The Ballad of the Masked Princess

The Ballad of the Masked Princess

Away across the land of glee
There was a girl of beauty
A princess of pride
A joy in the eye
She sings for the joy of many

No one has ever seen her face
A mask she wears and moves with grace
She moves with the clouds
And always she smiles
Through a world filled with mazes

Then one day she truly desires
To show her face to the mass choir
Fire graces there eyes
Monster! screams in their minds
Her face is distorted and marred

They scream and they run away
Her tears kept falling down they say
She dries her eyes
And then she dies
Silence their tears would stay

She rises from the ground
The people looked around
Her beauty was clear
but still there were tears
Not heard was a sound

She flew high in the sky the same
As if it was where she came
The masses were sad
They lost what they had
She is now the spirit of the rain


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