Slaughter System – Chapter 17

After healing up completely, Ping gathered all of the corpse and put them into his inventory. Then Ping, along with Jie and his three beasts, walked into the village center. There were no more wolves. Ping and Jie started to explore the houses, while Albus, Melanthios, and Floriana stayed outside to rest and to make sure that no wolves come and bother them.

Inside of the house, Ping and Jie were both forced to bend down so far to the ground that it seemed like they were crawling. The overall height of the room was not big for humans but for wolves. It seemed like just the right size.

The house had the normal things that it should have like tables, chairs, a kitchen, a living room, and a bathroom. And upstairs there was a master bedroom and a regular bedroom that had a baby carriage in it, but was lacking a baby.

Everything inside the house was small, making it hard for Ping and Jie to walk around, but while they were exploring, they found some gold coins along with a bandage and what seemed like alchemy ingredients.

He put the bandage into his inventory but had Jie carry the alchemy ingredients and the gold. Though it wouldn’t have taken any room in his inventory, Ping wanted Jie to have some money even if it was only a small amount since she had patched him up.

Walking out of the house, Ping found that everything was fine. His three beasts were just laying down in the middle of the town square relaxing, but were constantly moving their heads around making sure that nothing sneaks up on them.

Since there was a lot of houses around the town square, Ping had Albus and Jie go searching houses together, while he searched houses all on his own. Jie could have gone alone, but because Ping wanted her to be safe he made her take Albus with her, decreasing the amount of people or rather beasts that were watching over the town square.

After searching ten houses, Ping didn’t find any wolves in them, but found nearly a hundred gold coins, three bandages and a lot of different ingredients. There were weirdly colored flowers, some harsh smelling herbs and some long grasses that had a yellow tinge to it, just naming a few.

When Ping came out of the last house, he saw Jie sitting against Melanthios drawing the town square. Ping went and sat down next to her, silently watching her draw for a moment before talking to her, “Put these in your inventory and tell me what you found,” he said while handing the alchemy ingredients he found over to Jie who put them in her inventory.

After putting the ingredients in her inventory, Jie took out some bandages along with a single potion and handed them to Ping, “I found two bandages and a single health potion, I also found some gold and alchemy ingredients but I’m keeping the gold. I know you want me to hold the ingredients,” she said before continuing to draw the town.

He put the items in his inventory before standing up, “Tell me when you’re done drawing, but take your time. We don’t have to rush since it will take long to clear this anyway,” he said before standing up and taking his swords out of his inventory and starting to practice his dual wielding skill.

“Alright,” Jie spoke not even bothering to take her eyes off her drawing to speak to Ping who was already swinging his swords around, trying to imitate the battle from earlier.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Ping continued to swing his swords through the air one after another. He was totally focused on what he was doing, leaving his protection to his three beasts. Hour by hour passed by and Jie was sill carefully drawing the town while Ping never stopped swinging his swords.

Soon it became night and it was time for everyone to eat. So Ping went into the forest leaving the three beasts behind and started to gather fire wood. Surprisingly, there were no wolves lurking around in the forest, so he was able to peacefully gather a bundle of fire wood before going back to the town square and lighting a fire.

After using his ring to light the fire, Ping fed his three beasts then took some wolf meat out of his inventory, put it on a long stick and held it over the fire, silently waiting for it to finish cooking while Jie was putting the finishing touches on her drawing.

When she was finally finished with her drawing, the food had already finished cooking and Ping was waiting for her to finish so that they could eat together. Jie handed her drawing over to Ping and he handed some food over to her.

Even though he had seen her drawings before, he was still surprised when he saw her most recent drawing. It was like she had taken a black and white photo of her surroundings then somehow made it appear on paper.

It was absolutely stunning. It perfectly captured how the town looked, and it even seemed to capture how it would feel if you yourself were in one of the oddly shaped houses. Ping looked at the drawing for a full minute before handing it back to Jie and started to eat.

There were no conversations that night, so dinner passed by quickly. Just before going to sleep he checked his experience bar by opening his status, and saw that it was only thirty-six percent full even after killing so many wolves the previous day along with today.

So if his math was correct that meant that for every percent he would have to kill ten wolves, making it so that he has to kill one thousand wolves before he can level up to level eight. This gave him mixed feelings of happiness, annoyance, anger, and surprise.

He liked that it takes a long time to level up and that you have to level up. But he also felt annoyed that it would take a long time to level up. He was angry because he said he would get to max level with every class, so now he has to do it, and he was just generally surprised at how many wolves he would have to kill.

After those thoughts went through his mind, he laid down and went to sleep. Knowing that he would be fighting a hell of a lot tomorrow,  he would need his energy to be at its best. Three hours of peaceful sleep went by before Melanthios suddenly jumped up and howled.

To that howl, Ping’s eyes snapped open. He jumped off the ground and quickly took his two swords out of his inventory then looked around to see hundreds of wolves surrounding them. Each wolf had arrogance shown on its face since they had completely surrounded the small group and knew that they could easily kill them.

When Melanthios howled, Ping was not the only one to wake up. Floriana and Albus quickly jumped up and looked around them and noticed that they were surrounded, while Jie slowly got up off the ground and groggily looked around before walking over to Ping.

“Are we going to die?” Jie asked in a voice that seemed as if she simply didn’t care whether they died or not.

As a response to her question, Ping quickly grabbed her by her thighs and ran over to Floriana then place Jie on top of her, “Floriana, we will clear a path for you, get on top of one of the buildings and protect Jie,” said Ping before calling over Melanthios and Albus.

Since they were surrounded, Ping knew that simply standing in one place was not going to do anything and charged straight into the wolves that were surrounding him, intending to clear away forward. Melanthios knew that this time, they really had to try hard or they would really die, so he immediately charged next to Ping and ended up trampling many wolves and stunning a lot.

Then Albus came in, biting the necks of the stunned wolves, breaking the neck killing the wolves while blood flowed out onto the ground. This time Albus didn’t charge forward intending to kill as many as possible and instead stuck close to Melanthios and killed the wolves that Melanthios stunned.

Ping was moving the fastest. Leading the charge, putting his dual wielding skill to good use, constantly slicing off the head of any wolf that was in his way. Ping was constantly hit over and over again as he charged further and further into the group of wolves, but he simply did not care and kept killing while moving forward.

Blood was flowing out of Ping’s back, face, arms and chest without stopping. Yet Ping did not slow down, retreat or even pull out a healing item and just kept killing more and more. Ping was in a complete frenzy and was just killing without regards to his own safety.

Gradually, Ping actually broke away from Melanthios due to how fast and how quickly he was killing the wolves and ended up reaching the nearest house first, where he killed all the wolves that were around it allowing Floriana to quickly rush forward through the group of wolves and climb onto the house.

Floriana quickly started climbing the odd-shaped house, but was having great difficulties due to the fact that on the way to the house she was constantly attacked from behind and was having a hard time defending herself with Jie on top of her.

So as she was climbing, Ping quickly took a health potion from his inventory and threw its contents onto Floriana who was slowly climbing the wall. With the health potion splashed on her, Floriana got a burst of energy and quickly started climbing the house and was on top looking down below, watching Ping, Melanthios and Albus fight with their lives on the line.

Ping’s health had already dropped to one but even though he kept getting hit, his health never went down and was seemingly stuck at one no matter how much Ping was bleeding or how many times he got hit.

Ping’s eyes were bloodshot and he had lost consciousness during the middle of the fight, so now Ping was fighting completely unrestrained and was fighting like a complete monster, brutally killing anything that got close to him.

His pants were dyed completely red with blood and his body looked as if he was covered in red war paint. No part of his body was white anymore and instead, was completely red, and as he swung his swords, drops of blood would fly off of him and hit the wolves that were around him.

Ping was killing even more than his two beasts that were working as a team. Melanthios and Albus were not taking as much damage as Ping but both were still injured and their health was still steadily depleting, but as Ping rampaged more and more, the wolves focused on him leaving his two beasts time to recover.

If Ping was a cook he would have set a world record for how fast he was slicing and dicing any wolves that came close to him, very quickly there were only one hundred remaining wolves, and Ping was gradually starting to wake up from unconsciousness but he was still fighting just as he was when he was knocked out.

Very quickly the hundred remaining wolves were turned into mincemeat by Ping and the only one standing was Ping, who was bleeding profusely. Ping was standing in the middle of hundreds of corpses and had his two swords next to him, while blood was dripping off his body and falling to the ground.

The current Ping looked like a god of death who had just finished massacring mankind. Looking around, Ping realized how much of a monster he was to have survived this, but very quickly wrapped a bandage around both of his arms, and gradually his health went up.

Ping looked and saw that even though both Melanthios and Albus were covered in blood they were alright, next he looked up and saw Floriana and Jie who were safely sitting on the roof staring down at him, who was covered in blood and surrounded by corpses.

Ping noticed that tears were streaming out of Jie’s eyes. Jie was scared for Ping who had almost died and had used his life to protect hers, a girl who has no family and has nothing to live for; he used his life to save hers.

That touched her deeply, and at that moment when Ping looked up at her and smiled, she realized that she had feelings for Ping and was extremely happy that he was safe.

Ping smiled at Jie and was just about to speak to her, when he heard a loud thumping coming from around the corner, and when he looked, he got really annoyed.

Standing at the edge of the town square was a giant wolf that looked just like Melanthios but was at least seven or eight meters bigger making it five meters tall and had chain mail armor covering its entire body, and was viciously looking at Ping like he wanted to kill him.

“Fuck me, why does a boss monster have to come now,” said Ping before ignoring what his health was at, then charged towards the giant wolf.

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