Q11 Chapter 31

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Chapter 31 Escape from Heaven Spoiler highlight: A master’s home is considered heaven by the lowly members of the household. So to a slave, the master’s home is “heaven” to an official the empire is “heaven” So this sentence could mean escaping the Residence or escaping the Empire.

“What are you doing?”

A low and deep voice, like a ghost weeping out from hell, sounded from behind her, a strong malignant sound of deep disappointment. Zhuge Yue stood there in a red long fur garment, with his head full of snow, blowing in the wind. Behind him were Yue Qi and other people of the Qingshan Courtyard accompanying him. Both of his eyes were cloudy, filled with gloom as he spoke each word slowly.

   Chu Qiao raised her head and her pair of eyebrows gradually wrinkled up, ‘Why is Zhuge Yue here?’

   The child looked at him calmly, and coldly pulled up her mouth in a faint smile: “As you can see, I killed this old man. Ten thousands deaths are not enough to forgive this detestable man’s old crimes.”

   Zhuge Yue’s face became dreary and his eyes turned into black clouds: “Those are in the past, what does that have to do with you?”

   “Yes ah!” the child smiled. It was so sweet and innocent, however, considering the environment, it was so out of place. Her hand was holding a palm, as she beamed and said: “Unfortunately, you know, it’s too late. You still have to go back and explain this death to the other Zhuge family members. I am a person of your Courtyard after all. Now that Zhuge Xi is dead, the person who will benefit the most is you.”

   “Someone come!” Zhuge Yue declared : “Bring her to me!”

   “Wanting to get over the beauty!” The child sneered with her eyebrow raised. Then she waved her hand and shouted: “Hidden weapon”!

   The people of Qingshan Courtyard were startled as they began to panic, but they were still vigilant enough to immediately surround and protect Zhuge Yue. Zhuge Yue was also shocked that Xing’er was actually this skillful. Her body spun rapidly, as she pulled out a knife. Like fresh breeze blowing through the rain, her departing body splashed through like water, without an iota of difficulty.

   Bang bang, a thing suddenly hit the long knife on Yue Qi’s waist as blood lined the sky while everyone looked down. It was actually a bloody broken palm.

   Outside the window, the child’s cold and strict voice shouted loudly, “Zhuge Yue, Lin Xi did not die in vain!”

   Moonlight shined on her petite and exquisite body for a brief moment before disappearing into the endless night.

   The youth’s face looked ill as his eyes turned red. Standing in place, Zhu Cheng carefully looked at him. Anxiously, he yelled at the other attendants, “What are you doing! Gawking around silly? Pursue her!”

   Everyone woke up at that, and started to chase her.

  In the flower shrubs of another courtyard, a child’s body was moving cleverly like a petite leopard. Running rapidly on the winding track. At that moment, the sound of footsteps echoed in front. Many people came racing speedily. The child’s face turned cold as the steps drew closer to her.

   “Ah! It’s you!” After seeing the person’s identity, the child ran up quickly, “Caught a thief?”

   The man in the lead, saw the sniveling little slave and frowned, “Go away! This is not a place for you to ask things, get out of the way!” With that, he pushed the child’s shoulders and continued on his way.

   “The assassin is said to be one of 4th young master’s people of Qingshan Courtyard! I am running around to notify everyone!”

   “What!?” The man was suddenly startled,”What nonsense is this! There are also thieves outside the Residence. About three hundred people sneaking around to look at our Zhuge Clan. Our brothers cannot handle it, I came back to gather more people.

  Ye’s people also came? Is it Zhuge Yue’s entourage? Chu Qiao frowned, she calmly remarked: “No one has passed by this area besides you. Like this, if you hide here, maybe you could unexpectedly catch them off guard. I can make them come over.”

   The leader felt happy at this idea, this little maidservant really had guts, “Good, after these matters are done, I will truthfully report this.”

   “Well,” the child smiled “As long as I can escape being a slave, that is good.”

   A moment later, the people from below the Qingshan Courtyard were in hot pursuit. They hadn’t spoken a word since. The other Zhuge Residence servants were unclear about the status of the other party held in the darkness. Yue Qi pushed through the front and cleared the way. “Who are you people? I am the personal bodyguard of the 4th young master!”

   “Go die, your grandmother!” The big person spit in contempt, “I am Sheng Jin Gong’s blade guard! Brothers, come with me!”

   A crackling dogfight ensued as the child’s footsteps gradually faded away from the battlefield.

   She finally made it to the external wall. She frowned while looking around for something to scale the wall with. At that time, a sudden burst of wind hit the back of her head. Chu Qiao skillfully responded and quickly turned around, digging out her crossbow just in case it was necessary.

   “Ah!” she cried, as another youth neatly jumped down from the wall, grabbed her, then pulled both of them back up the wall.

   “Hey, it is not cute to meet each other with a blade and a bow.”(Blade and Bow- Really is Dao and Qiang. Dao is blade, sword, or knife while Qiang is gun, rifle or any thing that has a similar function to a gun. I change it to bow since she had a bow. But he making use of China’s 4 traditional weapons. Dao, Gun, Qiang, Jian. So basically why are the meeting with their weapons out. Hope this make sense.)

   Yan Xun had a trace of a cynical smile as he stood there in his big white fur. His black hair blowing in the wind around his starry eyes. He only saw that the Zhuge Residence was full of burning torches and noisy crowds. Outside of the Residence were fights around the Imperial Storehouses and war cries were heard unceasingly. Yan Xun looked around and shook his head and exclaimed, “Look at you, a little child, but  provoking so much trouble. The Zhuge Clan was truly unfortunate getting you as a servant for eight bad lifetimes.”

   Chu Qiao stubbornly struggled, saying,  “Let me go!”

  The youth laughed, as he did not detect any fear in her tone. He smiled as he gathered her closer, “Little girl, you do not come under my covenant, and now you owe me a favor, how would you like to repay me?”

  “Who wants you to help? This self – righteous guy!”

   “Ugh, always such few words. I also, only had good intentions to rescue this supercilious looking wolf.” Yan Xun coldly groaned, but the twinkling of his eye gave away his mirth, “But it does not matter, this crown prince is happy. Little girl, looks lively! It is unnecessary to burn your own, hold steady!”

   When he finished, the youth went flying as he jumped down from the wall. Chu Qiao was surprised, and cursed at this fool, but her hands and feet clung to Yan Xun’s body tightly. She hoped that this world really did have those wise fabled qing gong, otherwise, with this tumble they may die!

   Bang bang, war horses suddenly cried, as Feng Mian sat there with a grin, “Crown Prince, I have waited for a long time.”

   Yan Xun sat on his horse’s back. His straight eyebrows slanting upward and outward like a star. His jade belt was striking against his snow white gown. He laughed loudly, “Then let’s go.”

   Behind them, the shouts of “kill” soared through the heavens. The flames were continuous as Yan Shi Zi whipped the horse and vanished to the ends of the long street rapidly.

   At about the same time, Wei Shu You and Zhuge Huai also received a secret letter. Under flashing lights, the two younger generation had a dignified solemn look on their faces. Then, with a brief command of a few words, each took the door of their mansions.

In the sky, clouds accumulated as the air filled with snow. Only one moon was faintly seen through the heaven and earth.

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