Q11 Chapter 23

Chapter 23 Full of Tricks

Zhuge Yue called out suddenly making her stop at that instant, but she did not actually turn her head to look.

   Zhuge Yue took out from a side of drawer a small porcelain bottle. Then, he slowly walked towards her with his boots treading on the soft bearskin rug. When he reached her he put his hands on her shoulders wanting to turn her around, but she stubbornly did not move. His brow arched at that noting the child did not want to turn around.

  But Zhuge Yue, after all, is older than her by a lot. With both of his hands on her shoulders and with a little more pressure, he forcefully turned her around.

  A little face full of tears of grievances met Zhuge Yue’s eyes. Her red eyes met his as the tears fell harder and harder.

   “Alright, don’t cry. You only said a few words.” The youth frowned, “You made a mistake before, can’t others make a mistake as well?”

   “This one made a mistake. Young master let this one study to ride a horse. This one should study well and not provoke anyone.” The Eight-year-old child finally showed a little temper. Righteously talking back to her master while sobbing, almost swallowing the snot running down her nose.

   Zhuge Yue slightly frowned, took out a handkerchief to wipe the tears on the child’s face. His technique was very awkward. While wiping he spoke, “You also have reason. You lost my horse. Today, because you almost died, a good desert snowy foal was lost, right?”

   “Blame… shouldn’t the blame be on Yan Shi Zi. He was the one that took me off the horse’s back. Because of Yan Shi Zi the horse was lost, this one can only obey.” The child was unreasonable as tears kept trickling down. Each soaked Zhuge Yue’s handkerchief. Zhuge Yue just want to get take it back when suddenly he saw the child on his hand, rubbed her snot in his handkerchief.

   Zhuge Yue was stunned to see that dirty sticky piece of filth on his cloth, he could only listen as the child continued, “Even today, that beautiful horse owned by young master, almost killed this one.”

   “Well, what you said is reasonable.”

   With her head down, not convinced she murmured: “This one said the truth.”

   Sunlight passed through the window in the corner illuminating the room, sprinkling on the shoulders of two people. The child was still very small. Even if she stood up straight, she only reached the youth’s shoulder. Her cheeks were bright red, like two big apples.

   “Here you go,” said Zhuge Yue, put the porcelain vase in her hand and said, “Go back and rub it on.”

   He really did have the disposition of a child as his attention shifted immediately. Zhuge Yue gave a weak smile watching the child holding the bottle with distrust and ask, “What is this?”

   “Medicine, to cure abrasions.”

   Before the pony ran too fast, Chu Qiao she could control it a little, but her palms were rubbed raw. With understanding, she nodded her head and said, “4th Young master, this Xing’er will go first.”

   The boy sat back in his chair, without looking up, a very reluctant to see her go, waved his hand and said: “Go on.”

   The child was just about to leave when, Zhuge Yue suddenly cried: “Xing’er, after seeing Yan Shi Zi, try to stay away from him.”

   She tilted her head looking at him puzzled. Zhuge Yue gave an irritable frown, then exclaimed, “Do you understand what you heard?”

   “Understood!” The child answered loudly, and then turned to leave. Her small body crossed the high threshold, but almost fell down.

   This child’s courage was really getting bigger. The youth’s face blackened as he secretly breathed heavily.


   As she opened the door, out popped Zhu Cheng worried face. Zhu Cheng quickly came up to see the tears on Xing’er’s face and quickly asked, “Is the young master angry?”

   Chu Qiao looked at him, nodded her head, then went back to her room.

   Zhu Cheng was frightened, with his head down he quickly went into the room to see Zhuge Yue. He did not dare to speak out, so he carefully stood on the side.

   After a while, something suddenly flew over his head. Zhu Cheng was shocked, but also did not dare to dodge. Aiyo, I have come to the end of my destiny’. Then something soft hit him, his head did not hurt. Looking down, it was actually a dirty handkerchief, embroidered with a small Yue character.

   “Throw it away.”

   Thinking of Chu Qiao tearful face, Zhu Cheng suddenly came to an understanding and was slightly surprised for a moment. He quickly nodded and said: “This slave will follow your orders.”

   He was about to go out, when suddenly Zhuge Yue called, “Wait,” Zhu Cheng came back quickly, bent over and waited for instructions, in full servant mode.

   The youth’s white face,  for unknown reasons, became red. For a long while, he still did not speak. Zhu Cheng carefully looked up and saw Zhuge Yue frown, as if it had to do with a major decision. His face was like it was during the day when he does important matters. The face was exactly the same. He earnestly raised his ears, waiting for the master’s orders.

  After a long time the young master finally spoke in a dignified tone, “Just take it to be washed, then give it back to me.”

   “Ah?” Zhu Cheng cried, dumbfounded.

   Zhuge Yue was furious, “Ah, what ah!? Do you not understand?”

   “I understand, I understand. This slave will go as commanded.”

   The door banged shut as he left. Zhuge Yue sat in his chair, while his breathing gradually calmed down. Thinking of the child’s pouted mouth and tears, he did not know why, he was unexpectedly worried. He stood up, and went to the sitting room. The room was  simple and clean. Hanging on the wall was a portrait of a child. A young girl that looked 11-12 years old, with bright eyes, a sweet smile, a bright yellow blouse, wearing a light green skirt. She was very tender and lovely.

   Zhuge Yue slowly stretched out his hand, stroking the corner of the portrait, for a long time. After a while you could barely hear him whisper in a  low voice, : “I’ll believe it again.


   Chu Qiao’s small body walked through the winding corridor with her head down. She didn’t pay any attention to the people that greeted her as she passed. She looked aggrieved and that she was scolded unjustly. People on both sides began to speculate, watching the child go back to her room. When she reached the door she suddenly looked up. They immediately turned around to handle their own matters, they did not dare to peep.

   The child stretched out a small hand, opened the door, and then went inside.

   The door was just closed when her  face  lost her lovable appearance. Her face turned quiet, her eyes sharpened clutching her chest and slowly sitting on a stool. She poured a cup of tea, and held it in her hand, but she did not drink right away.

   In any case, today, this imminent danger were finally over. No matter how much Zhuge Yue believed, but at least temporarily, there was no danger.

   The clothes on her back were all soaked completely. The cold winds blew playing in her skirts, making it chilly. Chu Qiao drank the herbal tea calming down her rapid breathing, and then closed her eyes to take a deep breath.

   In any case, she must intensify her plans, she did not have time.

   Cold wind like knives….this year’s winter was especially cold.


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14 thoughts on “Q11 Chapter 23

  1. Yukikumori

    Many thanks for the translation. Who is the girl in the painting? She is a few years older than Xing er, unless it is a painting of her by Zhuge Yue as he imagined her to be when she is of that age? 🤔

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Suzy

    I’m guessing the girl in the painting is an old lover that might have passed away young or left him? Him saying he’ll believe it means he wants to give his trust in others another chance? If so… I have mixed feelings bout him. He might turn out to be a nice ignorant guy. The future will hold heart wrenching drama with this two powerful guys and one lover

    Liked by 1 person

  3. min suga genius jjang jjang man bong bong

    I hope that she kills all of them quickly, including Zhuge Yue. I don’t care if he’s starting to like her or not, I just don’t like him.


  4. aeris

    Will she kill ZY? I hope not, but I think the author loves killing characters that we turned to like. So yeah, let’s not get our hopes up. Maybe the girl on the portrait was killed by people he trusted the most.

    Liked by 1 person

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