Long ago, there used to be only green trees. Big beautiful trees that crowded the entire world. Their shades varied along with their shapes, sizes, and style. All wanted to be like their parents. They were strong. The baby trees would watch them and mimic them until they grew.

But there was one tree that stood alone. No parents, no family.  It had no one to look up to. It had to survive on it’s own will. The will to survive. The tree grew to be barren, because it did not know how to sprout leaves. The other trees would laugh at it. Who would of have believed such a thing? A tree with no leaves. It was laughable. But the lonely tree did not give up.

It willed itself to live on. It fought against the cold winters with no leaves or animals to warm it. Through the pouring rain that it could not shield itself from.

One day, in the spring, little buds of pink started to sprout where the leaves should have been. Soon, they bloomed. Beautiful blossoms covered the tree and the sun seemed to rise just to meet it. Birds and squirrels flocked to its beauty. The other trees could not laugh at it anymore. It stood taller, stronger, and more beautiful then them all.

Never spite those that are below you because they can always rise.

Never give up. Because even if you are barren, you may one day blossom.



2 thoughts on “Blossoms

  1. yzrahc

    lol that was nice…

    ~it made me imagine the “laughing trees” with One piece’s scene with the zombie arc where the ombie trees are….tho… 😛 (watched too much anime?)

    ….that was a plum or is it sakura tree?

    Liked by 1 person

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