STS Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Flowing Cloud Sword Technique


Sun Jiansheng’s eyes were wide open, when he realized that there was no way to resist the sword blow. No way to dodge the sword blow, a powerless feeling filled his body.
“You lose.”
With the tip of his sword against Sun Jiansheng’s throat, Jiang Chen said lightly.
“I have not lost, you have not defeated me.”
Sun Jiansheng roared, his left fist punching at Jiang Chen.
Boxing technique, Gale Fist. Biting cold wind arose from the fist. The attack’s range was enormous, but Jiang Chen saw through Sun Jiansheng’s shoulder movements. He knew about the martial arts Sun Jiansheng trained in, so he promptly stepped aside and increased the distance between them.
“Lose to me!”
Jiang Chen was forced back. With a fierce expression, Sun Jiansheng displayed the Falling Blossom sword technique.
Falling Blossom was a Yellow-level high-grade sword technique, and 2000 contribution points were needed to purchase this technique.
The sword light burst out, and the shattered fragments of sword light were just like the numerous wilted petals of a flower fluttering about. These beautiful petals had the power to ruthlessly penetrate.
However, the power of the sword technique depends upon the swordsman. That is not to say that no unrivaled sword technique exists under heaven. This unrivaled sword technique though, in Jiang Chen’s eyes, seemed to be filled with holes everywhere, though the sword light seemed to be concentrated together, in reality it was unreasonably scattered. If practiced correctly, the concentrated sword light ought to make the opponent feel as if he were trapped in an inescapable net. It should be comparable to a wide net falling down.

Sun Jiansheng’s sword blow suddenly arrived. Jiang Chen’s sword also came out. Two ferocious sword techniques, the pure simplicity of the techniques invigorated the emotions of the crowd.

Just then!
Sun Jiansheng’s hands went numb. The sword held in them went flying under the foolish stares of the surrounding crowd.
Jiang Chen won?”
Unexpectedly, he actually won with a sword blow?”
The gap between them was of two levels, how can this be?”
At this moment, everyone seemed to be incredulous of this result.
In fact, if Jiang Chen spent great effort to defeat Sun Jiansheng, everyone could have accepted it. After all, originally Jiang Chen’s swordplay was extremely powerful, so in the past year there should have been some progress. They were capable of accepting that Sun Jiansheng and Jiang Chen exchanged some sword blows, but they had a feeling that the majority of 8th Qi Sea martial artists were absolutely incapable of defeating Jiang Chen. Wasn’t his skill with the sword was enough to cross over and surpass the gap between them?
Bi Qing, Jiang Chen really won, eh.”
Liu Ling was surprised.
Bi Qing took a deep breath, she did not expect such a result. “How did his sword technique cross over the gap? It is unfortunate that in this life, his achievements come to a halt here. His Qi Sea is broken, there is no way he can reach the Vajra realm. Not unless a superpower decides to restore his Qi Sea at least.”
It is indeed a pity.”
Liu Ling shook her head.
The Qi Sea realm is the most vulnerable stage in cultivation. The Qi Sea can be easily broken, and once broken, it is basically impossible to have further achievements in cultivation. Not everyone can have a enormous fortuitous encounter, not everyone can change their destiny.
Come on!”
In regard to the following business, Bi Qing did not hold much interest.

The sunset is infinitely beautiful, but close to the dark of the night.”
For some reason, Liu Ling thought of this sentence. Turning around, she had a quick look at the talented youngster in the middle of the stage. At the moment he seemed to be shrouded in radiance, naturally the sunset was infinitely beautiful.
Without paying attention or caring about Bi Qing and Liu Ling’s departure, Jiang Chen said to Sun Jiansheng, “You can slap yourself. Remember, 10 times in front of everyone.”

Sun Jiansheng’s chest heaved, his eyes full of anger.
An, it seems that you are going back on your word, aren’t you?”
Jiang Chen’s face had a hint of cynicism in it.
Abruptly, a deep voice sounded. The crowd followed the sound to look at the speaker.
Outer Elder Sun Jianyue.”
This time, Jiang Chen has ran out of luck.”
Stroking the hair on his beard, Sun Jianyue strode. “Do you two not care about the sect’s rules? Did nobody tell you that besides the martial arts platform, it is prohibited to fight anywhere else without special permission?”
Sun Jianyue’s arrival made Sun Jiansheng somewhat complacent. He never thought that he would be defeated, or he would not have agreed to slapping himself 10 times in the face in front of everyone. If he was forced to do this, he would certainly become a laughingstock in the sect, “Father, I accept my misconduct. I am willing to receive the sect’s penalty.”

Knowing your mistake and reflecting on it is worthy of admiration. Even though you are my son, I cannot avoid penalizing you. As for you, Jiang Chen, you have committed serious mistakes. Firstly, you secretly fought, secondly, your attitude is incorrect, outer sect disciples should strive to help each other, even if this is not possible, they should not attack each other, nor injure or humiliate each other.”

Admit to your mistakes.”

Sun Jianyue ordered Jiang Chen, his expression ice-cold.

Sweeping the surroundings with his eyes, Jiang Chen said, “My friend can testify. I was forced to accept the challenge.”

That’s right, Sun Jiansheng began everything. He beat me up and stomped on me.” Wang Dong promptly spoke.

Your stubbornness is meaningless. Those who are speaking for you are bearing false testimony. You have already violated the sect’s rules, Jiang Chen, I once again ask you to admit your mistakes. Your sophistry is useless.” Sun Jianyue completely ignored Wang Dong’s existence.

You are the Outer Sect Elder, what you say is what you want to hear. I do not have any opinions.”

Jiang Chen had understood, no matter where, the strong are respected. This reality cannot be changed. If he is strong enough. . . If he is strong enough, if he is stronger than the Sect Patriarch, who would dare question him?

Listening to your tone, it seems that you think I am using my influence to take advantage of you?”, Sun Jianyue’s eyes narrowed.

Jiang Chen is stupid, do not mind this one’s thoughts.”

This isn’t good, now follow me already. Let’s visit the Law Enforcement Hall.”

The end result was that Sun Jiansheng was penalized for a week with detention at his home. Jiang Chen was penalized for a month with detention to the Dead Wood Cliff.

The Dead Wood Cliff is one of the Sect’s forbidden areas.

Even though this is said to be a cliff, this actually a mountain. On this mountain there are dozens of cliffs of various sizes, each cliff has a cave on it.

Jiang Chen’s penalty is to be confined to cliff number 33, Eagle Mouth cliff on the east mountainside.

Remember, you are forbidden to leave Eagle Mouth cliff in a month, otherwise you will be punished by sect rules.” The Elder who had led him here said.


Jiang Chen nodded.

And thus, the elder left. Jiang Chen looked around at Eagle Mouth cliff. Eagle Mouth cliff small like an eagle’s beak, only about 15 meters square. As it was a small cave, it was only 4-5 meters deep. Inside were wooden facilities like a wooden table, simple wooden chairs and other living facilities, as well as a wooden desk with a dusty oil lamp.

What is this!”

At the moment since it was day, the cave did not have low visibility, Jiang Chen saw words on the wall.

A disciple who hasn’t been penalized by confinement to the Dead Wood cliff before, is not a good disciple.—Xie Xiaofeng.”

“Xie Xiaofeng?”

Jiang Chen’s eyes flashed in different colors. Since the founding of the sect, Xie Xiaofeng was one of 3 strongest swordsmen. The first one is the sect’s founding ancestor, the second is the seventh generation sect leader, and the third is Xie Xiaofeng. Unfortunately, Xie Xiaofeng has disappeared for ten years. Though at the time he was merely 20 years old, he was already stronger than the current sect leader. Now in the event that he is still alive, his 30 year old appearance cannot be underestimated.

In addition to inside the cave, there was also Xie Xiaofeng’s writing out of the cave.

Observing the clouds rolling and stretching, I created the Flowing Cloud sword technique. A Yellow Level, Mid-Grade.”

After improving it, Flowing Cloud sword technique reached Yellow Level, High Grade. The one who was brought here by fate may practice it.”

On the boulder, in addition to these two lines, there are two cloud markings. They scars marked by two sword blows.

The first cloud appeared to be fresh and clean, free from vulgarity while the second cloud was naturally simple and unadorned.

Contrary to what one might expect, this Xie Xiaofeng is a person of extraordinary talent. He can actually create a Yellow rank High grade sword technique for his disciples.” Jiang Chen completely admired Xie Xiaofeng. As he saw it, a man with the ability to create his own martial arts is a person with frightening talent. Definitely not a common martial artist.

Jiang Chen did not meticulously study the Flowing Cloud sword technique, however. Jiang Chen’s goal was to first break into the first layer of the Void Sword Body.

Jiang Chen was punished with only two meals a day- one breakfast, one dinner. Due to this, Jiang Chen was often hungry. Fortunately cultivating the Void Sword Body relied on Jiang Chen’s toughness and determination. At this point, hunger and starvation would not move his heart.

Three strains of Fantasy Crystal Grass. He had already taken one leaving two behind, this time Jiang Chen took a second Fantasy Crystal Grass.

Four hours of hallucinations passed by, straight from the evening to the next morning.

Waking up, Jiang Chen opened his eyes. For a moment, he had the feeling that time seemed to slow down. The world seemed to be more clear. He could clearly see the frequency of an insect’s wings flapping, he could clearly hear the sound of ants crawling. But it was fleeting. After a moment, this feeling disappeared.

Almost, almost. I am just a step away from breaking through to the First layer of the Void Sword Body.”

A martial artist’s five senses will strengthen at the peak of every realm, such as the peak 9th Qi Sea realm, the peak 9th Soaring Sky realm, Peak 9th Vajra realm. This is mainly because the 9th Qi Sea is located between the eyebrows, and it’s connection with the mind is rather deep. The Void Sword Body secret technique is connected with the mind, hence it can increase the five senses of a martial artist.

Fantasy Crystal Grass cannot be consumed in succession with Jiang Chen’s mental strength. He can consume it only once a week, and needless to say taking it continuously will cause a mental breakdown.

I do not know if this Flowing Cloud sword technique is a genuine Yellow Level High grade sword technique.”

Having nothing to do, Jiang Chen decided to practice the Flowing Cloud sword technique.

Since there is no sword manual, Jiang Chen can only use the sword scars to gain enlightenment into the Flowing Cloud sword technique. It may be assumed that Xie Xiaofeng’s words ‘the one who was brought here by fate may practice it’ were not baseless. With insufficient perception, one cannot comprehend the Flowing Cloud sword technique from the sword scars.

Clouds are fleeting, lacking permanence.

The Flowing Cloud sword technique is unpredictable, its moves do not confine itself to a strict form and stance. Instead, the form depends upon the essence gleaned from the technique by the user.

On the Eagle Mouth cliff, Jiang Chen grasped his sword. Sometimes he would leisurely stretch himself, sometimes he would swiftly rush out. sometimes he would be lazy, and sometimes he would fully collapse in a single line. The sword in his hand was illusory like mist, for a time, calm and unhurried like the leisurely clouds in heaven, for a time, and then arduous like the the ocean in fury with violently swelling water, capable of shaking one to the core.

In one week, Jiang Chen comprehended three moves from the sword scars. namely Clear Sky, Rising Winds, Scudding Clouds as well as Overflowing Rain, Overturning Cloud.

These three sword techniques, each one of them were better than Yellow Level Mid Grade sword techniques by 10 times.

Clear Sky sword technique is the Flowing Cloud sword technique’s opening move, and can be used to attack or defend. While defending, it can fill the sky with mist. It completely lacks openings, yet while attacking, it seems as if a storm is destroying grass.

Rising Winds, Scudding Clouds concentrates the power of the sword together. Weak minded enemies will not be able to fight, while mentally strong opponents will not be able to resist the earth shattering attacks.

As for the Overflowing Rain, Overturning Cloud, it is even more difficult to deal with. This grants the sword blow the power to overturn the sky and the earth, so much that it completely lacks openings, leaving the enemy with holes all over their body.

E/N: Hey guys, sorry this took longer than we thought to get out. Personal stuff really got in the way for both myself and the translator. He is currently working on the next chapter though and we will get it out as soon as possible~

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