Q11 Chapter 16

Chapter 16 On the First Fullmoon Snowy Night

The horses were galloping at full speed. The cold wind was whistling in the ears as the noise steadily faded away.  Gradually you were only able to hear the sound of the horseshoes landing on the terrain. The tiny red horse was small, but it was a fine breed , Its running potential was like a lightning,so it couldn’t be stopped . Chu Qiao’s pair of small hands tightly clutched the horse’s mane, lying low on the horse back, calmly viewing the surrounding terrain, her small head was figuring out a way to solve this situation.

Jing Yue’er’s petite body was not strong enough to withstand such rapid running or the pain of falling off therefore,she had to find another way to escape.

   At that time, suddenly a sound of rapid hoofs came from behind her, quickly catching up with Chu Qiao ,the two were riding in parallel while running.

   “You beg me, I will save you!”

  A youth’s voice was blown by the cold wind and broken, but still it intermittently spread into the ears of Chu Qiao. She turned to see a white-like face, fiercely staring at her with a sense of schadenfreude. She gave him a very tenacious look and wasn’t the least bit startled in this situation.

   “Then you tell me what you mean by that gesture, I’ll save you!”

   The night wind was dreary and cold as a knife. The pony dashed inside a snowy area, making its legs sink into it up to its knee while running. Bit by bit its speed slowed down, but it still didn’t have any attentions of stopping. Seeing an opportunity, Chu Qiao swiftly loosened her hands, then palmed the horses in the back and with her whole body she quickly jumped toward the side of the boy.

   Puff, her body fluttered into the youth’s body and he cried out in shock, hurriedly moving his horse, but it was too late. The impact had made them fall from the dark horse, rolling on the soft snow , several times at the same time that the dark horse without consciousness, continued to desperately chase the little red horse from behind until they both disappeared through the darkness.

   “Jifeng!” cried Yan Xun anxiously,eyebrows erected .He had no time to slap the snow, but he staggering pursued them for two steps, but only in vain.

   “You, these pair of horses will probably come back to the city once they are done. Returning to the household but now since even the owner is ignorant enough to fall of the horse, what is your use?” Chu Qiao got up from the ground, dusted the snow off her gown, looked herself up and down to see no injuries, very good.

   Yan Xun turned back fiercely staring at Chu Qiao. He spoke angrily, “Jifeng was a gift my father recently offered me, it only followed me less than half a month. It is not familiar with this area, so how will it know its way back?  Boldly making me let go of my horse, do you know your sin?

   Chu Qiao gave him a look of disdain and said, “I did not call you to follow me, your horse can not see his owner is gone, what can I do?

   “How dare you  talk to me like that?”

   Chu Qiao frowned, contemptuously glancing at this young crown prince. Coldly grunted, before turning ,walking towards the direction of Zhen Huang City.

  Yan Xun did not think she would just leave. Surprised, he quickly caught up with her in the first few steps,: “Where are you going?”

  “Of course, I’m going back. It is still the night, right?”

The snowy area was very thick, even the shallow places were over the knee of Chu Qiao and the deep place were almost over the child’s thigh. Yan Xun walked at the side of Chu Qiao, seeing her struggling,his heart that was heavy over his horse was suddenly serene. He was now smiling on the side,. surprisingly, just a few steps away, a tragedy happened. Under the pine tree he did not have a chance to call out, his whole body sunk abruptly.

   She heard the noise, and realized that the matter was not good. Almost at the same time, the child instinctively reached out and grabbed the arm of Yan Xun, but unfortunately the weight of Yan Xun with Jing’er small body could not bear the weight.With a bang, the two fell together in a big snow hole.

“Ug…. hey are you okay?” Yan Xun said emerging from the snow. Looking around himself  lightly, and saw a small white hand ,he immediately pulled her out like a carrot. She shook her head then he said, “You didn’t die, right?”

   “Let go.” Chu Qiao was depressed frowning. She slightly moved her foot but it hurt. She suddenly wrinkled her brow increasingly tightening.

   Yan Xun was somewhat worried “You are hurt?”

  “I won’t die.”Chu Qiao looked up to see the height who was not very important, turned to Yan Xun  and let out, “Can you climb it? “

   Yan Xun measured the distance with his eye, then shook his head and said, “The snow here is soft. If the ground was flat I could jump up, but not here,it would solely make this hole deeper and deeper.

   “We will be froze to death at the day” ,murmured Chu Qiao , she got up et spoke: “You will step on my shoulder first to climb, and then find someone to save me.”

   Yan Xun shook his head: “I’ll send you first, you find someone to save me.”

   Chu Qiao was surprised for a moment, looking Yan Xun up and down then nodded and said, “Good. ”

   Using a lot of strength, when Chu Qiao finally saw the full moon in the sky, she thought about the frailty of life and death. Taking a breath on the snow, she sat up and looked back and down at Yan Xun, “You wait, I’ll go to call people.”

   Yan Xun smiling waved: “Go, quickly!”

  Her ankle was in pain. It seemed to have twist when they fell. Chu Qiao reluctantly walked a few steps, and suddenly an idea popped up. She unconsciously stopped, her eyes slightly narrowed, while the cold was at her back.

   If she turned away, in this remote wilderness, Yan Xun tonight, would die, then, she would have her revenge, right? Thinking of the first day here, the hunting field of those cross-rows of blood, sharp arrows, young bodies, Chu Qiao’s heart started to beat fast. Although the murders of that day were mostly thanks to those two Zhao brothers, although Yan Shi Zi’s arrows were mostly inserted in the wolf’s body, although he and the  Zhuge’s brothers laughed at the woman’s benevolence, though, he is so….

 She stood there in the wilderness, pale with her dark as ink eyes sparkling.


   Bang bang, a dead tree was thrown into the snow cave at once, almost hitting the head of Yan Xun. Chu Qiao yet did not appear. Yan Xun yelled out with an angry voice, “You want to kill people ah!”

   Chu Qiao eyed him superciliously, “If I wanted to kill you, I would not use so much effort, quickly come up.”

   Yan Xun movements were agile. He quickly climbed up. Observed Chu Qiao up and down then with his eyes and mouth pulled out a smile, “I thought you would put down this evil person, turn around and speed away.”

   Chu Qiao looked at him coldly: “I only blame myself for not being cruel hearted.”

   Yan Xun truly laughed at that. He took a few steps and went in front of her. Bending his waist slightly he declared, “Come, since you are not cruel hearted, as a reward I will carry you back.”

   Chu Qiao puzzled looked at him up and down (TN: they love looking at each other up and down) and said, “So you are willing to do something shameful?”

   “This prince is in a good mood.”

   Chu Qiao no longer spoke so Yan Xun thought she was reluctant to do it when he suddenly felt a soft small body on his back.

   White frost and snow reflected of them. Yan Xun, for the first time in his life, felt somewhat awkward. He restlessly twisted at two points, Chu Qiao tightened her white and tender little hand, against his neck and snapped a bit: “Honestly, I will fall. “

   Yan Xun was surprised for a moment. Well, he was surprised a lot to be honest as he carried Chu Qiao slowly walking through the wilderness.

   “Hey, do you know how much longer we have to go?”

   Yue’er  calmly replied, “Less than a stick of incense. We should be back within an hour.”

   Yan Xun nodded: “You are called Xing?”

   “How do you know?”

   “Last time on the cliff, it was said by the maidservant you framed.”

   Yan Shizi tonight’s mood seemed very good. Seeing Chu Qiao not talking he continued to ask, “What’s your given name? What’s your surname?”

   Chu Qiao gently hummed “Why should I tell you?”

   “Do not say that,” Yan Xun humming said: “I do not want to listen to it, sooner or later one day, you will cry for me.”

   “Then you will have to wait patiently for that day.”

   Yan Xun frown, “You are a child, how can you speak in such a self-important  tone?

   She curled her lips on his back with disdain, ” You are not big, why do you use methods that are so ruthless and cruel?”

   Yan Xun stunned, then smiled and said: “My God, you really bear a grudge.”

Yue’er ‘s voice was a little bit bleak,cold, and indifferent, “You do not hold a grudge, because it was not you that those arrows were pointing at.

   Wind blowing whistling, Yan Xun suddenly felt a little cold, opening his mouth  wanting to refute, but finally he did not say anything.Those who he believed for many years had a level of distinction, but now in front of this child, those games seemed inappropriate. Some matters, when everybody say it’s right, you naturally think it is right, even if sometimes your heart, in fact, does not think so. The cold moon shone on the snow, the two children ‘s figure were a bit frail.

   At this time, the distance suddenly came a burst of rapid hoof, Yan Xun spirit suddenly lifted, stating, “My people came.”

   The child on his back gently frowned, listening attentively.Hoof clutter, like if a large army came. There were many people approaching by the sound. The snow fog they made was thick, as a Silver Dragon White Snake, In a line they drew near with a powerful gallop.

Yue’er  eyes gently narrowed,then she opened her red lips and slowly answered, “It seems, they are not your people”.

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  2. Anonymous

    Thanks for sharing. The story in the novel has a different start which is not shown in Princess Agents. The original character of Yuwen Yue in the novel is so different and unkind. I wont be surprised if Chu Qiao kills him in the novel.


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