Q11 Chapter 18

Chapter 18 The Powerful Wei Family

The vermilion gate emitted a stench of meat and wine, and the roads were frozen to death like bones. The Great Xia Dynasty kept proclaiming that they didn’t have the money to support the refugees, and so were constrained to kill them. But in the inner city, they actually put on a show of peace and prosperity.The streets were filled with singing and dancing, carried in the wind of fragrant smells, activities of debauchery, and luxurious colorful living. Countless beautiful women with waist like a willow tree, skin like jade, sweet, delicate smiles and voices, white arms refined and supple breast. The “hard” Days of the Great Xia’s nobles unloaded their “stress” by removing their elegant dress from the day, and abandoned all their restraint, indulging in pleasure, forgetting their home and duty.

   Outside, the snow clung on the trees, silk sashes were flying, and lanterns of every kind were burning. The whole country celebrated the ShangYuan Festival, including these female prostitutes, at this time, rapid hoofs came prodding in, carrying the Wei Family’s elder Wei Guang. The Wei prestige was so bright that for others to attain it was only a pipe dream, the elder’s in snow had a white pair of narrow eyes, waving back behind the screen. In front were dozens of adorn women flaunting themselves, when they saw him, even in their good clothes, all of them partly knelt on the ground not daring to lift their heads

  Wei Guang sat in his soft seat, holding his tea while slowing breathing in the fumes.

The aroma of the incense smoke and clouds wafted gently above, making a shape like a small dragon flying towards the sky, until everything became kind of blurred.

   Outside the door sounded a subordinate’s respectful voice, “My Lord, Prince Shu Ye came.”

  The old man lifted an eyebrow at that. Shu Ye came earlier than he expected, the jade he used to please his mother was used in vain. The elder spoke in a low voice, “Let him come.”

   The side door opened to a youth wearing a simple style, he was unadorned when he arrived, and hardly seemed to resemble the nobility who was dressed in Moon White robes. Dodging the Huajiu (female entertainers) Market as he ascended the stairs with light steps, Rear Admiral Shu Ye looked dark, as he asked unthinkingly, “Why?”

   Wei Guang of course knew what he was referring to, his eyes slightly squinted, to make sure no one was looking, then slowly said: “That you do not know how to salute your elders, that I taught you so many years of courtesy was pointless?

Wei Shu Ye furrowed his brow as the candles in the corner continued to crackle, bursting of sparks, the time quietly passed before the young admiral bowed his head, “Uncle”.

   “In this world, not every thing must have clear reasons. This point, Shu Ye will have to learn.”.

  Rear Admiral  Shu Ye brows twitched at that, “Why send me then, I promised them … …”

   “You are the next successor of the Wei family of the 7 great powerful families. Our ancestors’ blood is flowing with gold, as an honorable noble of the empire, you do not need to make promises to those outcasts. Their existence is a sacrifice for the appropriate time to die for the empire, you do it without error and without guilt. You did not have to come here at this time to question your uncle.”

 The old man interrupted Shu Ye’s words, speaking out a sermon, like it was written in stone and bronze.

   Shu Ye shook his head, frowning, said: “Uncle, you have not taught me this.”

   “Because I was once as naive as you. Your father died from all the infighting within the powerful families.” Wei Guang opened his old eyes, with a look of unconstrained, he turned his head slowly and looked at Shu Ye, slowly and clearly speaking”The winner is the king, it is the law of the jungle, our world is like this. For so many years, did you not understand?”

   “Uncle,” Shu Ye looking serious, sternly said: “The Empire needs people to reclaim the western land. Because they believed that we would take care of the families the went, why can’t the Church look after their families? They follow me back all the way to the Imperial Capital because you have promised me that we will build them homes in Hongxhuan. They gave up their homes, gave up their nomadic nature, because I personally assured them!”

   Shu Ye agitated,  picked up a small fragrant golden incense burner from Wei Guang table, before he snapped, “You said the empire has no money to support them, but what is this? This Huaxian Jinxiang, only a small one is worth 200 strains of gold, 200 gold strains is enough for a family to live for ten years ah!”

   Wei Guang looked unmoved as he quiet listened to Shu Ye vent his dissatisfaction. The air rattling, full of the anger of the young man for a long time. The old man  gently smile, slowly speaking, “Ye’er, you and the Church melt out task the former Major General Lu used to supervise. Because he deceived the Shang people causing chaos. Making the situation bleak then on returning the dear Major General was stripped his rank and imprisoned. His life and death so far I do not know. At this time you can actually stand here kicking up a fuss with me, what is the reason? “

   Shu Ye gawked at him with an angry expression still on his face,  speechless.

   “The reason you can stand here perfectly fine is your surname is Wei. I know you sympathize with those peasants, regardless of your status. But even if you hate this identity, you are the descendant of Wei’s family, my nephew. You are the only one that can stand here in front of me like this, Wei Guang’s nephew. From infancy to maturity, this powerful family brought you all the necessities of life. You have status and receive all the obeisance the family is bestowed. This point, will never change. Enjoy these commoners safely, they do not have the qualifications to loathe and curse us.”

   Wei Guang took a deep breath, leaning against the couch, his chest steadily moving up and down. He continued to speak with a low voice that had a trace of the vicissitudes of life, “Today, I give you the truth. The reason the Wei Family slaughtered the Bian Tazu Tribe was not because we enjoy killing people but because the Wei family since the beginning of our ancestors, has been working solely for the benefits of the family. For three hundred years, the Wei family has been guarding the territory, reclaiming the border, entered the palace to become an official, and performed innumerable distinguished services. Growing from simple people who  herded horses and grazed sheep to people with children that have begun to learn to shoot arrows while riding those horse. We began to learn military tactics and study the road of doing business so we can avoid unexpected blows to our foundations. So many years later, the Wei Family is one of the 7 powerful families, but they actually want to send us to the frontier to service the border area, and save a race from destruction? Ye’er, God is fair, never favoring someone. They will lose, because they don’t pay enough. No one can be saved when their own power is weak. They are cursed to suffer the bullying of the strong. You want to not be killed, you can only become stronger. Today you sympathize with them here, but have you thought, if the ancestors of Wei were like you, then today those massacred outside Zhen Huang would be your brothers and sisters.” (this logic is so ridiculous I am speechless)

   Shu Ye was still standing in his original spot, frowning, want to say anything, but on his chest seemed to be a boulder that suppressed him, he was speechless.

   Wei Guang slowly stood up and reached out on the shoulders of Wei Shu Ye: “Ye’er, uncle is old, and I cannot protect you for long. In the future after uncle, who will protect the family? Who will protect my daughters from being manipulated, who will protect them, you?”

   He opened the  door grandly as the clamoring sound of  music came in with the enchanting  aromas  that could make one faint. The footsteps of the elderly man gradually faded away, Wei Shu Ye, on his back  felt the pain of his shoulder burning. Where the pressure was an invisible mountain, he tried to escape it but ultimately he could not get rid of the burden.

   The night was jet black, but his heart was filled with a thick fog of invisible demons and monsters. These, he could not see walking randomly. The thoughts swallowing his reasons as he struggled uselessly. He heaved a deep sigh eventually, having nothing to say.

   Some things, have been decided since birth, like one’s blood vessels. Similar to fate.

He sat  down dejected, carrying liquor. Together being filled with depression and unwillingness, tossed the liquor down

   Chu Qiao just arrived at the city gate, to see a person wearing the Zhuge Residence insignia. They were holding a lantern looking around and then they met her eyes. Suddenly they became overjoyed and ran over.

   “Xing’er, 4th young master left us here waiting for you. Quickly, let’s return home.”

   Surprised Chu Qiao did not expect to Zhuge Yue with that temper to actually send someone for her. She nodded her head and got in the carriage.

   Carriage creak forward, walking in the still bustling market. Gradually, outside the carriage quiet down the closer they got home. Qiao leaned against the carriage wall, remembering the massacre she just witness. Those military-cold-blooded eyes, indignation and hatred of displaced persons, as well as the way Wei Shu Ye was unable to stop it.

  Even with his status, he was helpless let alone her small self. Individual ability to resist the Entire dynasty? No doubt she was just biding her time in the care because what can she do now? She just had to  be careful to live well, looking for opportunities to vindicate this great hatred, and then leave with Xiao Ba. As for the other things, her ability is too small, she did not expect to be able change anything.

   The carriage wheel drifted further away, Chu Qiao, upon realizing, suddenly opened the curtain and looked around, “This is not the way back to the Residence, Where are you taking me to?”

   That servant was surprised, he did not expect such a small child would even remember the road, he quickly lost his smile, said: “The young master is in another residence. Not the main Residence.”

   The child brow a pick, cautious, said: “Other Residence? Which residence?

   “The Residence West of the Lake, you do not know it.”

   Chu Qiao frowned. For many years she engaged in dangerous work, spontaneous productions, so her instincts secretly reminded her something was a little strange, she tempted and said: “Young Master would let me retrieve some of my things. We should go back to the Main Residence First then go to the other Residence.

   The man smiled and said: “Do not worry about that, young master said you do not need to worry about that, he has your things at the other Residence. Let ‘s go, do not let the young master wait and be anxious.

   The child nodded slowly, looking calm, letting go of the curtain. That male servant looked slightly relieved, his eyes giving off  a trace of a sly look, mouth gently pull up. His mouth expanded into a smile just for a moment, before the edged of cold dagger suddenly arrived at his  throat. Qiao was like a small beast general, looking dark and coldly spoke “You are not the 4th master’s people,  in the end  who are you?”

   “Hey,” husky as the night owl-like low laugh suddenly burst from the side. A gorgeous carriage slowly appeared from the bush around the back out. A dew head dressed splendid old man sat against the side of the man nodding with a prostrating smiles, ” Zhu Shun, you introduced a good girl. A little old temper and so stubborn. Looks good, I will enjoy her well.

   Zhu Shun flattered, laughed: “For the old master it is the duty of this servant. If you enjoy, this servant is grateful for the opportunity to show you my loyalty.

 The old man smiles, then spoke to the servants on his sides, “This little girl is great, return her to my Residence.”

   They promised loudly, then immediately went up.

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