Slaughter System – Chapter 16

Ping, Jie, and the beasts all appeared on a large dirt path that led into a large village that was filled with oddly shaped houses. There were wolves walking around everywhere and some even seemed to be talking to each other by growls and howls.

Surrounding the village was just a forest. It was not the same forest as the one Ping was always in, it was different. The trees did not stretch up into the sky and were unable to be seen. Instead, they were regular pine trees just like the ones back on earth.

Looking further than the village, you could see a tall mountain. On that mountain were several high class houses along with a large castle at the very top. The entire thing did look like a big kingdom or rather, a very large city with its own separate district.

Looking back, Ping could see that most of the wolves were located in the town square. There were actually several wolves pushing open doors to houses and going inside, then using their tail to close the door behind them.

“Melanthios go grab their attention,” commanded Ping before turning around and talking to the rest of the group. While he was speaking to the rest of the group, Melanthios ran forward and grabbed the wolves attention. He ran around in a circle and got as many wolves attention as he could before running back to Ping.

Ping could see that there were at least fifty or sixty wolves following behind Melanthios and he knew that it was actually going to be a challenge to kill all of them without dying. “Change of plans… Floriana you will fight as well, don’t stay in the back and instead charge forward with me with Albus and Melanthios,” Ping said while informing Jie as well with a slightly nervous but excited expression on his face.

As soon as the group of wolves got to the middle of the dirt path, Ping charged forward with Albus, Floriana, and Melanthios following behind. Instead of just having one sword out, Ping took out both swords, deciding that it would be a good chance to get used to fighting with dual swords.

It only took a few moments before both sides started clashing. Instantly, there were numerous dead wolves. And Ping had already been hit three times forcing him to slow down a bit. He let his three beast friends lead the charge.

Floriana was spewing webs out and using her rear end to send wolves flying back, making it so that she was able to focus on killing one wolf at a time whilst stunning a large group of others. Next was Albus, who at this moment seemed even faster than Melanthios and used his speed to quickly maneuver through the group and deal a fatal attack to a wolf before moving onto the next.

But Melanthios was definitely the most brutal out of the bunch. Using his giant paws to hit wolves on the side and send them crashing into their friends, while using his jaws to clamp down onto wolves and crush their bodies completely in his mouth before dropping it onto the ground and moving onto the next wolf.

Although the three beasts were ahead of Ping, that did not mean he was not contributing. He was actually doing very good by running through the crowd without caring about what damage he took and slicing off two wolf heads at the same time with his dual swords before moving onto the next one.

Due to the ruthlessness of the four of them, the battle ended rather quickly with Melanthios and Albus killing twenty each while Floriana and Ping managed to kill ten each making it a total of sixty wolf deaths.

Unfortunately though, Ping was the one that was most injured and was forced to take a break and rest before telling Melanthios to go and gather another group. Even though they killed sixty wolves, that was just a tiny blip compared to how many wolves were wondering around the village, let alone the entire kingdom.

With those large numbers, it was truly proving that this was definitely a raid, and a challenging one at that. Although it would definitely be easier if you are a team of people with all different classes, instead of just four powerhouses not caring about the damage and charging in recklessly just so they could have fun.

After the last wolf died, Ping quickly took out his makeshift bandages and was about to apply them to his ripped up chest, but when he looked down at his shirt and saw how bloody dirty and ripped up it was, Ping decided to just take it off and wrap the bandages around his naked upper body.

Jie who was waiting at the end of the path came up and took the makeshift bandages out of Ping’s hand, and just as he was about to ask what she was doing, she started to wrap it around his body for him, so that he could relax and regain his strength.

Or at least that’s what Ping thought, but Jie saw his bare upper body and saw how many muscles he had, and noticed that she had the perfect opportunity to get close to him and touch his muscles while helping him out, of course.

While Jie was doing that, Ping was thinking that it was nice to have a cute girl get so close to him and use her soft hands to wrap the bandages around his body. Looking at his health though, Ping noticed that he only had fifty remaining but it was going up rather fast, with the bandage.

Inwardly, however, he was worried that if just from that one battle he had to use bandages, then he was going to be stuck in this raid for a very long time since the kingdom was so big. But what worried him more was that these wolves were stronger than the ones in the dark forest so that means that the boss monsters were going to be incredibly annoying.

After wrapping up Ping in bandages, Jie sat down next to Ping and simply waited with him to get his health back. After ten minutes of just sitting, Ping was back to full health and told Melanthios to go gather more wolves.

While Melanthios ran into the village, Jie walked back to the end of the path and Ping collected all the wolf corpses into his inventory. Luckily these corpses stacked up, so it looked as if his inventory would not get full anytime soon.

As soon as Melanthios ran into the town square, he quickly ran around and hit each house heavily with his paw first, making the wolves inside come out. After doing that, he then ran further in and gathered even more wolves. This time, coming back with one hundred wolves following him.

Clearly indicating that the previous fight wasn’t enough fun so he decided to gather more wolves this time, “Well shit, guess I gotta play it safe this time,” said Ping before readying his two swords and getting into a battle stance, silently waiting for the wolves to arrive.

Melanthios arrived next to Ping rather quickly and was waiting for Ping to tell him when he could go fight with them. Ping never did, instead he waited for the wolves to come to him before he began fighting, while carefully watching his surroundings.

And so another battle ensued. This time Melanthios was fighting even more brutally, in an attempt to get more kills then Albus, who was clearly his junior. Melanthios charged into the middle of the large group and started rampaging like a wild bull, stomping his body around hitting multiple wolves, while chomping down on the ones that got too close.

Albus like before was rushing through the group of wolves fatally attacking any that got in his way, but was repeatedly returning to where Floriana was to attack the wolves that got stunned. Before running into the fight, Floriana spit out a ton of webs slowing down the wolves before they got close, then charging in and biting their heads off.

Everybody was moving throughout the battlefield, except for Ping who was still standing in the same spot, but around him laid multiple wolf bodies, showing that even though he didn’t move, they would come to him.

This time, since he wasn’t trying to be the best, he could focus on defense making it nearly impossible for the wolves to hit him. This resulted with him not being touched by the end of the battle, while the others took varying amounts of damage.

This time though, Melanthios was in the lead for kills. Killing fifty out of the one hundred wolves, while Albus killed twenty and Ping killed twenty. Floriana killed ten, but she slowed down the majority of the wolves, making it so that she was not undervalued.

Since Ping didn’t have to rest this time around, he allowed Melanthios to go gather more wolves while he cleaned up the bodies by putting them into his inventory. By the time Ping finished putting all the corpses into his inventory, Melanthios was already running on his way back, with even more wolves following behind him this time once again.

This time there were one hundred and fifty wolves following behind him. It was practically a small army following behind. This time, Ping was slightly annoyed as he knew it was going to be a little bit more of a challenge than he wanted.

Quickly, Melanthios was next to him again and was looking at him happily, “Melanthios, do not increase the number of wolves more than this. Because with this it’s going to be hard to survive and with even more than this it will be nearly impossible,” Ping said to Melanthios in a stern voice before facing back to the incoming wolf army.

After Ping spoke to him, Melanthios knew that he had messed up by continuously gathering more and more wolves, but he quickly shook off his sadness and prepared for battle. Just like the last fight, Ping didn’t allow anybody to rush forward and instead made them wait for the wolf army to come to them.

Just before the wolf army arrived Ping spoke to Floriana, “Floriana fire webs into the middle of the group now, and do it whenever possible during the fight this time, even though it will be hard for you, you need to do it so that we can survive,” he said without even turning his head around.

And immediately, webs were sent flying into the middle of the wolf army, making half of the back slow down while the front half arrived in front of Ping who started fighting with the group. As a sorry to Ping, Melanthios led the fight off with a charge killing multiple wolves and stunning a large number of them, before going on a rampage.

Albus quickly rushed up to Melanthios and killed the stunned ones, very quickly removing a moderate number of wolves from the fight, making the numbers drop to almost a hundred. Ping was standing in front of Floriana and killing any wolves that tried to attack her while she continued to fire webs at the back of the wolf army slowing it down even more.

After firing ten more webs, Floriana joined the fight and started slaughtering monsters along with everybody else. Due to Floriana joining the fight a little bit late, the number of wolves on Ping increased and he was forced to use slash over and over again just to lessen the number so that he could take as many hits.

Due to Floriana firing her webs early, it made it so when half at the back of the wolf army caught up, the front half was pretty much decimated leaving only one or two wolves alive, allowing for Ping and the beasts to quickly deal with them.

After the fight, Ping quickly went over to the side of the road and took out his last bandage, which he was about to apply before Jie ran up and took it off his hands then started applying it for him. It was so that he could rest, and so she could once more touch his muscles.

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