Slaughter System – Chapter 14

(Sorry for being gone so long everyone, as an apology I made chapter 14 extra long, and yes i know that it’s not long enough for you all to be happy, but even though I’m not sick anymore, that does not mean I’m not busy lol, but Enjoy!)

After three hours of constant practicing, Jie finally finished drawing and handed the notebook back to Ping, who quickly filled it with information regarding the Wolf King before handing it back to Jie and continuing to practice.

By the time the last drawing was finished, it was night-time. Everyone was hungry from not eating all day. Even though they didn’t run around as much as the next day, but it was natural to be hungry. After feeding everyone wolf meat and imp meat for Floriana, Ping laid down against a tree and went to sleep.

The next morning, since Ping had plenty of meat he didn’t go hunting and decided to spend the entire day training. When he woke up he had already planned out the entire day: first he was going to spend one hour doing basic exercise; then he was going to spend two hours practicing with his sword; after that he was going to train his strength for three hours by cutting off large pieces of wood from different trees and use them as a type of dumbbell.

After that he was going to train his stamina by holding his breath under water as long as he could multiple times for three hours and then by the time he was done, it would be the end of the day and Ping could do it all over again.

So that was what Ping did for half the day, because a large group of students came outside the school to where he was camping. There were about ten different students and no president from any club was leading them. Well, as far as Ping could tell, he didn’t care about the school very much.

While Ping was repeatedly lifting wood up and down over and over again whilst sweating,  one of the male students spoke to him, “Ummm, hello can you go and get the student council, art club and boxing club away from your shop so that we can go buy food?” asked the boy in a quiet and scared voice.

“Wow, those people are retarded,” said Ping before dropping the wood onto the ground and walking into the school.

Ping strolled through the back of the school to the front going at his own pace, not in a rush to get there. Strangely, when Ping was getting closer to his shop there was no students out wandering around and the hallways were dead quiet.

When Ping arrived in front of his shop there was another group of ten students waiting at the entrance, and when Ping was walking up to them, a large group of about fifty to sixty students ran out from nearby classrooms and from the other side of the courtyard running over trying to trap Ping.

Ping just let them all encircle him without caring at all about what was happening. The group of ten students that went to tell Ping that there were people blocking the shop all took out either their swords or wands and aimed them at Ping. The boy who talked to Ping ran at him in an attempt to surprise attack him.

Ping simply stepped backwards dodging the sword that was aimed at the side of his chest then grabbed the boy who tried to stab him by the neck and slammed him heavily onto the ground, instantly knocking him out.

After slamming the boy’s head into the ground, Ping looked around at all of the people who were surrounding him and counted each one of them. There were sixty-five students in total, thirty of them were holding swords while thirty-five of them were holding wands.

“Here’s the deal, if you all walk away now I can let you all live. Well everyone except for the retard that tried to stab me, but if you all don’t leave then I will repeatedly smash all of your faces into a wall until you die,” said Ping while maintaining a smile on his face.

Three people came out of the shop, and they were the student council president Lan, the boxing club president and the art club president, all of them had a malicious smile on their faces and acted as if they had already won.

“Now here’s the deal, you get down on your knees and beg for forgiveness or you die… it’s your choice and I recommend you decide quickly,” said Lan with an evil smile on her face.

“You all really are mentally retarded aren’t you?” said Ping before taking a large amount of pitchforks out of his inventory and quickly throwing them to multiple students, Ping was aiming for their eyes and their knees. He was aiming for their eyes so that they could not see to run away and he was aiming for their knees so they could not physically run away.

As soon as Ping started throwing them, multiple students ran at him, while the mages were launching spells towards Ping. He didn’t take out his sword and only dodged past the attacks that were sent at him. To Ping, dodging attacks from the wolves were much harder than this so it was incredibly easy for Ping to dodge past every attack without even getting a scratch while continuously throwing pitchforks.

Constant yells resounded throughout the hallway. Some were yells of people attacking Ping while most were yells or rather screams of pain from having pitchforks lodged in their eyes and knees. Very quickly, thirty of the sixty-five people were rolling around on the ground crying from the pain that they were in.

Ping didn’t stop throwing pitchforks and was constantly hitting one student after another, until the only people standing were the club presidents. “You, you- what have you done?!” said Lan in fear, while the other two were on the floor begging for Ping not to kill them.

“I really cannot believe how mentally retarded you rich jackasses are. I literally gave you multiple warnings without harming you, then I gave you even more warnings with consequences. Then you’re stupid enough to do something like this,” said Ping before taking a long sigh.

“Huuuuuuu, too bad you’re too absorbed in money,” said Ping before walking up to the three and cutting them down.

The hallway reeked of blood and bodies of students were strewn all around, making it incredibly hard to walk around. The whole fight was not even a fight really, it was just a one-sided massacre. Though they were clearly able to fight back, they could not land a hit on Ping due to the fact that he was already so adjusted to fighting and was at a much higher level than them.

After killing all of the students, Ping started to go around and loot their bodies for their clothes, weapons and money, while collecting his pitchforks. Ping stripped their bodies down to their underwear and left their bodies there before going into his shop.

After entering his shop, he walked up to Vanessa and asked her if anything had happened to the shop while he was gone.

“No sir, the only thing was a group of people who tried to rob us so I simply kicked them out and banned them from the shop, is that alright?” asked Vanessa while maintaining a smile on her face.

“That’s fine, and you don’t have to worry about them anymore because I’m pretty sure I just killed them all. But other than that, I have a new item that I want to add to the shop,” said Ping before taking the spiral notebook out of his inventory.

“The price will be five hundred gold per copy, no discounts or bulk purchases, how much will it cost to duplicate it?” asked Ping.

“Considering that its only seven pages, it will only be sold with seven pages, eight including the cover, since it is fairly simple and no enchantments or special items were added to it, each duplication will be ten gold,” said Vanessa with a smile while adding it to the shop.

“Alright then, just create a new copy whenever somebody buys one,” said Ping before walking out of the shop and back into the bloody hallway that was filled with the dead bodies of students.

Ping simply kicked the bodies that were in his way off to the side before continuing to walk down the hallway. Ping walked through the school while ignoring the students who were staring at him due to how much blood was on his clothes.

After arriving back at his camp, Ping took out all of the looted clothes and dropped them in the water, he also took off his own clothes as well, attempting to get the blood out of all of them before they get stained and ruined.

Ping proceeded to clean all of the bloody clothes. There were little to no scratches or holes on the shirts and they were all in relatively one piece. Ping scrubbed as hard as he could to get the blood out of a shirt before moving onto the next one.

After about two hours of cleaning, he was done, and all of the clothes were pretty much blood free. When he was done doing that, Ping tore a few pieces of bark off a tree, drenched them in water to get the sap off, then he laid it on the ground under the sun and put the wet clothes on it, letting them get dried out, while he trained.

Though he did not train for long before a large group of students all walked towards him whilst holding their weapons out ready to attack him at any given moment. The one’s leading this group of misfits were the club presidents.

The first person to speak was the kendo club president, when she looked at Ping she had a horrified look on her face, “Pi- Ping Hai, a- all of us are here to apprehend you and trial you in a court of law for the horrendous crimes that you have committed,” said the kendo club president in an extremely scared voice whilst stuttering.

Ping did not stop swinging his sword around in the air and instead spoke to them while he was training, “I have not committed any crimes, they attempted to kill me while I simply defended myself. And they ganged up on me with numbers whilst I was all alone,” said Ping making it sound like he was the victim.

“Also if you think that you all are able to grab me go ahead and try it, but of course you all will end up dead for no reason whatsoever… it will simply be a one-sided massacre,” he said while continuing to swing his sword over and over again at an invisible target.

This time the wrestling club president stepped forward and spoke, “Do you really think you can take on all of us? There is over three hundred of us here and even more inside the school,” said the wrestling club president in an unafraid and arrogant manner.

Ping simply looked at him for a moment before putting his attention back to his training, “Wow, can’t believe how many retards there are in such a prestigious school, also did you even count the bodies? There were sixty of them and yet I sill killed them all without even getting touched… Also speaking of them, I stole their uniforms and they will be for sale in my shop tomorrow, and don’t worry I cleaned all the blood out, you got to be considerate to your customers you know?”

After Ping said that, the wrestling club president along with everybody else were just dumbfounded. What kind of person does it take to kill people then strip them down to their underwear, afterwards he then says he’s gonna sell their clothes? And he is saying that he’s being considerate by cleaning them? Just what kind of person does it take to do something like that?

All those thoughts went through everybody’s mind at the same time, the first one to snap back to life was the wrestling club president, who woke up the kendo club president and the others before bringing the large group of people back into the school and leaving Ping alone.

What Ping said seemed to have woken everybody up and made them realize that Ping simply doesn’t give a shit. He will kill anyone who annoys him without caring about the repercussions. He would do whatever he wants when he wants to do it and anyone who stands in his way will die.

As the group of people were walking away Ping stopped swinging his sword around and instead held it on his arms then began clapping, “Congratulations, you have jumped up from being full retards to half retards, while the science club president is not as retarded since she chose not to come,” said Ping with a smile on his face while clapping.

After clapping and saying what he wanted, Ping returned to training and the day seemed to go on as if nothing happened. Ping was all alone, except for the girl who was sitting on the ground lying against Melanthios watching him train.

After training with his sword, Ping was about to start his strength training but the science club president along with around ten students came walking out of the hole in the wall. The ten students stayed by the wall whilst the science club president walked to Ping.

“Can you teach us how to survive?” asked the science club president, lacking any fear or arrogance in her voice.

Ping stopped what he was doing and looked up at the science club president, “You have money?” asked Ping treating the science club president like equals unlike the other club presidents.

“All together we have eleven hundred golds, will that be enough?”

“Sure, I will teach you tomorrow. Go to my shop and buy my guide on the monsters in the Forest of Darkness and I will take the remaining money as payment,” said Ping before starting up his strength training.

Seeing that Ping was going to speak no more, the science president along with the ten other students left Ping and went back inside the school. After they left, the day went by rather quickly and soon night came and Ping had finished his training for the day.

When night came, Ping lit a fire then fed everybody. He threw a wolf corpse to Melanthios and Albus, and he threw three imp corpses to Floriana. After doing that, he started cooking wolf meat over the fire for himself and Jie.

While the meat was cooking Ping spoke to Jie, “Just wondering, why are you still here? I mean, I kind of expected you to be gone like a girl who spent the night at a rich guy’s house after a party,” said Ping, “I mean it’s not that I mind it, just wondering why?” said Ping while staring at the fire.

“Since I went with you and left the art club, I’m pretty sure they hate me now. I also don’t have anywhere else to go in school since I have no friends, and even if I went back into the school they have no food so I would be royally screwed. But if you want me to leave, I will,” said Jie without a care in the world.

“No you don’t have to leave, in fact it’s rather nice to have a cute girl sleeping next to me at night.  It’s also good company having somebody with me that isn’t annoying,” said Ping while turning the meat that was hanging over the flames.

Jie blushed a little bit but Ping didn’t see it since he was staring at the fire. No more sentences were spoken that night as they both waited for the food to be done cooking before eating it and going to sleep.

When the morning sun rose into the sky, the science club president along with the ten students arrived at Ping’s camp and were waiting for him to get ready. Ping didn’t have to do much, other than wake Melanthios, Albus and Floriana up and get them moving, so it went by rather quickly, and everybody was ready to set off.

“Melanthios, Albus and Floriana, you don’t need to do much today, just tell me if were surrounded or something,” said Ping towards the three beasts before facing the science club president.

“Ok, follow me, and you miss president will need to tell me your classes and skills,” said Ping towards the science club president before walking towards the front of the school.

The science club president started walking next to Ping and began explaining what classes everybody had, “We have eight mages and three warriors. I myself am a mage and currently the only skill that I have since it wouldn’t let me chose more than one is Poison,” she said before bringing her clipboard out of somewhere.

“So it seems like you’re going with the debuff route, huh?” asked Ping to the science club president.

“I have not played many video games, so I don’t know what that means.”

“Debuff means adding extremely annoying effects to the enemy, such as poison, bleed, paralysis, fear and so on… What you will want to do when leveling up is get some physical attack skills such as fireball or ice needle, but you mainly want to stick to debuff things like I said earlier…

“Pretty much get anything that sounds really fucking annoying, but let’s move on… what are you other mages’ skills?” asked Ping while walking through the school to the quest board.

“There are some mages that have the same skills so I will just list it out: Fireball, we have three people with the skill; Watershot, we have three people with that skill as well; and the last two mages have Stun and Curse”

“Ok, frankly that’s fairly good if you’re running a dungeon or fighting a boss monster, but we’re going to switch out one of your watershot mages for a priest so that your warriors can get healed. Frankly, it’s better if we swap out two watershot mages to priests and we should switch the last watershot mage to an assassin so that you can get deadly sneak attack on boss monsters,” said Ping while walking up to the quest board.

Ping stopped right in front of the quest board then turned around and spoke to the group of students, “Everybody here needs to get all the quests before we move on. Also, the three watershot mages, simply say change class in your head or out loud. Two of you, add the priest class to your list and another add assassin to your list. Decide between yourselves what class you want,” and then he walked next to the board, leaning his arm against it waiting for those people to do what he said.

The group quickly did what they were told and were standing in front of Ping waiting for him to tell them what to do next, “Ok, lets go! I will only be teaching you for one day and in this day I’m going to teach you how to fight imps then make you fight them, and to end the day off, I will show you how to fight a pack of wolves,” said Ping before setting off into the forest of darkness.

It did not take long for the group to run into a single imp that was flying throughout the forest. Which Ping showed the warriors how to quickly kill it before moving again, heading in the direction of the Imp cave.

After arriving at the Imp cave, Ping quickly got rid of the guards then spoke to the group of students in a quiet voice, “The warriors in the front. Priests focus on them and cast heal whenever possible. Assassin you are everywhere, since there isn’t a rouge yet you will be the substitute by helping everybody out when necessary while trying to sneak attack as well…

“Mage’s don’t go near the front under any circumstances because we don’t want the aggro to switch to you because if it does, you will end up killing everybody. And miss club president shall stay with the mages and cast your debuff, but make sure to manage the team and watch their health. Which reminds me, I’m going to invite everybody here to a group which you will join,” said Ping before inviting everybody to join his party.

“Ok, now that everybody is in the party, you all will go into the dungeon and kill everything while I stay behind and yell at you when you mess up,” as he moved to the back of the group, “Oh, but let the warriors go first on this level to kill everything and make sure to be quiet since we don’t want them waking up and attacking on us,” said Ping as he was standing at the very back of the group, indicating for them to go forward.

The first level of the dungeon was fairly easy, as the warriors just quietly walked around killing everything. Due to the number of imps on the first level, everybody leveled up except for Ping, but Ping told them to wait before choosing a new skill.

Ping then instructed them to continue going down, where they ran into the next group of imps that were awake and were going to put up a fight. Before starting the fight, Ping told the fire mages to keep a watch on the stairs to the next level.

As soon as the fighting started, the warriors at the front panicked and wanted to run away, but Ping harshly yelled telling them that if they ran away he would kill them, and after the threat, he reminded them that the imps are weak and easy to deal with.

After yelling at the warriors, the fight went rather smoothly, even when the royal guard imps showed up and rushed at the frightened warriors. But with the mages’ help and the priests’ healing, the fight ended rather quickly without any serious damage.

Ping wanted to push to keep going but everyone was tired and the mages needed to recover their mana before going on. While the group was resting, Ping took the time to tell them that it was useless to beg for help when they go to the next level because this was their training.

The group didn’t understand at first, but when they got to the third level they understood perfectly. There was a lot of royal guard imps plus the king imp constantly casting fireballs at them, they really did want to ask Ping for help, but they knew it wouldn’t work since he told them over and over again on the previous level.

Very quickly, the group was swarmed by royal guard imps and was having trouble dealing with them all, inducing panic, but with the help of the science club president nobody ran away and instead stayed to fight.

After a long time of fighting, the group finally killed off all of the royal guard Imps, and the only one left was the Imp king. But because he was being attacked  by everybody, he was quickly dealt with and another imp heritage sword appeared on the ground near his body but nothing else did, and all of his jewelry faded away.

While everybody was taking a breather, Ping went up and took the imp heritage sword from the ground, “I will be taking this as well as all the gold in here, you can keep the gold you got from killing the imps but the gold on the floor is mine,” said Ping before quickly running around the room and putting everything into his inventory.

After Ping finished putting everything in his inventory, one of the warriors mustered up the courage to yell at Ping, “Hey that’s Not Fair! We Did All The Work!” while looking at Ping who was wandering around the room looking for any gold he missed.

Ping stopped looking around and focused his attention towards the boy who spoke to him, “Maybe it is, kind of, but I’m stronger so it doesn’t matter what you say. But I’m also a nice guy so I will make it even.” Ping took the Imp King’s staff and fire necklace out of his inventory and held them on his hands.

“These are two good ranked equipments, both for fire mages, and incredibly hard to find. So technically, by giving this to you, I am losing out on money but since I’m in a particularly good mood today, I shall take that loss as a throw away,” said Ping before walking over to the science club president and giving her the staff and necklace.

“Hand that to whoever you want, since it’s your party, but I’m keeping the sword and the gold,” said Ping before leaving the group of tired students behind, walking to the exit, “I will be waiting outside for you all, don’t take forever,” he added, before ascending the stairs going back outside.

When Ping arrived outside, he saw Jie sitting on the back of Floriana staring at the woods while drawing it at the same time. Ping walked to her who was silently drawing a black and white picture of the trees and spoke, “You could have stayed back at school you know, why’d you chose to come?”

“I’d rather not be left alone now that I have a friend,” said Jie then returning her full attention back to the trees.

Ping didn’t ask her any more questions and instead sat on the ground and waited for the group to come out from the cave. Ping didn’t wait long, before a group of tired students came slowly walking out of the Imp cave. All looking like they had stayed up for seven days and nights.

When they walked out of the cave, Ping got up and walked over to the group then spoke, “Well that’s all the fighting that you have to do today. The next thing I’m going to show you is a fight against a pack of wolves. You will just sit back and watch, not getting anywhere near the fight unless you want to die.” Ping started walking off into the forest once again, not allowing them any more rest.

The group slowly followed behind Ping. Letting him deal with any threats that came their way. Halfway to the deep part of the forest, some students started complaining and constantly asked to stop to rest but Ping just ignored them and kept walking.

By the time they arrived in the deep part of the forest, everybody was complaining at Ping to stop and take a break, but to no avail. Ping just continued to ignore them and walk through the forest. He got lucky, because when they entered the deep part of the forest, the group ran into a pack of wolves that had a king wolf in it.

“You all hide here and watch how to fight if you’re ever alone,” said Ping before running into the clearing and grabbing the wolf pack’s attention.

Just like the last time, Ping fought a wolf pack alone. The Wolf King sent two regular wolves to attack him and to quickly deal with him so that they can continue hunting. This time though, Ping was prepared, having practiced fighting them.

Ping slashed horizontally at the first wolf that was running up to him. Hitting it on the side, creating a long gash across its stomach. Ping then swung his sword sideways, like he was chopping down a tree and hit the other wolf directly on the face, cutting through both of its eyes, blinding it.

After blinding it, Ping quickly stabbed it on the head with his sword ending its life. Then jumped backwards narrowly, avoiding the other wolf’s attack. Ping quickly went back up and instead of swinging his sword, he kicked it on the nose, stunning it momentarily, before cutting off its head.

After seeing two of his subordinates die quickly, it sent another five wolves to attack Ping, who quickly dealt at them. When there were only two wolves left, it sent the remaining wolves to charge towards Ping, while it charged too, hoping to slam into him.

With so many wolves attacking him, Ping was forced to put his full concentration into fighting them, so he was unable to keep his attention on the Wolf King and ended up getting hit and was sent flying into a tree.

“God damn it, forgot about that,” said Ping before quickly getting off the ground and drinking his last health potion.

After drinking the health potion, Ping ran back towards the group of wolves at full speed. With Ping running at full speed the wolves thought he was just going to jump back into the fight and fight regularly, but they were wrong because as soon as Ping got close, he dropped to the ground and used slash cutting off the front right paw of the Wolf King, making it lose its balance and fall to the ground.

When the wolf fell to the ground, Ping quickly stabbed sideways with his sword and ended up stabbing the Wolf King on the neck, signing its death certificate. Then Ping kicked his leg forward hitting the wolf closest to him on the head, then swung his sword stabbing it on the head ending its life.

Just like that, Ping very quickly killed two wolves, showing that he had experience in fighting. After killing it, Ping went back to fighting with the group of wolves and quickly, one by one ended their lives, making him the winner of this battle.

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