Q11 Chapter 36

Chapter 36 Mountain like Iron

The wilderness was filled with snow, the mountain like an iron, and the north wind rolled through the feather-like snow. There were numerous flakes sprinkled before the eyes of the public.. There was an eight-year-old child wearing an iron-gray cloak with a huge hood to cover her clear and clean facial features. A small white hand holding a cold dagger, standing tall among the army. A face without the slightest look of fear or weakness.

   That night, it was like God was mad. This day had the largest snow in Zhen Huang city in the last decades. The whistling north wind made people’s skin turn blue in the frost. Their eyes fighting the wind, it was impossible for them to go back to normal.

   Zhuge Yue smiled coldly and looked at her from the corner of his eye, with a low voice he slowly spoke, “You really want to kill me?”

   A chilly wind blew past between the two persons. Suddenly, there was a night owl’s ferocious howling in the sky, as if the souls of those who had an unjust death, unwilling in the thick frost of the night were roaring, unwilling. Chu Qiao’s eyes suddenly became cold, looking at the dilapidated woodshed. With an innocent smile, she thought of the aroma of that piece of dice pork and like a bomb, she felt her heart burst open. She slowly bowed her head, coldly looking at the youth’s eyes, “You can have a try.”

   “Really?” Zhuge Yue’s mouth pulled up, eyes slightly half squint, with a light laugh: “Okay.”

   When he finished, the teenager’s body suddenly seemed out of control. He suddenly hung his head, toward the sharp blade. Trying to end his life himself.

   “Master!” “Master!” “Ah!”

   All those panic-stricken voices sounded at the same time. Time seemed to stop in that second. As the noise blended together, forming a turbulent river-like sound. Roaring and raging. Chu Qiao was surprised. Who knew this youth’s character was so decisive and violent. He would rather commit suicide than succumb to threats.  Suddenly, many thoughts ran across her mind. It was too late to reflect on the meaning. Almost at the same time, she angled the knife away, but the sharp blade still left a long blood stain along the youth’s neck all the way to his ear..

  At the same time Chu Qiao moved the knife, Zhuge Yue’s body suddenly became like a dexterous loach general. While the child was distracted for a moment he came forward, took a step, then with a flying sweep he drew his sword with the momentum.

  All this happened within a moment. Those who had exclaimed earlier weren’t even finished doing it yet. Before they blinked, the kidnapped boy was already free, even though the method of such a break was questionable. But at this moment, he was standing opposite of the child, with his sword out from his waist, pointing it at the girl. Looking deeply in her eyes he coldly spoke, “You cannot kill me.”

   Blood was still trickling down his neck. Though the cut was not deep, there were large amounts of blood gushing down his slightly pale skin. Spreading down to the thick long fur coat. Zhu Cheng immediately flew to his side, scared and shouted, “4th young master, you’re hurt! Quickly, let’s go back home, back to the residence!”

   Zhuge Yue’s cold eyes looked at Chu Qiao, as if he had not heard Zhu Cheng. Then he probed into the arms of his coat. Taking out a white veil. The blood on his neck dripped on the white veil. A little bright red drop, then two drops. It looked like plums blooming against snow.

   “Quick! Medicine for an injury! Young master, you first sit down, so I can get you dress up, ah!”

The pale youth was standing in a vast snow. Between his eyes, there was unpredictable edge as he slowly raised his right hand flat. The blue veins at his wrist stood out, as he held the veil tightly, but after a long time, he suddenly released his hand. The veil flew into the wind. Dancing left and right until it was covered in snow, then it disappeared.

   Does anyone remember that piece of white veil that wiped off tears? The boy who could not understand an unspeakable heartache. There are people who want to guard children. However, the wind whistled, and everything scattered away. The play had come to an end, and whoever entered the play the deepest, would have a crushing defeat.

   “You win!” Zhuge Yue indifferently turned. You could not hear the slightest feeling in that cold voice..

   The Zhuge Guards all surrounded Chu Qiao, with her standing in the center. Out of her long shiny blade, reflected her cold eyes. There was calmness, and hatred. There was the discretion to the situation, there was determination, but not the least bit of weakness or regret.

   She always knew how to survive. Always knew how to bear the blood of their hate. Always knew what type of grace they owe. ‘So, Zhuge Yue, when you cut off the arm of Xiao Jiu, when you beat to death  Lin Xi, we were destined to become antagonistic enemies. I can only kill you, or be killed by you. There is no other way.’

   “Go!” A low murmur started to sound in the crowd. Under the Zhuge Family, no one any longer dared to underestimate the looks of this thin child. A group of agile Guards who surrounded her all attack at the same time. Under the chopping blades and cold flashes, the child’s body moved with dexterity. Like a civet cat. Lunging to the left, side kicking a leg. Flying in the air with a spin, then with her long sword, chop off a man’s right hand then slit the throat of another. She cut off fingers, broke bones, and stabbed the eyes of the men. The texture was soft as they fell.

   But no one retreated, using the edge of their swords to continue to hack down. Chu Qiao’s brow pick, as she lifted her arm to resist. She was a little helpless because her small form is still weak, even if the angle is tricky, she still had to take two steps back. The cloth on her shoulder was slashed, and blood was coming down. You can tell that she was affected by the battle.

   Zhuge family guards felt like rejoicing. The child, despite her resourcefulness, flexibility, with very fierce means, but after all, she is a child less than eight years of age. How could she compete with these much bigger guys.

   Aware of this, everyone surrounded her. Zhuge Yue stood outside the situation, looking with his eyes cold, lips bluish white as Zhu Cheng worriedly put gauze over his wounds. The snow filled the sky, it was desolate.


   At this time, a clear distinct voice suddenly rang as clutter hoofs came  from the north.

   Everyone turned their head in that direction, and saw in the distant north, hundreds of men riding sturdy horses through the snow. They were fast as a meteor, with a youth in white fur leading the pack, holding a handheld crossbow, shooting down some Zhuge guards.

   “Little girl!” The warhorse was kicked fiercely as he instantly rushed into the crowd. He immediately bent down to pick up little Chu Qiao, eyes bright, as he laughed: “I saved you once, how will you repay me? “

   “Swish!”  Chu Qiao’s blade quickly split a pike aimed there way before glaring back at Yan Xun. “Are you crazy? Why did you come back, do you not want to live!?”

   “If I did not come back for you, what would you do?” Seething at the fact that his kind intention wasn’t appreciated. “Hold tight!” Having said that, he slammed his whip down mercilessly on the horse butt. The warhorse cried as it dashed out of the crowd of people!

   “Yan Xun!” Zhuge Yue was furious, in his loose garments, barked at him,”You dare to intervene in my business!

  The Yanbei warhorse could be rated, in the present age, as an outstanding breed, which people are not able to obstruct. Yan Xun held Chu Qiao far back, laughing loudly, saying aloud: “4th young Master of Zhuge, Yan Xun courteously returns to the north. No need to send me off, Qingshan does not change, the green water will still flow. We will see each other in the future!”

   Having finished, with the gust of wind, the Yanbei soldiers roared away.

   “Ah! Master!” Zhu Cheng exclaimed in a loud voice. He saw the badly injured Zhuge Yue get rid of the gauze on his neck while frowning and climbing onto his horse. He angrily followed the Yanbei warriors.

   “Quick, fast, keep up with the young master. Ah!”

   Night wind, like iron, flatly rolled up large snowflakes.


TN: I really feel for Zhuge Yue in this chapter. Poor baby. Deserved, but poor baby.

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  2. Yuna-chi

    Thank you for the chapter! OMG you are right. ZY is a poor baby but i think he really has deep feelings for CQ.. but the prince of yanbei seems to be a better match for her. I wonder which ship would sail? 🙂


  3. In the drama Yue killed her brother because they couldnt save him from the poison, now i wonder if its somewhat related to cutting the sister hand off aswell … maybe she touched the poison aswell or held it and to try and help he cut it off? Am still needing answers!!! Also I know Yue is the main lead but so far they didnt interact so much that she would fall for him it hasnt been long, him i understand but how they gonna show their growing affection? Lol


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