Q11 Chapter 12

Chapter 12 The Law of Survival

Under  Mt. Pagak, was a small rock garden made into a plum grove.

Today in  Zhen Huang  city, all of the major families and prodigal families gathered together at the Zhuge Residence. The plum forest was carefully guarded and it was very quiet. Chu Qiao’s small figure was walking through the plum forest on her tiptoes. From time to time she would leisurely pick a plum.

   “Here you are!”

A rude voice suddenly sounded. It was very childish and sounded overbearing. Chu Qiao  stared  up to see a child that looked to be more than 10 years old. Young master Jin Pao was dressed in a green robe, skirt with golden embroidery thread sewn with a fine white-tailed mink. The mink tail was very fluffy. On his smooth face, his small nose slightly wrinkled, and his eyes were glaring at her, shouting, “You, I called you!

   Chu Qiao brow lightly rose, she thought it was better not to stir up trouble so she courteously bowed and spoke in a low voice, “This slave has to do something. Please, this slave cannot stay for a long time.”  Finished speaking, she turned to leave.

  The young master was surprised for a moment. He did not think that the little slave would leave. He wrinkled  his nose in anger, suddenly waving his hands with a whip, shouting, “This dog slave! How dare you!”

   Chu Qiao listened to the wind fluctuating around the whip. Suddenly, she turned around and stretched out a pair of white hands to grab the small whip by its end. She coldly gave him a sharp look.

   The young master wondered why in the Zhuge Residence is there a little maidservant so strong? He pulled back hard but  actually still could get back the whip. Angrily, he continued to shout at her, “You’re courting death? I’ll kill you!”

With a cold smile Chu Qiao held the whip with her hand and pulled it. The whip suddenly slipped out of the hands of the young master and fell into Chu Qiao’s hands. This girl was less than eight years old, petite, a small face tender and soft, but that look was not the least bit childish. She looked calm and stepped forward him, step by step. “A whip is used for horses, not for beatings.” She said indifferently.

Having said that, she turned the whip backwards and handed it back to the young master. Then she turned to leave.

The young master saw the little girl, although smaller than him by a head she was full of grandeur. Her skills were also very flexible. This actually give birth to a trace of fear close to his heart. Seeing her leave he felt anxious, but he also had a face to uphold. So he spitefully ran forward to stop in front of her, shouting, “Which courtyard in the Zhuge Residence are you servant of? What is your name? Do you know who I am? Do you believe it or not, that I could really find someone to kill you?”

Chu Qiao raised her head, looking at where the young master touched her. The she pushed his arm off, looking at him with contempt “Can’t beat others so looking for other people, what kind of skill is that? What is your identity, I am a little interested to know it.”

The trees shook as young master Jin Pao stood among the plum trees in anger. He watched Chu Qiao’s little body gradually disappear at the end of the plum garden, still in a daze.

Back at Qingshan Courtyard, Chu Qiao greeted everyone she passed as she went straight to the Pavilion. Zhuge Yue sat half way on a soft couch with a lazy look. Seeing that Chu Qiao came in, he did not lift his head but only faintly glanced at her from the end of his eye.

Chu Qiao went to a green jade vase before taking out yesterday’s flowers,and then replacing them with plum flowers. After she was finished, she went to Zhuge Yue’s side. Squatting in front of a small incense burner. Melting down snow and basil from the plum blossom, and then carefully pouring it into the incense burner. She then took a small fan to gently fan it. Suddenly the smell of the house was freshened up. Zhuge Yue inhaled deeply before gradually closing his eyes.

More than half an hour later, Zhuge Yue seemed to have fallen asleep. However he suddenly heard a ring outside. The young master impatiently opened his eyes, and frowned.

“4th young master, Zhu Guanjia had just sent news from outside that on Mt.Palgak he caught Jin Si. That Jin Si girl was carrying a pot of vines and transporting a large number of venomous snakes. She was apprehended as well as the evidence. Sending the evidence for the Hall to examine.

Zhuge Yue eyes slightly narrowed at that and slowly said, “Jin Si is very domineering, but  she is also very timid. She wouldn’t dare to carry snakes? What did she say?”

“She said…” The voice of a man suddenly lowered, slanting his eyes he glanced at Chu Qiao quietly sitting in a corner. “She said she was following Xing’er from behind, and said that Xing’er framed her and Jin Zhu. She said it was because Xing’er wanted to avenge the death of those Jing slaves.”

“Xing’er,” Zhuge Yue said, “Explain yourself.”

Chu Qiao knelt on the ground and with a quiet voice replied, “Answering 4th young master, Xing’er did not do it.”

“And where have you been?”

“Xing’er went to get plum blossoms.”

“Did anyone see you do it?”

The child tilted her head, thinking for a moment before speaking, “Xing’er met a young master in the garden, not of our Residence. That young master was more than 10 years of age, dressed in a green robe skirt and had a white mink tail. I do not know his name.”

“Well,” Zhuge Yue nodded his head, facing the messenger servant said, “You can leave.”

That servant slightly was surprised a moment, careful , holding doubts said: “About that Jin Si girl?”

Zhuge Yue half looked up, eyes closed on the couch, slowly said: “That thing made mistake, so the hall can manage her punishment.”

The servant nodded his head in compliance then drew back. The room returned to being quiet, only the incense aroma drifted around, like a mass of clouds.

“Xing’er, in your heart do you hate this Residence that killed your loved ones?

Chu Qiao kept her head down, replying cleverly “Answering  young master, Xing’er is a sensible slave. Because there is young master, Xinger is able to sleep in a warm bed, eat hot food and hot meals, wear warm clothes. Xing’er is still small, and my heart can not fit so many things. It is  just good to serve young master, good to be alive.”

 “Well,” Zhuge Yue nodded. “You think correctly. You are young but you can still live safe and sound. After the working in the Pavilion you will become a steward.”

“Yes, thank you young master.” She respectfully kept her head down for a long time then suddenly spoke, “Does the young master believe what Big Sister Jin Si said,that I framed her sister, Big Sister Jin Zhu?

Zhuge Yue cleared his throat, “Jin Si had been daring, but even with that courage, she did not have good enough plans and insurance. Zhu Shun, as an old person of the hall, made a mistake and came under attack. In the face of this obstacle, he looked under every nook and cranny to give himself a way to redeem himself. He should not have thrown filthy water on my Qingshan Courtyard. Making false accusations and using his lackeys to wash clean his guilt. He has been in the Residence for many years, tsk, his memory is not that long though.”

   “Why did the young master not help Big Sister Jin Si? The Hall will kill her.”

 “If it was her who did it, I would save her. But she would use these instances to trap other people in such a way. That was stupid and so stupid.”

  The noon sun glare filtered through the slit from the window’s edge. The taste of plum was still fresh. Chu Qiao sat on a small stool, a pair of eyes slightly narrowed.

   Time, gradually matured, and she no longer wanted to waste time.

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