Slaughter System

Slaughter System (Was Xian)
Summary: What would you do if you and everyone around you were transferred to another world? A world that is cruel and dying is easy. Ping would explore! Anything to sate his curiosity. Killing is only the means to an end. If he dies in the process, it would be worth it. This is a story about a boy who cares about nothing but feeding his curiosity. Being thrown into a deadly world where everything was new, was the best thing that ever happened to him
Author: Sup everyone, It’s Deuxz, I’m still a youngin so there may be the occasional screwup, and you can go ahead and hate on me for that. But anyway lol, have any questions just comment down below and I will answer them to the best of my ability.
Updates: Monday and Friday, cause money…
Patreon: Wanna support me and give me money so that you can get more chapters? Than look no further because I have a deal for you… or multiple deals… or you can give me tons of money… or any money… even just a penny… please… lol… [Link]

20 thoughts on “Slaughter System

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    1. deuxztg

      Sorry for no updates in a while, unfortunately my family does not have a ton of money so i have to currently put off writing to work a lot, and unfortunately when i’m not working i’m sleeping… Sorry for the inconvenience, i will hopefully continue it soon though,

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  2. Ralph

    i love this book! Please update soon! and sorry for the inconvenience.
    I have read many novels, close to almost all the wuxia and xianxia novels translated. And i can say that this is a great book, So i would like to say Thank You!

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    1. Deuxz

      Update: I fully decided where i want to go with the story, and have decided to continue on wards with it. Before i was just using the excuse of my writing not being up to par (Which it isn’t), but i am beginning to write it again. Just hopefully i really do know what i want to do with the story and how i want it to develop. Thanks for sticking with it to see where it goes! I’m also going to continue with my other story, ‘Copyright’, which isn’t on the site and instead on patreon, albeit the updates will be a bit slower.


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