The First Hunter Chapter 7

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Chapter 7 – The First Hunter (1)


Kim Tae Hoon was able to glean a lot of information from the corpses of the monsters. He had informed the survivors of the information that he had gathered.

But of course he didn’t tell them everything.There was something that he had withheld from the survivors.

He had tested his telekinesis against the dissected corpses of the monsters.

Kim Tae Hoon’s power extended beyond merely lifting a big adult male’s body. If he really wanted to, Kim Tae Hoon could have twisted his neck 180 degrees and killed him.

Kim Tae Hoon showcased his power through his actions and not just by his words.


Just as right as the black orc was on the verge of massacring through the survivors, it suddenly slammed into a wall.


The black orc caused cracks to appear in the wall, pieces of the wall falling onto the floor in a heap.


A loud yell was heard from an unknown person.


However, having borne the brunt of the attack, the orc was surprisingly not surprised.

Instead, it was eyeing the one that had attacked him. It watched Kim Tae Hoon and the group of survivors around him flee towards the first basement level.

Kim Tae Hoon clenched his teeth.

‘Its level is different.’

Kim Tae Hoon had painted a picture of the black orc being slammed against the wall with his hand as though he had crushed a mosquito on it. Then, Kim Tae Hoon conjured up a sharp image of him pushing further onto the orc.

As soon as the image that Kim Tae Hoon burned into his mind became blurry, the power would fade.


Meanwhile, the black orc that was embedded in the wall let out a loud shout.

The shout grew louder, and made the surrounding people freeze.



“Euhahk ”

Some survivors who were running away collapsed on the spot at the sound of the scream.


Some of the elderly survivors collapsed while holding onto their chests.

Not even Kim Tae Hoon could avoid the effects of the scream.

‘Damn it.’

Kim Tae Hoon’s head, stomach, and chest felt a freezing cold sensation.


He couldn’t move. The cold even made Kim Tae Hoon’s thoughts to stop.

Following that, the image that Kim Tae Hoon had made faded away.


The black orc didn’t let that opportunity slip by. After confirming Kim Tae Hoon’s location, the black orc rushed towards him.

Koong, Koong, Koong!

The black orc faced no obstacles while he rushed towards Kim Tae Hoon.


The head of a man who had fallen unconscious on the floor was smashed open like a watermelon.


Shelves that were piled up with merchandise were completely destroyed in the wake of the beast.

The black orc’s speed didn’t decrease, but instead accelerated as he stepped closer towards Kim Tae Hoon.

If the orc slammed into Kim Tae Hoon’s body, the only thing to see would be an explosion of guts and gore!

However, Kim Tae Hoon had made no attempts to avoid the incoming black orc.


The black orc was like a train, and Kim Tae Hoon was in its way. He tried to imagine an appropriate picture to help him in this situation.

He once again tried to paint a picture in his mind.

‘If he can’t break this, I’d have caught him.’

Four thick invisible chains created by his telekinesis wrapped around the black orc’s arms and legs.


As soon as he completed the picture in his head, the black orc began to slow down.


Eventually, the black orc came to a halt.

The black orc didn’t suddenly come to a stop.

It was like trying to force the monster back with his own strength while simultaneously trying to stop his own body from spreading out.


Trying to keep the monster restrained, Kim Tae Hoon let out a loud roar.


From Kim Tae Hoon’s voice, one could hear his struggle to maintain a hold over the beast.

It was then that Bang Hyun Wook made his move.

Out of everyone standing behind Kim Tae Hoon, Bang Hyun Wook was the first one to regain his freedom from the black orc’s roar.


It was thanks to the incredible power that resided in his stomach area.

Bang Hyun Wook swiftly narrowed the distance between him and the orc with the intention of smashing the orc’s head in.


Cradling his baseball bat, Bang Hyun Wook smashed it vertically down on the black orc’s head.


The baseball bat fractured, then shattered.


It was more than the bat could handle. The black orc’s tough body and Bang Hyun Wook’s overwhelming physical strength.


The problem was that Bang Hyun Wook didn’t quite grasp the issue.


His overwhelming strength was enough to attract the black orc’s attention, and all of the rage that accompanied it.


The black orc let out another fear-inducing cry. [TN: Should have mentioned this earlier, it’s kind of like Diablo II’s barbarian Howl.]

It was not towards Bang Hyun Wook.


The cry was directed towards Kim Tae Hoon which caused a lapse in his focus.


The moment Kim Tae Hoon’s telekinesis wore off, he immediately tried to warn Bang Hyun Wook.


However, before Bang Hyun Wook could react to the warning, the black orc’s fist had already collided with Bang Hyun Wook’s chest.


Winded, Bang Hyun Wook couldn’t even let slip a single noise as he flew towards Kim Tae Hoon’s direction.


While Bang Hyun Wook and Kim Tae Hoon were tangled together, the ground shook. It became harder to stand up.

In that short moment, Kim Tae Hoon felt regret.

‘ ….. This is my fault ’

A monster could appear at any time.

It was Kim Tae Hoon’s hypothesis that a monster could appear anywhere without any space constraints.


He had also expected that stronger monsters would appear. The abilities that he had received and the stats system was evidence to prove that point.

If the ‘awakened’ have abilities and stats that can get stronger, then of course that would mean that there would be monsters that could threaten the awakened.

‘Damn it.’

Therefore Kim Tae Hoon should have done something about it.

If anyone else other than Kim Tae Hoon had come to the same conclusion, then they would have prepared for the arrival of a strong monster and could have made some sort of plan to deal with it.


Perhaps the only good thing to have emerge at the moment was the fact that the black orc believed that victory was already in its grasp.

The fact that the orc would have the opportunity to crush the man who had brought him so much pain with the orc’s own fist made the orc ecstatic, and it gave out a shout of joy.

If Kim Tae Hoon were in the orc’s position, he would have already killed his enemy.

Kim Tae Hoon would never miss that chance.

What more, Kim Tae Hoon would never commit the same mistake twice.

Keaaah …… hab!

‘Shut up .’

First, he shut the black orc’s mouth.


This time, he imagined a thick chain pulling back the orc by the neck.

The orc’s body shook as the chain tried to pull it back.

Keuheub, Heub!

But the orc did not move.

Exerting as much strength as it could, the black orc forced his legs, stomach, waist and neck to move forward.

The orc stared at Kim Tae Hoon with its orange eyes. It tried to open its tightly shut mouth.

Peub, peuheub!

The black orc’s snout began to twitch without stop. [TN: In a lot of Asian countries, orcs are depicted to be pig-like unlike what you would see in Warcraft.]


The shouts that Kim Tae Hoon had been suppressing began to kick up.

Kim Tae Hoon wanted to shout.

<Somebody, anybody, grab a forklift and run the monster through!>

‘Damn it!’

However, Kim Tae Hoon couldn’t open his mouth.

As soon as he opens his mouth, he’ll lose grasp of the image which would cause his strength to fade, an opportunity that the black orc would not miss.

Because of that, there was only one thing that Kim Tae Hoon expected.


Dudeuk …… Dudeuk …….

The sound of Bang Hyun Wook’s still pumping heartbeat.

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