Looking at all the people around you,

You slowly begin to panic,

You feel as if there staring at you waiting for you to fail,

More and more being to gather,

You feel as if all eyes are on you,

Not trusting anyone you quickly make your way out,

Standing on the street,

You watch the cars speed by,

Every car that passes scares you even more,

Fearing that they will hit you,

You quickly start running,

Running down the street,

You see more and more people,

All of them are looking at you,

Feeling their weird stares,

Afraid of getting attacked,

You increase your speed more,

Each step you take,

Seems to do nothing,

You’re not able to get away,

Slowing down your speed,

You look for a place to hide,

Under a bridge seems nice,

Running into the park,

On a stormy dark night,

Lightning crackles in the air,

Giving you a great fright,

Running even faster now,

You’re almost there,

Sliding down the grass hill,

You reach the stone path below,

Looking over at the underside of the bridge,

You see two people there,

One is lying on the ground bleeding,

While the other is holding a bloody knife,

The injured man sees you and calls out,

His cries for help don’t reach your ears as your already running,

Running down the slippery stone path,

You’re slowly losing breath,

You hear footsteps behind you,

Making you increase your speed,

Running faster than ever before,

You barley keep your balance,

Lightning crackles in the sky,

Scaring you deeply,

You slip and end up falling,

You can only slowly watch,

As your body approaches the rapid river,

You feel at peace,

You’re finally free from all this fear,

Nothing can bother you now,

  • Deuxz

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