Q11 Vol 1 Chapter 3

Chapter 3 Sacrifice for the Country

Chu Qiao easily cracked the code combination of lock and reader. As she rotated the door knob, she slid in sideways. Although it was already late at night, the corridor was still brightly lit. There were a lot of people in the hall roaming back and forth. Chu Qiao looked very comfortable and proudly walked along the corridor of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. She even greeted “Hello” to all the staff she had passed. Even though the staff did not know her, the way she was walking in a calm manner wearing the military uniform made them think she was someone from the fourth prison’s internal personnel.

Five minutes later, she left the hall of the main office to find the room she was looking for. When she was greeted with the smell of sake, Chu Qiao knew she did not go to the wrong place.

A sound suddenly came from a nearby room. Chu Qiao responded quickly by nudging her body into the guest room door, her slender fingers touching her HK at her waist.

A short man in a black suit poked his head out of the door. He looked around with a vigilance. It seemed that he came out because he had heard a noise in the corridor, but he stupidly stretched out his body and looked towards Chu Qiao. What greeted him was a silencer. The bullet went straight through his heart ripping a big bloody hole. The man’s eyes were wide open in shock. Chu Qiao then quickly grabbed his body and covered his mouth until his pulse stopped beating. She held him as she walked in.

There are many kinds of people with a great courage. Aside from the man who died before, there were still 16 people who occupied the room. They all were sleeping soundly. They were the secret agents with a forged legal identity. They were well-equipped with advanced weapons and all of them together in one room, these people would have never imagined that someone would dare to break into their bedroom. But at that moment, death had been swaggering right in front of them,  and they weren’t even aware of that.

In dealing with her enemies, Chu Qiao always lacked compassion. Although lately, her work had been mostly behind-the-scenes on planning, but  this did not mean that she didn’t have the courage to shoot. She aimed her HK pistol, steadily. Narrowing her eyes with a trace of coldness, the muzzle of her gun was pointed at a middle aged man on the bed. Plop. The sleeping man’s body lightly shook, on his forehead appeared a hole, with blood spluttering out of it.

She didn’t stay still for long. She quickly walked forward, pop, pop. Ten seconds later, there was no one left alive.

She went into the next room and saw five more men lying on the beds sleeping heavily. Killing most of the time is easier than taking a bath. Without the slightest bit of hesitation, five muffled gunshots rang. Boring sounds of blood gurgling out after the shots came, and the air was suddenly filled with a disgusting smell of bloody stench.

From inside one of the dead men’s handbag, Chu Qiao found a small DV (digital video device). She turned on the switch and watched carefully.

After confirming what she knew, she put the DV in one of her large pockets. Then from the dead man’s bag she took some C4. She installed it in the room, and turned on the remote detonator. The red cursor on the black box, began to flash quickly.

Chu Qiao took one last look at the Interior of the room where the deceased lay. She confirmed that everyone was dead before turning around and opening the door to leave. However, at that same time, a cold foreboding was suddenly pressed against her neck!

Chu Qiao suddenly dropped on the ground and rolled backwards, evading the bullet shot at her. The man kept shooting at her without stopping. Chu Qiao kicked open the door of the inner room, entered and then shut the door with a bang. With her body partly knelt to the ground, she focused on the happenings at the opposite side of the door. Keeping her breath low and deep, she knew she had been exposed.

Chu Qiao’s muscles tensed as she continued to slow down her breathing; with her eyes tightly staring at the door. She wasn’t 003, she didn’t move to action like the nine super secret agents. She studied demolition in the military academy. She did plan;  how to use the environment to their advantage, use clever intelligence, and use limited personnel to maximize the benefit of the kill. At this moment, in the face of the dangerous situation less than three meters away from her, she clearly understood they couldn’t be reasoned with.

Eyes, slowly looked at the poor man dead in his sleep.

Bang bang! The door was kicked open. She stood before the door with an arrogant look on her face. She didn’t hide from the two men outside the room.

Apparently, they didn’t expect her to come out. This caused them to freeze for a moment

The next moment you heard two crackling sounds, Chu Qiao stood with an air of contempt. She threw her dagger and HK on the ground. Spreading her legs, she moved her hands forward, making a Tai Chi stance. Facing the two cold men, she beckoned them gently, the meaning was clear: COME!

She artistically dodged 160 rounds of bullets. This effectively, caused the two sub machine gun carrying men to become furious. Throwing their guns aside, they put up a Japanese boxing stance. Their eyes were fierce and they suddenly rushed at her.

In the small and narrow room, with permeating stench circulating through the cold wind, with the curtains shaking, dark lights, and murderous atmosphere, the two men fiercely attacked Chu Qiao. Just looking at the two men who were nothing but muscles and ruthlessness, you could already foresee the end of this ignorant woman.

However, at that moment, she suddenly smiled. Her mouth coldly curled up, turning into a proud but cold smile. As if by magic, a Japanese-made M609 small-caliber pistol suddenly appeared in her hand. The M609, the king short distance weapons, doesn’t just penetrate, it always explodes directly on contact!

It only took 0.05 seconds, bang bang. The two men couldn’t even scream. At close-range, she shot directly at their heads, their brains splashed in all directions, also spraying on Chu Qiao, all over.

Disgusted, she kicked them aside, and quickly opened the bathroom door. Although she wasn’t expecting two more people to show up, she still handled the situation very smoothly. She estimated that she had saved 20 minutes compared to her original time frame so she had enough time to clean herself completely.

Fifteen minutes later, a woman in a black suit of the military law department walked out of the rest room of the martial law office. She walked in the corridor of the outer guest house on the second floor and smiled kindly at the passing fourth prison staff. Three minutes later, she opened the two front doors, and calmly went out.

The night wind was cool, softly blowing on her face. Chu Qiao walked to the ground hall in the fourth prison. The people bustling around were the country’s elite soldiers. She raised her wrist, according to the time for the explosion, there were ten seconds left.

Chu Qiao still looked calm as she continued to leave. While walking away, she took yesterday‘s newspaper from a nearby  newspaper stand.

10, 9, 8 …

“On May 11, China had another case of infected patients with the M1N1 virus diagnosed in Beijing. At present, this is the 47th person confirmed with virus. The ships and some flights have been suspended. The tourism industry suffered a severe impact, the stock fell, Beijing and Shanghai market was in a gloom … … ”

7,6,5 ……

“Xin China Society reported: At present statistics, Moses Song had confirmed the number of infected with M1N1 A virus is 689 people, the number of suspected infections is 1,272 people, the death toll is 68 people. The death toll is still not accurate as the number keeps increasing. Selenium Ban Ya confirmed the number at 352 people infected, the number of suspected infections at 561 people, the death toll 97. Egypt … … ”

4,3 …

“M country ugly Associated Press reported: the M country experts, suspected the M1N1 virus is spread by Z country, because of Z’s earthquake that destroyed the balance of the atmosphere, causing the virus to breed. Z’s government is unable to achieve rapid effective processing regarding this disaster, causing the rapid dissemination of infectious disease. M’s government intends to, on the short-term, refuse to trade with Z country, expel domestic Z nationals and prohibit Z nationals entry to the country. The staff officer legislative body is currently tense in discussion. They believe that soon they will have a proper approach to mitigate this disaster.”


Suddenly, the whole earth shook violently. A huge blast sound erupted. It was so loud it impacted the eardrum. Red sirens alarmed, smoke billowed, and fire encompassed  the entire fourth prison in an explosion. The entire fourth prison shivered in this explosion fiercely.

The thick smoke blurred the visions of the soldiers.  All the staff in the fourth prison were trained to pick up their weapons, they all rushed to where the explosion occurred. Chu Qiao who was covered with dust looked at a panicked man dressed in uniform coming towards her, shouting, “Comrade! What happened?

The man saw Chu Qiao’s body was in a mess, but she was wearing a military western-style lawsuit. He knew that she was not a fourth prison person, so he propped her up, said, “You are from the Department of Military Law? You, come with me first, I’ll take you along.”

The national serviceman who was busy escorting the other department colleagues didn’t know that at this time,  in his hands was the perpetrator of this explosion. And not only that, there were more than a dozen “military law” comrades killed by her hands.

Followed by the chaotic crowd that rushed out of the hall, they were about to continue to run forward but the two suddenly ran into a man hurriedly rushing to the hall!

“Ah! I’m sorry, ah, it’s Colonel Li!” The man grabbed him and quickly apologized.

“What’s going on?” Li Yang tightened his brow. His eyes happened to glance sideways, just to see Chu Qiao’s eyes staring. His hand pointing at her, he immediately opened his big mouth: “Chu … …”

“You came to me, but there was a big explosion. Wait until we leave if you have something to say.”

Chu Qiao quickly interrupted Li Yang. The soldiers hearing this said. “Then I don’t need to send you two. I don’t know the condition of the people trapped inside, I want to go back and check on them.”

Li Yang nodded and saw the soldier leave, then pulled Chu Qiao, and whispered:

“What‘s the matter? Why can the court-martial try you? How did you escape?”

“The M1N1 virus is not a natural disaster, but a man-made disaster. M, R, Eagle, F, and so on, a dozen Western countries are involved. They were blinded by greed. The hostages weren’t hostages, but virologists hiding in the military research institutes around the world. They wanted to spread the virus around the world, and at the last-minute, a listed company would control the M1N1 virus antiviral drug, making huge profits. My people got the criminal evidence in this.”

Chu Qiao said while taking out the DV and handing it to Li Yang, before continuing: “The last command was to kill the X forces in Tokyo, the senior leadership, and finally bring back something that we can use from the inside informant. He risked his life to send us the evidence, but unfortunately the informant died in the streets of Tokyo. This matter was let go … Besides the M1N1 virus,  on the surface, the traitors selling human organs, but they secretly developed the deadly virus X. They sent people to sneak into my country, under the cover of treacherous high – level leaders, camouflaged their military colleagues, entered the fourth prison, stole my evidence, and now, I have been dispatched.

Li Yang stunned, incredible said: “You mean, the person who ordered the kill in the verse, is……?

“Yes,” Chu Qiao nodded affirmative, saying “He ordered to give up on 003 people, and hid in the national high-level agency as a spy. He ordered me to be imprisoned in the fourth prison and took away the evidence in an attempt to cover up their heinous crimes. ”

Li Yang was still immersed in a huge shock, his eyebrows locked and eyes darkened with anger, then said, “The shell artillery experts from M country also went to Beijing today. They went to visit the capital to study. Staff Officer Qian of Jinghua Army and I have also done a lot to  welcome them, we didn’t think of them… ”

“What did you say?” Chu Qiao suddenly said loudly.

Li Yang was surprised for a moment, then he asked, “What?

“You say M shell artillery experts came to Beijing?”

Li Yang nodded and said: “Ah, yes, they arrived last night.”

Chu Qiao’s complexion changed, and she rushed to check his body and said, “Had they brought the munitions to start the military locator?”

“What are you looking for?”

Chu Qiao was suddenly furious, snapped, “Did you take the belt?

“How can I wear this kind of thing on my body?” Seeing Chu Qiao looking anxious, Li Yang quickly said: “You come with me, I know where it is.”

They boarded  a storage battery car, started it up and  quickly made their way to the courtyard. Two minutes later, when Chu Qiao saw the locator that flashing red dot, she only felt her whole mind go blank.

“What‘s all this about? Didn’t you install this on the second floor? How is it on the fourth floor?”

Chu Qiao stood up quickly, looking for the warehouse to find weapons and equipment on hand, while explaining to Li Yang at the side, “M country does not trust the X armies of R country. They are afraid that R country is unable to do well and expose the matter, therefore they had installed the navigation position instrument in the trial court. As long as the time comes, the shell will launch. When the time comes the entire fourth prison will be razed, including evidence….including me.“

“Now, what do we do? I can immediately go to inform the dispatch experts and inform the special forces to send troops to reinforce, to control the M country.”

“No time,” Chu Qiao looking deeply at Li Yang “Immediately arrange a helicopter for me to disperse the crowd. You are now the most important person on this mission. Hand this evidence to Commander Hua. The life of the verset, the life of 11th unit, 14 super agents, the lives of the world and the people who would be killed by the M1N1 virus… all of it is in your hands, you mustn’t make the slightest mistake.

Li Yang looked surprised for a moment. The distant smoke was rolling. The crowd was agitated. He looked at the woman’s firm eyes and thin face, and suddenly felt a burst of sorrow and grief within his heart for a long time. He could only firmly say: “I’ll certainly achieve it, Chu Qiao, you must take care. ”

“You too.”

After bidding adieu, the woman didn’t return from the warehouse, but ran towards the fourth prison, she worked so hard to escape from.

Ten minutes later, a helicopter took off from the square. Quickly leaving the Fourth Prison, flying towards the desolate suburbs.

Sitting in the passenger’s seat of the Commander’s car, Li Yang held the arms munition start locator, watching the little red point from the four-story courtroom move from the square, and then quickly fly over to the outskirts of Beijing. Suddenly, a huge violent explosion suddenly came from the sky, the locator’s red dot at that moment disappeared. It turned into a black skull logo.

Sitting in the car Li Yang didn’t look back, but tears he never showed to people flowed slowly, down in the dark.

Beijing on that night, was quiet.

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  2. Ho hum

    Reading them put blame on “western conspiracies” is like reading Irregular at Magic HS, and all the “china” is evil stuff.
    I can understand that it certainly it isn’t impossible, but nonetheless, I still can’t help but to think there is a hidden political message when they do that.
    None the less, unlike Magic School, we won’t be seeing something like that again in this series.

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    1. fan63

      I know that there could be a subliminal message here. but, for me I see this as entertainment and not actual reality. This story could have been placed in any major country with it’s military and seem just as credible.

      Thank you for the chapter update translation


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