Q11 Chapter 9

Chapter 9 Jing Family Extermination

Chu Qiao carried Xiao Qi back to their courtyard. She then quickly got her to a room to clean and dress Xiao Qi’s severe wounds. Yan Xun’s medicine worked very well. Not only did it stop the bleeding, it also had a mild narcotic effect. Xiao Qi was soon humming in sleep.

Xiao Ba, who had been still sick in bed, was waking up. She still could barely get out of bed. So, she tried hard to look only to see Chu Qiao who was boiling water while taking care of Xiao Qi looking a fool. It kind of frightened her.

The day was getting late as Chu Qiao wiped the sweat off her brow. The amount of pain she felt from her shoulder was intense. She had to lean against the wall just to catch her breath. Listening to Xiao Qi’s sleep painfully. It sounded like someone squeezed her heart tightly and threw it into the world of ice and snow. She closed her eyes to rest but Lin Xi’s image started reverberate in her mind again. That pretty smiling face of a pure boy turning into that lurid appearance, never to have that pure image again.

A single tear trailed down from her tightly shut eyes. It flowed slowly to her sharp chin before dropping down to her homespun cloth shoes.

Suddenly, a horrified sound came from the door. Chu Qiao, startled, walks to the door and opened it. She saw a 12 or 13 year old little girl standing in the courtyard. When the little girl saw her, she ran up to her crying out, “Yue’er, Zhi Xiang and the other slave girls were seized by Zhu Guanjia (the housekeeper title, ie Zhu Shu). They were taken away!!!”

Hearing these words, Chu Qiao’s brows knit, “Taken away? When did this happen?”

“First thing in the morning. I only found out from Lin Xi. He went to beg Fourth Young Master for mercy but it has already been a day since then. What should I do?”

“Did he say anything else?”

The little girl wiped away her tears, still crying, “That….he sent them to the venerable’s house.”

“What!?” Chu Qiao shouted like she was hit by lightning. She knew from rumours these days that the beast like venerable old man had a couple of bad habits…..Like a tornado, images swept through her mind. Her face suddenly became white.

Xiao Ba stood in the doorway, having heard what was said. She stared foolishly before walking up to pull on Chu Qiao clothes. With a small voice like she been wounded, she began to question Qiao, “Big sister Yue, Where is Big Sister Zhi Xiang and the rest? Where are they?”

Chu Qiao finally recovered from her shock and ran out the door.

“Yue’er!!!” Behind her the little girl let out a cry. But for Chu Qiao, she couldn’t turn back. A sense of foreboding quickly occupied her mind. She didn’t know what else to do, but she knew there wasn’t enough time to think. The children needed to be rescued. She could only do her best by running forward, not stopping for a moment.

She ran past Qingshan courtyard, the stable, the gardens and further on. Finally, she reached the gate before the five curved corridors. Her rapid footsteps halted as she became wary.

“Sister Yue?” A little voice sounded behind her. She looked behind her only to find Xiao Ba, still wearing a loose blouse, standing there. She wasn’t even wearing shoes,”Big Sister Zhi Xiang, where did they go?”

Chu Qiao pulled Xiao Ba down and squatted by the flowerbed to the side. It was winter, so the flowers had long since withered, but at that night, with the sparse lights, it would be very hard to see them by it.

Footsteps sounded coming close to them, as four people pushed a cart together. One man was pulling while the other three were on the side. The road that Chu Qiao took was already very remote. Except for the cleaning servants, it was unusual for any other person use this path. She drew Xiao Ba closer to the flower shrubs, waiting for those people to depart.

But before they got close to where Chu Qiao was, two people suddenly stopped. Xiao Ba was obviously afraid as her whole body trembled grabbing onto Chu Qiao’s clothes. She didn’t dare move. A man with a gruff voice spoke, “ Brothers, go take a break. We went so long without a rest break, at least let me smoke.”

The others chuckled at this, “Lao Liu’s addiction for tobacco.” “Smoking on a laughing flame.”

Chu Qiao started to grow anxious. The cold wind started to blow and Xiao Ba’s clothes were thin and frail. She started to shake more fiercely. A sharp gale of the North wind blew took the straw mat covering off the cart. It flipped in the air several times before it landed on the ground. On the yellow mat was a splatter of dark red blood.

Chu Qiao took that time to see what was in the cart. What she saw shocked her to her core. She quickly reached out to cover Xiao Ba’s mouth!

The moonlight penetrated through the clouds. That pale moon’s light hit the small cart, filled with layers upon layers of bodies of young children. Like a pile of dead Chinese cabbage and radish. Zhi Xiang’s thin little body was naked bruised everywhere. Her eyes were wide open, with dark blood clots and bruises. Her lower body was a mess. Her hands and feet were tied by ropes in a bizarre position. The pose was the most humiliating way to be positioned.

With Xiao Ba’s mouth covered, Chu Qiao forcibly hugged her. The little child seemed to go insane, desperately trying to push her off and rush out. Big drops of hot tears hit Chu Qiao’s arm and her teeth bit down hard on Qiao’s flesh. Blood came out of her wrist where she was bitten but she held on. Even as her blood soiled the ground in the flower shrubs. The moonlight still didn’t reveal them in the shrubs.

She didn’t know how long they were there, before the cart was pushed further away gradually. Around them was deathly still. Chu Qiao finally loosened her hand. Her wrist’s flesh was torn looking horrible. Xiao Ba seemed to have lost it. She tried to get her to speak only to have failed. Chu Qiao raised her hand to slap her, carefully calling her name to get a reaction.

The wind was freezing beneath the dead bushes. The night was still even with the music playing in the Main House. It was like that place was from another world.

“They killed them…”

The six year old’s eyes finally look straight at her and muttered, “Must g….go, go. Kill them…”

Chu Qiao stilled for a moment.

With red eyes Xiao Ba rummaged around, seemingly looking for something. Suddenly she grabbed a stone from the flower bed and stood up to leave. Chu Qiao was nimble and grabbed the child, holding her tightly in her arms.

“I want to KILL them!!! KILL THEM!!!” The child hissed loudly. Her face turned crazy, filled with hatred, despair, and tears. She looked like she could collapse at any moment.

Chu Qiao felt like a knife was in her heart as she held the child tighter and tears finally falling down.

These animals, these BEASTS! They must DIE!! Ten thousand times is not enough to wash away these scumbags.

She had never hated someone so much until this moment. She never wanted to kill these people so much until  this moment. The hatred she felt could cover the whole the sky as her whole body only felt hate. Hatred! Hated the cruelties of these people, hated the extremely evil ways of this world, hated her own weakness, hated her own helplessness, hated herself for looking on helplessly and could not do anything. The child in her bosom almost collapsed as she wept and wailed her heart and lungs out to the point it hurt like being gouged knives. If at this moment Chu Qiao had a machine gun, then without hesitation, she would completely annihilate this residence…Completely.

It was truly a pity, she did not have one. She didn’t have anything; no money, influence, background, good skills or an excellent weapon…..she could only stand there in Jing Yue’s small body with a different soul. Although she had several thousand years worth of knowledge and intelligence, but at that moment, all she could do was squat in the flower shrubs, hiding carefully. Don’t even mention their courage.

Getting herself under composure, Chu Qiao looked up at the icy moon. She swore to herself secretly. This was only time. She does not want a second time like this. Not having a voice in the world of the living. Not having the ability to survive or self-preservation. This kind of situation…she doesn’t want it!!!

The cold moon, like water, was so big in this big residence. The two small slaves crouching in the back garden of flowers, cowering like two young b*tches (ie dogs) holding each other tightly. Seething in hate, so much hate. Enough to destroy Heaven and Earth.

When they finally returned to their pathetic courtyard it was already late in the night. They had not entered the gate when they saw the door wide open. Chu Qiao suddenly became alert and released Xiao Ba’s hand. Darting around to go in from the other side. What she saw was a messy room, the beddings were covered with blood and had a lot of footprints made by adults but not the slightest shadow of Xiao Qi.

“Yue, you’re back!”

Suddenly from the corner, a little girl popped out from under the pyre. Chu Qiao hurried forward pulling her close, “Xiao Qi? Where did Xiao Qi go?”

The little girl began to cry, “Guanjia came with his people. He said that since Xiao Qi’s wrists are broken, she could no longer work. He made them carry her off. He said they will throw her into the Pavillion lake to feed the alligator.”

Chu Qiao’s face darkened and she nearly fainted. Her heart was over loaded, as she grabbed the girl’s’ skirt, “How much time passed since they came?”

“It has already been a long time. She can not be saved…”

She turned away after hearing that. Standing in the doorway was Xiao Ba. Her eyes were red, looking up at her. They all had tears welling up in their eyes, but nobody cried.

“Yue’er, I have to go back. You be careful. I heard the laundry washer say that Zhu Guanjia is specifically aiming at you. What did you do to offend him?”

Gradually calming down, the two children stood quietly in their house. For a long time they were standing there without saying a word.

Three night watchman’s drums resounded. The remaining two Jing children have passed through the blue stone forest, finally quietly arriving at the Residence’s Pavillion Lake. The frigid wind made the night even more miserable. The bamboo grove in the lake stretched out. Making it look calm, dead…..Whether it was day or night, it didn’t look any different.

Chu Qiao step to the lake with Xiao Ba, “Xiao Ba, kneel. We kowtow to Elder Brother and sisters.”

Xiao Ba was younger than 7 years old. With the encounters tonight, she had lost a lot of her innocence as a child. She knelt beside Chu Qiao and bow deeply towards the Pavillion Lake. Knocking her head down three times.

“Xiao Ba, do you hate this place?”

She silently nodded. Chu Qiao with a gentle voice spoke lightly, “Do you want to leave?”

“…” Xiao Ba had to think.

Chu Qiao looked straight ahead. No wave, no sound. She didn’t see any changes in the surroundings. She squinted her eyes slightly before speaking slowly, “My little sister, I promise. Big sister will take you away from here. But before that, there are still some things left to do. After that and it is all over, we will get out of here.”

Xiao Ba nodded quietly. Still kowtowing on the ground,Chu Qiao spoke again “Zhi Xiang sister, you always prayed to be blessed but I do not know what is wrong with God. In fact, he is blind. With your brothers and sisters walk to heaven slowly. Wait and see, in about eight months, this younger sister will get revenge for you.”

With the raging wind, and the night dark, high up on the slopes near the lake, two figures depended on each other, held their hands tightly.

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