STS Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Lingyun Mountain Range

Yan City, one of the 108 cities in the southern part of the East Mysterious Country. It is different from other cities because it is surrounded by mountains and rocks. This is why the city is not shaped like a four sided box, but rather like a goose spreading wings to soar into the sky.

After traversing the entire Silent mountain range, Jiang Chen arrived at this city.

After entering the city, Jiang Chen asked around and came to a famous family-run materials shop.

“Young hero, if you are in need of any materials, please ask.”

The shopkeeper promptly came to greet his guest, quickly leaving his work.


“Do you have Xuan Yuan grass?”

“Naturally we have it, but the price is not low. If young hero desires it, we can go to our family office to negotiate.”

Xuan Yuan grass was a 3-star inferior grade herb, it’s value was around 2000 inferior-grade spirit stones, not a small sum.

In the meeting room, the shopkeeper cleared his throat and said, “If you really wish to buy it young hero, I can offer the minimum price of 1800 inferior grade spirit stones.”

Jiang Chen though about it, the price was being stretched to its limit, nodding and said, “Yes, but I do not possess many spirit stones, you can calculate the spirit stone value of these.” Jiang Chen took off the bag on his back and kept it on the table in front of the shopkeeper.


The shopkeeper opened it. With a smile on his face, he said, “Young hero, good harvest.”

Then he began to count.

After the time it took to drink a cup of tea, the shopkeeper stood up and said, “Eight 1 star mid-grade monstrous beast crystals, 40 inferior-grade spirit stones; in total 320 inferior grade spirit stones. Five 1-star high-grade monstrous beast crystals, 100 spirit stones each; in total 500 inferior grade spirit stones. Three 2-star mid grade herbs, Blue Snake Grass for 300 inferior grade spirit stones. Two 2-star inferior grade herbs, Blood Spirit Grass 100 inferior-grade spirit stones, 12 1-star high grade herb Yi Yuan grass; 80 spirit stones. Five 1-star high grade herb Heavenly Star Grass,40 spirit stones, Heavy Black Iron Ore 200 inferior grade spirit stones. In total 1540 spirit stones. If you wish to exchange for Xuan Yuan grass, you need to pay back 260 inferior grade spirit stones.”

“Will do.”

Jiang Chen fished out three low-grade spirit stones, among these one low-grade stone had been partially used.


Holding the Xuan Yuan grass, Jiang Chen left the material shop.


In his room at an inn, Jiang Chen took out the Xuan Yuan grass.

Xuan Yuan grass is a low grade 3-star herb. It has the strange effect of nourishing the Qi Sea, other than this, it is said that Turning Yuan Grass is a herb that can restore a severely damaged Qi Sea. It is a pity that this Turning Yuan Grass is a 6-star herb, something that Jiang Chen currently cannot obtain.

Taking the dimly glowing Xuan Yuan Grass, Jiang Chen began revolving the energy within his body. The 7 glowing Qi Seas within his body were connected to each other, but his 7th Qi Sea was only emitting a dim spot of light.

“The Qi Sea is recovering!”

After a long time, Jiang Chen’s face had lighted up. He could feel that the 7th Qi Sea was slowly recovering. Even though the effect was weak, at least there was hope.

Late at night, the Xuan Yuan Grass’s medicinal efficiency was finally exhausted. Jiang Chen’s 7th Qi Sea had recovered by 50%.

Unfortunately, Jiang Chen knew that when same herbs were taken a 2nd time, the medicinal effect would be cut in half; and the third time, the medicinal effect would be once again cut in half. This means that even after taking more of the Xuan Yuan Grass, it is only possible to recover a further 10% of the total damage to his 7th Qi Sea, a complete recovery with only the Xuan Yuan Grass is impossible.

“Now that 50% has been recovered, I do not know when I can revolve my Zhen Qi to cultivate.”

Jiang Chen thought about restoring his 7th Qi Sea. He was clear that it was unlikely to occur in a short period of time, but he hoped to gradually withstand revolving his Zhen Qi and cultivate, so that he could eventually break through to 8th Qi Sea.


The next morning, Yan City was bustling with excitement and energy.

In the inn lobby at the table beside the window, Jiang Chen had arrived some time before, and was eating quietly.

“I’ve heard that the the genius outer sect disciple Gu Qingyuan has broken through to the Soaring Sky realm and has been thriving since then.”

“Gu Qingyuan, that once in a decade sword genius? This year he turned 16 years old. Having broken through to Soaring Sky realm so early, of course he will thrive.”

The inn lobby customers were mostly martial artists of Jianghu, so the information exchanged was usually fast and correct.

Gu Qingyuan, although he was an outer sect disciple, but his fame among the disciples was large. After all, most inner sect disciples are usually quiet, it need not be mentioned that Gu Qingyuan was once a decade talented disciple, finding such an amazing genius in a century would be rare.


“He broke through to the Soaring Sky realm?”

Jiang Chen’s head was lowered, with gloomy thoughts in his mind.

“It seems that if I cannot restore my Qi Sea and breakthrough, I absolutely cannot return to the sect.”

Gu Qingyuan had made many efforts to stop him from rising. He had framed Jiang Chen, not simply for the dozens of Seven Heart Grass strains. Behind Gu Qingyuan, there was Gu Clan as backers, which was a veteran 2-star family. Jiang Chen did not have many backers; the backers he did have, ended up helping to frame their friend on a pretext.

“I have heard that while breaking through to Soaring Sky realm, Gu Qingyuan stimulated a Ice Qi Pulse, mid-grade.”

“What, he stimulated a Ice Qi Pulse, mid-grade?”

These talents are extremely unrestrained, recently Righteous Bloodshed Sect’s Liruo Hai and Wang Yutong from the Cloud Sea Sect broke through to the Soaring Sky realm; they stimulated a mid grade Flame Qi Pulse and mid grade Wind Qi Pulse causing an uproar. Unexpectedly such a genius also appeared in our sect, such a grand occasion has not occurred in the three large sects for many years.

The inn lobby’s Jianghu customers looked stupefied.

“Mid grade Ice Qi Pulse?”

Jiang Chen was also somewhat frightened.

Qi Pulses are divided into three types; namely General Qi Pulse, Inherited Qi Pulse as well as Special Qi Pulse. Each with three grades; low grade, mid grade and high grade.

In theory, all three Qi Pulses regardless of grades, have the same effect in supporting cultivation. But in terms of rarity, general Qi Pulses are the worst, which is bettered by Inherited Qi Pulses, which are superseded by Special Qi Pulse.

But no matter what the grade of the Qi Mai, among 100 Soaring Sky martial artists, only one can stimulate the Qi Pulse, and most are low grade Qi Pulses.

It is no exaggeration to say that a low grade Qi Pulse Soaring Sky Warrior’s cultivation speed in several times better than ordinary warriors; mid grade and high grade Qi Pulse Soaring Sky martial artist’s cultivation speed is ten times better than a number of ordinary warriors. Regardless of where they are, they are all proud heavenly talents; giants among men, who can absolutely burst forth with talent; crowned with halos of light.

“Mid grade Ice Qi Pulse. Gee, I think that this Gu Qingyuan can become a true disciple of the sect in a few years, and only a true disciple can obtain the true heritage of the sect.”

“Becoming a true disciple is not difficult for him. In ten years, he must be able to enter the Vajra realm. In this vast land, only a Vajra realm martial artist can leave to explore the world.”


Pressure generates power. Under normal circumstances, if Jiang Chen did not have to restore his Qi Sea, he would have already caught up to Gu Qingyuan. His original cultivation speed was not lower than Gu Qingyuan’s, but now that his 7th Qi Sea was broken, without seeking fortuitous encounters, their gap would continue to rise.

The so-called ‘wealth and honor is found under risk’, is also sometimes called as ‘fortuitous encounters are found in great danger’.

Lingyun mountain range, one of the 2-star forbidden areas.

2-star forbidden areas for Qi Sea cultivators are extremely dangerous, but they are usually better in terms of fortuitous encounters than 1-star forbidden areas. Though if one does not enter too deep into these areas, the survival rate will be fairly high.

Lingyun mountain range. There are many legends, that in this mountain range there was a precious treasure, and thousands of years ago, for this treasure, numerous experts advanced dauntlessly in wave upon wave. More than half of them were killed inside, their corpses leaving countless legacies of treasures and weapons. Since then, a lot of people have entered the Lingyun mountain range to find miraculous techniques, becoming peerless in their generation, laughing proudly in the Jianghu.

Jiang Chen rested in Yan City for two days, and on the third day, he rushed to the Lingyun mountain range.

The Lingyun Mountains, Jiang Chen found out, were nothing like he imagined. These mountains were a more complex environment than ordinary mountains. There were forests, there were basins with marshes; there were valleys and ravines, there were mountain streams meeting into bodies of water.

As expected, the Lingyun mountains had many monstrous beasts, running on the ground, swimming in the water and flying in the sky, all around.

“Worthy of being a 2-star forbidden area, the danger is ten times greater than a 1-star forbidden area.”

Despite his use of the Breath Restraining Secrets, these days Jiang Chen found himself in danger several times.

A 1-Star mutated high level monstrous beast, a 2-Star low level monstrous beast, and once 100 1-Star mid level monstrous beasts ‘Mane Fangs’ surrounded him.

In the Lingyun Mountains, Jiang Chen clearly realized his lack of strength.

Of course, no matter what, Jiang Chen decided to stick to his path. He was now very short on spirit stones, without spirit stones he could not buy herbs to recover his Qi Sea. He did not need much, just enough for his 7th Qi Sea to recover, so that he can revolve Zhen Qi.

“That is a Lantern Blossom!”

Some distance away, Jiang Chen saw three strains of Lantern Blossoms exuding warm light.

A Lantern Blossom is 2-Star high grade herb, valued at 200 low grade spirit stones. It has many uses, naturally the simplest use is for illumination, however that is like using a sledgehammer to crack a nut. Lantern Blossom’s biggest use is for refining a Turning Yang liquid. A Turning Yang liquid is a healing elixir that, as long as a person has a breath, can put that person under suspension. Turning Yang liquid is one of the essential auxiliary medicines refined. Along with the person concerned and a medicine it is one of the three essentials required for healers, one of the 6 vital auxiliary medicines.

“Worthy of being a 2-star forbidden area.”

After harvesting the three strains of Lantern Blossoms, Jiang Chen was struck with emotion. This was just the periphery of the Lingyun Mountains, and even though the depths did not have 3-Star herbs everywhere, at least they were not rare.Importantly, the lowest of those would be worth 2000 low grade spirit stones, which would be useful for Jiang Chen for two months.



Ahead, the sudden sound of a wolf howling and a tiger roaring sounded out. The powerful fluctuations of qi spread out shattering rocks and sending dust flying.

“A battle between monstrous beasts?”

Jiang Chen’s face flashed with a curious color, usually powerful beasts claim their own territory. Once another beast enters their territory, it will lead to a war. This war is very cruel, because, if the two sides are of equal strength, the final result might be that both sides are killed.

“I’ll go and have a look.”

With Breath Restraining Secrets, Jiang Chen hid his breath, carefully closing in to the battle.

With no effort at all, Jiang Chen came before an open space, surrounded by woods.

In the centre of the open space, a wolf and a monstrous tiger beast were having a confrontation.

2-Star mid grade monstrous beast Green Flame Wolf.

2-Star mid grade monstrous beast Blood Mark Tiger.

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