Q11 Chapter 35

Chapter 35 Down the Tiger’s Den (complete edit)

In the darkness outside of Zhen Huang city, a small shadow near the east city gate was moving quickly along the cliff. A huge leather coat covered the child’s head and face. A small bag made of mink on the child’s back bulging and looking very heavy.

   Snow was piling up, and the wind was blowing so hard that she could hardly keep her eyes open. The child continued to walk with difficulty, but never stopped as if there was vicious wild animal pursuing her.

   Between wails of the wind, there was a sudden sound of crisp hooves. From afar in the plains a black horse was quickly approaching. A small child with thin stature, appearing no older than seven years old and wearing guard clothes, could be seen clinging on it’s back. A pair of dark eyes glanced in the night, like a sharp eagle. Seeing the lone child walking in front, the child quickly whipped the horse, urging it to speed up.

   “Xiao Ba!” Chu Qiao shouted. Because the wind was whistling in the sky, her voice was blown and broken in the wind, so the child walking in front did not notice her. She still had her head down, walking in a hurry. Chu Qiao’s horse rushed forward until she stopped a few steps front of the child. Knitting her brows, she spoke, “Xiao Ba?”

   “Hee hee,” a low husky laughter suddenly sounded. A thin stature man looked up, with a wrinkled face. Where is the young child? This is clearly 40 year old middle aged dwarf!

   At that time, a sleeve arrow shot out from the dwarf’s cuff heading straight towards Chu Qiao’s face. The cold force trembled through the dense trees at it threatened to take life. Being caught off guard, the child giving suppressed groan was only heard. Her body slumped over the horse’s back, head first.

   A hoarse sneer cackled in the night sounding very eerie. The dwarf threw away the sack on his back, and slowly walked up and kicked the child’s legs. Seeing that the child’s dead body gave no response, he squatted over to test her breath.

   “Old Master Ye really is silly. He even sent me to deal with such a small hairy child.” The dwarf coldly snorted as he turned over the child’s body lying on the floor.

   However, in a flash, the soft body that originally fell on the ground suddenly sprung up. With eyes bright as stars, bursting with intensity, coldness, zealousness, an aura of death assaulted his senses. In a blink, and even colder feeling overcame the dwarf as the child pressed an even colder knife against the arteries of his neck. Then with a ‘pah’, she spits the sleeve arrow out of her mouth to the ground.

   “Where is the Xiao Ba?”

As her cold voice resounded, she pushed the dagger deeper into his neck, breaking skin. Dark blood pools against the knife immediately.

   “What, who’s Xiao Ba?” The gloomy strange man suddenly lost his arrogant pride and was replaced with a fear of death. With a trembling voice, he quickly said, “I do not know who’s Xiao Ba, I just work for others.”

   Chu Qiao sound calm, slowly said: “Xiao Ba is the owner of that burden you used to pose as a child.”

   “I, well, I do not know,” said the dwarf, “it was 4th young master’s people who found me. I am just the Zhuge’s Residence doorkeeper, and you made enemies.”

   “You do not know?” The child frowned, boring into the dwarf’s eyes. Seeing the dwarf hastened to nod endlessly, anger suddenly rose in her heart. With a flick of her wrist, she slashed horizontally, piercing. The dwarf’s eyes opened wide as they dilated and his body stiffen, no longer breathing. Only leaving a long line of blood across his neck.

   “You are not suitable to be a follower of others or a killer. Sooner or later you would have died anyway rather than that, do something good with your death.” With a cold look, she looked at the dwarf’s body then squatted down. Swinging the knife, she picked up his enormous hooded coat.

   In Zhen Huang city, tonight is not a good night for sleep. Although it was late at night, but the East Gate was still ablaze in lights. The Zhuge Residence’s 4th young master personally called for the Zhen Huang city Guards and mobilized half of the military. All for tracking down the residence slave on the run outside of town.

   Several waves of horses have been sent away, one after another, but still there was no information coming back. Zhuge Yue was sitting on horseback  behind the East Gate like a huge lion, sleeping in the boundless night. The people of Zhuge residence was behind him, holding their breath. They dared not speak, for fear of alarming this raging tiger.

   “4th master!”

   Zhu Cheng wearing a gray gown, quickly ran up with his body lowered, then whispered to Zhuge Yue. “4th young master, young master sent for you to return home immediately.”

   Zhuge Yue proceeded to have a wooden face as if he had not yet heard what was said. Is attention was to fixed forward. Zhu Cheng was rather anxious said, “Come sir, he said Yan Xun escaped with his people. (says, zhizi fu, which is him as a hostage and his residence so I simplified…)  They forced their way out of the city. The Wei family forces failed to stop them. Wei Shu You two fingers were chopped off and he was taken away as a hostage.

 As Zhuge Yue hear this, his brow finally twitch after meditating for a long while, then he frowned, “Yan Xun?

   “Yes,” Zhu Cheng said: ” From Bai Lan Temple and Ziwei Square in the middle of that section of Jiuwei main street.

   Young Zhuge Yue slowly spoke, “What direction did Yan Xun come from?”

   “It seems they appeared from the direction of the Red Lake.”

   “Good courage!” Zhuge Yue snorted, as his eyebrows stood up like scimitars. He immediately figured out why Wei Shu Ye people from before surrounded Zhuge Residence, stopping them from leaving, but also that inside servant. He frowned, his eyes dark as ink, as if inside was brewing a huge tornado storm. Clenching his horse, he spoke deeply, “Yan Xun, what direction did he run?

   “4th young master!” Zhu Cheng was shocked, cried: “The young master specifically asked you not to intervene in this matter, you must not ah!”

   Zhuge Yue brow twitch and was just to speak, when suddenly he heard the sound of hooves approaching. A black horse characteristic of Yanbei was approaching with a small stature person, dressed in a huge hood riding on it. They didn’t come too closes before a skinny corpse was thrown down in the snow with a bang. The person wore a blue cover, which was the clothing of Yan Xun’s people.

   Zhuge Yue eyes suddenly heated up, as his eyebrows locked. The servant’s from the side cried loudly, “4th young master, he  returned.”

   Zhuge Yue looked at the body on the ground. He saw the body was stiff, the hair scattered and muddy, mud mixed in the clothes….. Looking like it’s been dead for a long time. An irrepressible anger suddenly hit his heart, he slowly raised his head, eyes sharply look at the body, then three feet to the dwarf. He slowly spoke every word, “You killed her?”

  Being called, the servant quickly dismounted before bowing two steps forward, then with a bang knelt heavily on the ground. With a low voice difficult to distinguish in this north wind, as if it was a pig’s iron he sonorously said, “ Fortunately, I did not dishonor you command! “

   “When did I tell you to kill her?” Zhuge Yue raged, and took a few steps forward, taking his whip out, preparing to swing it, “You damn!”

   “Young master, there is an assassin!”

   A series of screams sounded suddenly, Zhuge Yue’s whip fell back down at that moment. The original squatting dwarf on the ground  suddenly looked up. The face that looked up was tender, a face like a lotus. Where is the rough flesh of a dwarf Killer? The child sneer at the whip, and like rapid leopard, instantly bombarded him. The dagger she wielded in her small hands, was horizontally on Zhuge Yue throat, before he had a chance to struggle.

   “You are not dead?” Zhuge Yue eyes flashed, every word he said clearly, but at this moment, in such an environment,  people could not actually hear the tone of voice. In the end they could tell if he was angry.

   “Your lucky words, I am still alive.” Chu Qiao coldly looked at Zhuge Yue intensely cold eyes and slowly said, “But I’m not sure how long you can live.”

   “Release my young sister!” Wind whistled all around, Chu Qiao shouted loudly in a stern voice then snapped,  “Otherwise, you and the rest of the Zhuge Residence will meet that old man in the underworld!”

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  1. Lydia

    It’s been so long I couldn’t recognise any of the characters and had to go back a couple of times -sigh-
    I’m a harsh reader with quite high standards and felt this chapter was a bit hard to read as certain parts of the story did not make sense …though I could still get the gist of it. I’m just happy you haven’t quit translating.

    Thanks for the chapter~

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  2. Anonymous

    Thanks for all the hard work you put in to give us these chapters. How often do you think you will be releasing q11 chapters? really excited to see the drama when it comes out!

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