Q11 Chapter 34

Chapter 34 Xue Brigade Returns

“Big Brother!” Wei Shu Ye wrinkled his brows, as he shouted, driving his horse forward.

   One could hear the whooshing of a single bow piercing through the sky like a meteor, accurately inserting into the head of Wei Shu Ye war horse, then entering from the left eye and exiting through the right. Blood and brains splashed out while the horse mournfully shrilled, the anguished wailing soared through the sky. Thus Wei Shu Ye skillfully jumped down from the horse’s back, slightly distressed standing there in the wind and snow.

   The child squatted on the ground, her left hand pointing a knife at Wei Shu You’s neck and her right grasping a crossbow, slightly on Wei Shu You’s shoulder aiming at the crown of Wei Shu Ye’s head. Benefitting of her great coordination, she used  her mouth to load another arrow into the crossbow before coldly looking at Rear Admiral Shu Ye darkly, “That arrow is to requite for that day in the square, when you supported me in that situation, but the next one will not only shoot the horse. I kindly urge you to not come forward.”

  For a time, eyes imbued with shock were on her, it seemed like they were frozen in this terrible weather. Thousands of Zhen Huang City’s most elite soldiers, the elite family’s descendants, and the excellent Imperial generals, all frowned as they stared at the child that was barely 3 feet tall. The child was wearing a significantly oversize soft leather armor, and a blue leather collar to protect her pointed little face, that was less than adults and a palm. A pair of big eyes, black and white and clear, a small exquisite nose slightly raised, lips gently pouted, and arms so slender that they seemed like they could easily be snapped off. She would be unable to cover up, even with powder, that delicate and immature face.

  But this child, who resembled to a gust of wind could sweep off her feet, broke through the Wei’s Army’s blockade, taking advantage of their lowered guard and her own excellent brain to oppose them. She squatted there, with no fear of confronting the thousands of soldiers, against the Presbyterian Church, against the Sheng Jin Gong, against the entire Xia Empire. She faced them coldly, holding an enemy hostage, threatening all of them.

   This is the first time Chu Qiao revolted against the rule of the Great Xia Dynasty blatantly. She despised the Great Xia Emperor, her idea was very simple, escape with Yan Xun, and run away together.

   “Lay down your arms, open the gates. Do not let me say it a second time.” The child’s voice was low, as her eyes slowly passed across the crowd. Her body rotated while the crossbow remained aiming at her target and her gaze still full of blood thirst, made their hearts fluctuate.

 “Attack!”  Wei Shu You stubbornly raised his head. He lived like a prince, with a high and respected position, noble son of an upper class family, therefore he was unable to endure this peasants threat that brought him shame. He did not fear the knife that cut into his flesh of his nape, and angrily shouted, “Arrest the..!”

   “Shua,” a sharp sound rang, Wei Shu You did not finish his sentence before the tip of two fingers were cut off by the child. Piercing screams resonated into the sky, ever since the Imperial Capital was founded, the youngest magistrate fingers were cut off. His blood drenching and splashing all over the ground.

   “A mountain cannot block the great river from the east. The one who understands the time is an outstanding talent. Eldest Wei Gongzi, I advise you to shut up.”

   The child looked up and watched the bodyguards of the Wei Family with a cold smile and slowly said: “You did not listen to understand my words, did you intend to disobey? Or, did another commander ordered it to you?” The child’s eyes looked at Wei Shu Ye’s body, gently pacing in a circle. She sneered, “If the biggest rival and some people are dead, you can justifiably ascend to the position of the master of the house. Rear Admiral Shu Ye of the Empire, are you abandoning your brother?”

   “Someone as lowly as you can’t touch him!” Wei Shu You against his teeth, declared: “You do not have to bother to provoke our brotherly love.”

   “Are the brothers that affectionate between them? I must have a look to know.” The child faintly smiled, her eyes on the eyes of Wei Shu Ye. She pressed the knife more firmly on Wei Shu You’s neck, with her face beaming like a demon, not matching an eight year old child.

   She quickly tied up Wei Shu You, even with her slim figure, small strength and Wei Shu You’s force, she knew a method to make knots that is very ingenious, so it would be hard for him to break loose.

   “Let’s go.” the child coldly snorted, “Wei Gongzi, I trouble you to take a ride with us.”

   Heavy thick clouds filled sky. Not the slightest star, or even the cold moonlight could be seen. They were all covered up.

   The child did not ride a horse with Wei Shu You, but very confidently and boldly sat on another warhorse, followed by two other horse behind them, holding her small crossbow. She stared at  the man tied up in front, ready to give him the fatal blow when necessary.

   “Yan Xun, we go.”

   He did not turn his head, the sound of cold air along the cold echoed in the air. Yan Xun narrowed his eyes, then his mouth lifted up, and he happily laughed. He lazily climbed his horse, along with his subordinates not worrying about the enemies while Chu Qiao took the lead in front. She seemed so small, but that petite body exuded strength that no one could ignore. Wherever they went, the garrison troops gave way, it was like a tide ebbing away.

  The west gate loudly crashed open and he torches burning made the scenery red. The smoke signal from the northern Empire was not yet extinguished, the war spread to tens of thousands of the Great Xia’s common people. Blood covering each plateau and every inch of land, this time, in the heart of the empire, it was determined that the rebellion was led by the King’s son Yan Xun. He splendidly went out of the northwest city’s gates and the army could only look on helplessly.

   History had changed at this moment. A bastard was released out of the cage and no one knew that he could come to dominate the Northwest Xiaolong.

   Zhuge Huai gently pulled the mouth, he couldn’t help but have a faint smile.

   For the Zhuge family, whether the crown prince of Yanbei returned to Yanbei was unimportant. What was crucial was that Shen Jin Gong gave the Wei Family the duty to stop him, and they failed.

   “There is no news happier than this.” Zhuge Huai thought to himself, and said at one of the attendants on the side : “Demand 4th young master to return home, I have a matter to discuss with him.”

   Zhu Yong bowed forward: “The fourth young master is out of town.”

   “What?” Zhuge Huai was surprised for a moment,  “Out of town?”

   “He just went out of the north gate. He said that he wants to apprehend a runaway slave.”

   “Escaped slave?” Zhuge Huai frowned: “What escaped slave does he want to get so bad that he goes to pursue her personally?”

   “This subordinate is not quite clear, this one will immediately look it up.”

   Zhuge Huai looked up, half – squinted at the dark night, murmured: “I hope he will not commit a misdemeanor.”

  Heavy snow fluttered and about a half an hour later on a desolate ancient plank road, a single person in a pure white snow fur goat, Yan Xun Shizi ordered the release of the rope tying Wei Shu You. He coldly spoke, “ Like I promised, you are free to go. I will unlikely go back. You leave.”

   Wei Shu You looked at Yan Xun and the child behind him, then turned around, toward the direction of the Zhen Huang city.

   “You should not have released him”, remarked the cold voice of the child from behind him, “Did you not see his eyes? Keep him, or sooner or later you will befall a calamity.”

   Yan Xun shook his head and watched Wei Shu You slink away in the shadows, then slowly spoke: “If I kill him then Yanbei will have some solid charges of rebellion, I cannot take that risk.:

   Finished, the youth turned his head and observed the child and said: “Do you have a plan? The Zhuge Residence will not let you go, come back to Yanbei with me.”

   The child looked up and smiled and said, “Thank you for your kindness, but I still have something to do.”

   Yan Xun frowned, “You are a child, what can be done?”

   Chu Qiao raised her eyebrow at him, “For this long, in the end, where do you see that I am a child?”

   Yan Xun surprised, was too tongue-tied to argue, but then thought, that this girl was not like a child at all. Yan Xun frowned for a long while before pulling Chu Qiao’s hand stubbornly, “I see where. See this hand, these small arms, small head, small body, clearly a child. Even if you are ruthless, you are still a child.

   Chu Qiao  threw off Yan Xun’s hand, frowned then muttered: “Pestering endlessly.”

   “Hey!” Yan Xun immediately hit her head and stopped in the front of Chu Qiao “You really want to go?

   “I have to go.”

   “For what you have need to do, I can find someone to execute it. Isn’t it better like this?” Yan Shi Zi angry, loudly asked.

   Chu Qiao turned around to see the youth’s clear facial features, and took a deep breath, “Yan Xun, you and I are not from the same class. This road we took together is long enough.”

   Yan Xun, sitting on horseback, was silent.

   “You and I finally intersected, the road ahead is unpredictable, take care of you.” The child said this sentence with a low voice. Like an elder to a general, then she turned the horse and raised the whip to leave.

   The month was filled with snow, as the child riding alone, was gradually being hidden in the snow. Yan Xun suddenly reacted, hit the horse to catch up with a few steps, but in vain, the youth, in his white fur, sitting on horseback, faced the snow  where the child disappeared “Hey! Come to Yanbei to find me!”

 The sound penetrated through the wind and the snow, reverberating across the boundless night. The night’s jet black peace. Cold, gloomy, piercing……


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