Childhood Fears

Hiding in the corner,

In the darkness of the night,

Blanket wrapped around me,

Trying to prevent a fright,

Shadows all around me,

Screaming at me to sleep,

So they can come and terrify my dreams,

Out come the monsters,

From my closet and my bed,

Slowly inching closer,

Watching them inch towards me,

I want to scream for help,

Though one of the shadows,

Is preventing me from that,

The monsters are all surrounding me,

Staring at me and smiling,

Blood runs down there teethe,

And drips onto my face,

Silently I weep and watch them grab towards me,

Suddenly my bedroom light turns on,

And they all vanish,

In comes my mom holding Mr.Snuffels,

She picks me up from off the floor and carries me to bed,

She tells me not to be afraid and that there is nobody there,

Out she leaves the room,

Leaving only me and Mr.Snuffels,

From out my grasp he jumps,

In front of me he stands,

Out comes out his row of teethe,

Making me scared,

The shadows come back,

Surround him they do,

But they dare not make a move,

As for he is the ringmaster,

Who commands them to scare me,

Extending out his hand,

He says to me,

Wouldn’t you like to play?

  • Deuxz

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