Q11 Chapter 30

Chapter 30 A severed head

As Zhuge Yue, Yan Xun and Wei Shu Ye were quickly approaching Zhuge Xi’s Home. A young mother and son fell into the cold and still earth, silent in death.

   Blood, from the tip of a sharp dagger slowly dropped on the ground, in the middle of the Western room a white camel red velvet rug covered the floor. The night wind blew in from the corner of a window, slightly cooling and dispersing the aroma of the extravagant brightly lit. Looking at the young mother’s temple Old man Zhuge Xi face began to panic, he shamelessly grabbed her nape, then gave an incredulous look at the tall child. The sand in the hour glass fell bit by bit and finally the old man knelt on the ground.

   “You are asking me to free you?” The voice of the child was very light, as she slightly lowered her head. With her eyes she looked at the old man. The anger in her stomach was seething so much it almost made her want to spit in disgust that night. The corpse resembled to Zhi Xiang from this night triggering again more her anger. The child gradually lowered herself to him and whispered: “There were so many people that begged you to let them go, why didn’t you do it?”

   Zhuge Xi was lying on the floor, a fountain of blood was pouring out his neck, the pampered Aristocratic Master was afraid to die, he was so scared he was shaking like a sieve. His arms stretch out forward, trying desperately to crawl away from this devil like child. His blood dragged out on the ground, leaving long bloodstains. So bright…. So shocking.

   “You lived for too long, this is the price to pay. The heavens do not charge you, so I am collecting payment.” Shua! With a loud snapping sound, a knife across the bones neatly cut off the cavity. Blood splashed out, dying  the ground black and purple with a foul stench.

   Chu Chiao hand was holding the now deceased head of Zhuge Xi, without the slightest show of feelings she threw the head on the ground with a bang. Then she turned her head towards the ten young maidservants, and walked to them in the corner. The children stared at her in horror, squeezing together in one place, before their eyes, the child began loosening their ropes that bonded them together. She had the audacity to kill Zhuge Xi! This girl was crazy, like a malicious spirit from hell. They did not realize, that if not for this child, could they be alive at this moment, so peacefully?

   A teenage looking handsome girl saw the child and was scared white, with her lips trembling. She feared that she would become the second headless corpse. Chu Qiao lowered her head and spoke in a chilly tone. “Scared?”

   The child’s eyes straighten, trembling she nodded, fearing that she would soon become like the first headless body. Tears and snot ran down her face, but she did not dare to utter a word.

   “Since you are afraid, then scream it out.”

   After all, they were poor family’s children, young but already sensible. The old child quickly shook her head and cried: “I will not say anything, I did not see, I beg you to spare me.”

   Chu Qiao impatiently wrinkled her brow, “I did not say it clearly, scream.”

   “Please,” cried the child incoherently: “Let me, I’ll do it like cattle or a horse … ah!”

   The eight-year-old child suddenly raised her dagger, inserting it into the child’s nape. Immediately she began to loudly scream out in alarm, rapidly the rest began to follow suit, screaming. The sharp knife went along her neck, and mercilessly plunged on the bed behind her. The child continued to exclaim, unharmed.

   “What the matter? Master, what … … ah! Murder!” Hearing the noise, a servant hurriedly entered the room and immediately saw Zhuge Xi covered in blood lying on the ground. The young servant, at his wits end, shrieked.  After falling and sitting on the floor, he awkwardly tried to get up, staggered then ran out. Chu Qiao hefted dagger from the bed, and silently counted the time passing, she estimated that all the house’s guard heard by now. Then she instantaneously threw out the knife, flying through the air it thrust straight into the cerebellum of the young male servant!

Chaotic sounding footsteps sounded right away, the child quickly sat back in the ranks of small slaves. Then more than 20 guards violent rushed into the room and saw the body of the first dismember Zhuge Xi corpse. All their faces suddenly ashen.

   “What happened!?”

   The head guard was furious and snapped at the little slaves who were in the room.

   “Murder!” The eight-year-old child in front of all the people screamed and tears suddenly fell as she flapped about, shouting. She was obviously frightened as she cried: “Killed people, woo … … killed Master Zhuge, also killed … very scary, woo woo … … ” (snickers, another oscar?)

   The child’s mucus clogged her nose as she tearfully cried, her little face was scared pale, and her voice trembled as she talked. It seemed that even her tongue was trembling, leading guards to yell angrily: “Where did they run?!”

   “There!” The child pointed to the slightly open window in the south: “Ran over there!”

   “Leave a few people behind, the rest of you follow me!”

   The Guards all ran out of the room, leaving only three people guarding the poor extravagant old man Zhuge Xi’s body.

   The other children all looked at the frightened Chu Qiao, they saw that the guards of the Zhuge Residence were cheated. Holding the folded crossbow, her face was no longer afraid, and one could no longer see the slightest trembling in her expression. Her mouth chuckled and she looked at the few that guarded Zhuge Xi’s body. She gave off a resounding whistle with ease. “Hey! Don’t you have pressing business to attend to.”

  The  three guards turned their heads, suddenly frightened, but they did not have enough time to shout. They saw only three arrows coming towards them. Like a meteor pursuing the moon. They were skillfully shot into the astonished heads of the guards, blood dripping to the ground. Bang! Three corpses also fell to the ground, loyal or not, these men followed Zhuge Xi to the underworld.

   “Ah!” A small slave suddenly shouted, Chu Qiao hand quickly covered the child’s mouth, “When I asked you to scream you did not scream, at this time don’t add to the chaos blindly.”

   All the children face, turned ashen, as they held in their sobs. Chu Qiao sighed and slowly said: “My following words are very important, you must listen earnestly. I am trying to save your lives, you do know that right?”

   Abruptly the children stopped crying, staring at her.

   “I am Zhun Shun Guanjia’s people, this old thing is inhumane. He was always scourging up children/ Zhu Shun Guanjia  saw this and wanted me to kill him, but this is for the people. You are not allowed to leak this out and betray Zhu Guanjia, no matter what the people of Zhuge Residence uses to punish you. You are not allowed to say, Zhu Guanjia will save you, remember?”

   The children nodded, one by one as some horrified rabbit.

   Chu Qiao faintly smiled, the net had been thrown, now she just had to wait for the fish to go in. Even if these children really cried out for justice and were willing to endure the penalty and swear to not tell her words out, or even say, Zhuge’s people may not believe them. But everyone witness Zhu Shun’s people taking her out of Qingshan Courtyard. With this alone, he would not be able to get off the line of death. It’s inevitable, now all she must do is look to see what type of death awaits him.

   Looking at the hourglass, the time was just about right for people to show up but she still had enough time to quietly slip back out and meet up with Xiao Ba.

   Everything was going too smoothly.

   Just as she was about to leave through the main entrance, one hand suddenly tightly grabbed her ankle. Chu Qiao looked down and saw that it was actually a not dead guard.

   “You helped an evildoer to do evil, you should die!” Chu Qiao drew out the arrow from the man’s head. The corps twitched several times, then it no longer moved. So Chu Qiao tried many times to remove his hand from her foot. It would not move, thus she made a decision, she withdrew a knife out from the guard’s waist and was about to cut off his palm.

   “What are you doing?”

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11 thoughts on “Q11 Chapter 30

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  2. Eek. Caught in the act? I’m always afraid that’ll happen in scenes like this xD
    Btw, the scene when she cuts off the old man’s head… there a spelling error. Her name, Chu Qiao, is spelled wrong. Just wanted to point that out~
    As always, thanks for the lovely translation!

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  3. Novelcrazy

    Cliffhanger….when is d next update…soon please.

    This story is so exciting. Hope it will film into a drama.
    Poor crown Prince. He likes our CQ a lot.

    Thanks for such exciting & twisted story.

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