Q11 Chapter 25

Chapter 25 Murder with a borrowed Knife

During that time, inside the residence,  Zhu Shun was holding a box with a sad face. The box had a hand that was frozen blue and looked  somewhat disgusting

  Suddenly a loud bang could be heard. The once burned man, was skittish as a rabbit. He grabbed a knife on his bed and jumped up, glaring at his surroundings, “Who’s there?”

   Looking around, there was nothing but silence. Zhu Shun turned around and saw a white letter lying on the ground. The letter was attached to a thread tied to a stone. The letter also had a picture of a white pear with an elegant letterhead emitting a faint fragrance.

 After opening the letter, Zhu Shun’s eyes suddenly gave off an evil glint, but then he thought for a moment. He could not help but curl his lip and sit back in his chair. He did not go out.

  After half a day, another bundle was thrown in from the window. Zhu Shun opened it to have a look. It was actually a scarlet dudou (undergarment covering the chest and abdomen). On it was painted   entangled pairs of men and women with obedient attitude on all sides. Any man observing it will have their blood vessels pulse rapidly and the whole thing will make one’s body feel hot.

   The man evilly laughed, bringing the dudou close to his bosom and he then breathed in deeply. Mumbling to himself, “In broad daylight, you cannot wait, Xiao Sao Niang (young lady).”

   When he finished, he put his robe on and went out.

  The Zhuge main house was located in the east of the city. Behind it was red pine, to the right a red lake. It was facing south and the occupied land was extremely wide. The whole house was composed of three parts. The courtyards were deep with layer upon layer of protection. Outside the high-angle hanging building, guards kept a non-stop surveillance. Four towers stood along its peripheral, and a small ditch fire. If a war occurred in the future, its defense was like a small city.

   The Zhuge Residence young madame’s courtyards were located in the most secure red pine mountain. If one wanted to go inside the fu (official’s residence) a lady must go through hardships. In addition, coming in from the outside to infiltrate is near impossible.

   At this time it was high noon, sunny, and the line of sight is good, but on the Red Mountain Cliff, there was a black shadow  rapidly sliding down. The heavy snow closed off the mountain area and the cliffs were covered with ice. With the sun glaring of the snow, no one could see that little shadow.

   Puff, a slight sound… both feet finally landed on the ground. The child loosens the rope off her body, turns around to see if anyone was there. No one.

   A side gate sounded, the gatekeeper protecting the storehouse greeted Zhu Shun, “It is Zhu Guanjia, what matters do you have to come to the storehouse?”

   “Yesterday A Si said there is a leak in Liran’s(pear dyed) storehouse. On the second floor, the snow on the roof melted, the water leaked into the hall downstairs. I’ll have a look.

   The guard gave a flattering smile, “How can we trouble Zhu Guanja with this small matter? I can send someone else to check on it for you.”

   Zhu Shun smiled shaking his head: “I am also idling about. Is the eldest young master in the house?”

   “The young master and 4th young master are in the study  discussing things. They have been there since morning. It’s already half past one and they still have not come out.”

   “Oh,” Zhu Shun nodded his head, “Well, that’s good. Earlier, I checked on them at noon but, the masters are asleep. So do not disturb their rest.

   “This little one understands.”

   The timing was just right. A child was hidden among the flowers and trees, her eyes brightened, and she lightly pulled up her mouth, laughing gently.

The 7th lady Duanmu Hualing of Chunhua Courtyard was preparing to take a nap. She took off her lightly colored shawl revealing her creamy shoulders, breast, and waist, her fat buttocks and long legs. Her skin was pale as shells, and her 10 fingernails were dyed red, definitely a budding beauty. She was really charming, pampered, lovely, enchanting, and glamorous. The maidservants opened her silk brocade for her as they had since long gotten used to the 7th madam sleeping nude.

   At this time, the tiles on the roof quietly moved, but no one noticed. A small bag of things were slowly lowered down. The bag started to crawl as if inside was a living creature.

  The maidservants drew back, and then the room became very quiet. Gradually, the only thing which could be heard was the 7th Lady’s shallow breathing.

   Puff, a light sound, the bag fell near the pillow of the 7th lady. A flesh colored bag with a drawing of a tender and beautiful pear flower.

   7th lady continued to sleep sweetly. Suddenly the feeling of something on the side of her cheek gently licking her fragrant ears, down to her nape. 7th lady continued to sleep as she was being caressed, it felt fluffy. She thought it was a dream and did not open her eyes, suddenly, she felt a sudden burst of pain in her face. The young lady rubbed her eyes to see what caused her pain. What she saw shocked her. Then abruptly, sounds of her screams spread throughout the Chunhua Courtyard!

   “Madame, Madame!” The maidservants hurriedly came in from the outside. When they just entered the room, they were frightened as well, screaming constantly. They saw 7th lady in the nude surrounded by huge rats. One with a dark coat, one fat and one big. They were not afraid, even when they saw people. Some were next to the 7th lady, nibbling on her magnificent brocade quilt!

   “Ah! Where did these things come from!? Drive them OUT, DRIVE THEM OUT!!!

   That evening, the entire Chunhua Courtyard conducted a mighty rodent control event. 7th Lady Duanmu Huaining drank more than 10 cups of sedative tea, her whole body was cold and her breath couldn’t calm down.

   “Lady, we found this in your bed.” A bodyguard took a flesh colored bag and walked up.

   7th lady took the bag, only to see one. She suddenly glared, and stood up snapping, “You lowly person, I know that it was you! Someone! Come with me to the Liran Courtyard, See if I don’t peel the skin off that little bitch!! “

  The 7th madame took Chunhua Courtyard’s most powerful people to threaten Liran Courtyard. No one paid attention to the corner, where a small cabinet was slowly pushed open, revealing the face of a quiet child.

   The fire has been ignited, let it burn. Karma has been sowed, time for the body to draw back.

   Quickly returning to the place with withered flowers, the entire Residence was filled with a chaotic situation at the side of the Liran Courtyard. Chu Chiao easily returned along the same route, leaving the place full of trouble.

   Within the study, Zhuge Huai looked solemn, facing Zhuge Yue he spoke, “4th brother, this matter, how do you see it?”

   The room was quiet, without any sound, Zhuge Huai frowned watching Zhuge Yue frowning deeper. He softly cried: “Fourth Brother?”

   “Hm?” Zhuge Yue was startled, then raised his head. There was a fleeting face of embarrassment as he quickly said: “Yan Wang Fu is doomed. Yan Xun is truly in danger.”

   “Well, I see.” Zhuge Huai nodded and said: “Yan Wangfu’s high position invites criticism. His gate is a major eyesore to the powerful families. The western fief of the Bathu family coveted Yanbei for long time. This dirty water will most likely be sprinkled on Prince Yan’s head. Plus the Sheng Jin Palace’s master has always believed outsiders are not their brothers.

   At this time, they suddenly heard a lot of noisy voices from outside. Zhuge Huai’s brow wrinkled, and loudly said: “Zhu Yong, what happened outside?

   “Answering young master, the noise is coming from Liran Courtyard. It seems to be 7th Lady and Genu (female singer) Lixiang (pear fragrant) are quarreling. The 3rd and 4th lady also went to over.

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