Slaughter System – Chapter 15

After killing the last wolf, Ping finally leveled up again, making him level seven while allowing him to either chose a new skill or upgrade an old one.

Name: [Ping Hai]
Sex: Male Level: 7
Class: Warrior  $$$: 30471
QC:60 HP:190
Mp:10 Str:24
Dex: 17 Vit: 20
Luc: -3 Int:25


Choose A Skill | Available Points: 4
Slash Level 3: -4
Frenzy: – 4
Bird Eye: -6

“Might as well upgrade my slash. But damn, my stats have improved a lot since last time, guess training does help,” said Ping before clicking slash, indicating that he wanted to upgrade it once more. Like usual, a flood of information rushed into Ping’s head for a moment, before everything went back to normal.

After upgrading slash, Ping put away all the wolf corpses, then walked over to the stunned group of students, “Well time to go back, unless you are willing to continue watching me fight?” asked Ping towards the group of stunned students.

The first one to pop back into reality was naturally the science club president, “I speak for everybody here, and I say that we would like to continue to watch you fight.” After saying that, the students around there merely nodded their heads towards her statement.

“Why are you all acting like that? It’s really not that impressive,” said Ping before walking through the forest once more, in search of another pack of wolves.

While walking through the forest, Ping spoke to his three beasts, “Melanthios, Floriana, and Albus, you all can go and hunt if you want, but you have to stick together,” and as soon as he did, the three instantly ran off into another direction in search of prey.

Now the only one protecting the students from danger was Ping, who simply didn’t care about their lives, and would most certainly abandon them to save his own. Though those thoughts flew through the students’ minds, they did not decide to go back, and instead decided to stay with Ping.

Throughout the day, Ping ran into multiple pack of wolves. But with him increasingly getting better with his sword and with his upgraded slash, it was incredibly easy for Ping to deal with them, leaving the group of students even more amazed at how good Ping was in fighting.

To the students, it seemed as if this had been Ping’s normal everyday life for multiple years, at how unscathed he was at dealing with the giant monsters and how easily he was able to kill them. Afterwards, he would just move onto another group like the previous fight had not happened.

Even though the hours continuously ticked by, nobody complained and instead followed Ping willingly, hoping to learn more by watching him fight. Very soon it was night-time, and Ping started heading back towards the school, after hunting twenty different pack of wolves.

Although, even after killing over a hundred wolves, Ping still did not level up and he was finally beginning to feel how annoying it would be to level up in the future. The group walked back to school. The students were either just staring at him with eyes filled with amazement or were constantly asking him questions on how he wasn’t scared or how he was so good at fighting.

Ping would answer some questions but ignore most of them, but while walking he had a question suddenly pop into his head and asked the science club president, who was slowly following behind him looking tired, “How come, the club presidents at the school didn’t send anybody out to go explore the forest, even though they are in need of food?”

“They did, or rather at the time it was we did, but we sent out three different groups at different intervals to go explore the forest, and by my guess they went too far in and ended up dying to the wolves before making it back.”

“Huh, well I guess they aren’t too stupid and only depending on their families.”

“It was my idea,” said the science club president, “But when I said we needed to send more people out, they firmly disagreed and instead decided to wait for help to come,” she said with clear annoyance on her face.

“Well I guess people in that school always go full retard,” said Ping facing forward once more.

This time their walked went slower, due to the students finally feeling the fatigue of fighting all morning then walking around the uneven forest ground all day. The group had to stop walking and took a break three times before finally making it back to the school.

When they got back to the school, Ping didn’t even bother to say goodbye to the group of students before leaving them all alone and walking back to his camp, where he found Melanthios, Floriana, and Albus waiting for him.

Since it was already nighttime, Ping fed them, lit a fire, then had Jie cook the wolf meat while he went to a good distance away from his camp and started skinning the wolves that he killed today. When he was finished skinning ten of the wolves, suddenly a notice popped up.

Acquired Special Skill: Skinning

Skill Level: 1

0/500 to level up

“Oh, that’s rather nice… maybe I can acquire a duel welding skill,” he said before resuming to skin wolves.

Ping was only able to skin one more wolf before Jie told him that the meat was done and that he could come eat. Ping quickly finished eating then resumed to skin another wolf before going to sleep.

As the morning sun rose into the sky, Ping was already wide awake and before doing training, he was skinning more wolves, and had been for hours already. Ping wanted to get it done so that he doesn’t have anything on his mind while he is training.

Ping was unable to skin all the wolves though, as his training time began, for an hour he did basic exercises. Then he took out both of his swords and started to swing them around, all be it, it looked extremely clumsy and unprofessional, and the fact that the two swords that he was using are big enough that it forces you to use them with two hands.

After an hour of clumsily swinging the two swords around, Ping started to improve, though it was only a small bit. The swinging of the swords looked a lot less clumsy and started to look a little bit professional. Another hour passed by and it was time to start his next training. But just as Ping stopped training an alert popped up.

Acquired Special Skill: Duel Wielding

Skill Level: 1

0/15000 Swings to level up


Ping was very happy, but not very surprised since he had already guessed that something like this would happen. But instead of continuing to practice with his swords, Ping decided to stick to his regular training schedule.

So that’s how the rest of that day went, Ping trained all day while Jie just sat up against Melanthios and watched Ping train. Albus got bored in the middle of the day so he jumped into the lake and started splashing around while Floriana started to climb the extremely tall trees.

Leaving only Melanthios laying on the ground sleeping, completely ignoring what was going on around him. So just like that the day ended, Ping fed his beasts, himself and Jie, then went to sleep, and when he woke up, he once more skinned wolves then just did the same thing as yesterday before going to sleep once more.

Ping did that for seven days before he decided to stop. On the seventh day, Ping managed to get his Dual Wielding to level two and get his skinning three-quarters of the way to level two. Throughout these seven days nobody came to bother him, allowing him to train in peace.

On the morning of the eighth day, Ping took everybody into the forest to level up, and like last time, Ping allowed Melanthios, Floriana and Albus to hunt on their own whilst he hunted wolf packs and Jie simply followed behind him.

At the end of the eighth day, Ping decided to stay in the forest instead of going back to the school since it was too much work to continuously walk back and forth from the school to the deep part of the forest. And Ping had no reason to go back there at the moment, considering that he had already completed all the quests that he could do at the moment.

On the morning of the ninth day, Ping opened up the dev log like normal and looked to see if there were any new updates added.

  Previous Updates: 0.0.1, 0.0.2, 0.0.3, 0.0.4, 0.0.5

Click To View Them

V.0.0.6: Added new classes, added an experience bar, added kingdoms (Raids)

  • New Class: Thief
  • New Class: Rouge
  • Added Experience Bar
  • Added Kingdoms for Every Zone (Raids)



Ping was actually extremely happy with the things added. He didn’t care about the classes too much and rather cared about the experience bar that was added along with the raids. Since for Ping, it has been incredibly annoying running around the forest trying to find wolves to kill to get more experience.

But with raids,  the monsters are grouped up! It will be incredibly easy for him to kill a bunch of stuff and get a lot of experience. With the boss monsters that are always in raids, it will finally provide a worthwhile challenge for him.

As soon as Ping and everybody else finished eating, he added Jie to his party then set off into the jungle in hope of finding a raid portal of some sort that he could enter and gather a lot of experience.

This time Ping did not allow for his three beasts to go off hunting in the jungle because he wanted them to enter the raid as soon as he finds it, since he doesn’t want to waste much time. Especially with the military coming in a few days, he wanted to get stronger so that they couldn’t overpower him with guns.

After an hour of running through the forest, Ping finally came across a dark red portal that seemed like it was constantly sucking in its surroundings when it wasn’t at all. Immediately, Ping ran up to it and stood in front, and when he did, a notification popped up.

Do you wish to enter the Wolf Kingdom? [Accept][Deny]
If so, click [Accept]. Afterwards, you will be transported to another dimension where the kingdom is located.

You will be unable to leave until you either kill the boss monster or find a return scroll.

Ping was immediately excited at finding the raid so quickly, and gathered everybody up to make sure they knew what to do.

“Melanthios you will act as the gatherer since you’re the fastest. So what you need to do is get the attention of all the monsters in the vicinity then bring them back towards us, understand?” asked Ping to Melanthios who howled as a response.

“Floriana, you will stay behind me and constantly fire off webs at the monsters in an attempt to slow them down, and when you have the chance jump in and attack them,” he said which was responded by a hiss and a shook at her rear end.

“Albus, you will be up in front with me fighting all the monsters that come towards us, but remember don’t stay too close to me and don’t drag the monsters towards me unless you need help, alright?” Albus, who like Melanthios, howled as a response.

“Jie, stay behind Floriana so you don’t get hurt, and whenever you can, use magic to attack the monsters, alright?” said Ping to Jie who simply nodded her head as a response. After confirming that everybody was ready and knew what they had to do, Ping pressed [Accept] and they were all immediately transferred into the kingdom where they would have to face up against a large number of monsters.

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