie sitting on top of Floriana looking down further into the village.

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