The Masked Princess

Once upon a time there lived a beautiful princess. She had grace that matched no other. Artistic skills that left many of men in awe and many of women in envy. What was seen was perfection. Her short a petite figure, was always covered in long robes. Robes that matched the colors of the flaming Phoenix.  She would walk into a room and everyone would grow silent. Her skin, a creamy chocolate that was evident by her hands and feet. The country would throw grand celebrations in her honor, just to bask in her presence. The stars would fall from heaven just to be near her. The bonfire would creep to the sky just to strut it’s strength.

The people would laugh and dance, circling around and around. Food would be abundant, with fish, cows, sheeps, pigs, and goats. There was milk, wine, and honeycombs.

The princess would sit on her magnificent chair and the moon would reflect upon her. There was one thing peculiar about her. She always wore a mask. A beautiful glass mask with flowers and birds. The people would say that only she could paint something so beautiful. Each person would come to her and sing nothing but praises.

But what was beneath the mask? A fragile glass mask, hiding her from the world? She would never show it. The face of her dark soul.


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